Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 26: Midnight Text

Chapter 26: Midnight Text

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Waiting was boring, and someone took out their phone to scroll.

“Eh, Mo Boyuan is in a relationship?”

Jiang Tingxu happened to be drinking some water when she heard the nurse’s words. She ended up choking on it and entering into a coughing fit.

The other little nurses had all huddled together.

“Which desperate woman is trying to take advantage of King Mo again?”

The nurse’s angry voice belied the fact that she was a fan of Mo Boyuan.

“Lu Yanlan.”

“The woman who has been in the circle for nearly twenty years before winning her first trophy as a Movie Queen? She thinks she’s so great now, is she? Does she think that she’s qualified to touch my King Mo?”

Jiang Tingxu had recovered from her coughing and was forced to silently listen to young nurses’ discussions behind her.

She had almost no impression of Lu Yanlan, but she recalled a couple of things after listening to them talking about it.

Lu Yanlan, Lu Yanlan. Was she that child star?

She remembered that because there was a time when Jiang Tingxu was particularly obsessed with one martial arts drama when she was still in junior high. Lu Yanlan played the role of the eldest young madam in that drama.

It was her!

She seemed to like her quite a bit in the beginning.

Still, Mo Boyuan seemed to be rather annoyed by that woman back then, so it came as a surprise that things were not entirely as it seemed.

Was he being intimate with her at Master Tan’s birthday dinner that night?

At that point, everyone already knew about Mo Boyuan and Movie Queen Lu’s relationship!

Jiang Tingxu did not expect to be so calm and even gossip along with the nurses.

Those nurses however, were far from calm. They rolled up their sleeves, as if ready to start a fight.

“This Lu Yanlan is shameless! I’ll tear her apart if I see her!”

“Me too, me too! How dare she try to take advantage of King Mo. I wonder if the women who did that to King Mo before were destroyed so badly that they’re no longer fit to become stars?”

Jiang Tingxu silently took two steps back and wondered whether those girls might stab her to death with a scalpel if they knew that she was Mo Boyuan’s legal wife.


Dreadful. Absolutely dreadful. Those women were all nuts, and it was important that she refrain from revealing anything about herself until she definitively ended her relationship with Mo Boyuan!

The thought of such a scene was just horrible!

“Dr. Jiang, are you feeling cold?”

The head nurse saw Jiang Tingxu’s shoulders shaking after coming out of the treatment room.

Jiang Tingxu drank a big sip of water and forced a smile.

“Ah, no, it’s not cold. I’m just a little hungry.”

There was no way she could say that she was scared by Mo Boyuan’s fans.

Deep in her heart however, she complained, ‘Mo Boyuan Mo Boyuan. Why can’t I shake you off?’

On the other side of Violet Imperial Hill, a certain man sneezed severely.


About half an hour later, the food finally arrived.

During that period, Jiang Tingxu felt like she was sitting on pins and needles due to her concern that those nurses might find out.

“Your delivery is here. Please sign for it.”

At that point, the delivery boy’s voice was absolutely mellifluous at that moment.

The group of outraged little girls finally calmed down.

Jiang Tingxu rubbed the goose bumps on her arms.

“Everyone, come and eat,” she shouted.

“Thank you for the treat, Dr. Jiang.”

“Mm, I’m so hungry after tearing into Lu Yanlan.”

The person next to her said, “Then let’s continue after we’re done eating!”

Jiang Tingxu felt a headache after listening to what they said.

They were going to continue?

A ‘ding’ sound came from her phone all of a sudden.

She frowned and wondered who could possibly send her a message at that time.

“Who is it?” the head nurse asked off-handedly.

“No idea.”

She then took out my phone and a message popped up on the screen.

[Don’t you know that your husband never loved you, Jiang Tingxu? If you have any decorum, you’d better pack up your luggage and leave right now!]


The head nurse hardly expected something like that to happen.

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