Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 11 – Nine Hidden Dragons mark

Chapter-11 Nine Hidden Dragons mark

Yuyao Dan sank into his stomach, and immediately, the Lingqi disseminated into the limbs of Long Yu.


Long Yu’s heart started beating vigorously, and gradually, the Lingqi contained in the Yuyao Dan began to transform into his inner Xuan qi and also began to circulate through the meridians in his body.

Wudao third layer granted him the strength of 4000 Jin, however right now, under the effects of consuming the Yuyao Dan, his strength began to grow slowly.

4100 Jin, 4200 Jin ……

The Azure Dragon mark present on the chest of Long Yu began to give off heat and started to absorb the drug that his own body couldn’t absorb as he only had the absorption capacity of 30%.

When Long Yu saw that the excess Lingqi was getting stored in the Azure Dragon mark, his heart calmed down, and he sped up the absorption speed of the Yuyao Dan. In a while, 30% of the Lingqi released by the Yuyao Dan was transformed into his inner Xuan qi and began to surge up through the meridians in his body.

The Xuan qi running through the meridians within him began to expand rapidly, but because he had not yet broken through so his strength was unable to exceed 5000 Jin, and only after breaking through to the Wudao fourth layer, his strength would instantly increase and reach up to 8000 Jin.

He opened his eyes and discovered that it was already dark outside. He stopped practicing, because anyway the unabsorbed remaining portion of the drug had been stored in the Azure Dragon mark, so he might as well go outside and check whether his things had arrived or not.

Feng Longsong had told him that in the Zhentian Sect, if a disciple wanted to enter the Martial Court to select a martial arts technique, the identity token was a must and acted as the identity proof for that disciple.

As far as the outer disciples clothing was concerned, Long Yu was not at all bothered about it, but the disciple’s identity token was something very important for him.

When he opened the door, he saw that something was lying on the ground, in front of the courtyard. Apparently, someone sent over his things while he was practicing.

With a closer look, he noticed that it turned out to be a blue robe, presumably a uniform for the outer disciples, but this blue robe was arbitrarily thrown on the ground, full of mud and footprints, apparently someone must have trampled it several times.

Next to that filthy blue robe, there was a plate with leftover food, and was supposedly meant to be his dinner for tonight.

“Where’s the identity token?”

Long Yu thought, then opened the dirty rotten blue robe, and flipped it over and over, but failed to find the so-called identity token for Zhentian Sect’s outer disciples.

They sent only the leftover food and a filthy uniform but didn’t send the most important thing, his identity token, and it was obvious that this was done just to make things difficult for him!

“Well, on this account, I have added a few strokes for this as well.”

A cold look flashed in his eyes then he suddenly turned his sight outside the courtyard.

Not far away from his courtyard, there was a forest, and anyway he was not going to eat the leftover dinner, so he decided to first catch his dinner in the forest, and after having dinner, he would start practicing again and gradually enter into the Wudao fourth layer.


As night fell, Long Yu was enjoying a roasted rabbit captured from the patch of woods, and after eating his full, he continued to start practicing.

The essence of the Yuyao pill, stored in the Azure Dragon Mark, came into play, and began to transform into Xuan qi. The transformed Xuan qi started getting absorbed by Long Yu and his strength continued to rise simultaneously.

“The effects of Azure Dragon Mark truly go against the heavens.”

Long Yu thought to himself, and in the midnight, the Xuan qi began to overflow in his meridians, and he sensed that his inner strength had reached the limit of Wudao third layer, 5000 Jin, and the very next step was going to be the breakthrough into the realm of Wudao fourth layer!

In the Tianyu continent, anyone who wanted to step into the Wudao fourth layer was bound to face a bottleneck and it was necessary for them to condense the Xuan qi and turn it into their interior strength. For example, the young master of Feng Clan, Feng Luo, was at the third layer and just because he couldn’t condense the Xuan qi into his own inner strength, he had been unable to break through to the Wudao fourth layer.

But this wasn’t going to be a problem for Long Yu.


Long Yu’s forehead became red with rage, the Xuan qi started to surge violently and rapidly absorbed and penetrated deep into every part of his body. It seemed like a rebirth in general, and his strength abruptly jumped up by 3000 Jin!

8000 Jin!

Wudao fourth layer!

Relying solely on his own talent and perception, Long Yu finally reached the Wudao fourth layer. He was truly a genius like Feng Yao who was currently at the Wudao seventh layer and was only 16 years old. If his meridians were not blocked since his childhood then he would naturally have shown a similar growth like her.

This bottleneck of Wudao fourth was simply nonexistent in front of Long Yu’s talent.

Long Yu opened his eyes, stood up, and was very excited in his heart because he finally reached the Wudao fourth layer and attained the strength of 8000 Jin. This was a feeling of getting stronger!

In this world, strength was the ultimate justice, and right now, Long Yu took the first major step on his path to become the strongest, and he only needed to go step by step forward.

“Tomorrow morning, I will go ask for my identity token.”

Long Yu thought in mind, but at this moment, he suddenly felt a burst of hot feeling on his chest, and it seemed that there was a change taking place in the Azure Dragon mark.

“Well, earlier when I broke through to the Wudao second layer and third layer, it seemed that the Azure Dragon mark had slightly changed both times, but I couldn’t notice these changes clearly back then, but now that I have broken through to the Wudao fourth layer, it feels even more strongly……”

Thinking of this, he quickly tore the cloth from his upper body and what he saw left him stunned.

“This is?”

On his chest, he saw that on the place where the Azure Dragon mark originally was, the figure of the coiling dragon had changed greatly!

Previously, this Azure Dragon mark was still somewhat vague and fuzzy, and didn’t fit his body, but now, the Azure dragon had become incomparably clear, and it seemed like he was born with this mark.

Moreover, the color of the dragon had also changed and the previous azure color of its body had actually become very deep. One could see a faint trace of black lines on the mark that looked truly mysterious and profound.

Just now, Long Yu felt dryness and heat that was being transmitting from those black lines, making him feel astonished and shocked.

“Nine, Nine hidden dragons……”

Suddenly, an inexplicable term flashed in his mind, and he finally realized, that the mark on his chest was not Azure Dragon mark, but ‘Nine hidden dragons mark’!

Then, perhaps, Azure dragon mark should not be called the Azure Dragon mark, but it should be called ‘Nine hidden dragons mark’.


Long Yu did not wait to think and quickly activated the ‘Nine hidden dragons mark’ and found out that the faint black lines suddenly began to emit black rays of light! At the same time, an extremely terrifying strength rushed into his body from those black lines.

“It actually has a force of 10,000 Jin?”

Long Yu was instantly shocked.

After he activated the ‘Nine hidden dragons mark’, the black rays of light emitted from those black lines instantly granted him the strength of 10,000 Jin, which was more than the strength of 8000 Jin, granted by his current cultivation level of Wudao fourth layer!

In other words, now, after the activation of the ‘Nine hidden dragons mark’, his overall strength would be a total of 18000 Jin, which was stronger than the strength of 16000 Jin, granted by the Wudao fifth layer!

In the Tianyu continent, the strength of 1000 Jin was called “the strength of a fierce horse,” because in the Tianyu continent, even the most ordinary fierce horse possessed the strength of at least 1000 Jin.

So now, after activating the mark, it could be said that Long Yu possessed the strength of 18 fierce horses, which was clearly very large compared to the strengths of other warriors at Wudao fourth layer.

In the Tianyu continent, for all the nine layers of the Wudao, with each layer rise in the cultivation of a warrior, the strength would directly double, so it was very difficult for the warriors at a lower layer to challenge someone at a higher layer.

However at this point, to the current Long Yu, this didn’t seem like a major problem.

Only after a burning time of half stick of an incense, Long Yu felt that his limbs began to become sore, although after activating the ‘Nine hidden dragons mark’, he got a formidable surplus strength of 10,000 Jin, but its side effects were not small.

“So, the final analysis is that my body is not strong enough and it will be difficult for me at the Wudao fourth layer to accommodate the strength of 18,000 Jin which is far more than the strength granted by the Wudao fifth layer. I guess long time activation can even cause damage to the body……”

Long Yu immediately deactivated the ‘Nine hidden dragons mark’ and sat down on the grass bed to rest.

Right now, his limbs were sore as the side effect of activating the ‘Nine hidden dragons mark’, but he should be able to recover after a night’s rest.


Next morning, Long Yu went out to gather information.

With his rich experience at information gathering, in a while, he learnt about the situation from several outer disciples.

The issuance of clothing and identity token for the outer disciples was managed by the director of outer disciples and this director was chosen from among them and also was replaced every month.

This month’s director outer disciple was named Feng Yang!

“Feng Yang is actually a member of Yu Guan City’s Feng Clan. So it seems like he is the one who didn’t send my identity token.”

A sharp piercing gaze appeared in the eyes of Long Yu when he arrived in front of residence arranged for Tan Yue.

This residence had graceful pavilions, garden rockery, and all its aspects, regardless of where one looked, were far superior compared with the residence arranged for him.

At that time, the sound of footsteps transmitted from the front. Long Yu looked up and saw Tan Yue, clad in beautiful red skirt, proud bulging chest, walking elegantly like a princess toward her own residence.

And the square faced upright Han Jian was walking right behind her.

Han Jian glanced at Long Yu and loudly said to Tan Yue: “Sister Tan Yue, our luck seems to be very good today. Just came back from the Martial Court and encountered an ‘old friend’!”

Long Yu’s identity token was not provided, but Tan Yue naturally got hers, and it seemed that just now, Han Jian led Tan Yue to the Zhentian Sect’s Martial Court and she seemed to have learned a martial art technique as well!

Tan Yue suddenly stopped then contemptuously looked at Long Yu and said: “I have inquired, this waste is called Long Yu, resides temporarily in Yu Guan City’s Feng Clan, and since childhood, he has been unable to practice. I never thought that Zhentian Sect would actually accept such a waste as a disciple. “

The loud conversation of Han Jian and Tan Yue suddenly attracted the attention of a lot of outer disciples present in the surroundings.

Originally, Tan Yue, because of her beautiful appearance and proud temperament, just after arriving yesterday, had attracted the attention of a lot of people, and now, when they saw that she was aiming at an ordinary looking new disciple, they all stopped their matters at hand, and gathered around to watch the show, meanwhile also pointing towards Long Yu and talking among themselves.

“Who is this guy, Yu Guan city’s waste, how did he enter the Zhentian Sect?”

“Who doesn’t know about this guy, he has dared to offend junior sister apprentice Tan Yue, this waste will not have a good end so just wait and enjoy the show.”

“Want to guess how Sister Tan Yue would punish him?”

“How else do you think? Certainly, by destroying his Dantian, so that he really becomes a waste!”

A series of loud laughter spread all around, while everyone was watching Long Yu like watching a joke!

No one knew that at present, Long Yu was also looking at Tan Yue and Han Jian like they were a joke to him!

Once he stepped into the Wudao fourth layer, his Azure Dragon mark transformed into ‘Nine hidden dragons mark’, which tremendously enhanced his strength. Forget about Tan Yue, who was not even worth mentioning in front of current Long Yu, even Han Jian, the warrior at Wudao fifth layer was not a match for him!

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