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Chapter 9: Do as You Wish—I’ll Agree to The Divorce

Chapter 9: Do as You Wish—I’ll Agree to The Divorce

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The lights in the box were all switched on at that moment and the brightness was rather eye-piercing.

The man walked over step by step and finally stopped when he was half a step away from her. His handsome and dangerous eyes squinted and his voice sent chills down one’s spine.

“Explain what you just said!”

His voice was not the only thing that was cold. The air conditioners within the entire room seemed to have broken down as the temperature dropped to freezing point.

As children who all grew up together, everyone knew that Second Brother was thoroughly infuriated.

It had probably been 10 years since the last time he was that angry.

That was when Jiang Tingxu ran away from home and was kidnapped by a trafficker.


It was common knowledge that Second Brother nearly killed those traffickers with his own hands that time.

When they thought about the fate of those traffickers back then...’Tsk, tsk, tsk... don’t think about it, don’t think about it.’ Their bodies trembled from the ruthlessness at the mere thought of it.

Not even the eldest among them dared to provoke Second Brother, let alone Third Brother and Fourth Brother. Second Brother truly was a menacing sight when he went berserk.

Was Second Brother really as humble and kind as everyone thought he was after years and years or building his career in the entertainment industry?

Of course not!


Third Brother and Fourth Brother were so shocked that they practically held their breaths. Big Brother was the only one who said out loud.

At that moment, Jiang Tingxu spoke too. “Do as you wish. I agree to the divorce!”


On hearing that word, Mo Boyuan’s cold and icy face tensed up slightly. The corners of his eyes twitched too.

Who was Jiang Tingxu?

She was the girl who clung to him ever since they were children. He could never seem to shake her off, and she could be likened to a piece of sticky candy.

When she grew up, she even relied on her father’s life-saving grace—after the man saved Master Mo’s life—and insisted on pestering the old man so he would order Mo Boyuan to marry Jiang Tingxu.

Who was Mo Boyuan?

Aside from being a big shot in the film and television industry, he was also the Mo family’s young master!

Born as a cherished son, there was no way the young master could accept it when Master Mo dragged him to get that marriage certificate at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

For that reason, he was extremely unhappy with the marriage.

Divorce was something that was constantly in Mo Boyuan’s thoughts.

That woman, however, would either stir up unreasonable trouble whenever he brought up that issue, or threaten to sue his father.

As time passed, Mo Boyuan hardly ever mentioned it and simply left a thick pile of signed divorce papers at home.

One hand was more than enough to count the number of times he went home in the last two years.

-year-old Mo Boyuan had, in the last year, become the youngest actor to win Best Actor in the history of the domestic film award. His debut as a film director in the film Virgo premiered a year later in summer, and it ended with a perfect box office score of four billion.

As the youngest Best Actor and the director who made four billion in the box office, he was none other than Young Master Mo, a man who was the epitome of someone who could head home and count his billion-yuan inheritance when he was not shooting a film.

Indeed, he had never thought that it would one day be Jiang Tingxu who brought up the subject of divorce!

The Young Master was practically being dumped by a woman whom he had always looked down on!

At that moment, Mo Boyuan could clearly feel the blood in his blood vessels rushing straight from to his forehead from his feet.

“Say that again, Jiang Tingxu!”

Jiang Tingxu remained incredibly calm, much to the surprise of everyone who was familiar with her.

“Once you’re free, we can head to the Civil Affairs Bureau as soon as possible and end this once and for all!”


The door of the private room then became noticeably dented and everyone was frozen in place.

“You’d better think things through, Jiang Tingxu. Don’t mess around!”

“Are you deaf?”


The three other men there felt that Jiang Tingxu was digging her own grave.

Of course, Fourth Brother had already escorted the little kid away before everything happened.

Since Jiang Tingxu had no intention of listening to Mo Boyuan’s raging fit, what reason did she have for trying to placate him?

The two of them would end up being unrelated strangers soon, and it was not worthwhile for her to make the same mistake twice with that man.

She turned around and was about to leave, but her wrist was grabbed forcefully before she could even take one step.


‘Do you think I’m a pushover?’

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