Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 19 – Wudao fifth layer

Chapter 19 Wudao fifth layer

When Long Yu defeated Fang Yang, all of the people surrounding the field were stunned at the scene that unfolded in front of their eyes. They never thought that Long Yu would actually be more powerful than Feng Yang.

But, at that time when Fang Kang came out and moved towards the field, the people again concentrated on the show which was soon to unfold.

Feng Yang’s defeat could be called an accident because of Liao Lele’s interference and its impact was not small on the outcome of the entire fight.

But, now the people would like to see that what Long Yu would do while facing Fang Kang!

Long Yu looked at the black-faced youth and could not help but revealed a smile on his face and said: “So you are Brother Fang Kang, greetings on our first meeting, I have already heard of your name, but now I am able to see you in person. It is really an honor for a new disciple like me.’’

Wen Fang Kang heard these words, although he very much disdained Long Yu, but also could not help but revealed a self-satisfied smile on his face.

Long Yu had come to Zhentian Sect only two days ago and still heard about his name. Didn’t this imply that he was actually a very famous disciple that even new comers knew about him?

Fang Kang was only twenty years old this year and was still able to step into the Wudao sixth layer, and after one month, he was going to be one of the representatives of Zhentian Sect to enter into the ‘Royal Ancient Ginseng Forest’. These achievements were enough to make him proud of himself.

“Ahem, whatever you say today is going to be futile, Brother Tan Jian has entrusted me to teach you a lesson, so you cannot run away.’’

Fang Kang’s face reflected a color of self satisfaction, and with some complacency, he glanced at Long Yu and said, “I must teach you a lesson.”

Long Yu, following the meaning in these words, smiled and said: “Of course, after all, Brother Fang Kang is a liberal and honest senior, the epitome of righteousness and also the role model for us new disciples!”


Fang Kang started to take great pleasure from Long Yu’s words.

“So, I believe that the righteous Brother Fang Kang will not take advantage of a petty new disciple, right?”

Long Yu immediately caught the flow of conversation and said: “Now I am at Wudao fourth layer, but senior brother is actually at Wudao sixth layer, although senior brother has decided to teach me a lesson, but I’m afraid people will gossip, which I think senior brother certainly does not want to happen. Let me absorb the Qing Hua Dan and then teach me a lesson. Then even if people gossip, won’t they say that senior brother is so kind and righteous?”

Hearing these words, Liao Lele, who was standing nearby, finally relaxed.

She initially thought that Long Yu praised Fang Kang because perhaps he wanted to ask for mercy, she did not expect that he was actually playing with Fang Kang’s mind in order to gain time to absorb the Qing Hua Dan.

As for the other people standing in the surroundings, they were simply astonished as they never expected that Long Yu would make such a remark.

Both Long Yu and Fang Kang knew that Long Yu was not his opponent!

But even if he absorbed the Qing Hua Dan, it was not necessary that he would have a breakthrough to reach Wudao fifth layer. Even after absorbing the Qing Hua Dan, he would still be taught a brutal lesson by Fang Kang!

Fang Kang also had the same view on this matter. He listened to Long Yu’s words, and said with a contemptuous look on his face: “Qing Hua Dan, it is awarded to the governor of the outer disciples, and its effects are good, but it is impossible to advance to Wudao fifth layer with just its help. Anyway, I will only wait for an hour got it?

Since Long Yu said so many words in his compliments, in order to maintain his “liberal, tolerant, honest and righteous” image in front of everyone, he thought to act accordingly and show off, anyway it was not good to act with undue haste, because in any case, Long Yu was not his match so what was to fear?

Aside on the wooden stretcher, a color of bitterness appeared on Tan Yue’s beautiful face with hatred apparent in her eyes, but since this matter was now concerning Fang Kang, so long as he could teach that Long Yu a lesson, she didn’t mind how he would do that!

“Tonight, this Tan Yue must step on the face of that waste, then I will make you call me your great-grandmother!’’

Tan Yue eyes sparkled with hatred, keeping a close eye on Long Yu in the field.

Long Yu did not care about Tan Yu, because in his eyes, the defeated were not worthy of his attention.

After hearing Fang Kang’s consent, Long Yu was secretly relieved, he immediately sat down cross-legged on the scene, took out Qing Hua Dan, which was exuding fragrance in his hand and swallowed it down.

Qing Hua Dan was an extremely rare immortality pill, and it would be false to say that after seeing the Qing Hua Dan in Long Yu’s hand, the outer disciples were not excited in their hearts.

However, in the Zhentian Sect, no one could dare to rob immortality pills, and it would be a different matter if one managed to win the bet. Long Yu had obtained it in accordance with an agreement, and if anybody tried to snatch it from him, then such behavior would not be tolerated by the Sect

When the people looked at Long Yu grasping Qing Hua Dan in his hand then swallowing it down his mouth, their faces suddenly became gloomy. They just couldn’t accept the fact that an immortality pill was going to be wasted on such a new disciple.

This Long Yu offended Tan Jian, even if he could really advance to the Wudao fifth layer and somehow managed to beat Fang Kang, so what, would he not be killed by Tan Jian in the end? Then this Qing Hua Dan would simply go to waste.

Moreover, there was no chance for Long Yu to defeat Fang Kang!

The pretty Liao Lele stood in front of Long Yu. She was vigilant and keeping a close eye on the surrounding people, to ensure that during the time allotted for the absorption of the immortality pill, he would not get attacked or disturbed by others.

Actually, Liao Lele had succeeded in obtaining her identity token according to the terms of the bet with Feng Yang, and after obtaining her identity token, she didn’t have anything to do with Long Yu’s matters, but she just couldn’t leave him alone like this.

Even if he had an enemy like Tan Jian, she did not have the slightest flinch!

As Qing Hua Dan went inside his stomach, Long Yu immediately felt that the drug began to scatter in his body. He did not hesitate to activate the ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ in order to help him in absorbing the drug with greater speed.

After all, the situation was urgent and Fang Kang had given him only an hour’s time, he must absorb Qing Hua Dan completely within this time limit.

“Fortunately, the remnants of previously absorbed Yuyao Dan are still well preserved inside the ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ and now after absorbing Qing Hua Dan, I will definitely be able to step into the Wudao fifth layer”

Long Yu thought to himself then the Lingqi contained in Qing Hua Dan started to gradually transform into Xuan qi and began to get absorbed by his meridians.

At this time, he found out that after achieving the beginner level of Demon tyrant form, now he could absorb immortality drug at a much faster speed. The fundamental reason behind it was his sturdier meridians that could now encounter much resistance when Xuan qi expanded throughout his body meridians.

After half an hour, Long Yu’s whole body’s strength suddenly increased, and finally reached the limiting strength of 10,000 Jin of Wudao fourth layer and by this time, he had only absorbed 30 % Lingqi from the Qing Hua Dan.

Then, the drug preserved in ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’ began to spread throughout his body, allowing the Xuan qi to surge and circulate rapidly inside his body meridians, causing an invisible whirlpool of airflow around his body.

When people heard the sound of movements around Long Yu’s body, a surprised look appeared in their eyes and they started to discuss among themselves.

Could it be that this kid would manage to have a breakthrough after absorbing a Qing Hua Dan?

If these people got to know that Long Yu recently stepped into the Wudao fourth layer then they would be extremely surprised.

An hour’s time quickly passed in the process of waiting.

At the last minute, the Long Yu managed to completely absorb the drug essence preserved in ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’ and his imposing aura suddenly changed. With a “bo bo” sound like an explosion, it seemed like he was just reborn as a new person in front of everyone but much more stronger than before.

“Wudao fifth layer finally achieved.”

Long Yu opened his eyes that were shining like the knife’s edge. He finally reached the Wudao fifth layer that bestowed upon him the strength of 16000 Jin, and now his arbitrary punch could blow up a giant boulder and with just a grasp, he would be able to pull up ten feet high trees with ease!

“What? You actually managed to break through.”

At that time, Fang Kang was sitting in a meditating pose at the side, and when he opened his eyes he saw Long Yu covered in a different imposing aura than earlier. Fang Kang certainly understood that Long Yu was now at the Wudao fifth layer.

But even so, Fang Kang was not worried about anything as he was at Wudao sixth layer and possessed the strength of 32000 Jin, which was still two times than the strength of Long Yu, and moreover, he had practiced his martial skills to the Da Cheng realm, so there was no chance for Long Yu to be his match.

Unfortunately, Feng Yang was unconscious at the moment otherwise he would have told Fang Kang that Long Yu’s true strength was definitely not what it seemed on the surface……

“You broke through?”

Liao Lele looked back and saw the change in the imposing aura of Long Yu, and was extremely happy, then jumped to the side and said: “Show them what you got, don’t lose.”

Long Yu heard this and nodded, he certainly knew that this pretty girl had been guarding him for an hour when he was absorbing the Qing Hua Dan, and it somewhat touched his heart.

After coming to this world, besides Feng Longsong, no one else had made him feel so good in his heart, but today, Liao Lele’s concern for his safety truly touched his heart.

“Now, you cannot make any other excuses to escape from me.”

Fang Kang got up and walked towards Long Yu and with a teasing look on his face, he said: “But as a senior, I will allow you to try three moves on me, otherwise people will say that I am bullying a junior.”

“Thank you senior brother.”

Long Yu lightly smiled, but did not say anything, he was allowed to use three moves, so he would use only three moves to finish this battle. He just hoped that Fang Kang would not come to regret this later!

The next instant, Long Yu’s figure appeared to have changed into a light breeze, and in a flash, he arrived in front of Fang Kang.

“The first move!”

Long Yu quickly condensed the strength of 16000 Jin in his fist and threw it towards Fang Kang’s head!


Fang Kang saw this and sneered then raised his hand, condensed with the strength of 30,000 Jin, and immediately stopped Long Yu’s fist.

Long Yu’s inner strength was too less compared to his strength and it was obvious that a master at Wudao fourth layer wouldn’t last 30 seconds in a battle against a master of Wudao sixth layer!

“The second move, Nine hidden Dragons Mark, activate!”

Long Yu withdrew two steps back, a firm and resolute look appeared in his eyes, and once again rushed towards Fang Kang, with a strength of 26,000 Jin condensed in his fist, though still less than Fang Kang’s strength, but was much stronger than the first punch!

Using the ‘Flickering wind step’, Long Yu suddenly arrived near Fang Kang with an unparallel wind surrounding his fist, which clearly showed the tremendous strength present in his fist.

“What? Which martial skill can enhance your strength so much?”

Fang Kang sensed the strength present in Long Yu’s fist and was surprised, but still did not care.

The muscles trembled and bulged out on his body and strength of 32,000 Jin condensed in his palm and shot out. With a “pop” sound, Long Yu’s fist was deflected.

Their bodies brushed against each other and Fang Kang drew back few steps, but he was still unharmed.

“Next, the third move!”

Long Yu’s knife like cold gaze fell upon Fang Kang and his figure flashed then suddenly disappeared from where he was standing.

This time, it was not because he was fast, but because he had already comprehended the flickering wind step to the Da Cheng level, and now, he could cross thirty feet in a blink of an eye!

“Zhentian Mysterious mood!”

The mysterious mood’s force completely enveloped Fang Kang, although he reacted timely, but his body could not keep up with the speed of the mysterious mood.

Long Yu’s fist appeared to the lateral side of Fang Kang, on his blind spot, and with all of the strength present in his body, he suddenly punched on the side of the Fang Kang’s fragile waist.

Fang Kang did not expect to be attacked from his blind spot and didn’t get enough time to condense Xuan qi in his waist, and as Long Yu’s fist rumbled and blasted on his waist, he suddenly screamed and flew up like a broken kite then fell down on the ground upside down.

During the time Long Yu started to make his three moves one after another, he accurately observed and grasped the psychology of Fang Kang, and waited until the last move to suddenly use the Da Cheng level ‘flickering wind step’ to instantly approach Fang Kang from his blind spot for a sneak attack.


Fang Kang’s body fell on the ground and immediately lost consciousness. Long Yu punched on his defenseless waist, giving him heavier injuries compared to Feng Yang, and now he would have to lie in bed for several months.

“Da Cheng, Da Cheng …… Long Yu, how can you so quickly comprehend the flickering wind step to Da Cheng level?”

Liao Lele was completely shocked and could not help but asked aloud.

Long Yu heard this, gently smiled, but did not explain.

In fact, he absorbed Qing Hua Dan long before the allotted one hour time and used the time left to comprehend the flickering wind step to Da Cheng level.

During his fight with Feng Yang, he used flickering wind step in actual combat, plus he also got an insight into the Feng Yang’s agility skill, ‘The Shaking air law’ practiced to the Da Cheng level, so he was able to comprehend the Xuan qi circulation pattern for agility type martial skills and this helped him in quickly comprehending his own agility skill to Da Cheng level.

With the effect of the ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’, he could finally comprehend the flickers wind step to the Da Cheng level!

The spectating disciples were silent and totally dumb stricken and staring towards the field where an inconceivable scene had unfolded itself.

Fang Kang, a master at Wudao sixth layer master, who recently became an inner disciple, was beaten by a junior disciple who just joined the Sect two days ago. If they hadn’t witnessed this with their own eyes, they would never believe it.

But now, this fact was placed right in front of them, so they had no other choice but to believe it.

Now, no one was looking at Long Yu with the same contemptuous disdain in their eyes, but it was rather a shocked look with a touch of admiration. In this world, people worshipped the strong, and Long Yu proved his strength through his own efforts. After he defeated Fang Kang, everyone started to look at him with admiration.

Under the curtain of night, a silence was spread, and only the sound of the wind and dancing leaves was present in the surroundings.

Until –

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Suddenly, a series of claps came from the darkness and broke the silence under the dim lit curtain of night.

Everyone, including Long Yu, looked towards the source of these claps.

It turned out to be him?

Feng Yun, the most talented and strongest member of the Feng Clan of Yu Guan City, a core disciple of Zhentian Sect, wearing white clothes and looked like an elegant gentleman, emerged from the darkness with a smile on his face and slowly walked towards Long Yu!

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