Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 13 – Defeats Han Jian

Chapter-13 Defeats Han Jian

Everyone was stunned when Long Yu stepped on the wrist of Tan Yue. Nearby standing Han Jian’s complexion also changed immediately.

“Waste, let her go right this instant!”

Han Jian shouted loudly, and his figure swiftly dashed forward towards Long Yu, and with a long gallop, in no time, he reached near Long Yu.

Han Jian had still not digested the fact that Tan Yue was defeated by Long Yu, but he knew that it could be an exceedingly good opportunity for him.

By defeating Long Yu, he would be able to win Tan Yue’s heart and would also get an oppurtuinty to become good friends with a talented inner disciple like Tan Jian.

At that time, the personal appearance of Han Jian looked like a double-edged sword!

“If you want me to release her then why don’t you make me do that?”

Long Yu saw Han Jian speeding away towards him. A flash of coldness appeared in his eyes. Both of his hands were behind his back, and his one foot was on the wrist of Tan Yue.

Han Jian wanted him to release her but he didn’t and continued to keep his foot on her wrist……

If Long Yu didn’t beat Han Jian, and released her as well, then he might have to fight their combo and he didn’t want such type of situation to arise.

“Get lost.”

Long Yu suddenly lifted his foot, and gave a severe kick on the side of Tan Yue, and prepared himself to face the approaching Han Jian.

Tan Yue, clad in red dress, rolled on the ground several times, and immediately, her body was covered with mud, and some of it also went into her mouth and she accidentally swallowed a lot of dust.

At this time, her beautiful long hair was scattered on her shoulder and face. She seemed incomparably embarrassed and distressed, and from the gaps of the locks of hair on her face, one could see her malevolent eyes peeking at Long Yu.

“Brother Han Jian, kill him!”

Tan Yue had never received such an insult in her whole life. When Long Yu had stepped on her wrist, right then, she decided in her heart to kill him.

Today this waste must die at any cost!

Although the rules of the Zhentian Sect did not allow anyone to kill, but if someone accidently died during a fight, then the Sect would not be too harsh with them and wouldn’t blame them too much.

Tan Yue believed that she had a strong backing of her brother, Tan Jian, and even if they killed Long Yu now, with her brother’s support, this matter would be suppressed easily.

When Han Jian heard her voice, a cold feeling suddenly emerged in his heart. He immediately sped towards Long Yu with a long double-edged sword in his hand.

The sword in his hand was not a battle weapon, but was some kind of common weapon used in martial arts, so it didn’t give the increased battle strength to Han Jian, like the dagger did for Tan Yue.

But he had entered into the Zhentian Sect a long time ago, and since then, he had been practicing the sword martial skills of the Zhentian Sect, moreover, he was also at the Wudao fifth layer, and his strength was certainly stronger than Tan Yue’s.

After kicking Tan Yue to one side, Long Yu focused his full attention to deal with Han Jian. At that time, when Han Jian raided on him with a long double-edged sword in his hand, in a blink of an eye, Long Yu once again unleashed the mysterious mood, which completely shrouded the body of Han Jian.

“What force is this?”

Han Jian initially thought that he would finish Long Yu with a single blow of his long double-edged sword, but it was all in vain. Enveloped in Long Yu’s mysterious mood, he instantaneously felt a heavy pressure dropping on him from the heaven. It affected his speed greatly and his complexion slightly changed.

Each time Long Yu unleashed the mysterious mood against his opponent, it only affected that person and no one else, so until now, Han Jian had no idea that Long Yu had such a trick up his sleeves.

Han Jian was really not prepared for this heavy pressure generated by the mysterious mood and as a result of it, his vanguard speed suddenly slowed down.

‘’It doesn’t matter if you have this strange strength, my sword will surely snatch your life!”

Han Jian’s sword went against the mysterious mood’s heavy pressure, and with a ferocious look in his eyes, the sword danced in his hand, producing swift and fierce gusts of wind that violently raided towards Long Yu!

“So this is the twisting storm sword attack! A top grade sword martial skill which grants incredible might and speed to the practitioner!”

“I didn’t expect that Han Jian has already grasped the twisting storm sword martial skill to the Da Cheng realm. The twisting storm that came out from his sword is so formidable!’’

‘That waste boy really has a bad luck. By bullying Sister Tan Yue, he has enraged Han Jian.’’

All of the people were extremely surprised to see Han Jian using a high level sword martial skill and that too comprehended to the Da Cheng realm, which was a difficult feat to achieve, especially for the outer disciples.

At that time when people thought that Long Yu would be easily defeated by Han Jian, Long Yu was actually calm and collected while looking at the twisting storm coming towards him at a great speed.

Generally speaking, only a martial artist at the Wudao seventh layer could display such type of high level of swordsmanship, but by using certain marital skills, one could achieve the same effect like Han Jian did just now when he attacked his enemy, Long Yu, by congealing a twisting storm and sending towards him at a tremendous speed.

Long Yu thought that if he would go forward to face the twisting storm head-on then he might lose, so it was better to win this battle by using brute force. He made a quick decision and instantly activated the ‘Nine hidden Dragons mark’.

“Nine hidden Dragons mark!”

Using just his thoughts, he instantly activated the ‘Nine hidden Dragons marks’. Other people could not see the trace of black lines appearing under his black clothes, and the rays of black light released from these lines and instantly condensed the great strength of 10,000 Jin in his limbs.

Along with the sudden drastic increase in his strength, his speed also improved all of a sudden.

‘’Xuan qi interior strength, defense!’’

Long Yu thought that he must fight a battle of brute strength to quickly end it, and after planning to take Han Jian’s attack head-on using his own toughness and defensive strength, he condensed the Xuan qi in his whole body, and shot a punch towards the twisting storm that had already approached him by now.


As the twisting storm dashed against Long Yu’s fist, a huge collision took place, and with a loud sound, the mighty twisting storm was scattered towards the four directions.

However, the twisting storm also blasted against the body of Long Yu, and tore out countless wounds on his whole body, but he did not care, and leapt forward and swiftly pounded a heavy kick towards Han Jian.

Shrouded in Long Yu’s mysterious mood, Han Jian’s speed had already slowed down, and in a confused state, he raised his arm and hastily condensed the Xuan qi in it to block Long Yu’s kick.


Long Yu’s kick pounded heavily on Han Jian’s arm with the strength of 18 fierce horses and broke his arm in one fell swoop!

Though, while facing the strong twisting storm, Long Yu sustained several injuries, but, he unexpectedly succeeded in defeating Han Jian, even faster than Tan Yue, and in just a single move, he broke his arm!


Han Jian heavily fell on the ground, and with a “Clang” sound, his sword also fell on the ground. The arm bone fracture put him in severe pain, which was clearly visible in the form of blue veins revealed on his face. There was a look of disbelief mixed with pain in his eyes.

He never expected that Long Yu actually possessed such a tyrannical strength. He had condensed the Xuan qi in his arms to defend against Long Yu’s kick, but it was all in vain. With just one kick, Long Yu powdered the bones in his arm.

Obviously, Long Yu’s kick had the strength of 18000 Jin, and Han Jian was surprised to think that how this kid, who was only at the Wudao fourth layer, could have such strength?

Was that a super kick type martial skill?

The pain on the arm was rapidly transmitting throughout his body making him to completely lose his fighting spirit. Han Jian had never received such a heavy injury in his entire life.

Although, Long Yu’s body was covered in blood with more than a dozen of wounds on his body, but there was an indifferent look on his face, and it seemed that he was not even feeling the pain.

After kicking Han Jian, Long Yu had retreated several steps to plan another attack, but, he quickly discovered that his kick had actually broken the arm of Han Jian, and he was lying on the ground, yelling with pain. In just one kick, he had completely lost his fighting spirit, which clearly showed that he was a weak-willed guy.


Right at the moment, Long Yu heard a loud shout, which was filled with killing intent and ruthlessness like that of a viper!

Tan Yue!

Earlier, Tan Yue was defeated by Long Yu, and in that fight, he had not received any serious injuries, but now, his body was covered in blood with numerous wounds caused by the formidable twisting storm of that Han Jian’s sword attack, and considering the weakened state of Long Yu, she actually planned a sneak attack!

Clad in a red dress and a silver dagger in her hand, Tan Yue instantly came right behind Long Yu!

“You are courting death.”

A quick instinct flashed in the mind of Long Yu, as the activation of the ‘Nine hidden Dragons mark’ had yet not retreated. It had increased the speed of Long Yu. Instantly, he moved his footsteps using the tyrannical strength with a speed faster than before, and evaded the silver dagger’s sneak attack.

Then immediately, he turned and gave a heavy kick right on Tan Yue’s thigh!


Tan Yue fell down on the ground and began to scream in pain. The kick had the strength of 18000 Jin and seriously injured her by instantly breaking her thigh bone. Now, she was not even able to crawl on the ground and was screaming incessantly.


After kicking Tan Yue, he immediately deactivated the ‘Nine hidden Dragons mark’. His body meridians had started to ache due to the crazy circulation of energy, and if he had continued like this, then it would have hurt his body.

Long Yu stood firmly, and after his brief battle with those two, he had become an extraordinary figure in everybody’s eyes.

He single-handedly trampled Tan Yue along with her battle weapon and broke her thigh bone, and defeated Han Jian, who was at Wudao fifth layer, and broke his arm. Although, he received injuries while facing the twisting storm, but it just made him even more terrible in everybody’s eyes because he just stood there firmly, as if, he was not feeling the pain at all, which was simply insane!

This guy was crazy.

In the field, at this moment, many of the outdoor disciples of the Zhentian Sect thought that if they were in place of Long Yu then they would never have dared to face Han Jian’s twisting storm attack head-on like Long Yu did just now.

Long Yu quietly felt his body, and noticed that it had a total of more than twenty large and small wounds, mostly injured by the blast of Han Jian’s double-edged sword, in addition to yesterday’s shattered fist bone. No one knew how much pain he was enduring right now.

However, these injuries were painful, but he did not consider them as heavy injuries, because he had received worse injuries in his previous life compared to these.

“Take me to Feng Yang, the governor of outer disciples.”

Long Yu adjusted his breathing then casually selected a nearby black-faced short disciple.

“Go, go, go to Feng Yang?”

There was a scared look in the eyes of that Shorty. He was shocked and completely puzzled but he clearly remembered the fight of Long Yu with those two and he had also seen the incredible display of strength by Long Yu and somewhat guessed what Long Yu intended to do.

Was this boy’s identity token detained?

It was not the first time that a thing like this had happened.

Black-faced Shorty was at the Wudao fifth layer, but his strength was less than Han Jian, and when he heard Long Yu, he quickly turned around to lead the way.

When Long Yu left the place, the onlookers finally dispersed, but there was one disciple who had a shrewd look in his eyes. He hurried towards the disciple’s practicing area.

Tan Yue was seriously injured, and it was necessary to immediately inform Tan Jian about this matter!

At the same time, many people followed Long Yu. They were just shocked by his performance and couldn’t help but wanted to see, in the end, why was Long Yu looking for Feng Yang?

One must know that Feng Yang was the governor of the outer disciples. Although, he was also a martial artist at the Wudao fifth layer, but he had practiced strong martial skills, and hence was stronger than Han Jian!

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