Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 21: Eyes That Needed Treatment

Chapter 21: Eyes That Needed Treatment

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At the door to the operating room, the patients who had just completed their procedures were pushed out one after another. Their family members who had been waiting outside rushed forward.

“How is he, Doctor? Is everything alright?”

Wu Yuefeng pulled off his surgical mask. “The operation was very successful, but we still have to send him to the ICU for observation during the first twenty-four hours. Do take this chance to see him.”

How could the family feel at ease after hearing that their kin would be sent to the ICU? Their hearts began feeling tense barely moments after breathing a sigh of relief.

“Doctor, are things looking bleak? What are we going to do? My son is the pillar of the family. If something happens to our family...we’d be done!”

Wu Yuefeng was held tightly by those family members. He struggled several times but failed to break free from their grip.

“Auntie, please calm down. Please calm down first, okay? Please put your trust in our doctors. We’ll always do our best to treat our patients.”

Finally, the family’s emotions eased and Wu Yuefeng shot a look at the other female doctor behind him.


The female doctor cocked a brow before stepping forward and whispered as she passed Wu Yuefeng.

“Two night shifts!”


It was just two night shifts. He could anything but appease family members! Dr. Wu felt that he was absolutely horrible at doing that!

Indeed, it was much better to let his female colleagues handle it, since it was rather difficult male doctors to deal with that sort of thing.

The interaction between those two individuals was indicative of intimacy.

Jiang Tingxu had not actually noticed anything before, but seemed to have realized something and leaned over to the head nurse.

“What’s up with Dr. Wu and Dr. Zhao?”

As a result, she received a roll of the eyes from the head nurse.

“Dr. Jiang, you’ve been in our department for quite some time now, right?” she asked a rhetorical question.

Jiang Tingxu nodded.

“It’s been almost half a year.”

“Yeah, it’s been almost half a year, Dr. Jiang. Haven’t you noticed that Dr. Wu and Dr. Zhao are a thing?”

‘I suppose your eyes need treatment?’

It came as no surprise that the head nurse would roll her eyes so blatantly.

“Uh... I really didn’t know anything before this.”

Jiang Tingxu never paid attention to anyone else in the past. Her center of focus revolved around Mo Boyuan and Mo Boyuan alone. She never even paid any attention to those close to her, let alone her colleagues in the department.

As a result, she was left bamboozled after all those things happened back then.

At that time, everything happened due to much error and negligence, but in hindsight, it was all linked to her and the blame should not lay squarely on others.

If only she took a tiny portion of the attention that she put on Mo Boyuan and directed it on the people around her, maybe...just maybe, she would not end up being so miserable.

“Let’s talk about this some other time. I’ll head over to do my work.”

The head nurse still had a couple of incidental procedures she had to settle after the patient was sent to the ICU.


Once the head nurse and several doctors went to the ICU, the two interns Jiang Tingxu and Guan Xiaodong could only stay there and watch.

There was no shortage of doctors in the Emergency Department at any given time, especially during the night.

Both of them looked at the operating room again. The last operation was in progress and it remained to be seen when the people inside would be able to come out.

Fortunately, the operation of the patient who suffered the most serious injury was performed by Deputy Chief Pei himself.

Deputy Chief Pei studied for his Ph.D. overseas and majored in neurosurgery. When he graduated, the school personally came forward and offered him high pay in order to retain him. Rumor had it that it even startled the then governor.

It was for that reason that he was given the title of deputy chief after joining the hospital. Those who were unhappy about it could only keep their unhappiness to themselves.

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