Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 9 – Zhentian Mysterious Mood

Chapter – 9 Zhentian Mysterious Mood

Above the Zhentian canyon, there was a peak always crowned with clouds, and at the summit of this peak, the Zhentian Sect had constructed a peaceful and elegant pavilion.

In the pavilion, at this time, two old men, clad in black and white colored Chinese robes, were sitting facing each other before a checkerboard and playing chess.

Suddenly, a surprised look appeared on the faces of the two elders. They had just perceived the waves of the profound Mysterious mood coming from the bottom of the Zhentian canyon.

“Elder black, you also felt.”

The elder wearing white robe said in a moderate voice.

“Mysterious mood.”

The black robed elder said in a faint voice.

“So young but has comprehended the mysterious mood, although only a trace, but it is still very commendable.”

The white robed elder said with a smile on his face.

Two elders continued to play chess again. Outwardly, they did not seem to care about the things going on at the bottom of the Zhentian canyon, but in reality, their attention had been concentrated on the young man present on the stairs who had been able to comprehend the mysterious mood.

This terrifying young man, who had comprehended the Mysterious mood, was none other than Long Yu!


When Long Yu opened his eyes and felt that heavy pressure of the Zhentian canyon had instantly weakened.

“Now it should not be a problem.”

A confident look flashed in the eyes of Long Yu. Now, he could embark on the 300 stone steps of the Zhentian canyon with just the strength of Wudao third layer!

Even if he had just got the slightest grasp of the Mysterious mood, but he was sure that it would greatly help him in his future cultivation.

Long Yu felt that unexpectedly the Azure Dragon Mark on his chest had been quietly giving off heat all this time. He knew well that he could comprehend this Mysterious mood thanks to his inescapable relationship with the Azure Dragon Mark. He would never forget how the Azure Dragon Mark greatly helped him when he was in need.

Gradually, step by step, his climbing pace increased more and more, and he realized that his comprehension of the mysterious mood was also progressing as he continued to climb up.

On the 300th stone step, Tan Yue, Wu Qing and Han Jian stood together, and all of them were looking at Long Yu with a contemptuous look in their eyes.

“Tell me, how far can he climb at his current cultivation level?”

Tan Yue asked with interest, as if playing a fun game.

“In my opinion, depending on his Wudao third layer strength, he can arrive at most at the 150th step, that should be his limit.”

Wu Qing said in a very affirmative way but his voice revealed a deep disdain.

As soon as he finished the sentence, they saw that Long Yu was climbing the stone steps with a good pace and he unexpectedly crossed the 150th stone steps and continued to gradually climb up.

Wu Qing’s complexion immediately became unsightly. Wasn’t this like a direct slap on his face?

“Maybe 200 stone steps is his limit.”

Han Jian said in a relaxed tone. He did not seem to be too much concerned about someone at the Wudao third layer, because there was a two layers difference in strength between him and the masters of Wudao third layer and their strength was really too weak in comparison to his own strength.

But, as he just said these words, the unceasingly climbing figure of Long Yu easily reached 200th stone step and continued to climb further!

At this time, Tan Yue and the other two disciples felt that they had gone wrong in estimating the strength of Long Yu.

“Did he break through?”

Tan Yue was a little bit surprised.

“How can anyone have a breakthrough in such a situation? This guy is certainly cheating and even if he successfully climbs up all the 300 steps, I will make him know that cheaters are not allowed to join the Zhentian Sect!”

Wu Qing said and a dark look appeared on his face.

Tan Yue nodded ats these words in somewhat satisfied manner. It seemed that Wu Qing was very intelligent and he knew that if they would not find an excuse then they would not be able to put their hands on this waste.

Even if that waste boy had a temporary breakthrough into the Wudao fourth layer but they wouldn’t allow him to join the Zhentian Sect!

Soon, Long Yu stepped over the 250th stone step and continued to climb up towards his goal.

280 steps.

290 steps.

300 steps!

Long Yu finally reached the 300th stone step and after crossing further, he felt that the heavy pressure of the canyon had immediately swept away. He succeeded in passing the assessment exam of the Zhentian Sect by climbing up the Zhentian canyon, and according to the rule, now he could become an outer disciple of the Zhentian Sect!

Moreover, Long Yu also had the biggest harvest because he gained an insight about the mysterious mood of Zhentian canyon and he was able to comprehend some of it which would benefit in his future developments.

After comprehending the mysterious mood, Long Yu felt as if he had become one with the world, and now, even his random punch could display a greater strength than before.

However, before he had enough time to familiarize himself with the just comprehended mysterious mood, three figures came in his sight.

“Is that Tan Yue?”

Long Yu’s brow wrinkled slightly. He looked up and saw Tan Yue and two disciples of the Zhentian Sect walking towards him with evil intentions apparent in their eyes.

Long Yu looked at two young men. Their appearance looked as arrogant as the general appearance of Tan Yue, and it was absolutely impossible that they were coming to congratulate him on passing the assessment test.

One of them had small eyes, thin physique like a monkey, who jumped to arrive in front of Long Yu. It was Wu Qing.

With a teasing expression on his face, Wu Qing shouted loudly: “You are a waste and still want to join the Zhentian Sect?”

By directly calling him “waste”, he was precisely aiming to enrage Long Yu. If Long Yu became furious and attacked first then he would easily teach this guy a lesson and he would also get a chance to show off in front of Tan Yue and win her heart.


Long Yu was calm as usual and looked at Wu Qing with a piercing gaze.

“Yes, although you passed the Zhentian canyon test, but it does not represent that you have the qualifications to join our Zhentian Sect.”

With a look of contempt on his face, Wu Qing said: “My present cultivation is Wudao fourth layer, and if you cannot beat me then you can just get the hell out of here as soon as possible, otherwise you will just lose your face here!”

Long Yu wrinkled his eyebrows and said in a calm voice: ‘’Do you have the qualification to decide whether I can join the Zhentian Sect or not?”

“What did you say?”

As soon as these words fell into Wu Qing’s years, a wave of anger swept his heart. How did this body dare to not show any respect for him and talk in a haughty manner.

His cultivation was really at the bottom in the Zhentian Sect, but he had spent some time on learning some of the martial art techniques of the Zhentian Sect. This boy, who had just stepped up the Zhentian canyon, what qualifications did this guy have to disrespect him?

“I mean that you do not have the qualifications to decide whether I can join the Zhentian Sect right?”

Long Yu took a step forward without fearing Wu Qing.

Although Wu Qing was an inner disciple of the Zhentian Sect, perhaps he had practiced the Zhentian Sect’s martial art techniques, but Long Yu wasn’t scared of him, rather, there was a smile on his face, however, behind his smiling face, a killing intent was actually hidden.

From the previous life, Long Yu had been an expert at observing the surrounding environment, and presently, just from the manner of their footsteps and movements, he had clearly guessed the cultivation levels of those three.

Tan Yue and Wu Qing should be at Wudao fourth layer, and the other person’s cultivation should be one step higher than the other two, perhaps, at the Wudao fifth layer.

Now this Wu Qing was rushing to give a performance so Long Yu did not mind giving him a little disgrace.

At this time Long Yu was at Wudao third layer with the strength of 4000 Jin, and with the activation of the Azure Dragon Mark, he could gain an extra strength of 1000 Jin, thus, in total he had the strength of 5000 Jin. Although, he didn’t have the strength of 8000 Jin like Wu Qing, but just a moment ago, he had comprehended the Mysterious mood and it was going to help him a lot in the fight.

Moreover, in his previous life, Long Yu had innumerable experiences of life and death situations, and he was expert in psychological handling of his opponents, and considering all this, Wu Qing was like a newborn baby in front of a veteran.

“Waste, you are courting death!”

Wu Qing’s small eyes were full of anger: “Today I must teach you a lesson and make you know that no acts unruly inside the Zhentian Sect!”

As his voice fell, Wu Qing didn’t wait any longer. He condensed the Xuan qi in his body and swiftly stepped forward.

The formidable Xuan qi began to surge inside his body and condensed on his two fists!

Only after reaching the Wudao fourth layer, a martial artist could condense the Xuan qi in his body, and it not only increased their attacking capability but also their defense capability.

Wudao fourth layer was considered the first major step in the growth of a martial artist’s cultivation.

There was a disdainful smile on the face of Wu Qing. He had condensed his fists with the Xuan qi and quickly moved his steps forward, and like a gust of wind rushing over, in no time, he came before Long Yu!

“Speed is quite fast!”

Long Yu’s heart jumped, and a strong fighting instinct let him get back quickly, then he lowered his head and managed to dodge Wu Qing’s fist.

“Waste, just now you were playing cool, what happened, why are you escaping now?”

Wu Qing said these words in an ironic tone: “This is a martial arts technique of our Zhentian Sect, flickering wind step. When I fully display its might, I’ll see how you escape then!”

As he finished these words, Wu Qing moved forward with a great speed, and in the very next moment, his thin and small figure arrived in front of Long Yu once again. He condensed the inner strength of the technique in his fist and punched towards Long Yu.

Considering the current cultivation of Long Yu, if this fist would hit him, he would probably die or would definitely be crippled!

However, at this moment, Wu Qing suddenly felt the powerful force of the mysterious mood coming from the side of Long Yu, making his whole body’s Xuan qi circulation to stagnate.

Wu Qing was instantly shocked at the moment. What was this strange force coming from this waste and how could he have such a powerful aura?

“Flickering wind step’s speed is indeed really fast, but in the face of absolute strength, what’s the use of fast speed?”

Long Yu’s calm voice resounded and he immediately rushed forward towards the Wu Qing’s thin and small body, currently enveloped in a formidable mysterious mood.

A while ago, Long Yu had comprehended the profound mysterious mood of the Zhentian canyon, and just now, he displayed it in a fight, but he didn’t expect that it would actually produce such wonders and would actually suppress Wu Qing, a martial cultivator at Wudao fourth layer.

Long Yu activated the Azure Dragon mark, and condensed the strength of 5000 Jin in his whole body, then punched and kicked towards Wu Qing respectively, in a pre-planned and skillful manner.

Although Wu Qing was shrouded in the force of mysterious mood so his movement had somewhat slowed down but he still had the strength of 8000 Jin granted by the Wudao fourth layer.

Facing Long Yu’s attack, Wu Qing reacted quickly and condensed the Xuan qi in his fist and punched towards Long Yu’s fist and repelled it instantly, and at the same time, a loud sound of fist bone shattering resounded.

Although when it came to punching strength, Long Yu lost to Wu Qing and his fist bone shattered, but this was nothing for a killer like Long Yu because his killer move was yet to come!

From the pre-planned combo of punch and kick, the very next instant, the kick arrived and landed on the waist of Wu Qing’s waist and the tyrannical strength present in that kick actually kicked Wu Qing directly more than a dozen meters away and he heavily fell down after rolling twice on the ground, and his whole body got completely soiled.

This kick was the doom of Wu Qing and once he fell down on the ground, he didn’t get up and continued to wail in pain.

“Wu Qing!”

Han Jian originally planned to watch from the sidelines and enjoy the show but he was shocked. He couldn’t understand that how could Long Yu be so strong that Wu Qing lost in just one kick.

“What a waste.”

Tan Yue clad in a beautiful red skirt looked gloomy and scolded Wu Qing. Looking at the arrogant demeanor of Wu Qing, she thought that she would enjoy the show while he would teach this insolent black-clothed boy a lesson, but she didn’t expect this sudden turn of events, which was a big disgrace for her!

“Now, do you think I am qualified enough to join the Zhentian Sect?”

Long Yu endured the pain of his broken fist bone and calmly looked at Tan Yue and Han Jian.

“Don’t think too highly of yourself! Han Jian, go and punish him, make him regret that he offended this Xiaojie!”

Tan Yue snorted and immediately instigated Han Jian.

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