Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 14 – Meets Feng Yang

Chapter-14 Meets Feng Yang

Long Yu certainly knew the strength of Feng Yang.

From an ordinary person’s point of view, he had suffered heavy injuries, and under such physical conditions, it was impossible to defeat Feng Yang, after all, he was considered stronger than Han Jian. Moreover, when Long Yu was still in the Feng Clan, he heard that Feng Yang was at the Wudao sixth layer at the time of joining the Zhentian Sect and became an outer disciple.

But right now, Long Yu had a plan in his mind, so he, with some disciples following him, set out to see Feng Yang.

“Junior, you are called Long Yu right?”

That black faced Shorty leading the way eagerly accosted: “Listen, Tan Yue said that you are from the Yu Guan city, and you left Feng Clan to come here to join the Zhentian Sect. And what a coincidence that Feng Yang, a member of Feng Clan, has been made the outer disciple’s governor this month. Do you have some enmity with him? Because if there’s no enmity between you two then why would he detain your identity token.’’

Long Yu heard this but did not answer anything. He didn’t have a habit to disclose information to a stranger.

The black faced Shorty did not mind, just kept on smiling, and said: “Junior Brother, listen to your senior’s advice. Feng Yang is a strong man, and soon, he will become a high ranked disciple, but at present, you are just getting started, so do not butt heads with him, otherwise the one who will suffer a great loss will definitely be you.”

“Now, even if you find him, he won’t give you the identity token, instead, he will severely humiliate you. Moreover, you just bullied Tan Yue, and her elder brother, Tan Jian, will certainly not let you off, and being one of the top three inner disciples, his influence is enormous. You are no match for Tan Jian, so listen to me and do as I say, you must hurry up and leave Zhentian Sect as soon as possible, so as to avoid getting humiliated or face something even worse!”

He tried every means to persuade Long Yu but he didn’t say anything. The black faced Shorty noticed this and stopped nagging Long Yu.

Both of them walked for sometime along the mountain road and soon arrived at a graceful courtyard with an elegant environment. One could easily see a plaque hung on the courtyard’s entrance with four words printed on it “Outer Disciples Governor’s Courtyard’’.

Many people also followed these two into the courtyard just to watch the scene that was soon going to unfold.

Long Yu was not too much concerned about them, because he had an idea and he was to do something that required some people as spectators, and the more the merrier.

“Brother Long Yu, this is the courtyard where the outer disciple’s governor lives. You can meet him and ask him to hand over your identity token, but this is none of my business.”

The black faced Shorty said then moved to one side, and there was a teasing look on his face with a tinct of ridicule. He was apparently waiting to see how Long Yu would become a joke in front of everyone.

Long Yu glanced at the black faced Shorty, but did not say anything to him. He immediately walked towards the room where the outer disciple’s governor lived.

“Feng Yang, come out!”

Long Yu bellowed in an overbearing tone.

The crowd behind him was in a commotion and a scared look appeared on their faces. The people, gathered there, were shocked at the recklessness of Long Yu. Could it be that he was actually prepared to die?

“Who dares to be so insolent?”

A more overbearing voice came from inside the courtyard. A tall and burly young man came out from the room. With just one look at his appearance, one could see that he looked quite similar to Feng Luo, the young master of the Feng Clan of Yu Guan City.

This tall person was Feng Yang. He had a sturdy body, and huge face, and at the moment, there was an angry look on his face. He was clad in a blue outer disciple’s clothes and jade tablets were hanging around his waist. These tablets were supposedly the identity tokens of the outer disciples of the Zhentian Sect.

When Feng Yang came out and saw Long Yu, his pupils shrank and he said in a loud voice: “So it’s you! Just a waste but suddenly got courageous enough to act wildly in front of the courtyard of outer disciple’s governor? I think you want to be humiliated or I should just teach you some manners right here!”

When Feng Yang entered the scene, the people standing on the rear in abundance thought that this was going to get very interesting and they might get a chance to enjoy the show, because they knew very well that Feng Yang was a hot tempered man and Long Yu had dared to call him out, which was a disgrace to him, and he would definitely not let off Long Yu so easily!

Long Yu stared at the grandiose statured Feng Yang and with a disdained look on his face, he sneered and said: “Feng Yang, you have seized my identity token, because deep down in your heart, you are frightened right?”

Long Yu directly came to the point. His words immediately angered Feng Yang and he said in a loud voice: “Why would I be afraid of anything?”

“Then tell me, why you have detained my identity token?”

Long Yu went one step forward and sneered loudly.


As Feng Yang heard this, the beads of cold sweat suddenly emerged on his forehead. Just now, he replied in a hurry that he was not afraid of anything, but he forgot to deny the fact that he had taken the identity token of Long Yu, what a blunder!

One must know that the Zhentian Sect appointed Feng Yang as the governor of outer disciples, but detention of identity token was strictly banned, and if this matter was discovered by the Sect’s elders, then he would be severely punished and even less practice resources would be granted to him.

“I know you are afraid.”

Long Yu didn’t grab this point and said with a contemptuous smile on his face: “After all, once I get my identity token, I will go to the Martial Court to pick up a martial arts skill and after practicing it, you will no longer be my match! Tell me, whether it is true or not?’’

“What utter nonsense!”

Feng Yang responded with a fierce look in his eyes and said: “Who do you think you are, even if you have somehow managed to enter into the Zhentian Sect, but you are still a waste. How can you even claim to be this Feng Yang’s opponent?’’

“Then we have a deal, you give me my identity token so that I go to the Martial Court, and when I return from there, I will fight with you. Feng Yang, tell me, do you dare to accept my challenge?’’

Long Yu’s eyes glued to Feng Yang with a look of contempt on his face.

And, this despising look on Long Yu’s face made Feng Yang even more furious. Long Yu, who was called a waste in the Feng Clan for several years, came to the Zhentian Sect and was actually being so arrogant in front of him, how audacious!

Feng Yang’s eyes glanced swept towards the large crowd of disciples gathered outside his courtyard and thought, right now, if he didn’t accept Long Yu’s challenge then he would certainly lose face in front of so many disciples, because, everyone would think that he got scared of a waste.

Therefore, even if Feng Yan knew that Long Yu had done all this just to blackmail him to get his identity token back, he still didn’t have any other choice but to comply!

“Why wouldn’t I dare? You are digging your own grave, here, take your identity token. When you come out from the Martial Court, then I will make you know that a waste like you is nothing more than a bug in my eyes!”

Feng Yang took out an outer disciple identity token from his waist and threw it directly towards Long Yu.

Long Yu caught the identity token with one hand, and the corners of his mouth curled up, and thought that his plan ultimately succeeded.

The black faced Shorty was left stunned watching this scene. Originally, he thought that he would definitely get a chance to enjoy a fight between Feng Yang and Long Yu, but he never expected that Long Yu would be able to get his identity token merely by playing with words!

Moreover, earlier, looking at the confident demeanor of Long Yu, Shorty was sure that Long Yu was going to fight Feng Yang, and he was also surprised, thinking that didn’t Long Yu know that Feng Yang was much stronger than Han Jian?

Also, even after getting his identity token, Long Yu would indeed be able to enter the Martial Court, but even so, it was not necessary that his strength would increase in such a short time, after all, it was not easy to comprehend the martial skills of the Zhentian Sect.

Long Yu wanted to beat Feng Yang, and at present, it could only be said to be a wishful thinking.

These thoughts appeared in the heart of the black faced Shorty and other onlookers. But, right in front of their eyes, Long Yu had trampled Tan Yue, and also defeated Han Jian, and now, he also aggressively challenged Feng Yang. After witnessing these things, these outer disciples had come to think that nothing was impossible for this Long Yu, and he could do just anything.

“Hold on, hold on, wait a minute!”

At that time, when Long Yu wanted to leave, a crisp voice of a girl, like the chirp of a canary, suddenly attracted the attention of everyone.

Wearing the blue outer disciple’s clothes, a figure hurriedly came out from the crowd. Long Yu looked towards the figure and saw that it was actually a pretty young girl, clad in blue clothes covered in mud, and her cheeks were also covered in dust and from her appearance, one could say that she was quite distressed.

Who was this person?

This question flashed in almost everybody’s mind.

“It’s you, so, have you changed your mind and finally come to become my follower?”

Feng Yang looked at the girl, who had just appeared, and he could not help but squinted and immediately said in a contemptuous manner.

“Bah, who wants to be your follower!”

The pretty girl said “Bah” in a disgusted manner then suddenly shouted: “Since this fellow has made a bet with you, I will also make a bet, what do you say?”

Feng Yang heard her words and his facial expression immediately changed to a teasing one and said in a joking tone: ’’Don’t make me repeat the same old stuff again and again. I have already told you, there’s no other way for you.”

“So you really have no guts, huh?”

The pretty girl said in a despising tone: “The truth is you are afraid of losing to this fellow. The dignified governor of outer disciples actually turned out to be a coward, how laughable, simply ridiculous!”

When Feng Yang heard this, his complexion suddenly changed: “Utter rubbish! You think you can beat me in a bet? Go ahead and mention it, don’t even think that I am afraid of a little girl like you!”

“My bet is related to the bet you just made with this young fellow.”

The pretty girl laughed and carelessly pointed at Long Yu and said: “When this young fellow will return from the Martial Court to fight with you, if he loses to you, then I am willing to follow you, but if you lost, then you will not only hand over my identity token to me, but you will also have to give your Qing Hua Dan. Say, do you agree?”

“Hmph, you are actually good at planning, but this bet is very unfair!”

Feng Yang sneered because few days ago, the Sect had granted him a precious compounded drug called Qing Hua Dan. So how could he put such a precious drug on a bet over such a trifling matter?

“Oh, it seems that you are really afraid of this young fellow. Fine, forget it then.”

An obvious despising look appeared on the pretty girl’s face and she turned around to leave.

“Wait a minute.”

Feng Yang’s complexion suddenly changed when he glanced towards the crowd and saw many people pointing at him, and suddenly felt ashamed, and shouted in a cold voice: “I comply with the terms of this bet, but when the time comes, you absolutely cannot go back on your words!’’

“Hee hee, you don’t go back on your words because I have full confidence in this young fellow!”

A bright smile appeared on her face when she turned towards Long Yu and smiled at him.

“Him? You have got the wrong guy to put your confidence on.”

Feng Yang shot a glance at Long Yu with a look of disdain in his eyes and said: “This kid is known as the waste of Feng Clan, and even after coming to the Zhentian Sect, he is still a waste. You expect him to defeat me? How ridiculous!”

“Really? It seems that I should tell you that on the very next day of entering into the Zhentian Sect, he single-handedly defeated both Tan Yue and Han Jian. And now that he is going to enter the Martial court to comprehend martial art techniques, do you think you will be his opponent after he comes out!’’

The pretty girl said while laughing playfully, but at that time, Feng Yang’s complexion suddenly changed.

Did he really defeat Tan Yue and Han Jian?

How was this possible? That Long Yu obviously was a waste, how could he possibly beat Tan Yue? Even if he could win against Tan Yue by luck, but, it was absolutely impossible for him to defeat an opponent like Han Jian!

There was a clouded look on his Feng Yang’s face, but at this time, Long Yu had already achieved his goal and would certainly not waste anymore time, so he turned around to leave.

Upon seeing his departing figure, the pretty girl hurriedly rushed after him.

“Young fellow, wait for me!”

Within two or three steps, that adorable girl overtook Long Yu and lifted her hand to pat on his shoulder.

Long Yu moved sideways to dodge her and gave an alerted look to her.

“Take it easy, don’t be so anxious. I’m with you, we are a team now and we must stand together on the battle line! You are called Long Yu right? My name is Liao Lele, I joined the Zhentian Sect three days earlier than you.”

The pretty girl said grinningly and it seemed that she wanted to become friends with Long Yu.

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