Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 8: I’m Here to Send Someone, And Don’t Call Me Sister-in-Law from Now On

Chapter 8: I’m Here to Send Someone, And Don’t Call Me Sister-in-Law from Now On

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Did she bring her marriage certificate around with her?

Such an action startled quite a several people around her.

After seeing the marriage certificate, however, the security guard’s attitude changed instantly.

“Right this way!”

She did not even need to go through the entrance and was led straight to the VIP hallway.

The little boy’s jaw dropped as he stared up at Jiang Tingxu.

“Jiang Tingxu, aren’t you afraid that Dad will scold you if you do this?” he asked.

‘Dad said before that me and Mom’s identity must be kept secret, otherwise it’d be dangerous.’

“You know that too? Being too precocious isn’t a good thing, Little Boy.”


Would Jiang Tingxu still be afraid? Would she still be scared of that man?

Heh. After coming to her senses in the hospital, she had made a resolute decision deep down:

Men? Love and all those sweet nothings? What nonsense!

The hallway fully deserved its status as a VIP hallway. One could take the elevator go upstairs without having to pass through a place full of people.

At a glance, one could notice that the murals and décor hanging in the corridor walls were extremely valuable.

‘Tsk, tsk... Sure enough, a rich man’s world was beyond the ordinary person’s imagination.’

“Madam, Little Master, we’re here.”

The security guard dutifully opened the door for mother and child at the completion of his sentence. Once the door was opened, an obscenely embarrassing scene was revealed.

Jiang Tingxu did not want the security guard to get in trouble because of that, so she said, “Alright, you can continue with whatever you were doing.”

“Yes, Madam.”

The sight of a woman and a child appearing suddenly at the door stunned the people in the room. When they reacted, the women had all been driven out of the room.

“Get out. Scram. Hurry up and leave!”

Once the last woman was kicked out, the men inside sat back upright, as if they were not the ones who were surrounded by the group of women.

“Ahem. Why did you come here, Second Sister-in-Law? Oh, you’re here to see the Second Brother, aren’t you? Don’t worry, Second Brother didn’t even touch the corners of those women’s clothes.”

Even though his words were the truth, the way he expressed it sounded quite off.

“A’Chi, don’t talk if you don’t know how to. Come back here.”

A man in a suave suit got up from the sofa, walked over, and flashed the usual smile at Jiang Tingxu.

“Second Sister-in-Law, don’t listen to A’Chi’s nonsense. Only you know Second Brother’s character best.”

The man sitting in the shadows at the corner of the sofa neither moved nor made a sound ever since Jiang Tingxu came in. He simply sat there in silence.

Naturally, Jiang Tingxu never even looked in the direction of the man in the shadows.

Jiang Tingxu knew these men and used to be very familiar with them in the past. Nevertheless, it was also possible that they might not necessarily acknowledge their familiarity with her even though she treated them that way.

“Oh, I’m here to send someone off. Now that he’s here, you guys can continue with whatever. Also, if you meet again next time, please call me by my name. Don’t call me Second Sister-in-Law.”

If not for that little guy standing close to her and reacting quickly, he would probably have been unable to grab her at once. To be precise, his action was that of a hug, and he was hugging his mother’s thighs tightly with both hands.

Everyone in the private room heard her words crystal clearly, and the little boy was probably the only who did not fully understand the meaning behind her sentence.

The few adults who understood looked as though they had heard something unbelievable.

Jiang Tingxu had no interest in clearing the confusion for them and she looked at the little guy under her feet.

“Why are you hugging me?”

Her tone was exceptionally calm, so calm in fact, that the adult men in the room felt a little uneasy.

The little guy pouted.

“You’re leaving already?”

Jiang Tingxu nodded and explained calmly. “Didn’t I tell you earlier that I’ll be on duty tonight?”

Despite his reluctance, the little fella slowly released his grip.

“Don’t skip your classes anymore and study hard. Always aim high every day, you got that? I’m going to head back to the hospital, so you’ll go with him.”


As soon she uttered that word, the man in the shadow finally moved.


Those were undoubtedly the man’s signature mannerisms.

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