Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 16 – Demon tyrant form

Chapter-16 Demon tyrant form

When Long Yu finished the Zhentian tactics, he entered the second floor of the Martial Court. At that time, a lot of people had started gathering in the open space outside the Martial Court

In a while, a burly man clad in black clothes arrived at the gate of the Martial Court, and soon a group of people gathered around him.

This burly man had an angular face as sharp as a knife, a pair of exceptionally sharp eyes, making him so fearful that people wanted to avoid looking at him. Obviously, he was a man of extraordinary strength.

He came to the Martial Court leading a group people, and glanced around, then fiercely said: “Go and inquire, where is that brat right now.”

“Elder brother, look, that Feng Yang of Feng Clan is still waiting for Long Yu to come out. It seems like that waste is definitely inside the Martial Court.”

The burly man had a scary look on his face, while at the same time, a girl clad in a red dress walked slowly towards that burly man, and her face revealed a sinister and evil look. It was none other than Tan Yue, who earlier wanted to teach Long Yue a Lesson.

Obviously, this burly man was Tan Jian, one of the top inner disciples of the Zhentian Sect

Tan Jian turned his head to look at Tan Yue, a doting look appeared on his face and said: “Relax Yue, that waste dared to injure you, I will never forgive him so easily, but nowadays, your elder brother is very busy preparing to obtain the first seat of inner disciple, so, I do not have the time to wait for him here.”

“That’s natural, elder brother’s time is very precious, as for that waste, the elder brother can casually send a capable person to annihilate him completely.”

Although she looked very beautiful clad in a beautiful red dress, but her eyes were filled with hatred when she said these words.

That waste Long Yu, unexpectedly not only scratched her cheek before a large crowd of people, but also kicked her to roll on the ground, and finally broke her leg with a kick, letting her now to unable to walk. Now she wanted him to pay the price for this disgrace with his life!

At this time Tan Yue, was lifted by two personal servants of Tan Jian on a wooden stretcher. Tan Jian wanted to let Tan Yue heal from her wounds, relieved from all these fights and hatred, but Tan Yue was determined to look at the miserable state of Long Yu with her own eyes at any cost, which made the two attendants to lift her to follow all the way to the Martial Court.

“Fang Kang, come out.”

As Tan Jian shouted loudly, a thin man wearing a blue dress immediately came out from the group of people behind him. It was one of his personal attendants, Fang Kang.

“Brother Tan, feel free to order me anything!”

Fang Kang had a pitch-black face and his eyes were shining with determination. His muscles were sticking out of his body, and he seemed to possess extraordinary strength.

“You have recently entered the Wudao sixth layer, so dealing with that Wudao fourth layer waste should not be a problem for you , right?”

Tan Jian said in an indifferent manner.

“Brother Tan, rest assured, this Fang Kang will beat that guy!”

Fang Kang said with a confident look on his face. He was at the Wudao sixth layer and to deal with a strong Wudao fourth layer was simply a piece of cake, in fact, it was overkill for him!

“However, you don’t need to worry about it right now, first and let Feng Yang to deal with that waste”

Tan Jian swept his eyes towards Feng Yang, who was sitting on one side in repose with his eyes closed, and said to Fang Kang.


Fang Kang nodded and said.

Tan Jian arbitrarily said some words to Tan Yue and then turned around to leave, apparently he didn’t have much time to spare, because he wanted to obtain the first seat of inner disciples, which was not a simple thing, and if someone wanted to achieve this feat, then he would have to put two times more effort than the others.

Outside the Martial Court, Feng Yang was quietly waiting for Long Yu in order to prove his strength, while at same time, Tan Yue, Fang Kang and other group of people was also waiting for Long Yu to come out.

At this time, outside the Martial Court, a large number of famous outer disciples of the Zhentian Sect had also gathered to watch the show which was going to unfold soon in front of their eyes!


The Martial Court, second floor.

Long Yu finally stepped up, and focused his attention to the selection of martial art techniques.

He had just comprehended the Zhentian Tactics and once succeeded in the comprehension, he could voluntarily absorb the Lingqi present in the environment, and the absorption speed would also speed up considerably. Therefore he did not need to put too much thought in Lingqi absorption and he must put all his attention on comprehending the mysterious mood.

But now, Long Yu could quickly enhance his combat efficiency by learning the martial skills of the Zhentian Sect.

On the second floor of Martial Court, many outer disciples were present, choosing martial skills for practicing. They noticed Long Yu coming inside but nobody cared about him.

“Body refining type, agility type, defense type, fencing, spear play type……”

Long Yu started to roam about on the second floor, taking a look at the martial skills, and quickly understood the classification of these martial skills. And he was well aware of the fact that on the second floor of Martial Court, the outer disciples could choose the martial skills for practicing at will.

Soon, he stopped in front of a bookshelf containing body refining type martial skills, but in Zhentian Sect, almost no one wanted to practice body refining type martial skills and reasons for that were quite understandable.

First, body refining type martial skills were hard to practice and very intensive as well, and even if successfully practiced, they would not enhance the attacking ability of the practitioners. Hence most people did not choose this technique and those who chose would always be unhappy.

Second, it was better to practice defense type martial skills because they were easier to practice than refining body type martial skills and the defensive effects granted by them were much better.

Because of this, other than Long Yu, no one was standing near the bookshelf of body refining type martial skills. But as far as Long Yu was concerned, right now, he was in an urgent need to practice a body refining type martial skill.

Because, if he would practice a body refining type martial skill then his own body and spirit would be strengthened, increasing his defense and stamina as well, and then it would be easier for him to withstand the burden and strenuous pressure on his body, brought by the activation of the ‘Nine Dragons hidden Mark’.

At present, the ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ granted him the strength enhancement of 10,000 Jin, and the effect was better than most high-grade attack type martial skills, not to mention, looking at the trend of continuously increasing strength enhancements from the ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’, there was a possibility of further transformation in the mark and then the strength enhancement might be even more than 10,000 Jin.

Since there were not many people who chose to practice body refining type martial skills, so there weren’t many body refining martial skills on the bookshelf. Long Yu swept through the few martial skills kept on the bookshelf and noticed that most of them were high-grade body refining martial skills.

Like immortality drugs, martial skills were also divided into low-grade skills, high-grade skills and top-grade skills. On the second floor of Zhentian Sect’s Martial Court, most of the martial skills present were high-grade skills and a few top-grade skills.

“Demon tyrant form.”

Long Yu looked at the top grade body refining martial skills, and even if there were top grade skills available, no one would practice them. They would simply lay aside on the second floor of Martial Court.

The most popular ones were fencing and agility type marital skills, and only after practicing top grade martial skills, one could be promoted to become an inner disciple in the Zhentian Sect.

“Demon tyrant form uses the Xuan qi to refine the body, enhances the physique and stature, and after practicing to Xiao Cheng realm, one can double their own anti-strike force, and once practiced to Dacheng realm, it will double again! At the same time, it can also enhance one’s own certain basic strength, enabling the other martial skills to display a stronger might.”

Long Yu looked at the introduction of “Demon tyrant form”, and thought in his heart, then finally decided to choose this body refining type martial skill.

Although, practicing time of the Demon tyrants body technique was exceptionally painful. During its practice Xuan qi began to circulate in the entire body of the cultivator hardening his body and reorganization of the body on a very minute level, causing an unbearable pain, and Long Yu was confident that he would certainly be able to withstand the pain.

After picking up the “Demon tyrant form” martial skill’s book, Long Yu turned around and came to the other side of the floor where the bookshelf for the popular agility type martial skill was present.

Agility type martial skill was frequently chosen by many outer disciples, because during combat, speed was considered to be very important, and no one would ignore this fact

“Flickering wind step, isn’t this the same agility type martial skill practiced by that Wu Qing?”

Long Yu soon saw the words “Flickering wind step” on a book, and thought of the time when Wu Qing had used this technique to move with great speed using this. He immediately decided to select this martial skill.

Two martial skills were enough for now, because more skills were suddenly impossible to practice. As for the attack methods, Long Yu had ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ to increase his overall offense and defense strength, so he didn’t need a martial skill to increase his strength. Thinking logically, it was enough for him to comprehend the ‘Demon tyrant form’ to increase his stamina and ‘instantaneous wind step’ to increase his speed, coupled with the surplus strength of 10,000 Jin.

Long Yu picked up the two martial skills and registered them at the second floor, then immediately returned to the first floor and looked for the same room where he had comprehended the Zhentian tactics awhile ago and started to practice.

“Demon tyrant form, you have actually selected a body refining martial skill?”

After Long Yu came to the first floor, that old voice conveyed once more, and there was an unexpected surprised expression in the voice, as if it never expected that Long Yu would select a body refining type martial skill to practice.

“This is also good if you can practice a body refining martial skill to the Da Cheng realm then the effect is obviously going to be very good. The practice of a martial skill is divided into beginner level, Xiao Cheng, Da Cheng, the peak and so on stages. If today, you succeed in practicing the Demon tyrant form to the beginner realm then it will be regarded as excellent!”

“Demon tyrant form only to the beginner level……”

Long Yu thought to himself and was naturally not satisfied with this result.

The Martial Court was closed every day at midnight, and before that, Long Yu must comprehend the Demon tyrant form and Flickering wind steps to a certain extent, otherwise, once he would go out of the Marital Court and face Feng Yang, he would probably have low chances of winning.

Right after entering the room, Long Yu felt the Zhentian tactics engraved on the walls. He immediately released the mysterious mood and without wasting any time, he started to browse through the book of Demon tyrant form.

“Transformation of the Lingqi into the Xuan qi inside the body of the martial cultivators is the basis of any marital skills. If one wants to practice and master the Demon tyrant form, one must fill and circulate each and every inch of the meridians present in his body with the Xuan qi, so that it greatly increased the bearing capacity of the meridians which in turn will also increase the amount of Xuan qi circulating through the meridians.”

Long Yu thought to himself, and started to practice the Demon tyrant form in accordance with the method described in the book, and soon, the Xuan qi began to quickly circulate into his meridians, and after some time, he realized that his body meridians were having a painful itching feeling, as if there were countless insects biting on his meridians!

Long Yu didn’t utter a single word, he was silent, because he knew that this was the feeling of intense pain was actually the refinement of his meridians growing under the forceful effects of the Demon tyrant form, and until the end of this refinement, the circulation of the Xuan qi in his meridians would be more vigorous and tenacious than before. After that, he would be able to withstand the burden of activation of ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’.

As the time passed, the painful itching feeling in the meridians gradually increased and slowly strengthened, and beads of sweat appeared on Long Yu’s forehead, while his body started to shiver. Even if he was strong man with a strong willpower but he almost could not withstand the beginner level of the Demon tyrant form!

If there was someone else in his shoes, for example that Tan Yue girl, it was impossible to constantly bear the continuous flow of the Xuan qi through the meridians. The key was the proliferation of the whole body and circulation of Xuan qi everywhere, and once started to practice, one couldn’t voluntarily stop it, but could only withstand the intense pain with sheer determination and strong willpower.

Such practice methods were discarded by a large number of disciples in the Zhentian, moreover after successfully practicing Demon tyrant form, one could strengthen the meridians through which could also increase the amount of Xuan qi circulation, but one could not have a significant improvement in the battle efficiency and strength, which was the main reason why most disciples denounced body refining martial skills.

Only Long Yu had such special circumstances so he wanted to practice a body refining type martial skill.

An hour, two hour, Long Yu withstood the pain and continued to endure while the Xuan qi was unceasingly circulating through the meridians in his body and when it was finally close to the evening, he had successfully completed soaking up and refining each and every inch of his meridians with Xuan qi.


Long Yu’s whole body relaxed, sweat had already drenched his body, and at this time, he discovered that in the process of refinement of the meridians, the ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ was giving off heat.

“It seems like that ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ also has a promotion effect on the speed of practicing the martial skills ……”

Long Yu thought to himself, opened his eyes, stood up, clenched his fists, and discovered that now that he had practiced the Demon tyrant form to the beginner level, his initial strength of 8000 Jin had impressively increased by 800 Jin. It seemed like practicing a body refining type martial skill was still somewhat useful to him.

Then, he activated the ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ and an instant influx of strength 10,000 Jin spread through his refined meridians, and this time, he noticed that it was very easy for him to bear the burden and he felt more relaxed than before.

“Now, after activating the ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’, I obtain strength of 10,000 Jin, and it won’t be a problem to maintain this state for the burning time of two sticks of incense.”

Long Yu’s heart calmed down, because burning time of two sticks of incense was two times the earlier time, and this way, he would have better chances to win in his fight with Feng Yang.

However the day had not yet ended. The closing time for Martial Court was at midnight, and there was still half the evening’s time before that, so Long Yu decided to use this time to completely comprehend ‘’Flickering wind step’’!

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