Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 27: Keeping That Scumbag Around till The New Year?

Chapter 27: Keeping That Scumbag Around till The New Year?

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The atmosphere became awkward and the head nurse did not know what to say.

Jiang Tingxu read the message carefully, but did not seem to take issue with it. She took a screenshot, then forwarded it.

After the message was successfully sent, she blocked the WeChat account as well as a string of unfamiliar phone numbers.

“Let’s eat, Head Nurse.”

“Oh, good, let’s eat.”

At that moment, the head nurse was completely stunned from head to toe.

It was not until everyone ate and had their fill that they finally reacted. Her small eyes kept peeking at Jiang Tingxu next to her and found Jiang Tingxu to be very amusing.

“If you have anything to say, Head Nurse, just spill it. Don’t feel uncomfortable.”

‘I don’t mind as much myself!’


The head nurse took a deep breath after coughing.

“You, do you know who sent the message just now? If you do... Let’s go get her!”

A woman like her despised mistresses to no end!

However, Jiang Tingxu was beyond calm and showed no emotion at all.

“It’s fine. I’ve received at least seven hundred or eight hundred, if not thousands, of messages like these.”

It would take so much time and effort to find each person.

The time spent on doing that might as well be used to treat more patients in the hospital, rest more, sleep more, or do anything else!

Jiang Tingxu endured it silently when she received those messages in the past.

On that occasion however, it happened to be strong evidence for a divorce, along with the others in the past that she had no time to delete!

The head nurse’s jaw dropped again. ‘Seven or eight hundred...even thousands?

‘Who is Dr. Jiang’s husband?’

Regardless of who it was, it was inevitable that the guy was a scumbag!

It was not surprising that Dr. Jiang was so heartbroken that she wanted a divorce!

On second thought, it was better to proceed with the divorce. Was she supposed to keep that kind of colossal scumbag till the New Year instead of divorcing them?

On the other end, the ‘colossal scumbag’ who had been mentioned countless times had a sneezing fit and woke up from his slumber.

The man was clearly experiencing the stereotypical case of irritability and grumpiness after being interrupted during his sleep.

He angrily pulled on the locks of hair that had been hanging down from his forehead and took a look at the phone from the bedside table next to him.

‘Damn it! I slept for less than half an hour!

‘Wait. Jiang Tingxu sent me a message?’

The screen lock only allowed him to see the name of the person who sent the message, not its contents.

Mo Boyuan’s irritable heart instantly calmed down and the corners of his mouth curled up smugly.

‘Heh, I knew she couldn’t have meant what she said!

‘How could that woman ever be willing to divorce me?’

His mood improved considerably all of a sudden and he happily unlocked the screen to click into his WeChat.


Upon seeing the screenshot, Mo Boyuan blinked several times in shock. The phone in his hand suddenly flew out, and landed on the bed.

‘What the hell?!’

Who would send that kind of message to Jiang Tingxu?

At that moment, Mo Boyuan—who has always been known for his calmness—became frantic. He picked up his phone in a panic, opened the address book, found a number, and dialed it.


The call was connected.

It nevertheless felt like an eternity to wait for the call to connect.

When Jiang Tingxu received that call, she initially thought that she had misread the caller’s name. It was not until she confirmed it several times before she knew that she had read it right. He really did call, but it did not seem to be an appropriate time to be doing so.

In the midst of her surprise, her finger accidentally accepted the call and the man’s anxious voice was heard.

“Who sent you the message?”

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