Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 28: Has the Young Master Been Too Friendly All These Years?

Chapter 28: Has the Young Master Been Too Friendly All These Years?

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Jiang Tingxu took a bit out of a king shrimp dumpling before saying slowly, “How would I know if you don’t even know?”

The man felt so choked that his insides were hurting.

“Jiang Tingxu, you...”

“What about me? Don’t call me for no reason. Don’t you know I’m at work?”

‘Uh, that cold remark seemed strangely familiar?

‘Didn’t the man say that to her?

She never expected that the day would finally come when she could use his own words against him!

Jiang Tingxu was ready to hang up when the man on the phone finally spoke again.


“What is it?”

“Is this the first time you received this kind of message?”

‘Hooray~ His brain cells were finally working.’

“What do you think, Young Master Mo?”

She was on the verge of blurting out his name when she suddenly changed her words to Young Master Mo.

A group of his diehard fans were still present around her, and she had clearly seen the terrifying situation that happened earlier.

Mo Boyuan felt it imprudent to take offence at that point in time.

“From your words, I take it that this isn’t the first time?”


After a cold chuckle, she hung up the phone call and blacklisted the number.

“Hey, hello, Jiang Tingxu!”

Mo Boyuan dialed the number again, but he received the same reply three times in a row: ‘The number you dialed is busy, please try again later.’

He threw his mobile phone away and called using a landline, which managed to go through.

However, the other party hung up after only two dial tones.

Another attempt later, the phone was ‘busy’ yet again.

By then, he knew that the woman was doing it deliberately, even if he did not actually know the specific reasons.

Mo Boyuan’s expression was that of anger, but he knew more than anything that anger was not the most important thing at that moment!

His jaw bones began faintly hurting again after thinking about that message from an unknown sender and Jiang Tingxu’s sudden change in attitude.

However, he swiftly dialed another number.

“Any news on what I asked you to investigate?” he asked coldly.

That call in the middle of the night scared the receiver witless.

“President Mo, I’ve investigated all online and offline news regarding your wife, but didn’t President Mo ask to continue? We’re planning to investigate everything about Young Madam within the last three years!”


“Then did you find out that someone sent my wife a message behind my back, telling her to leave me? It f*cking happened today! Special Assistant Yan, I’m starting to doubt your abilities now!”

The other party was clearly frightened and inhaled sharply.

“President Mo, what...what’s going on?”

Mo Boyuan laughed.

“You’re asking me?”

“Ahem, no, no I’m not. Don’t worry, President Mo, I’ll check immediately.”

Bang. The call ended with a rough slam of the phone.

Mo Boyuan did not have to wait too long. It was only about ten minutes when the phone rang again.

“President Mo, I found it. But they’re either from unregistered overseas SIM cards or through the internet. It’s not just today: it started about five years ago!”

Mo Boyuan was thoroughly shocked after hearing that.

“Five years ago?”

“Yes, President Mo. They used to be sent through the internet in the past few years, but they switched to unregistered overseas SIM cards when the real-name system was implemented. It’s really difficult to investigate.”

The other party was cunning and slippery, like a loach.

Based on years of intuition however, the increased wariness of being caught meant that it was unlikely to be a stranger’s doing.

How could Mo Boyuan not think of a question that could pop up in Special Assistant Yan’s mind?

Many people’s faces began to pop up in his brain like magnified images.

In the end, he said, “Continue investigating. Whatever their motives for doing so, that person has to be found no matter what!”

‘Is it because I’ve been too friendly all these years?’

Mo Boyuan might have to disappoint some people, because the Mo family’s Young Master had always been a ruthless person since he was young!

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