Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 27: The Heck Is Up With the Male Lead?

Chapter 27: The Heck Is Up With the Male Lead?

Bai Xiangxiu didn’t mind having been seen by him, but she was still apprehensive at this sudden visit!

She hadn’t interacted much with the male lead, merely seeing him leave with a cold face every time. What exactly was he coming over for this time? It wouldn’t be to ask about her injuries, right? However, in the novel, after the female lead disappeared, the male lead had an extremely great reaction, sending numerous people to chase her.

Although he hadn’t gone himself, his subordinates were all very competent, quickly locating the female lead, after which he personally went to make contact with her. Perhaps he had already sent people to chase her, and it was just that she didn’t know it? Whatever the case, when the person came in, she curtseyed in greeting.

“Get up, you needn’t be so formal when injured, or even when we’re outside,” He wanted to move forward to support her, but was instead beaten by Xiao Shi. Swiftly appearing at her mistress’ side, Xiao Shi supported her up. Once she was done, Xiao Shi felt a chill run across her entire body. Glancing towards the prince, she immediately felt unwell, almost scared to the point of fainting after seeing the glare from Long Heng!

Bai Xiangxiu felt Xiao Shi’s entire body tremble, feeling that this little girl was finally afraid of this killing god opposite them. She had long since told her that this person was not a mountain of support, but a god of death, but the girl hadn’t believed it. You believe it now, don’t you, since you’ve been scared so badly. She patted the back of Xiao Shi’s hand, then perhaps intentionally or possibly unconsciously, placing the maid behind herself, protecting her.

Actually, this was just the kind of person she was. She was a little timid, but she cared a lot for things which were smaller than herself. Whether it was the her now or the previous her, Xiao Shi was younger than her, so Bai Xiangxiu naturally had to guard her.

Long Heng clearly saw those little movements of her, and actually admired her for it. At the same time, a sharp pin prick pierced his heart, as she actually used such a frail body to protect someone else, when he could clearly take her life with just a single finger. However, feeling that the maid was an eyesore, he waved his hands, “You can go.”

Xiao Shi shivered, her eyes red as she glanced at her mistress. Bai Xiangxiu was the same, feeling greatly pressured standing in front of the male lead who had beat her to death in the novel. However, the person had already said it. Did she want to die earlier by not abiding by his words? Therefore, Bai Xiangxiu pushed Xiao Shi a little, “You go out. Go boil tea.” Come bring in tea after a while, and see if your mistress has been beaten to death.

Xiao Shi had no choice but to leave. In Long Heng’s eyes, the two women seemed as aggrieved as though they were having a life and death parting. The corners of his mouth twitched involuntarily. He was not a venomous snake or a ferocious beast; did they have to be scared to this extent? He completely forget about earlier when he’d released killing intent when staring at Xiao Shi earlier.

Only two people remained in this room, and Bai Xiangxiu was nervous to the extreme. She politely moved her body to the side, not daring to even raise her head, “Please, sit.”

The massive shadow in front of her moved to take a seat. Bai Xiangxiu didn’t dare to sit, and only stood there obediently, still wondering why he had suddenly come here.

“How did your wounds come about? Were they the work of people of the Lin family?” While he had not heard about it from the servants, logically speaking, his mother wouldn’t move to punish her, especially in front of outsiders.

“No, it was this concubine who accidentally fell. It had nothing to do with anyone.” The male lead would find out sooner or later that the female lead had escaped, or maybe he already knew. She didn’t want to stir up trouble behind her back, lest she leave him a bad impression, giving him an excuse to beat her to death with staves in the future.

“Fell?” The other party clearly suspected her, as that cold voice caused her entire body to tense up, but she still nodded, “Yes, Your Highness.”

Falling in such a manner, this was simply too careless of her! “Servant, get a doctor to come over to take a look.” Seeing her trembling as she stood, he spoke, “You sit down too!”

Truly feeling pain, she obeyed him and sat down, letting out a muffled groan due to the pain in her chest and her forehead.

Long Heng, “…” He wanted to reach out and support her, but she was already seated. She was only subconsciously placing her hand over her heart, brows knit tight.

“Go lie down,” He hadn’t thought that she was so gravely injured. He’d seen how ashen-faced she was when she sat down. How had she fallen and injured herself to this extent, unless it was that Miss Lin who caused her injuries? He momentarily felt unhappy within his heart, his brows slowly furrowing.

Bai Xiangxiu thought that the Prince was thinking of doing something to her; why else would he ask her to go lie down on the bed so early in the morning? But she had no choice either, what with how strong the other’s presence felt. Whatever he wanted to do today, she would just have to take it.

“This, this concubine is not tired.” She was a modern woman. Even if she had no choice, she wanted to try and fight a little to protect her chastity!

“Lie down,” Long Heng unconsciously used the tone that he used with his subordinates. He had once commanded a large army, but he seemed helpless in front of this little woman.

She was clearly already pained to the point of her face being bloodless, yet she still persisted in sitting there. He could not help but become irritated and chide her. However, seeing her tremble, he knew that she was just scared. This was still the first time he was seeing such a weak woman.

Her entire body trembling, Bai Xiangxiu realized that she would not be able to escape it. Before her eyes surfaced the image of the young girl who had been beaten to death, causing her to shudder involuntarily as she slowly lay down on that rather hard bed.

Noooooo, was this the prelude of her chastity being lost? She wanted to weep, closing her eyes aggrievedly for a long time before realizing that the other party had not made a move. Hesitantly opening her eyes, she discovered that Long Heng had not budged, sitting there with an upright posture and not even glancing towards her. She couldn’t help but lie there stunned, what does this mean?

Xiao Shi came in with tea not long after, accompanied by a doctor. This doctor was young, and Long Heng was secretly unhappy as soon as he saw him.

“Blindfold him,” He said in a low voice, and Xiao Shi took out a handkerchief to blindfold the young doctor. His Highness does indeed feel something towards mistress! He wouldn’t be so nervous otherwise! Although the doctor was young, he was still already over forty. Especially when considering that this was a temple, and the doctor a secular disciple of the temple, this degree of precaution was truly a bit too much.

Only then did Bai Xiangxiu realize that Long Heng had only asked her to lie down because she was injured. Also, he had called for a doctor, seemingly treating her quite well. It was just, well, what’s happened to the male lead? Is his conscience suddenly springing to life? As far as she remembered, he had never cared about the women in his harem, feeling that they were annoying and stifling. But the scenario up till now seemed to have changed completely. At the very least, this male lead was seriously deviating a little too much. But what exactly had she done wrong? She didn’t remember doing anything other than giving him a present?

After taking her pulse, that doctor said in a rather tremulous tone, “Your Highness, this mistress has suffered a collision, and I’m afraid that she had suffered some internal injuries, and needs to peacefully rest for a period of time. She won’t be able to perform any big movements, and cannot exert herself beyond her capabilities.”

“Give me your prescription!” He hadn’t thought that she was injured so badly, and as a general, how could he fail to understand that this was not an injury suffered from falling? It definitely had to do with something striking her chest.

After the doctor had given the prescription and left, Long Heng asked once more, “Tell me, how exactly were you injured?” How could someone fall so heavily in a temple? He really didn’t understand this.

“I really just fell by accident,” she continued to insist on that version.

“You…” Just what exactly was she not telling him the truth for? Long Heng walked around in circles, his anger emanating from him in waves. Bai Xiangxiu was scared into a cold sweat, and he actually turned to leave without even saying a word.

Xiao Shi retreated a few steps, avoiding Prince Li as he strode out, before rushing before the bed. Her voice trembled, “Mistress Xiu, what exactly happened?”

Bai Xiangxiu felt that Prince Li must have definitely discovered something. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have tried to force her to reveal the cause of her injuries. Could it be because of the female lead? Perhaps he had even connected her injuries to the female lead! Was that why he’d asked the doctor to treat her? Of course, he might have also wanted use this chance to find out where Miss Lin had gone or whom she had left with. Nodding, she felt more and more that that had been the case.

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