Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 15 – Cultivation core law

Chapter-15 Cultivation core law

Long Yu listened to the words of that tender girl, Liao Lele, and was extremely surprised.

“Have you joined only three days earlier?”

Long Yu asked.

“Yes, but like you, that fatty Feng Yang has not only detained my identity token, but has also suppressed all of my options, so now, I can only rely on you to stand up once again…”

Liao Lele happily said with a somewhat distressed look on her face.

Long Yu gave a quick look at her dirty blue outer disciple’s clothes and immediately understood that she must have encountered some embarrassing situation, so he asked: “Why does he want from you?”

“When I passed the assessment test and joined the Zhentian Sect, that fat pig had just become the governor of the outer door disciples for this month, and took a liking to me and wanted me to become his woman. But, how can I, Liao Lele, be blind enough to become that fat pig’s woman right?

Liao Lele said with a disgusted look on her face.

Long Yu listened to her words and thought that Feng Yang was not really fat, rather he had a strong and robust build. He couldn’t understand how Feng Yang became a fat pig in the eyes of Liao Lele.

“Come on, I am sure that you have a good potential, so first, I will take you to the Martial Court to have a look at the marital skills. Then you can enhance your skills, so don’t you fail to live up to my expectations okay? If you manage to defeat that fat pig then Qing Hua Dan will be yours.”

Liao Lele’s facial expression instantly changed and she grinningly said to Long Yu.

Long Yu wrinkled his eyebrows and said: “Qing Hua Dan, haven’t you tricked him into betting it along with your identity token, why give it to me?”

“Good, your reply indicates that you are very confident of yourself, I feel relieved now.”

Liao Lele smiled and said: “If there is no Qing Hua Dan then what advantage do you have even if you win the fight?”

“Anyway I want to deal with him and since he is willing to present his Qing Hua Dan as a gift, why should I refuse?”

Long Yu smiled faintly and said.

Qing Hua Dan was an immortality drug and its grade was at the same level as the Yuyao Dan that had helped him in reaching the Wudao fourth layer. The role of an immortal drug like Qing Hua Dan was to quickly enhance the cultivation. If he really won a Qing Hua Dan, then by consuming it, he might be able to reach the Wudao fifth layer!

His absorbing capacity of an immortality drug was at least three times the absorbing capacity of other martial cultivators, who could absorb at most thirty percent of the immortality drugs like Feng Lao, who was also considered a genius.

So, this implied that his cultivation growth was going to be quicker than others.

Liao Lele was leading the way, and along with Long Yu, they were advancing in the direction of the Martial Court of Zhentian Sect, and at that time, a crowd of onlookers gathered outside the Outer disciple governor’s courtyard slowly dispersed in abundance.

But, there were a lot of people who did not go back to practice, but keeping some distance, they started to follow Liao Lele and Long Yu who were advancing towards the Martial Court. They were quite curious how things would turn out to be and were looking forward to enjoy a good show.

For them, practicing all day was very boring. But now they could have so much fun, looking forward to the fight between Feng Yang and Long Yu, once he would come out of the Martial Court.

But, at that time, Feng Yang stood inside the outer disciple governor’s courtyard, looking at the departing figures of Liao Lele and Long Yu. There was a gloomy look on his square-shaped face. When their figures slowly started to disappear from his eyes, he frowned and soon went after them towards the Martial Court.

He wanted to wait at the entrance of the Martial Court and once Long Yu would come, without wasting any time, he would immediately start the fight.

“Waste Long Yu, even if you can beat a master like Han Jian, don’t you even think that I am also a weakling like him. I will wait for you to come out of the Marital Court! Then, no matter if it’s you or Liao Lele, both of you must submit before me.’’

There was an ominous piercing gaze in his blinking eyes, and this was not because he was scared of the fact that Long Yu had defeated Han Jian.

Instead, Feng Yang was certain that Long Yu was going to die. Even if he failed to defeat Long Yu, he would still die, because he hurt Tan Yue, and her elder brother, Tan Jian, would not let him off so easily!

However at present, he naturally must personally deal with Long Yu, otherwise he would become a laughingstock in the eyes of everyone, inviting shame for him, the governor of outer disciples.


The Martial Court, Zhentian Sect.

Strictly speaking, the strongest martial art skills of the Zhentian Sect were not present in the Martial Court of Zhentian Sect but in a mountain stream located right behind the Martial Court, carved out on both sides of the mountain walls of the mountain stream.

However, even the inner disciples did not have the qualifications to step into that mountain stream, and since Long Yu was an outer disciple, so how could he have the qualifications to enter the mountain stream?

At this moment, what appeared in front of Long Yu were 10 exquisite tile-material garrets and each of them were ten feet tall, divided into three floors, and an outer disciple could only step into the first two floors.

“Good, the Martial Court has arrived, you quickly go in, look, that pig is right behind us, do not waste any time.”

Liao Lele turned behind to give several glances then waved towards Long Yu, urging him to hurry up and enter the Martial Court.

Long Yu looked at Liao Lele, nodded, as this pretty girl had not succeeded in obtaining her identity token, so she could naturally not enter the Martial Court together with him. Long Yu thought that if she stayed outside the Martial Court, then won’t she be bullied once again by Feng Yang?

He soon found himself worrying about her.

When he walked towards the Martial Court, Liao Lele’s pretty personal appearance flashed and rushed along another mountain road and directly disappeared!

This young girl was really a clever person and it seemed that there was no need for him to worry about her.

“Even if I lose to Feng Yang, this girl would certainly not entrust her body to Feng Yang, but would rather run away. In the worst case scenario, she will not be able to practice in the Zhentian Sect but she can still go to other six large sects of the Tang State, so it’s the same……”

Long Yu thought then immediately pulled back the train of thoughts and finally entered the Martial Court!

‘’Show me your identity token. “

Just as he entered the Martial Court, an old, spiritual and energetic voice fell into his ears.

Long Yu took out his identity token, with “Long Yu” engraved on it. These identity tokens were made by the elders and engraving of names was also done by them and then these tokens were given to the outer disciple’s governor to distribute them among the new outer disciples. These tokens were made in such a way that it was impossible for someone to copy them.

“Enter, since this is your first time, you must practice the Zhentian tactics present on the first floor, then only you can go up to the second floor. On the second floor, you will find various martial art fighting techniques.”

That old and vigorous voice continued to convey but Long Yu could not see the owner of the voice, but this voice was so deep that it seemed to be profound and unfathomable.

“However, young disciple, you need to practice with calm and concentrated mind, don’t be belligerent, because if you received injuries while practicing then it might affect your future practice’’.

There was a severity present in these words, but the original intention of this voice’s owner was good. Long Yu felt grateful in his heart, and he held his fist in the other hand on his chest, turned towards the empty place from where the voice was coming, and said: “Thank you senior, this young disciple will advance now.’’

Facing the elder of the Zhentian Sect, Long Yu showed proper courtesy, and he didn’t feel that there was anything improper about it.

After saying that, he went straight into the first floor of the Martial Court.

The Martial Court occupied a large land area and the first floor was altogether branched out into 108 rooms and walls of each of these rooms were engraved with parts of Zhentian tactics.

Zhentian tactics was a cultivation core law and was also the heritage of Zhentian Sect. A martial cultivator required a cultivation core law to build the foundation of his cultivation!

Unlike practicing the martial art techniques, practicing a cultivation core law did not help much in enhancing the fighting strength or battle efficiency of martial cultivators, but it greatly helped the cultivators in increasing the speed of absorbing the Lingqi, thus helping them in quickly increasing their cultivation level.

In addition to that, it could also enhance the circulation speed of Xuan qi through the meridians inside the body, which in turn would increase the regeneration speed of Xuan qi. In fact, by practicing a good cultivation core law, a cultivator could attain enough stamina by the large amounts of Xuan qi present inside his body and he wouldn’t feel exhausted during a dragged on fight.

Zhentian tactics was a cultivation core law of Zhentian Sect and all the disciples practiced it.

Long Yu was also looking forward to practice such a type of cultivation core law. He was aware of the fact that top clans of Yu Guan City like Tan Clan and Feng Clan didn’t possess any cultivation core laws and that was the biggest reason why they had to send their children like Feng Yao, Tan Jian and others to join one of the seven large sects of Tang State.

Long Yu chose an idle room on the first floor of Martial Court and lifted the door lock to enter.

After entering, he glanced around in all directions, and saw that everywhere in the room, mysterious, hard to understand and profound scriptures and drawings were carved out on all the walls.

“So this is the Zhentian tactics of Zhentian Sect.”

Long Yu carefully observed the scriptures and drawings carved out on the walls and suddenly found out that these things seemed to already exist in his mind. This was like a deja vu!

“This aura contained inherently in the Zhentian tactics is unexpectedly coinciding with the aura present in the Zhentian canyon mysterious mood!”

Long Yu soon discovered this fact and an astonished expression suddenly appeared on his face.

The Zhentian tactics was the one and only cultivation core law present in the Zhentian Sect and it was absolutely prohibited for the disciples to leak it to the outsiders to ensure that it didn’t spread out. Then the Sect wouldn’t possibly carve out the Zhentian tactics in the Zhentian canyon for the outsiders to see.

So, what exactly was carved out on both faces of the cliffs in the Zhentian canyon? Why was Long Yu’s comprehension of the Zhentian mysterious mood coinciding with the Zhentian tactics?

“Well it doesn’t matter now, that Feng Yang is still waiting outside, and I cannot disappoint him right.”

Long Yu’s eyes flashed like a sharp sword: “First I will comprehend the Zhentian tactics, and then I will go up to the second floor and choose two martial arts techniques, only then I am going to gain confidence to defeat Feng Yang!”

After planning his course of action, he sat cross-legged on the side of the room, and released the mysterious mood from his body, and it began to gradually integrate with the profound scriptures and mysterious drawings carved out on the walls.

In a while, the Xuan qi inside Long Yu’s body began to slowly follow a specific circulation route, and as he began to operate the Zhentian tactics in his mind, all of a sudden, he unexpectedly succeeded in comprehending it in one go.

“It seems like that the mysterious mood just now helped me in comprehending the Zhentian tactics……”

Long Yu opened his eyes, with obvious doubts floating in his eyes. He really wanted to find out what this mysterious mood actually was. If all of the disciples of the Zhentian Sect practiced Zhentian tactics then weren’t they able to comprehend the mysterious mood as well?

Currently he was still trying to figure out this puzzle when suddenly, the old and vigorous voice once again resounded in his ears!

“You have so quickly comprehended the Zhentian tactics. So you are that kid, who comprehended the Zhentian mysterious mood in the Zhentian Canyon during the assessment test, just as the old white talked about ha ha!”

The old voice said in a satisfied and happy tone: “Young man, very good, you must know that Zhentian mood is not so easy to comprehend, and you were able to comprehend it during the assessment exam, which is very commendable! Right now in the Zhentian Sect, besides the core disciples, none of the disciples have been able to comprehend even a trace of Zhentian mysterious mood.”

When Long Yu listened to this voice, his heart was still full of doubts, so he couldn’t bear anymore and asked that old voice: “Senior, just what kind of existence is this Zhentian mysterious mood?”

“Every Sect has a cultivation core law, like our Zhentian Sect has Zhentian tactics, and Hanbing Sect has Hanbing heart sutra and so on. All of these core laws contain the unique insights of their respective creators. These insights coincide with the comprehension of the world principles, and the mysterious mood you comprehended is just the tip of the iceberg of Zhentian core law.”

The old voice said in a laughing manner: “When a martial cultivator practices cultivation core law, and if he is very talented, then he may be able to begin to sense the mysterious mood, and as a result, he can use the world principles, increasing his might extraordinarily. Since you have already comprehended the Zhentian mysterious mood, you should be able to feel its extraordinary strength right?”

“Yes, Zhentian mysterious mood contains a very strong suppression force, and it gives the best results during the fights.”

Long Yu nodded and said.

“Exactly, the suppression, and the Zhentian tactics contain the world principles.”

The old voice said in a satisfied manner: “However, the mysterious mood is one of the most basic levels, and as you continue to comprehend deeper, and feel the charm and grace of the world principles, then your strength will become more formidable, but it is still too far away for you, now, you first familiarize yourself with the Zhentian tactics core law.”

“Yes, senior.”

Long Yu nodded and after the puzzle in his heart was finally solved, he felt relaxed.

Originally, the mysterious mood was just an initial stage of comprehension of cultivation core law, and next step was feeling the charm and grace. Moreover, in the Zhentian Sect, he was not the only disciple who had comprehended the mysterious mood, but there were many core disciples who had also comprehended the mysterious mood, and it was apparent that Feng Yun was also one of them!

“It seems like my practice has just started and I must work a lot harder and diligently. Now that I have comprehended the Zhentian tactics, I should be able to go to the second floor to choose the martial art techniques.”

Long Yu eyes revealed a color of anticipation.

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