Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 17 – Agility Xiao Cheng

Chapter-17 Agility Xiao Cheng

While Long Yu was busy in practicing martial skills inside the Martial Court, and the crowd, who had been waiting outside the Martial Court, now became a bit impatient.

“How long the boy wants to remain inside the Martial Court, does he think that Feng brother and Tan junior sister apprentice will give up?”

“Well, I think he is attempting to comprehend the martial skills, but, he has merely one day of time and even if he is talented, he will not be able to comprehend any formidable martial art skills!”

“Well, when the moment arrives and he comes out, it will be impossible for him to escape from Feng Yang and Fang Kang.”

Everyone was talking about, even someone deliberately let Feng Yang and Tan Yue to hear and in turn provoked them, and this was simply to prevent them from getting impatient and leave, otherwise would they not miss a chance to enjoy the show?

Feng Yang looked up, glanced around and lightly snorted.

The people thought that Feng Yang was good in his patience but his temperament was hot, but at this crucial moment, he would obviously not lose his cool.

However, from the depth of her heart, Tan Yue hated Long Yu, so there was less chance that she would leave the place without dealing with Long Yu and giving him a miserable fate.

“Fang Kang, while I watch the whole thing, you make sure that this waste kid ends up in such a miserable state that he cannot even beg for his own death!”

Lying on a stretcher, Tan Yue said while clenching her teeth in anger.

On one side, Feng Yang was sitting cross-legged, in meditation and controlling his breath. When he heard her words, he said with a disdainful smile: “Sister Tan, be at ease, what that Wudao fourth layer brat can possibly do against me?”

“You better take care of him or you won’t be able to show your face to my brother.”

Tan Yue said it bitterly. She remembered that how in the morning, Han Jian was defeated by Long Yu, and at that time, she and Han Jian also thought that Long Yu was a waste, who would have imagined that this waste fellow would unexpectedly defeat her and Han Jian?

However, at present, Feng Kang was at the Wudao sixth layer, so how would that waste go against heaven’s will this time. It would be impossible for him to surmount two layers gap to defeat Fang Kang, only one thing worried her that he might resort to some other method, or he might seek help from the Sect elders.

Of course, as long as deaths were not involved in the fights between these delinquent outer disciples, Sect elders generally didn’t have anything to do with these matters, so even if an outer disciples like Long Yu went to seek help from Sect elders that should not cause a serious obstruction to their plans.

The sun was setting in the western sky, the curtain of night soon fell, but the enthusiasm of the hundreds of people gathered outside the Martial Court had not dwindled, rather it was growing more and more with the passage of time.


Inside the Martial court, Long Yu started practicing ‘’Flickering wind steps’’.

When he had just set foot on the Zhentian Canyon, his first opponent was Wu Qing who had displayed the ‘Flickering wind step’. Now Long Yu saw the introduction of the Flickering wind step and came to know that Wu Qing had just practiced it to the Xiao Cheng level, and so back then, when he attacked Long Yu, his weight would become light like the wind and his forward speed was also very commendable.

If Flickering wind step was practiced to the Da Cheng level, then it would provide to the cultivator such a power that he could step a distance of three to ten feet in a blink of an eye, and then, he would be able to perform sneak attack on his enemies and these attack would be so swift that his opponents would have no chance to guard against them.

However right now, only half an evening’s time was remaining for him and it was impossible to practice the Flickering wind step to the Da Cheng level in such a short time.

“So long as I can practice the Flickering wind step to the Xiao Cheng level then like Wu Qing, I will be able to lighten my weigh and move like the wind with my running speed increasing by at least 50% and this much is enough to deal with Feng Yang.”

Long Yu thought and started to carefully read Flickering wind step agility type martial skill.

Soon, he followed the secret methods present in the records. Xuan qi began to circulate in a definite route in the meridians of his body, and in a while, he really felt as if his body seemed to have become lighter.

“The key next step is ……”

Long Yu thought to himself. He felt that Xuan Qi was circulating in a systematic way in his body, and he could not help but notice the mysterious feeling of this systematic circulation of Xuan qi guided by the agility type martial skill.

The different circulation routes of Xuan qi would produce totally different results, thus made thousands of formidable martial skills to be formed in this world and even made it possible to control the world principles depending on this.

After understanding this feeling that he got just now, Long Yu calmed his mind and focused on practicing. The Nine hidden Dragon Mark on his chest began to release heat slowly and it secretly coordinated with the flickering wind step speeding up the systematic circulation of the Xuan qi in his meridians, suddenly making him to comprehend the flickering wind step very fast.

After two hours passed, Long Yu opened his eyes, and stood up.

“It is finished, Flickering wind step beginner level!”

Long Yu used his thoughts to and started to circulate the Xuan qi in his meridians making his body to become light al of a sudden but when he tried his new speed in the room, he sensed that his speed had increased only by 20-30%!

“It’s not enough, in case of Flickering wind step marital skill, only after achieving the Xiao Cheng level, I can have qualitative increase in the speed which will enable me to have advantage in the fight.”

After running two laps in the room and testing his new speed, Long Yu stopped, sat down cross legged in the mediation pose, and continued the comprehension.

But his speed of comprehension startled the Martial Court elder who was secretly observing him!

“This child is so extraordinary perceptive? He just comprehended Demon tyrant form to the beginner level, and right after that, he also comprehended Flickering wind step to the beginner level and that too in just two hours time. This comprehension speed is simply unheard of, and I have never heard about something like this in the history of Zhentian Sect! And looking at his current determination, it seems that he would comprehend even further by tonight…… “

The Marital Court elder continued to secretly observe Long Yu, but he was not aware of this and continued to calmly practice until nearly midnight.

Flickering wind step was considered as very basic martial skill in the Zhentian Sect, so the comprehension difficultly was not too high and many outer disciples could easily practice to the Xiao Cheng level.

However, for someone to comprehend ‘Flickering wind step’ to the Xiao Cheng level, and that too in just one night, had never happened in the history of the Zhentian Sect.

After reaching the Wudao fourth layer, the ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ had changed on his chest, and after that, it started to help Long Yu in comprehending the martial skills at an incredibly faster rate because this mark could actually increase the circulation speed of Xuan qi in his meridians, thereby increasing the comprehension rate of the martial skill.

Depending on this point alone, he was destined to surprise the elder of the Martial Court.

“Flickering wind step, Xiao Cheng!”

Long Yu again stood up, and felt that his body had become very light like the wind itself, and while circulating the Xuan qi in his meridians, so long as he condensed the Xuan qi in his legs, his speed would increase by 50 % than before.

Moreover, the Flickering wind step, when displayed, didn’t consume too much Xuan qi, so one could maintain this marital skill for a long time in battle.

“No wonder agility class martial skills are more popular than the attack and defense type martial skills, because either chase or escape, agility class martial skills are very essential.”

For the marital cultivators of the Tian Yu continent, what was the most important thing?

Of course, their lives!

Compared to the attack or defense type martial skills, the agility type martial skill was better because it gave better results in terms of saving life.

Now Long Yu had comprehended the body refining type marital skill, Demon tyrant form, to the beginner level. He had also comprehended an agility type marital skill, Flickering wind step, to the Xiao Cheng level, and it was already midnight and closing time for the Martial Court. When Long Yu felt about it, he got up and left the room, and proceeded to exit the Marital Court.

Long Yu knew that Feng Yang must be waiting for him outside the Martial Court, and there was every possibility that other people would also be present there, but he did not fear, because he had already anticipated this a long time ago, and at this moment, he himself was waiting for this and was also well prepared.

‘’Feng Yang, you seized my identity token, treated me like a waste, so let me have a look at your strength and see just how much strong you really are!”

Long Yu thought and quickly stepped outside the Martial Court!

Right when Long Yu stepped out of the Martial Court, he did not hear a satisfied whisper in the Marital Court saying: “This child really gave me a pleasant surprise today, it seems that soon, my Zhentian Sect will have a formidable individual, more talented than several geniuses throughout the Tang State……”’


The moonlight such as a silver gauze, the tree’s shadows were spread everywhere, and in the open space outside the Martial Court, hundreds of outer disciples of the Zhentian Sect were gathered, each ready to find a good location to watch the show.

In the midnight, most of the outer disciples practicing in the Martial Court had already departed, and when Long Yu came out, he was alone and his form appeared bleak, especially under the moonlight.

As soon as he appeared, the atmosphere outside the Martial Court suddenly changed.

“Look, that guy finally came out, wait, why does his footsteps appear so lithe and graceful, as if he has comprehended some agility type martial skill!”

“It’s good that he finally came out, so let us hope that he doesn’t get scared and kneels down to beg for mercy otherwise our wait would be totally in vain if that happens.”

“Hmph, even if he kneels down to beg for mercy, it doesn’t mean that Sister Tan Yue will let him off right?”

Everyone was talking about it, and was looking towards Long Yu mostly with looks of contempt and disdain in their eyes. They felt that this boy didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth, just joined the Zhentian Sect, and was behaving so rampantly. It was necessary to teach him a lesson.

They never thought that Long Yu was going to shock them with a complete turn of event, exactly opposite of what they had originally expected.

And now, he was going to teach lesson to those who had came to teach him a lesson!

“Feng Yang, I came out.”

Long Yu stepped out of the Martial Court, located the tall Feng Yang in the crowd and said with an indifferent look in his eyes.

“Waste, you really dared to come out.”

Feng Yang looked at Long Yu said in a despised manner: “Now I’ll let you know that a waste like you made a wrong decision to challenge me to a fight.”

“Mistake, it is not wrong. Well forget that and tell me, have you brought the Qing Hua Dan with you?”

Long Yu waved his hand and changed the subject while simultaneously threw a provoking question at him.

“Qing Hua Dan, hmph are you stupid enough to be really dreaming of the Qing Hua Dan?”

Feng Yang gave a contemptuous smile, his square shaped face revealed disdain and thought, did Long Yu really want to win against him? It was simply a wishful thinking!

“Hello, hello, hello, you must follow the agreement, and you are real man, so how you can possibly go back on your words!”

Just then, a tender figure jumped out from the side, it was none other than Liao Lele who had run away earlier!

But at this time, Liao Lele was dressed in a gray clothes which was definitely not a uniform issued by the Zhentian Sect, and she carried a bag on her back, and from her appearance, it was apparent that she was well prepared to run away.

Long Yu looked at her and the corners of his mouth slightly curled upward then said: “Liao Lele, it seems that you are prepared for my defeat and plan to flee from the Zhentian Sect the second I lose aren’t you?”

Liao Lele turned, a pair of eyes stared at him: “Nonsense, do you think I, Liao Lele, looks like a person who would go back on her words? This is my plan and if you accidently lose in the fight, I brought the luggage to live together with that fat pig!”

Fat Pig!

When Feng Yang heard this, his face directly turned green, this stinky girl actually called him a “fat pig”, how outrageous!

But when he saw Liao Lele’s appearance, how could he not know the plan of this stinky girl?

“Hmph, waste Long Yu, when you lose, I will not let that stinky girl to run away. And I don’t go back on my words so about what you asked just now, the Qing Hua Dan is tied to my belt and if you think that you have the ability then come and take it!”

Feng Yang lightly snorted then his grandiose stature marched forward towards Long Yu to confront him!

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