Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 12: Void Fire Fruit

Chapter 12: Void Fire Fruit

Following Zhang Qing's words, a young girl with a big tray in her hand that was covered by a red cloth walked up the platform.

When the young girl lifted the red cloth, the item on the tray appeared before the eyes of everyone.

It was Crimson Armour.

Zhang Qing's charming voice rang out, "This crimson armour was made completely out of wind copper. It was from a famous craftsman, and its defence is shocking. It is a high-tier common weapon."

"This crimson armour is our first item this time. The minimum price is set as five thousand silver coins. Each bid must be at least one thousand silver coin greater than the last."

"Now start the bid."

"Five thousand silver coins"

"Six thousand si..."

"10,000 silver"

"10,100 silver coins"

Countless bidders immediately leaped into action. But the auction has just begun, so everyone was still very reserved.

Ye Xiao could not help but shook his head, "This crimson armour would definitely be sold for more than twenty thousand silver coins."

That was why Zhang Qing had tossed out such a low starting price. It was, in order to slowly entice everyone and gradually excite everyone's mood.

In a battle, the main thing was to kill the opponent. But defence is also important. So, the bidders were gradually increasing the price of this crimson armour. And on top of it, this armour was actually a high-tier common weapon.

Just like cultivation skills, weapons are also divided into common weapons and spirit weapons and they are further divided into low-tier, middle-tier, and high-tier weapons.

In the Azure Dragon Country, a low-tier spirit weapon is already very rare, let alone a middle-tier and high-tier spirit weapon.

In small cities like Lin Star City, a high-tier common weapon is the symbol of hegemony.

So, the price was increasing rapidly.

"15,000 silver coins"

"200 gold coins"

The voice of a middle-aged man rang out from one of the private rooms.


Immediately, everyone stops their bidding. It was an increase of a total of 5,000 silver in this bid.

After seeing that nobody was bidding, Zhang Qing said, "200 gold coins once!"

"200 gold coins twice!"

"200 gold coins thrice!"

"Congratulations to the bidder of room number 4 for successfully bidding for the crimson armour. By purchasing this armour you have become the first winner of the auction this time, congratulations."

Zhang Qing's words were perfectly tuned in order to let people be ease and comfortable.

With this kind of auctioneer here, there was no need to worry about being able to sell anything.

Ye Xiao leaned against the chair he was sitting on.

The first few items to be sold were common weapons, some herbs, and ores. Ye Xiao had no interest in these things. He did not even bother to look at them.

However, some herbs and ores were sold for a pretty good price. The highest price that he heard of was 600 gold coins.

Soon after, there was series of four to five different kinds of rare and precious medicinal ingredients for auction. Ye Xiao had heard of these slightly rumoured herbs.

"Next is the penultimate item, Void Fire Fruit."

Hearing that Ye Xiao's body suddenly shook, then his eyes tightly stared at the dark red fruit beside Zhang Qing's hand.

Zhang Qing smiled as she introduced it, "This is a miraculous fruit that comes from the deeper area of the Black Cloud Forest. It also had the protection of the Scaled Armored Beast. After consuming it, one can increase the toughness of the martial artist's body. It can also increase their strength."

"The starting price of the Void Fire Fruit is 500 gold coins. And every bid must increase the minimum of 50 gold coins."

Just as Zhang Qing finished spiking, Ye Xiao immediately said, "500 gold coins!"

Even though right now he does not have that much money on him, but he was confident after selling the 100 low-grade spirit stone, he will earn big enough.

Others also followed behind him.

"600 gold coins"

"700 gold coins"

"750 gold coins"

The price of the Void Fire Fruit was constantly increasing at a rapid pace.

"1000 gold coins"

Ye Xiao did not even frown as he called out this price. This kind of spiritual fruit was what he urgently needed in order to further increase his strength.

To be able to solidify the skin and strengthen the defense meant that it was able to increase the strength of a person to a certain extent. And it can also help him breaking through to the Qi Condensation Realm.

"1100 gold coins"

"1200 gold coins"

one thousand and ...




Other people still did not give up on this fruit and were still bidding higher and higher.

Just as Ye Xiao was about to bid again, a voice rang out.

"2000 gold coins."

It comes from the room next door.

"This guest here at room number 2 placed the bid of 2000 gold coins, is there anyone else who wants to add on?"

Zhang Qing's charming voice sounded to everyone.

Once again bid of the Void Fire Fruit started increasing.

"2200 gold coins"

"2300 gold coins"

Seeing this Ye Xiao thought for a moment and said, "3000 gold coins"

"3000 gold coins, is there anyone who wants to bid higher", Zhang Qing Asked. Seeing that nobody placed the higher bid.

She said, "3000 gold coins once!"

"3000 gold coins twice!"

"3000 gold coins thrice!"

"Congratulations to the bidder of Void Fire Fruit from room number 1 to successfully bid this spirit fruit".

Zhang Qing happily announced that the Void Fire Fruit belonged to Ye Xiao.

After obtaining the Void Fire Fruit, Ye Xiao leaned back in his chair, satisfied. The smile on his face was practically grinning.

Now, he finally has a chance to make his breakthrough to the Qi Condensation Realm. After stepping into Qi Condensation Realm, he can break the barrier of the memories of Ancient Pill God. After fusing with those memories, he can use them for his own.

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