Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 12 – Tan Yue trampled

Chapter-12 Tan Yue trampled

Seeing that several outer disciples came to surround them to see what was going on, a proud look appeared on the face of Tan Yue and she gave a satisfied smile.

She looked disdainfully at Long Yu and arrogantly said: “Waste, you should have known that offending this lady would lead you to a very bad end. Now, do you regret it?”

With a composed look on his face, Long Yu was standing firmly and aimed his sight at Tan Yue and said: “What do I need to regret? If I am a waste then why don’t you personally come and fight me and see how this waste takes you down.”

As he said these words, the crowd went in uproar, and a vicious look appeared on Tan Yue’s pretty face.

“What did you say?”

As she was caught off-guard by the sudden provocation of Long Yu, a dumbfounded look instantly appeared on her face, but then she stepped towards him and seemed to have taken his bait.

Han Jian was standing behind her, but he didn’t come into action, because it was apparent that considering the strength of Tan Yue, defeating Long Yu would not be a problem.

He was watching this scene, and suddenly, with a teasing look on his face, he loudly said to Tan Yue: “Sister Tan Yue, just now, Brother Tan Jian has sent you a battle weapon right, why don’t you test its might and see whether it’s to your liking or not?”

Tan Yue frowned and replied in a loud voice: “Who needs a battle weapon to deal with a waste!”

The people surrounding them exclaimed in surprise when they heard this.

Battle weapon, she actually had a battle weapon!

For martial cultivators, if cultivation was the foundation of their inner states, then martial arts techniques and battle weapons were the important factors that helped in enhancing their battle efficiency and were considered two indispensable attributes.

As long as someone stepped into the world of Wudao and condensed Xuan qi inside his body then he would be able to cultivate and practice martial arts techniques as well. But, more sophisticated martial arts techniques required the use of battle weapons because it helped in displaying the true might of the techniques through the use of battle weapons.

Battle weapons were forged by the forging division, and its major benefit was that it allowed the Xuan qi present in the body of a martial artist to display a stronger strength than their original strength granted by their cultivation level. Battle weapons could be weapons, armors, and could also be some special fighting equipments and similarly, the higher the grade of these battle weapons was, the more it could enhance the strength.

In the Zhentian Sect, only after getting promoted and becoming an inner disciple, one would be able to obtain a battle weapon as the reward, in addition to that, very few people possessed battle weapons, so no one expected that an outer disciple like Tan Yue would actually have one.

However, even at the mention of battle weapons, Long Yu still had a calm and dignified appearance and didn’t look the slightest bothered, of course, he already knew about battle weapons.

Earlier, Feng Yao came back home from the Hanbing Sect to take Feng Longsong’s saber, which was actually a battle weapon. In the entire Feng Clan, less than ten people possessed battle weapons and it obviously showed their scarcity.

“But, after all, a battle weapon is still a foreign object controlled by a martial artist, and in the end, the display of strength depends on the martial artist’s own strength and skill. The bottom line is that this Tan Yue cannot beat me even if she has a battle weapon.”

Long Yu thought to himself then looked at Tan Yue who was calmly stepping towards him.

Long Yu’s observant eyes noticed that Tan Yue’s footsteps were profound and contained some sort of law, and it was evident that she was secretly using some kind of footwork martial skill.

Like Long Yu, Tan Yue had also joined Zhentian Sect one day ago, so it was impossible for her to comprehend a Zhentian Sect’s martial skill, then this footwork martial skill definitely belonged to Yu Guan City’s Tan Clan.

“From what I heard from the members of the Feng Clan, Tan Clan has inherited three major martial skills, one of which is a footwork martial skill, Mizong Step, and when used by a member of Tan Clan, their speed becomes extremely fast!”

Long Yu was completely wary, although both of them were at the Wudao fourth layer, but she had actually practiced a martial skill of Tan Clan, so her combat strength couldn’t be underestimated!


Seeing the careful look on Long Yu’s face, Tan Yue chuckled loudly with a look of disdain in her eyes. Her footsteps were light, and while using the Mizong Step, her slender red figure arrived in front of Long Yu in a flash.

“Suikong palm!” (Mystique- Sky breaking palm)

Tan Yue shouted loudly then shot her swift and fierce palm towards the shoulder of Long Yu!

The might of Suikong palm, one of three major inherited martial skills of the Tan Clan, was simply peerless.

When she shot her palm, it actually contained the strength of 10,000 Jin, which was far more than the strength of 8000 Jin granted by the Wudao fourth layer. It was obvious that the surplus rise in her strength was the effect of using a martial skill!

While facing the extremely quick palm of Tan Yue, Long Yu, although was well prepared, but he did not expect her speed to be so fast!

Fortunately, his combat experience was very rich and he immediately responded.

“Xuan qi interior strength, condense!”

Inside his body, the Xuan qi quickly condensed in his shoulder area, and then, he prepared himself to take on Tan Yue’s palm coming right at him.

Meanwhile, he quietly released the Zhentian canyon mysterious mood, and just when her palm was about to come in contact with his shoulder, Long Yu took advantage of this opportunity and immediately enveloped her in the mysterious mood.


Long Yu’s shoulder was hit by her palm, but since he was well prepared for this attack and had already condensed the Xuan qi and turned it into his inner defensive strength, he only got minor injuries, unlike before when his fist bone was shattered by Wu Qing.

When her strike did not work, she immediately decided to withdraw, and using the martial skill, Mizong Step, she lightly and swiftly retreated, as she certainly would not be reckless in front of Long Yu.

But, when she again tried to cast out the Mizong Step, she discovered that her body was enveloped in some kind of force, a pressure descending from the heaven, just like she had felt in the Zhentian canyon and it made her speed to slightly decrease.

This was the rare opportunity Long Yu was aiming for!

He shouted and suddenly threw out a punch towards her which went scratching her cheek, containing the strength of 8000 Jin and this punch was so fast that it carried a burst of wind along with it and drew a rough trail of blood on her delicate cheek.

Deng deng deng! (Mystique- sound of footsteps when she retreated)

Tan Yue’s figure anxiously drew back, then stopped, stood still, then raised her head and looked viciously at Long Yu: “You actually dared to hurt me!”

“You are the one who attacked first with your ruthless palm skill. Are you implying that I shouldn’t defend myself?”

Long Yu indifferently said: “Moreover, you said that I am a waste, but just now, you are one who withdrew instead. Why don’t you admit that you are worse than a waste?”

As these words came out of Long Yu’s mouth, everyone present on the scene could not help but suddenly held their breaths.

Just now, the battle between Long Yu and Tan Yue was as quick as the lightning, and the outer disciples couldn’t respond in time, in fact, they couldn’t even track the movements of these two, and only saw the trace of blood on Tan Yue’s face when she retreated.

It was obvious to everyone that in this round of the battle, Tan Yue actually suffered a loss!

After calling Long Yu a waste and openly insulting him in front of the crowd, Tan Yue’s had been forced into a very embarrassing position!

A cold look appeared on her face and one could sense that her killing intent was spreading a chill in the air while she was coldly staring at Long Yu, who looked calm and composed at the moment: “This time, your luck was good, but this lady will not give you another chance.”

As her voice fell, a seven-inches-long dagger appeared in her hand. The silver dagger was flashing brightly in her hand reflecting her cold sinister facial expression.

She finally took out her battle weapon!

“I think you said that you don’t need a battle weapon to deal with a waste.”

Long Yu taunted her.

“Don’t tell me you are scared now?”

Tan Yue snorted and while clasping seven-inch-long silver dagger in her hand, she proudly said: “If you have a battle weapon then you are free to use it, but you are just a waste, so how can you possibly have a battle weapon. You can just dream of having one!”

She had to rely on her elder brother, Tan Jian, to obtain a battle weapon and she was very proud of this!

“Today, you have dared to hurt me, so I will break your Dantian into pieces and completely destroy it, so that you know the fate of those who disrespect this lady!”

Tan Yue’s footsteps continued to fluctuate and her red figure swiftly moved around Long Yu. Her speed was so fast that it seemed like her shadow-like figure was flickering at moments, and sometimes, it would completely disappear.

“Not practicing a martial skill is truly disadvantageous……”

Long Yu was thinking, and simultaneously, his sharp eagle-like eyes were fully focused on tracking the movements of Tan Yue, closely observing and anticipating her next move, ready to react at any time.


Silver light flashed, and a dagger came in his sight that had already arrived in front of him and was only at a hand’s distance away!

“Mysterious mood suppression!”

Long Yu immediately released the mysterious mood, which instantly stagnated the speed of the dagger then he threw a sideways punch that severely bombed at the back edge of the dagger.

Only due to his extremely rich combat experience, in an instant, he was able to make such a perfect hit with his punch!

With the strength of 8000 Jin present in his punch, it immediately deflected the dagger to the other direction, but this dagger was a battle weapon and the Ru qi present in it injured his fist once again and scraped off a layer of the skin.

Long Yu did not care, and taking advantage of Tan Yue’s deflected dagger by his punch that had also caused her to lose her balance, he quickly shot his punch.


After receiving a punch, Tan Yue heavily fell on the ground, and Long Yu heavily stepped on her wrist holding the silver dagger.

“A waste defeated you.”

After stepping on her wrist, a killing intent flashed in his eyes, but he quickly restrained it, because now was not the time to kill Tan Yue!

When Long Yu stepped on her wrist, she suddenly got furious, and it seemed like her eyes were spraying fire at him, with anger and hatred apparent in them.

However, when this scene uncovered in front of the eyes of the crowd of outer disciples, it made them to open their mouths in bewilderment, they were totally stunned and just couldn’t believe their eyes!

Tan Yue, even with her battle weapon and using the formidable martial skills of the Tan Clan, was actually defeated by the person whom she had called a “waste”!

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