Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 10: No One In the World Can Escape from Having to WatChapter Their Mouth

Chapter 10: No One In the World Can Escape from Having to Watch Their Mouth

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With 10 years as a military doctor under her belt, grappling, fighting, and even the very risky chokehold had been mastered to the point of perfection. She proceeded to execute a quick sweep kick.


The man who had earlier showed so much aggression was kicked out of half a meter away in an instant. The kick did not push him back too far, but inertia made him stagger backward.

Nevertheless, the area stuck by that kick was bound to swell!

Bang, bang.... The private room echoed with sounds of items being smashed.

“I, I, I was wrong. I regret it now. Second Brother, Second Sister-in-Law, please don’t hit me!”

Fourth Brother was being a dunce again.

Jiang Tingxu shot him a glance and coincidentally, the phone in her pocket rang.

“It’s me.”

“Dr. Jiang, there are doctors and nurses on standby in the Emergency Department for a serial car crash that occurred at the Third Ring interchange. Where are you?”

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Jiang Tingxu ended the call in a hurry. She need not explain herself too much since everyone had already heard the contents of the call.

Mo Boyuan frowned and stared intently at Jiang Tingxu.

Seeing as Jiang Tingxu was about to leave, Fourth Brother threw the child in his arms directly to Third Brother next to him.

“Second Sister-in-Law, I’ll lend you my car. Here’s the key.”

Jiang Tingxu showed a look of approval to the flustered Fourth Brother. He was impetuous as impetuous could be, but he read the situation well.

“Come over to the hospital and take your car back whenever you’re free.”

“Yes, yes. I won’t trouble you, Second Sister-in-Law.”

‘Again with the Second Sister-in-Law!’

There was no time for her to argue anymore and she left with the car keys.

It went without saying that the bootlicking Fourth Brother was despised by both the Big Brother and Third Brother.

After being looked down on for more than just a couple of times by his brothers since young., he had long been numb to it and did not seem to mind it at all.

Once Jiang Tingxu entered the elevator, the man who had just been kicked down recovered almost instantly and slid down the metal pole beside him.

A familiar Rolls-Royce was already parked in the front of the elevator when Jiang Tingxu got out.

“Get in.”

“No thanks.”

What the hell was that man trying to do? Did he not know that the car would be tailed by paparazzi as soon as it left the place?

Mo Boyuan’s jaw was feeling incredibly sore at that point, probably because he had been clenching his teeth too often that day.

“Cao Chi’s car is parked in the clubhouse’s underground parking lot. Your ten minutes, or rather your nine minutes, will be up once you find it.”


Jiang Tingxu sneered twice before getting into the car.

Mo Boyuan felt incredibly relieved once he saw that the woman was making a compromise. He really did not know what to do if things entered another stalemate.

The girl changed so suddenly that he wondered if all women were that fickle. It actually came as a surprise that Jiang Tingxu would end up divorcing him.

With that thought, his alveolar bones began hurting again!

Jiang Tingxu did not say a single word again after getting in the car. Instead, she leaned back and closed her eyes to rest.

In fact, she was not calm on the inside as she was on the outside.

The nine-minute period passed in a flash. The car had a smooth drive on the road, with the cars at its front, back, left, and right staying a considerable distance away.

When he arrived at the entrance of the hospital, Jiang Tingxu opened his eyes without needing any reminder.

After opening the door and getting off, she repeated her words once again before leaving, “I mean what I said earlier. It all depends on when you’re free!”

Mo Boyuan bit his lip and was practically gritting his teeth when he said, “We’ll talk about it later. You only have forty seconds left.”

The door was closed with a bang...

Mo Boyuan watched as the woman left without even looking back. He had another uncontrollable spasm in his face and could not help but wonder.

‘Is she possessed or something?

‘Why am I also feeling weird?’

If Movie King Mo had surfed the internet more often, he would probably be able to understand the situation he was in, which was also a reality that no one in the world could escape—a person might end up accepting the very1 thing that had been so vehemently objected in the first place2

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