Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 22: What’s the Matter? Can’t I Come Back?

Chapter 22: What’s the Matter? Can’t I Come Back?

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With Deputy Chief Pei personally helming the operation, the operation was already half-successful.

Guan Xiaodong let out a drawn-out sigh.

“Sigh, I’ve still got another year before my internship ends!”

In other words, there was still no opportunity for him to do any surgery during that year. Of course, if the chief surgeon and the other doctors were willing to bring him along, he could be the second assistant or the third assistant.

Jiang Tingxu exhaled.

“I have...less than a month.”

Her comment drew immediate resentment.

Guan Xiaodong glanced bitterly at her and walked away in a huff.


On the other side.

She had no idea that the male actor who shot up the trending searches was coming out of the Tan family villa, accompanied by a group of bodyguards.

“Young Master Mo, where would you like to go?”

The alcohol had risen up to his brain and he was having a headache.

Mo Boyuan rubbed his eyebrows roughly. “Violet Imperial Hill.”

The most expensive villa in Yun City was none other than the one on the west side of Violet Imperial Hill.

Those who lived there were not just rich; they were all aristocrats too.

Everyone in the outside world knew that Mo Boyuan—the great Movie King from the Mo family—resided there.

For many years however, no one managed to sneak in successfully even though everyone had already known about it.

So far, that record has not been broken yet!

However, many were unaware that the entire Violet Imperial Hill belonged to the Mos, and that the entire villa area was built up lavishly by the Mo Corporation.

Mo Boyuan’s tongue was feeling very numb, and he appeared to be very drunk.

After getting in the car, the bodyguard immediately handed the iPad to him as he sat in the back seat.

“Young Master Mo, you’ve just made the trending searches with Movie Queen Lu.”

Mo Boyuan halted his movement of rubbing his eyebrows when he heard the bodyguard’s words.

“With who?” he asked coldly.

The bodyguard immediately answered, “Movie Queen Lu Yanlan. The actress whom you collaborated with in the previous movie.”

“Take it away.” He knew what kind of news it was without even asking.


Outsiders might not understand the young master, but his bodyguards knew him well.

The young master had a particular dislike of being involved with those women, though in many cases, it was unavoidable. That was the price to be paid for being within the circle, and the Mo family’s young master was no exception!

Not long later, the Rolls-Royce stopped outside the gate of a villa that was situated in the deeper part of Violet Imperial Hill.

The infrared-sensor gate automatically identified the car and the Rolls-Royce proceeded to drive in.

The man sitting in the back seat opened his eyes at that moment.

“You don’t have to come over and pick me up tomorrow morning,” he ordered.

“Okay, Young Master Mo.”

The car stopped and the man got out.

The butler heard the ruckus outside and greeted him.

“Young Master.”

Mo Boyuan’s gaze hovered for a moment.

“Who’s here?” he asked.

“Ahem,” the butler cleared his throat. “It’s Little Master. He came here two hours ago. Master was the one who had someone send him here.”

Although the man frowned, he said nothing more.

How could he possibly chase the kid out if he was already there?

The sound of cartoon shows echoed loudly from the villa hall. As soon as Mo Boyuan walked into the door, he heard the very excited roar of the character on the television. “Come on, Kakarot! You’re the number one in the world!”

Mo Boyuan’s constantly indifferent expression instantly became colder.

The little guy sat on the sofa and did not notice his father’s presence behind him. He was still watching his television show excitedly.

All of a sudden...

“What are you doing, Mo Zhining?”

The abrupt voice scared the little guy and sent him rolling off the sofa in fright. Fortunately, the floor was covered with thick blankets and he was not hurt.

After tumbling down, he got up from the ground and asked, “Dad, you’re back?” His expression was both that of surprise and panic.

“What’s the matter? Can’t I come back?”

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