Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 25: You Look Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 25: You Look Beautiful When You Smile

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Jiang Tingxu smiled after realizing that Qiao Ran’s suggestion was rather excellent.

Qiao Ran’s sudden close-range view of Jiang Tingxu’s smile prompted the former to utter ‘F*ck’.

“God, I’ve never noticed it before, but you have a beautiful smile, Dr. Jiang! What is the name of that poem again? Hmm... She, by the wine-stove, gleaming just like the moon; her wrists, milk-white, as frost and snow bestrewn1. Yes, that’s it.”


‘Did this lady have to exaggerate things so much?’

Jiang Tingxu’s mouth twitched and she clearly disapproved of what Qiao Ran said.

“Relax, you’ll have your share.”

Flattery was not needed!

‘Tch...who said it was flattery? I’m telling the truth and nothing but the truth, you know. She’s just just too full of herself, isn’t she?

‘It’s not right, maybe people with good looks are just stubborn!

“Okay, okay, can we order something?”

Qiao Ran nodded and huffed.

“What would you like to eat, Dr. Jiang?” she asked.

“Anything will do.”

She had a habit of just eating anything that could fill her stomach.

After all, she did not always have a chance to fill her stomach at the place she used to be stationed before.

What was there to be picky when there was nothing to eat in the first place?

“Okay, let me see what looks good first.”

Qiao Ran nimbly switched on her mobile phone and tapped on an app. In an instant, a variety of menu pictures appeared.

“Dr. Jiang, do you eat crayfish? This restaurant is delicious and receives one of the highest positive ratings. I’ve eaten it several times.”

Jiang Tingxu was actually a little bit excited in her heart, but after realizing that she was in a hospital, she had no choice but to control herself a little.

“It’s better to order something milder.”

They would be waking up the entire department’s patients if they ate crayfish so late at night.

Qiao Ran finally realized that and stuck out her tongue embarrassedly.

“Okay. This one then. Their focus is authentic Cantonese cuisine. They’re famous for king shrimp dumplings, steamed siu mai, roasted pork buns, and egg tarts. Then there’s their steamed chicken feet in black bean sauce, steamed pork ribs...slurp~”

Did she just drool?

“Do they have any porridge?” Jiang Tingxu asked.

“Mmhmm, there’s fresh fish porridge, pumpkin porridge, red dates and wolfberry porridge.”

“Then order a few sets of what you just said.”

‘Wait up... Order a few sets?’

Jiang Tingxu’s cocked a brow after seeing the nurse’s surprised expression.

“We’re not the only two people in the department.”

“But we don’t have that many people either. We might not be able to finish it if we order too much!”

‘Pfftt, I wouldn’t have pegged her for a thrifty woman!’

“Didn’t you just say that you wanted to leave some for Deputy Chief Pei and the others? There are several doctors in the operating room. It can’t possibly be enough if we don’t order a bit more.”

Qiao Ran made no further comment and nodded.

“Okay. I’ll order then.”

“Mm. Where’s the head nurse?”

“Doing her rounds, I guess.”

Barely moments after Qiao Ran spoke, the head nurse’s voice was heard.

“Someone called?”

The head nurse walked in with a medicine tray. Inside were disassembled medication vials and syringes, among other things. They were each placed into buckets specially prepared for the disposal of those equipment.

“We’re ordering food. What would you like to eat?”

As the head nurse listened to Jiang Tingxu’s words, she wiped her hands with sanitizer and jested, ”What day is it today? This is rather lavish of you, Dr. Jiang.”

“Just hungry.” ‘What day could it possibly be?’

However, the head nurse did not order anything more in the end. Jiang Tingxu had ordered a lot to begin with, so there was no need to waste anymore.


A group of people were waiting for the takeout at the nurse’s station. During that period, several more patients were brought in.

It was nothing serious, just two drunks and a few adolescents that got into a brawl.

All was done after putting the former on drips and treating the latter’s injuries.

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