Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 11: Auction Begins

Chapter 11: Auction Begins

When Ye Xiao heard that there are only three hours left before the auction will officially start, he was a little surprised.

"I never thought that I have spent three days in the world inside the Heavenly Pearl."

Then he started eating his dishes and enjoyed for a while drinking wines and then paid his bills and left the restaurant.

He asked a person the address of the Zhang family's auction house and directly went to the Zhang family's auction house.

Meanwhile, the Zhang family's auction house had already started allowing guests to enter. However, there were not many people entering right now, after all, there was still some time before the auction started.

At the door of the auction house, a row of attendants stood there.

Ye Xiao had only just arrived at the auctions' door when a beautiful attendant came forward and greeted him and asked respectfully, "Guest, may I know if you or here for bidding or selling."

"Both, I mean I have something to sell. since it is very precious so please call your manager." Ye Xiao said to the beautiful attendant.

"Guest, please follow me." The attendant's attitude became even more humble when she heard what Ye Xiao said.

She led Ye Xiao to enter the auction house and brought him to a small room. This room has a big table in the middle of it and chairs were surrounding the table. After saying Ye Xiao to sit and wait, she left.

Sometime later she returns with a middle-aged man following behind her.

That middle-aged man arrived in front of Ye Xiao and sat down on a chair, then said smiling, "Guest, I am the manager of this auction house. My name is Zhang Lan. May I know what do you want to sell."

Hearing what the middle-aged man said, Ye Xiao, nodded his head and placed a hundred Low-Grade Spirit Stones in front of the manager of the auction house.

Seeing the Low-Grade Spirit Stones on the table, manager Zhang Lan's eyes shone brightly.

"Low-Grade Spirit Stones!" Zhang Lan took a spirit stone from the table and exclaimed loudly in surprise.

When Ye Xiao was coming to the auction house, he'd already think it thoroughly to auction a hundred Low-Grade Spirit Stones to gain some money. After all, Spirit Stones were just too eye-catching, he can't buy anything here using spirit stones.

"Guest, can you sell these spirit stones to us, Zhang family's auction house? We will give 10,000 gold coins according to its original price!" asked Zhang Lan to Ye Xiao looking at him in some expectation.

"No, I want to auction them." Ye Xiao rejected him without any second thought.

What a joke, if placed in the auction, these 100 Low-Grade Spirit Stones could be sold for more than 10,000 gold coins, why would he sell them to the auction house.

"Oh!, OK." Zhang Lan said in disappointment.

"Take the guest to our VIP room and serve him well." Said Zhang Lan to the attendant.

"Yes, please follow me, dear guest."

After saying this that beautiful attendant led the way to the VIP room on the second floor.

Seeing the back of Ye Xiao, Zhang Lan murmured, "Which power does this kid belong to, to take out 100 Low-Grade Spirit Stones directly for auction."

The attendant brought Ye Xiao to a room on the second floor.

This room was clean and tidy which gave a comfortable feeling. The room was vast and was more than sufficient to fit a group of ten. He was the only person here.

Ye Xiao walked around the room and through the window in the room, he was able to see the auction platform below, which was extremely convenient.

After he sat down on the sofa, the attendant started pouring hot tea for Ye Xiao, then prepared some refreshments before saying, "Guest, if you need anything, please call me. My name is Su Rou and I will be standing outside the door. Saying this, she left the room and closed the door.

Through the room's window, people could be vaguely seen walking into the hall with large strides and finding a seat.

As time went by, more and more people arrived.

Before long, the hall was filled with a dense crowd of people.

"The seats in the hall are 100 silver coins each and there are approximately a thousand seats there. This Zhang family auction house is able to receive 100,000 silver coins just from the seats in the halls. And there are also those private rooms.

Just from the seats of the entire auction house, this Zhang family would be able to receive money until their hands go soft." Ye Xiao could not help but be astonished.

In next to no time, Ye Xiao noticed a beautiful woman slowly walking up the auction platform.

The Auction was about to begin...

"Welcome everyone to our Zhang family auction house. I am the chief auctioneer of this auction."

A flowery voice rang out and drew the attention of the hall. The curtain on the stage was slowly pulled to the side, revealing a gorgeous lady.

That lady immediately drew the attention of the crowd.

She appeared around twenty-five years old. Her elegant, narrow eyes and exquisite face were extremely seductive.

The most extreme thing about her was the skin-tight clothes that she was wearing. They were rather a low cut, allowing people to see her pale tender skin beneath.

If that was all then it would have been fine but the most frightening thing was her deep cleavage that seemed to invite the people to jump in.

People were looking at her like a hungry wolf.

That woman seemed to be used to the crowd's reaction and did not seem uncomfortable at all.

Instead, she announced grandly, " I am Zhang Qing. I hope all of you will look after me as I have taken charge of this time's auction.

After saying this Zhang Qing gracefully curtsied slightly.

A huge uproar immediately exploded from the crowd below.

Looking at the scene, everyone was already following Zhang Qing's pace. She smiled, waved her hand, and said, "Now, lets the auction begin."

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