Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 18 – Play staged

Chapter – 18 Play staged

When Long Yu came out from the Martial Court, the stage was finally set for the show.

Liao Lele withdrew a few steps towards the crowd while firmly staring and keeping a close eye on the two contenders and shouted loudly: “Long Yu, go for it!”

“Junior sister apprentice, I think you are wasting your time.’’

After Liao Lele shouted and cheered for Long Yu, and right after that, an outer disciple standing behind her said with a contemptuous smile on his face: “Everyone knows that the governor of the outer disciples for each month ultimately becomes an inner disciple, that is to say, Feng Yang is on the line to become an inner disciple, so how can Long Yu possibly be his opponent.’’

“What utter nonsense.’’

Liao Lele snorted loudly and said: “Some people said that he was definitely not the opponent of Han Jian and Tan Yue, you do know what happened next?

When that outer disciple heard her words, he immediately gave a cold humph and looked contemptuously at Liao Lele, who was still cheerfully looking at Long Yu, and didn’t speak any more.

On the side, Tan Yue was lying on a wooden stretcher, and when she heard these words, it seemed as if fire would burst out from her eyes. Her knife like gaze swept towards Liao Lele.

“This woman is so dead, actually dares to despise this lady. This lady will make her pay the price.”

Tan Yue said in a vicious tone.

Fang Kang was sitting beside her, and when he heard these words, he said:”Sister Tan, let me first deal with that waste Long Yu, then later we will deal with that insolent woman.”’


Tan Yue bitterly snorted but didn’t say anything else because the words of Fang Kang acted like a deterrent to her anger, after all, Fang Kang was about to become an inner disciple and he was capable of doing what just he said.

There was an open field outside the Martial Court.

At that time, Feng Yang was calm and composed and was looking at Long Yu with a touch of sarcastic color in his eyes: “Waste, what super martial skill have you comprehended in the Martial Court that makes you so confident in front of me?’’

“Why don’t you try and see it for yourself? Come.”

Long Yu contemptuously smiled and gestured with his fingers telling Feng Yang to come forward. (Mystique- Bruce lee style J)

There was an obvious scornful meaning hidden in this gesture and Feng Yang’s face immediately turned dark and gloomy. He immediately stepped forward towards Long Yu and fiercely said: “Waste, tonight you won’t depart from here on your own legs.”

As he stepped forward, the air in the surroundings began to vibrate, and produced ripple of shock waves in the air, which rushed towards Long Yu, standing several feet away from Feng Yang, and reached him in a blink of an eye.

“It’s the Shaking air law!”

Long Yu looked at it and immediately understood what Feng Yang just used was actually an agility type martial skill known as ‘The Shaking air law’ that he had also seen in the Martial Court. ‘Flickering wind step’ was also an agility type martial skill, but these two martial skills were actually not based on the same principle.

‘Flickering wind step’ made the weight of the body of the practitioner very light like the wind, thus speeding up his pace, while ‘The Shaking air law’ actually vibrated the air and produced ripples of shock waves in the air to push the body forward with great speed.

From the beginner level till Xiao Cheng level, there was not much difference between the effects of these two agility type martial skills, but at the Da Cheng level, they were entirely different from each other.

In the Da Cheng realm of ‘Flickering wind step’ one could cover thirty feet distance in just one step, in a blink of an eye, thus it provided a tremendous speed to its practitioner.

At the Da Cheng level of ‘The shaking air law’, it was possible to greatly vibrate the air to produce mighty ripples in the air to boost the blasting speed of cultivator, and these ripples could also suppress the motion of the surrounding enemy.

As Feng Yang was soon going to be promoted to the rank of inner disciples, so it was certain that he would have definitely practiced ‘The Shaking air law’ to the Da Cheng level. As Feng Yang moved forward, the air ripples proliferated through the air and instantly enveloped Long Yu.

Shrouded completely with these air ripples, Long Yu immediately felt some difficulty in breathing. After practicing a martial skill to the Da Cheng level, its might also increased incredibly in comparison to its might at Xiao Cheng level.

“Nine hidden Dragons Mark, activate!”

Long Yu’s used his intention to immediately activate the ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ which then began to give off heat on his chest. The black lines on his chest began to release black traces of light that immediately spread throughout his body and granted him the strength of 10,000 Jin.

In order to confront Feng Yang, a master of Wudao fifth layer, who had also comprehended an agility type martial skill to the Da Cheng level, it was absolutely necessary for Long Yu to keep the ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ activated at all times otherwise it would be impossible for him to face this opponent.

The next moment, the vibrating air ripples drew close to Long Yu while carrying the body of Feng Yang.

“Coiling Dragon legs!”

Feng Yang’s eyes exposed fiery look and his two legs appeared similar to two big coiling dragons. He had condensed his own tyrannical Xuan qi in his legs to congeal two coiling dragons around his legs and blasted them against Long Yu from both sides.

This was the might of the Da Cheng level of a martial skill named Coiling Dragon legs!

“Zhentian Mysterious Mood, suppression!”

Long Yu clenched his teeth. The mysterious mood immediately suppressed Feng Yang along with his turbulent strength, and then right at this instant, Long Yu blasted his fists to resist Feng Yang’s legs.

Demon tyrant form had increased his basic strength, and at this time, his fists contained the strength of about 20,000 Jin, that was equal to the strength of 20 fierce horses!

Long Yu’s fists collided fiercely with the legs of Feng Yang, the vigorous power present their formidable Xuan qi caused a cyclone and it proliferated everywhere in the surroundings, and immediately sent dust flying upwards and scattered everywhere blocking the sights of everyone under this moonlit night.

Long Yu felt a violent pain in his fist because he just bumped his fists against the legs covered in a martial skill, Coiling Dragon legs, practiced to the Da Cheng by Feng Yang, granting an incredible strength and toughness to his legs.

However, due the condensation of Xuan qi on his fists, the strength level of the two sides was almost the same, so in this round of battle, he actually did not get any serious injuries.

Long Yu’s punch had pushed Feng Yang two steps back and his face suddenly turned green. How could this waste actually possess the strength to repel him?

And what was that strange force that came out of nowhere and suddenly suppressed his strength. It made him feel like the imposing aura of the world itself was suppressing him, just as he had felt in the Zhentian Canyon?

He was still thinking, when suddenly, Long Yu’s figure rushed through the flying dust like an incarnation of wind itself and vanished from the eyes of Feng Yang.

“What! He is at the Xiao Cheng level of ‘Flickering wind step’?”

Feng Yang was not prepared when he suddenly lost his target in all of the dust flying in the air and barring the visibility. There was an expression of surprise on his face. He didn’t think that in just one day’s time, this waste could actually comprehend ‘Flickering wind step’ to the Xiao Cheng level!

Deng Deng Deng! (Mystique- Sound of footsteps)

A series of sounds made from several footsteps came from his left side that made him vigilant and he congealed Coiling dragons on his both legs and swept them towards his left direction!

However the next moment, he found out that his legs unexpectedly kicked nothing. Long Yu had intentionally produced sound of footsteps on his left side and then immediately fled from there to another direction.


A heavy punch came from the right side of Feng Yang, but both his legs were swept towards his right side and were still in the air, so there was no way for him to dodge it.


Feng Yang’s shoulder was severely hit by Long Yu’s heavy punch making him to lose his balance and his whole large stature staggered and was pushed back several steps.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, Feng Yang had condensed Xuan qi in his shoulder otherwise this malicious punch would have discarded his arm right from the shoulder.

Feng Yang’s shoulder numbed and a tingling sensation spread in it which left him completely puzzled. This waste Long Yu was obviously at the Wudao fourth layer then how could he possibly have higher might than him?

Feng Yang was at the Wudao fifth layer, and he possessed the strength of 16000 Jin, and Long Yu actually possessed the strength of almost 20000 Jin after activating ‘Nine Hidden Dragons mark’ so when it came to strength level, Long Yu had already surpassed Feng Yang!

The difference of strength between the two was more than 3000 Jin, giving an advantage to Long Yu, but Feng Yang had comprehended both his attack type and agility type martial skills to the Da Cheng level which could easily change the flow of this battle.

“Let’s end this.”

Long Yu’s mouth slightly curled up, he didn’t stop, and the next instant, he threw a severe kick at the back of Feng Yang.

“Just you wait and I will show you how to end a fight!”

Feng Yang was not a fool and was already prepared. Once again, he congealed coiling dragons on his legs and also used ‘The Shaking air law’ at the same time, turned around and swept both his legs, one leg blocked Long Yu’s attack and another leg kicked towards his head.


Long Yu’s figure was moving around so fast, it seemed as if he was floating in the wind itself, and that was because his body was light as the wind. He was continuously changing directions and also continued his attacks stochastically.

Although, Feng Yang had practiced ‘The Shaking air law’ to the Da Cheng level and could use the air ripples to hinder Long Yu’s movements, but the suppressive effect of the Zhentian mysterious mood was causing much stronger hindrance effect compared to the hindrance caused by the air ripples of Feng Yang’s agility type martial skill!

Due to this, Feng Yang gradually fell into a disadvantageous situation because he was now inferior to Long Yu in both speed and strength.

“Ah, see, an elder!”

When there was a deadlock between the two, a crisp and clear voice of a female surprisingly came from the side of the crowd.

This female voice suddenly attracted everyone’s attention when they were originally concentrating on the fierce battle going on between Long Yu and Feng Yang. They immediately started looking in all directions in order to locate where this so-called elder actually appeared from.

When Feng Yang heard this, it totally distracted him, and his mind began to tremble.

“It’s not good, I have withheld the identity tokens of some outer disciples. If the elder came to know about this then what would happen to me?”

Feng Yang was somewhat panicking and his eyes were sweeping all around to locate the elder.

However at that time, only Long Yu was completely undistracted, and at present, his eyes were fully focused on his opponent, Feng Yang. Seeing the distracted Feng Yang, who had even begun to look all around, Long Yu immediately understood that his victory was not far away from him.

“Zhentian mysterious mood! Kill.”

The imposing aura of mysterious mood instantly spread and completely enveloped Feng Yang, then Long Yu used flickering wind step and went towards Feng Yang at a very high speed and launched several punches and kicks at him using his full strength.

Each of his attacks was planned to hit an extremely tricky angle, not to mention Feng Yang’s mind had been chaotic and distracted, so it became very difficult for him to resist!

It happened so fast that Feng Yang did not know how to resist against so many punches and kicks rained at different angles on his body by Long Yu.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Under successive and countless bombardments of attacks condensed with the strength of 20,000 Jin, it was obvious that Feng Yang was completely unable to resist for too long. He spouted blood from his mouth and his body flew upside down and fell heavily on the ground!

Feng Yang fell down, the onlookers were silent, all of them had unbelievable looks in their eyes while their gazes were shifting back and forth between Long Yu and Feng Yang’s body on the ground.

Long Yu actually won and that too in such a short time?

Feng Yang was actually a master of Wudao fifth layer, but was so easily defeated by a boy who was only at the Wudao fourth layer, and not just defeated, he was severely injured and fell unconscious as well. This was completely contrary to everyone’s expectations!

“Great, you really won!”

The same voice of a female, who shouted “See, an elder” a moment ago, shouted again followed by a lively figure wearing a gray robe coming out of the crowd and suddenly jumped into the field and went towards the injured body of Feng Yang lying on the ground.

It was none other than Liao Lele!

Just now, she played this trick to distract Feng Yang and threw his concentration into chaos. Long Yu seized this opportunity to defeat him in one fell swoop!

At this time, Liao Lele came at the side of the fainted Feng Yang, searched his clothes for some time and took out her identity token and an exquisite small jade bottle.

When Liao Lele saw these two things, her face reflected a smile of satisfaction.

“Qing Hua Dan, here, take it Long Yu!”

After Liao Lele kept her identity token, she threw the exquisite jade bottle towards Long Yu standing not far from her.

Long Yu caught it with one hand and opened it, and just then, a burst of intoxicating smell filled the air. It was undoubtedly the immortality pill, Qing Hua Dan!

But before he could relax, a figure standing aside sneered and said in a loud voice: “Villains collude together, what’s the point of such a victory, truly inelegant, tonight this Fang Kang would reveal the true identity of this waste and take revenge for Feng Yang junior disciple!’’

Everyone looked towards the source of sound and saw a slim man clad in blue dress and was stepping on the field from the side of Tan Yue’s stretcher.

This young, dark-skinned, muscular and brave looking man was Tian Jian’s personal attendant, Fang Kang, who had recently stepped into the Wudao sixth layer!

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