Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 23: Remember, She’s Your Mother

Chapter 23: Remember, She’s Your Mother

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Mo Boyuan removed his jacket, handed it to the butler, then scanned the surroundings.

The little guy then looked up. His eyes were exactly the same as his father’s, and his eyeballs rolled around inside his head before he suddenly asked, “Dad, are you looking for that woman?”

‘Hmph, don’t think that I didn’t notice!’

His father’s earlier look clearly suggested that he was looking for someone.

Mo Boyuan stared coldly at the little guy at his feet.

“Who is this woman you’re talking about?”

The little guy was still a little confused, and after a moment’s hesitation, he whispered, “Jiang Tingxu.”

The man rubbed the top of his son’s soft head. “Remember. She’s your mother! And also, is that all you do every day? Gossip about these things? Looks like you have quite a lot of spare time on your hands. Do you need me to find a home tutor for you?”

The mere mention of a tutor infuriated the little guy to no end. He glared so strongly that his eyes were fully round.

“Hmph, all you know how to do is find a home tutor for me. Have you ever taken care of me? And Jiang Tingxu too. Both of you have never taken care of me, so why did you give birth to me?”

After his outburst, the little guy ran upstairs with the help of his short little legs. It went without saying that he did not see the shock on his father’s face as well as...a few traces of regret in the man’s eyes.

The butler did not dare to breathe too strongly. He simply stood quietly on the spot in order to reduce his sense of existence.

For a long time, Mo Boyuan squinted with a dangerous look in his cold eyes.

“Has he met with anyone during this period of time in the old mansion?”

“I was told that Second Master’s grandson came over a few days ago.”

For decades, Uncle Mu used to be the old butler who was in charge of tending to the old mansion. He had only started taking care of Mo Boyuan in recent years, but he was never short of any news if it concerned the old mansion.

“Heh. Mo Qu’s son?”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Mo Boyuan snorted coldly when he got the answer he wanted.

Uncle Mu bowed and walked out.

Mo Boyuan was not going to let anyone off the hook if they dared to lead his child astray behind his back.

However, there was no need to take it out on the child. It was the father who should be blamed for not teaching the son well, so all Mo Boyuan had to do was look for the father.

Mo Boyuan went directly to the study after going upstairs. He halted his footsteps after passing by the door to one of the rooms. He stood there when he saw the little boy sitting cross-legged on the big bed inside.

“What are you doing here? Your room is cleaned every day.”

“Hmph. This is my mother’s room. Why can’t I be here?”

“You can stay there then.” Mo Boyuan left after finishing his sentence and continued walking toward the study room in front.



Mo Boyuan switched on the computer and a video window popped-up at once.

Once the video was connected, a very coquettish-looking face appeared on the screen. If one did not look carefully, one might not be able to tell whether the person was a man or a woman, because the man looked absolutely charming!

“Hello, Little Yuanyuan! Good evening~”

Mo Boyuan maintained his icy mien.

“Do you want to die, Mott?”

He knew that it was a bad idea to provoke yet he could not help but push some buttons every single time. God knows what kind of sick habit that was.

Mott cleared his throat and finally put on a serious expression.

“Tell me, Big Boss Mo, when are you coming over?

“You don’t want J.M. Morgan anymore, do you?

“How about this, if you really don’t want it anymore, could you sign the agreement for me right away?”


On the screen, Mott looked as though a cat got his tongue.

“Are you for real, Big Boss Mo? You know what, forget it. It won’t happen even if it’s true. I’m not you. I can’t control those people. They’ll only serve you, Big Boss Mo!”

‘Isn’t it better if I had been more self-aware of my own abilities earlier?

‘Why go to all the trouble just to put myself through all that discomfort?’

‘It’s not like you know nothing about how bad*ss this guy is... He’ll kill you and you won’t even know how you died!’

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