Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 7: Yun City’s Imperial Phoenix

Chapter 7: Yun City’s Imperial Phoenix

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The patient on the operating table had regained consciousness and was undergoing another examination.

“You can bring her out of the operating room.”

“Okay, Dr. Jiang.”


When Jiang Tingxu returned to the office, she saw the little kid sitting in her chair. His cheeks were puffed up in anger, and the resentment in his eyes increased exponentially once Jiang Tingxu appeared.

“Did you forget me?”

Oh dear...

Her son’s arrogant appearance was a sight to behold. It was much more pleasing to the eyes than the arrogant appearance which he took after his father. ‘Now, this is supposed to be the kind of expression a child ought to have.’

“Are you angry? I was doing an operation just now.” Despite the initial teasing, it was important that she explained everything clearly.

Sure enough, the arrogant little peacock’s anger mellowed down considerably. “I know. The head nurse told me and I saw it too.”

Ever since Jiang Tingxu left the office, the little boy had been watching while standing at the door. It was only natural that he could see everything clearly. For the very first time, some indescribable emotions appeared out of the blue and he felt that Jiang Tingxu was not that bad of a person.


Since the kid already knew, there was no need for her to explain everything too much. She shed her coat swiftly, then took out her cell phone from her desk drawer and scrolled through it for a bit.

“Are you ready to get off work, Jiang Tingxu?” the little guy leaned closer and asked aloud.

“It’s not yet time to get off work. It’s time for dinner. I still have to work the night shift later. Let’s go.”

“Where to?”

“I’ll send you to your father’s place.” She only had an hour’s worth of time for dinner, and only 40 minutes were left because of the slight delay. There was no time for her to send him back to the Mo family home.

It just so happened that she found out where his father was after scrolling through her WeChat Moments. The place was not too far away from the hospital and would only take about a 10-minute drive. She could still make it in time if she sent him there.

The little guy immediately sported an unhappy look. He actually thought it was a real bore to be there, but he found it reluctant when it was really time to leave. Most importantly, the hospital was the only place he could see the Jiang Tingxu whom he hated so much!

If he left, he had no idea how long more he would have to wait until he could see her again!

At that point, Jiang Tingxu had already walked to the door but turned around when she discovered that the little kid did not follow her.

“What are you still waiting for, Little Boy?”

‘Little Boy, Little Boy.’ The kid had a name, for goodness’ sake.

He rolled his eyes a couple of times before glancing right at his mother. “Jiang Tingxu, you cannot call me a little boy anymore!”

“Then what should I call you?”

The little guy seemed to be giving it some serious thought before saying, “Um... You can call me Ningning.”

“All right, Ningning...the Little Boy, hahaha...”

The boy’s face remained red even until they got into a taxi, and it was none other than his mother who had infuriated him with her teasing.

“Sir, Imperial Phoenix please.”


The entire Yun City might not know who the head of Yun City was, but it was impossible for them not to know about Imperial Phoenix.

It was the most luxurious, extravagant, and haut monde clubhouse in Yun City. Anyone who could travel freely between its walls was equivalent to rich noblemen.

A glass of plain water cost a minimum of four digits.

The club was already bustling and lively by then. Various limited-edition luxury cars were parked outside the entrance, with enough vehicles to spare for a luxury motor show.

It was hardly surprising that everyone stared when a taxi appeared within their field of vision.

Before getting out of the car, Jiang Tingxu pulled out two masks from her bag, one for the kid beside her and another for herself.

“Get down.”


Despite all the huffing and puffing coming from his lips, his actions belied his obedience. Those short little legs of his enabled him to slide nimbly off the car.

Jiang Tingxu took her son’s hand and went straight to the clubhouse’s entrance. As expected, she was stopped. “Madam, please show your membership card.”

“I don’t have a membership card, but I have this!” Jiang Tingxu pulled out her marriage certificate from her bag and placed it in the security guard’s hand.

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