Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 6: Irrefusable

Chapter 6: Irrefusable

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The little guy had been waiting for a long time in Dr. Jiang’s office and was already super impatient. He wiggled, then slid abruptly off the chair.

His little head poked out from the room into the corridor and looked around. Finally, he found someone in the observation unit.

“Ms. Head Nurse, when will Jiang Tingxu come back?” he waddled behind the head nurse and asked.

“Mm, she’ll come soon.”

Jiang Tingxu entered the operating room at half-past four and it was already six o’clock. If she was done early, she would be out in another hour or two.

The little guy clearly did not accept that answer.

“Auntie, you say that every time!” He appeared quite aggrieved as he looked at the grinning head nurse.

“Really? But it’s true!” She deliberately continued teasing the little boy.


The little guy had clearly noticed that the lady in front of him was teasing him on purpose.

“Then I’ll go to the office and wait for Jiang Tingxu to come back!”

After speaking, he slipped away again and decided not to continue being teased.

Back in the emergency operating room, the operation on bed 48’s patient had been completed successfully and the wound was already sutured.

An hour and a half!

The operation was completed in less than two hours!

Although myocardial infarction surgery only involved inserting a stent, it took at least two to three hours in normal circumstances!

Inside the operating room, the assistant doctors and nurses sneaked countless puzzled peeks at Jiang Tingxu. Their expressions were that of utter shock!

Was she even human?

Her speed was rather unbelievable.

It took some time before someone finally reacted and made a phone call.

After the hospital director heard about what happened in the operating room, his first reaction was also that of disbelief.

“What? Are you sure? The operation was completed in an hour and a half? How is that even possible?”

The person who reported the situation felt that he might have been dreaming too.

“Yes, Director. It really happened. The entire process was recorded. Besides completing the operation quickly and successfully, Dr. Jiang also performed it very beautifully. Director, can I make an application to work under Dr. Jiang’s?”


The director’s brief delirium was replaced with bursts of laughter. Incidentally, the director even teased, “Oh, I’m afraid that’s not possible! Dr. Jiang is still a resident doctor, and this operation was a special exception. You guys might as well go clean yourselves up and go to bed early!

“Now pass the phone to Dr. Jiang please!”

Jiang Tingxu was well aware of the excitement in the operating room, but she did not care that much for it. To her, the operation was analogous to a nurse putting a bandage on a patient.

After receiving yet another call from the hospital director, Jiang Tingxu frowned slightly. “Director, the operation has been completed!”

“Yes, I know. Little Jiang, oh Little Jiang. I didn’t expect you to give me such a big surprise. This is great news. Our hospital has yet another talent!”

“Ah, you flatter me too much, Director. This is my responsibility.”

“Well said. Do come to the in-house meeting next week!”


Just because of that one operation?

Truth be told, Jiang Tingxu had no idea of the shock she produced after completing the operation. In fact, she had undergone more than hundreds of thousands of similar operations on the battlefield for over 10 years and was already numb to them.

Without that, it would have been impossible for her to prepare for surgery without first doing a coronary angiography. All of that was valuable experience that she had accumulated since the beginning!

Before Jiang Tingxu could even refuse it, the director hung up immediately after leaving her with those instructions. He was probably going to watch the video of the earlier operation.

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