Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 10 – Unfair treatment

Chapter-10 Unfair treatment

Hearing the words of Tan Yue, a fierce smile appeared on the face of Han Jian with a killing intent apparent in his eyes.

Wu Qing was eager to show off and ended up in a miserable state, but now that Han Jian was going into action, one could expect the excellent display of martial arts.

“Tan Yue junior sister apprentice, you don’t need to worry, no matter who it is, as long as someone dares to offend junior sister apprentice, he is bound to obtain a bloody lesson from me!”

Han Jian looked at Long Yu with a disdainful expression on his face then took a step forward.

He could see, although Long Yu had won against Wu Qing, but in doing so, he also got his fist bone shattered, so he definitely would not be able to fight with him, a master at Wudao fifth layer.

Once he would win this fight, at that time, he would be able to become more intimate with Tan Yue, and maybe he even……

However, just when Han Jian was cherishing his fond desires, suddenly, a hoarse voice came from the clouds and was clearly heard by all ears present on the scene.

“Why don’t you halt your hands right this instant? Above the Zhentian Sect canyon, how can you dare to act so presumptuously! Those who are 18 years old or younger and successfully climb the Zhentian canyon will become the disciples of the Zhentian Sect, this is the rule and no one can disobey it!”

This hoarse voice was gentle but contained a stern tone. Han Jian instantly pulled his hands back, his complexion suddenly changed and his whole body was covered in cold sweat.

It was an elder of the Zhentian Sect!

Han Jian had been a disciple of Zhentian Sect for a long time and had naturally heard rumors that above the Zhentian Sect canyon, two elders perennially guard the Zhentian Sect’s entrance, but rumors were just rumors, and no one had actually seen them.

He just wanted to please Tan Yue, although it involved violation of the rules of the Zhentian Sect, but when the guard elders interfered and ordered him to stop, he was suddenly shocked and scared.

“Respected elder, disciple Han Jian admits his mistake, please punish me!”

Han Jian immediately knelt down and bowed his head respectfully while admitting his mistake.

Punishment for the violation of rules of the Zhentian sect was very severe, so Han Jian was trying to act humble, expecting that the elders might mitigate his punishment and this matter would end right there without reaching the higher authorities.

What was the use of flattering Tan Yue if he got expelled from the Sect? After all, she was just a junior sister disciple, and her existence was nothing compared to that of the Sect elders.

“Your punishment is considered as finished already. You lead these two new disciples inside the Zhentian Sect and make arrangements for them.”

The hoarse voice continued to come, but the sky was clear and they couldn’t see anyone and no one could make out what just happened.

But these words made Han Jian to slightly gawk. He responded immediately and happily knocked his head twice on the ground: “Thank you elders, disciple Han Jian will happily take care of this matter!”

Han Jian was very much scared and the situation of Tan Yue standing nearby was not much better either. Although, she was arrogant and brutal, haughty and despotic, but she still wouldn’t dare to oppose the elders of Zhentian Sect.

At that time, as usual, Long Yu was relaxed and was moving his sight on both sides of the canyon while looking towards the sky. There was a vague smile on his face!

“These elders, they must have known that I was in trouble, but they were silent until now and were apparently trying to see my strength or rather, my level of comprehension of the Zhentian canyon mysterious mood………”

“Just now, they did not punish Han Jian and Tan Yue, because they must have thought that it will cause more problems for me once I enter the Sect. This is their own way of urging me to practice so that I get prepared for any future troubles, quite a good plan they have made in such a short time!”

Although Long Yu had completely seen through the intentions of the elders, but anyways, by interfering, they solved a bigger trouble for him, after all, he knew that he was not a match of Han Jian.

Certainly, Long Yu believed that he would have to improve his strength quickly to be able to face Han Jian in the near future.

“Sister Tan Yue, come with me, I will arrange a residence for you.”

Han Jian respectfully smiled at Tan Yue, then gave a sideway glance to Long Yu and turned around to walk.

After the appearance of the elders, Tan Yue’s haughty demeanor subsided and she did not dare to stay and hastily followed Han Jian, but her eyes viciously swept towards Long Yu.

It was obvious that so long as she had the opportunity, she would never let off Long Yu so easily.

Long Yu lightly looked at Tan Yue. He could clearly feel the killing intent present in her eyes though it was not visible on her plain face at the moment. He thought that he would have to quickly absorb the immortality pill, Yuyao Dan, given to him by Feng Longsong while he was leaving Yu Guan City, as it could help him in stepping into the Wudao fourth layer.

Only after reaching the Wudao fourth layer, it was possible for a martial artist to condense the Xuan qi inside his body, and then, it would not only increase his attacking capabilities but also his defense capabilities. Though, inside the Zhentian Sect, this would guarantee only a little bit of safety to him.

Han Jian led the way with the other two following him and walked on the mountain road along the canyon and soon came to the place where disciples of Zhentian Sect lived.

“Sister Tan Yue, this is your residence, Brother Tan Jian has already arranged this for you.”

Han Jian led her inside an elegant looking courtyard with a pleasing environment and a beautiful garden.

“Ah, this is good.”

Tan Yue glanced towards the courtyard and saw the garden rockeries, pavilion and other things and looked very satisfied.

“Sister Tan Yue, you wait a moment, I’ll arrange things for him first.”

Han Jian pointed towards Long Yu and said.


Tan Yue turned her head and contemptuously looked at Long Yu then stepped into her elegant courtyard.

“Hurry up and come quickly!”

Han Jian turned around to leave and did not forget to scold Long Yu while he had the chance to, but the elder’s voice still reverberated in his mind so he did not dare to use the term “waste” while referring him.

Long Yu didn’t say anything and continued to follow him all the way to the residential area of the outer disciples and found out that the environment of these courtyards were not good and his residence in the Feng Clan was far better than this. This was the reality of the Sect where outer disciples were the lowest of the bunch!

However Long Yu discovered quickly that Han Jian was unexpectedly taking him towards an extremely remote corner, and in a while, they arrived at a somewhat tattered courtyard.

“You will live here! Someone will deliver your outer disciple’s clothing and identity token.”

Han Jian said in a cold voice and immediately turned around to leave. It was obvious that he could not bear the environment around this courtyard.

Long Yu looked around and randomly walked a few steps, and finally discovered that not far behind the dilapidated courtyard, there was a huge pit, and it was exuding a pungent stench!

“This treatment is so unfair!”

A cold look flashed in his eyes as he never thought that the place where he was going to live would turn out to be such an unlivable environment. It was clear that Han Jian had settled his personal scores with him and hastily returned back to please Tan Yue.

“I am not going to settle this score with you for the time being but I am still going to write it down.”

Long Yu thought to himself and walked into the courtyard.

Right now, his top priority was not to bother with Han Jian, but to absorb the Yuyao Dan and break through from his current state, otherwise his coming to the Zhentian Sect would go in vain if he continued to get insulted like earlier. After having a breakthrough, he would be prepared to finally settle his score with Han Jian!

“Yuyao Dan, foster father said that this immortality pill is far more precious than the Ling Xuan Dan.”

In his courtyard room, Long Yu first cleaned it then sat cross-legged on a haystack and took out the immortality pill that Feng Longsong had prepared for him.

It was a crystal clear immortality pill and was exuding a mouth-watering herbal fragrance, truly priceless.

Last time, he had consumed a Ling Xuan Dan, a low-grade immortality pill, and the results it granted were comparable to half-year rigorous cultivation of an average person, but in Long Yu’s case, with the help of the Azure Dragon mark, he had successfully broken through to the Wudao second layer and by gradual absorption of the surplus Lingqi stored in his Dantian, he was able to step into the Wudao third layer.

But, compared to the Ling Xuan Dan, Yuyao Dan granted the results equivalent to the one year rigorous cultivation of an average person, so for Long Yu, the absorption effects would naturally be stronger and more rewarding!

“I hope that now I can have a breakthrough and reach the Wudao fourth layer!”

Long Yu calmed his mind and directly swallowed down the fragrant Yuyao Dan.

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