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Chapter 24: Someone Is Going to Suffer

Chapter 24: Someone Is Going to Suffer

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The relationship between Mott and Mo Boyuan started more than 10 years ago.

The two of them were initially roommates in the same dormitory. Mo Boyuan later started his own business and Mott had been assisting Mo Boyuan throughout.

In the past few years when Mo Boyuan returned to China, he gave Mott full authority to be responsible for J.M. Morgan’s affairs. If not for the deep trust between them, why would Mo Boyuan rest easy and just hand over the company to Mott after all that effort in establishing it?

Most people might not know what J.M. Morgan was, but any company that ranked within the top 500 would certainly know J.M. Morgan.

It was an investment bank that was ranked third in the world!

With the headquarters in Country M’s New York City, their business spanned more than 50 countries, including investment banking, financial transactions, investment management, commercial finance, personal banking, and the like.

It could be said that 99% of the world’s top 500 companies had inextricably-linked relationships with J.M. Morgan.

One could easily imagine how terrifying it’s true strength was!

It would certainly spell doom for the entire world should something untoward happen to J.M. Morgan all of a sudden!

On that occasion, Mott anxiously urged Mo Boyuan to go back because they had just accepted a transaction of 20 billion U.S. dollars.

The number was too huge, and Mott was urging Mo Boyuan because he felt unable to handle it by himself.

Mott saw that Mo Boyuan’s brows were knit in a frown.

“Two days only.”

Mott was overjoyed!

“Ok! Ok! By the way Boss Mo, I heard that you’ve actually launched a private investigation on your wife?”

‘Heh...who else could he have heard it from?’

Who else could it be other than Special Assistant Yan, whom Mo Boyuan tasked to investigate?

“I wonder when Special Assistant Yan became such a loose cannon!”

Whenever Mo Boyuan had that smile, it was a signal that someone was going to suffer.

Mott disconnected the video at once and disappeared.

‘Tsk tsk tsk, Special Assistant Yan. I’m sorry, but I’ll pray for you silently three times a day.’


Mo Boyuan went out from the study and passed through the next room again. His gaze penetrated the crack of the door and he glanced inside. The figure of the little guy was no longer on the big bed.

Oh, what a heartless kid.

Mo Boyuan felt a tingly feeling in his heart when he recalled how the kid complained earlier.

At that point, the butler came over with two cups of warm milk.

“Young Master.”

“I’ll pass. Just send it to him.”

Only children could drink that stuff every day.

The corners of the butler’s lips twitched secretly.

“Yes, master.”

After the butler left with the milk, Mo Boyuan looked at the door of the room in front of him. He had an urge to go in.

At the thought of the woman’s absence, he realized that there was no point going into a cold room.

He turned around and left.

The room’s owner had no idea that her room was very popular that night. At that exact moment, Jiang Tingxu was so hungry that her stomach felt hollow.

Bang... Bang... He knocked on the table behind her twice.

“Dr. Guan, when do you think Deputy Chief Pei’s operation will end?”

Guan Xiaodong paused the drama he was chasing and replied, “Who knows. It may take a while, or it may be until tomorrow morning.”

‘Tomorrow morning? I might just starve to death.

‘No, I can’t take this any longer. I have to order some food.’

“Ah, Dr. Guan, I’ll be heading out first.”

“Oh, alright.”

Jiang Tingxu left the office and went directly to the nurse’s station. She yelled in a low voice while she was still some distance away.

“Qiao Ran, Qiao Ran~”

Several young nurses were napping, and they all woke up when they heard the sound.

Qiao Ran was still rather in a daze. “Ah, who called me? What happened to the patient in which bed?”

“Qiao Ran, here, here!”

“Huh, Dr. Jiang?”

She rubbed her eyes and hunched over:

“Dr. Jiang, what’s the matter?”

Jiang Tingxu rolled her eyes.

“Didn’t you say that I should look for you if I wanted to order something to eat?”

‘Did you forget so soon?


‘Perhaps I should say that you nearly forgot?’

Qiao Ran glanced at the time.

“Haven’t Deputy Chief Pei and the others finished yet? It’s already eleven o’clock,” she remarked.

Jiang Tingxu nodded. “They haven’t.”

Qiao Ran then blinked her eyes a couple of times. “Okay, okay, okay. Let’s order. We’ll just leave a portion for Deputy Chief Pei.”

What else was there to say?

As the saying went, food doth blinded the eyes of a person.

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