Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 28: Concealment, Raging Fury

Chapter 28: Concealment, Raging Fury

Long Heng had already stalked off in rage. His own woman was actually concealing a matter for someone else’s sake. Having spent long years in the army, he had a clear distinction between right and wrong as well as enemy and ally. He clearly knew the value of doing great deeds. Allies also never lied to or kept things from one another. This was primarily why he’d reacted so badly.

However, after seeing his mother, he calmed down. The harem was different from the battlefield, and she was also not one of his soldiers. Also, for someone who believed in him so much, logically speaking, she wouldn’t be hiding things from him, unless…

Just as he stood wrapped in doubt, Song Jiaoyue wandered over with some others, laughing with them, “We’ve seen the Old Madame, and my mother plans to leave tomorrow. What about you?”

“We also plan to do the same. It was very crowded today; why don’t we go back together tomorrow?” Long Heng replied, yet his brows didn’t unfurrow.

How could Song Jiaoyue not tell that he had something on his mind, and cautiously probed, “Is that mistress of yours very badly injured?” As he spoke, he dismissed the people by his side. Even Long Heng’s people retreated, suddenly finding other things to do or speak about in private.

“She’s… fine!” Because they were friends, Long Heng didn’t consider too much before telling him the truth.

“Oh? I never would’ve thought that that cousin of Miss Lin’s would be such a discourteous person, not just helping his cousin fool around, but even injuring Mistress Xiu,” He saw Long Heng go rigid before he could finish speaking, his eyes overflowing with killing intent.

“It was him? How did he injure… that woman?” Not having thought that his friend would know what had transpired, he halted and asked.

Song Jiaoyue was stunned, as he instead asked, “Yesterday night, didn’t you hear?”

Long Heng was dazed for a moment, only now knowing that he himself had been present when she had suffered injury yesterday night.

It was only that due to being so agitated, the circumstances had not entered his ears. His heart now panicked as he coughed lightly, “I was rushing to return at that time and didn’t manage to hear things.”

Song Jiaoyue didn’t know what had happened to his friend the previous night, but he still narrated the previous day’s course of events. After consolidating everything he’d just heard and her behavior, it was not hard for Long Heng to guess that that woman had concealed her own injuries completely for the sake of Miss Lin’s reputation. If the matter of her and her cousin escaping in private spread, her name would be completely destroyed. Running away from marriage and eloping were two completely different concepts!

“She, she actually hid the fact of her being accidentally injured by an outside male for the sake of Miss Lin?” Quite foolish, but also very loyal.

Long Heng had not once considered that loyalty might be a trait found in women. For some reason, he actually felt himself admiring her a little. Since he had misunderstood her, he should find a way to make up for it. Long Heng called for a pageboy, wanting to say something, yet swallowed his words when he discovered that his friend was still here. Instead, he said, “Go and see whether Mistress Xiu has recovered, she still hasn’t paid her respects to the old madame yet!” Pay the hell respects, she’s already injured. However, he couldn’t retract the words he had just said.

How would Song Jiaoyue not understand what he was thinking? Looking at his friend’s stiff expression, he knew that he shouldn’t stay here any longer. He hurriedly said, “I also have to accompany my mother to recite scriptures. I’ll leave first.”

After having brought his people a fair distance away, he couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. This friend of his was really very strange, clearly worried about her yet telling her to go pay whatever respects. If she really went, his heart would probably be pained to death. However, that was only normal. Whoever obtained such a woman who took him so much into consideration would probably also feel pain for her! She was clearly injured, yet chose to conceal the matter for the sake of the Prince’s household and the Lin family, even to the point of being misunderstood by her own husband. Such a woman was truly worthy of admiration.

As soon as Song Jiaoyue left, Long Heng immediately turned to stop the servant beside him, yet realized that this little fellow was already running flat out for the room née Bai was living in. I’ve never seen him run so fast before, why is he working so diligently today? He frowned, using his flight technique to pull the pageboy to a stop, giving the little monks passing by a great shock.

They’d never seen anyone run so quickly before, with the wind of his passage actually blowing away the things from their hands. What to do? The items that had been blown away was precisely the food they had prepared for the women residing in this courtyard.

The pageboy leapt up in fright. What had he done to cause such great anger in the prince?

“No need to go,” He let out a breath of relief. Let’s let her rest. However, looking back at the monks who were currently cleaning up the things on the ground, he had to ask, “What is this??” It looked to be but some porridge and small side dishes. Who else in this courtyard had yet to eat? It went without asking that it was née Bai.

“In response to Your Highness, it is the breakfast of the Mistress inside. We heard that she is in urgent want of it due to her having to take medicine,” Knowing that the guests staying here over these two days could not be angered, the monk answered carefully. It was indeed her meal, and she even had to take medicine after eating it, so her meal could not be delayed.

“Prepare another portion and send it over,” Long Heng’s attitude towards the monks could be considered as polite, but his tone didn’t contain any humility whatsoever. These monks also didn’t bother taking offense either; these important people would inevitably have a bit of an arrogant air to them.

“Your Highness, the food of the various courtyards were all already allocated, and it is already too late to add more in now. I’m afraid that if we want to prepare it, there will be a bit of a delay,” They answered honestly, but felt a hint of a chill emanate from somewhere.

“Shu’er, descend the mountain and buy some food, quickly,” Shu’er knew some of the flight techniques, so he should be back very quickly.

Shu’er was that pageboy from earlier. He stared, feeling like he had become embroiled in something but not quite understanding. Shaking himself loose from his reverie, he nodded in response and tapped the ground, rushing down the mountain.

Only having descended the mountain did he realize that his master had not given him any money. He also did not have much on him, only enough to buy a few meat buns. If he brought food back like this, he would get chopped into two halves by his master… if he had known about this earlier, he would have asked for more money from his mother!

Five big meat buns, that should be enough for two to eat, right?!

When he returned, his master was actually still in the same position, seemingly waiting for him. His master didn’t ask anything upon his arrival, “Let’s go in!” He actually led the way in entering, leaving Shu’er with no choice but to follow.

Bai Xiangxiu was indeed hungry inside, but a monk still hadn’t brought the food over after waiting for a long time. The medicine that Xiao Shi had brought in was already a little cold. She frowned, “This maid will go take a look.”

When she opened the door, she saw Long Heng with his hand raised, about to knock. She couldn’t help but stare in shock for a moment before she hurriedly knelt down, “Your Highness.”

Long Heng had remembered the awkward scene from earlier and was just about to knock. But who knew that he would actually have be thwarted this time by a panicked servant girl. He couldn’t help but frown, “What are you in such a hurry for?”

“It’s this maid’s fault, please forgive me, Your Highness,” Xiao Shi was terrified, hurriedly bowing as she said in a trembling voice.

Long Heng had no time to speak with a mere maid like her. He ignored her and strode in. Seeing Bai Xiangxiu pushing herself off her bed, he said, “Since you are injured, there is no need for you to get up. Shu’er, give the food to the Mistress.”

Hearing the word Mistress, Shu’er knew that his master felt differently about this Mistress Xiu, but the things that he had bought seemed a little subpar to be handed over. Yet he still placed the meat buns on a side of the table, revealing them…

“…” Long Heng had a feeling of wanting to shred this subordinate of his and feed him to the dogs.

“…” Bai Xiangxiu felt that the breakfast the Prince had sent over was really too unique, and she had no idea where to start. How was this to be eaten? I desperately need opinions, waiting online for you!

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