Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 3 – Dept of gratitude coupled with duty to avenge

Dept of gratitude coupled with duty to avenge

Three members of the Feng clan were sitting in the Palace Hall and one of them was the clan head, Feng Longsong.

Feng Longsong was a former great battlefield soldier. He was tall, strong, brave, incredibly bold, very experienced and took every move with calm and chill mood, but at this moment, there was a look of anxiety and concern on his face.

His adopted son Long Yu was actually missing since early in the morning!

Long Yu was son of Feng Longsong’s old friend. Feng Longsong loved him very much and he always treated him better in comparison to his daughter. But Long Yu was now missing, so he would naturally be upset!

In addition to Feng Longsong, in the Palace Hall, a beautiful girl clad in light green dress was also sitting. It was Feng Yao, the biological daughter of Feng Longsong and was considered as a genius martial artist.

Long ago, she had joined the Hanbing sect of Tang State and was considered an outstanding disciple there. This time when she returned back from the Hanbing Sect, everyone was surprised to find out that she had actually entered into the seventh layer of Wudao.

At the moment, there was no expression on the face of this beautiful young girl, just an indifferent look in her eyes.

Regarding Long Yu’s disappearance, she seemed indifferent.

In addition to Feng Longsong and Feng Yao, inside the hall, there was also sitting a middle-aged lady dressed in luxurious clothes. She was Feng Yao’s mother and Feng Longsong’s wife, named Li Yu.

“Feng Longsong, why have you called us here?”

Li Yu, with an indifferent look on her face, said to Feng Longsong: “Feng Yao must hurry back to resume her martial arts practice, she has no time to waste here accompanying you.”

Although, one could easily see that Li Yu and Feng Longsong were wife and husband, but their relationship was not very good.

When Feng Longsong heard her words, he suddenly stared at her and angrily said: “Do you even dare to say that? Last night, I proposed the marriage of Feng Yao with Long Yu, and this morning, he goes missing, how will you explain that?”

Li Yu looked at him with disdain and said: “What is there to explain? How can we allow a waste to join our family? Long Yu is not worthy of our family or Feng Yao, he is just a waste child, and being so weak and insignificant, even if he gets killed by someone, then he really deserves it!”

Feng Longsong suddenly became angry and thundered: “Will you just shut up!”

After his voice thundered, for a moment, a silence spread in the hall, but the anger in the heart was quickly replaced by anxious concerns.

As Li Yu just said, Long Yu could not practice and he was missing since early morning, so he could easily fall prey to any mishap.

After a while, the indifferent looking Feng Yao suddenly stood up, turned around and started walking towards the door, while her crisp voice resounded in the hall: “I have something to do at the Sect so I will go first.”

Feng Longsong scowled and looked at his daughter and while restraining his temper, he asked: “You came back two days ago and you are already in a hurry to go back?”

Feng Yao didn’t turn back to face her father and lightly said: “I came back just to pick some good weapons, but now that I have your saber, I don’t need to stay here any longer, I will go back to the Sect and start practicing as soon as possible.”

Then she walked with light footsteps towards the entrance of the Palace hall.

At that moment, she looked up and saw a boy clad in black clothes pacing towards the hall entrance with a smile on his face. It was Long Yu who had returned!

Feng Yao could not help but wrinkled her delicate eyebrows a bit.

“Little Yao, why are you going back so soon?”

Long Yu said while the corners of the mouth slightly curled upwards.

Feng Yao was his younger stepsister.

When the three members of the Feng family were talking to each other within the hall, Long Yu had heard a little of their conversations, that his foster father, Feng Longsong, wanted to betrothed Feng Yao to him. He could not help but secretly shook his head.

Long Yu’s foster father had always been good to him, but this time, he was being far too good to be actually thinking of marrying his daughter to Long Yu!

From the inside of the hall, when Feng Longsong saw Long Yu, he suddenly stood up, his face lighted up, and was relieved to see that he was okay!

However, Li Yu looked unhappy from the return of Long Yu.


Feng Yao knitted her eyebrows and nodded her head.

She seemed to be very much puzzled to see Long Yu here.

But then she started to walk in a relaxed manner, her slender and beautiful figure was slowly approaching the hall entrance and while she was passing Long Yu, she did not even look at him.

Long Yu did not say anything as well, and walked inside the hall, but while she was passing him, he suddenly said a few words.

And hearing these words, Feng Yao suddenly stopped.

“Foster father, early in the morning, two servants took me to the river outside the city and they wanted to kill me, but at the key moment, suddenly an unexpected person appeared from nowhere and rescued me……”

Long Yu deliberately said this sentence to Feng Longsong so that Feng Yao could listen to it. He actually wanted to see her reaction.

Wanted to kill!

Feng Longsong was in a good mood after the safe return of Long Yu but when he heard these words, his good mood suddenly vanished, and all of a sudden, his face turned gloomy. The servants of the Feng clan actually planned to go out with Long Yu, to kill him? How audacious!

In the Palace Hall, there was a shocked expression on Li Yu’s face.

Feng Yao, who had abruptly stopped after hearing his words, subconsciously asked: “Who was the person that saved you?”

Although she had asked in a flat tone, but Long Yu was an experienced man from different world and in his previous life, he had dealt with many life and death situations. With his vast experience dealing with people, he had mastered the skill of reading the reactions of people long ago. From that deep dull tone, with a trace of trembling, it was clear that at this time, she wasn’t really calm!

No doubt about it, she was the one….

Now, Long Yu was sure that Feng Yao was the one who had instructed the fat and thin servants to kill him!

“Little Yao, aren’t you hurrying back to Hanbing Sect? You should ignore such irrelevant things.”

Long Yu chuckled then walked into the hall!

Although he wanted to take revenge, but at present, his strength was far less than Feng Yao, and most importantly, Feng Yao was his foster father’s biological daughter!


Feng Yao also realized that her reaction was a bit too excessive, and with a light humph, she turned back and walked away without looking back.

Of course, Feng Longsong had also seen her reaction and frowned. Could it be that Feng Yao was the one who instructed the two servants to kill Long Yu?

From Feng Longsong’s understanding of his daughter, it was possible for her to do such a thing!

Since her childhood Feng Yao did not like ordinary persons who were inferior to her in strength. To her, strength was everything and she would not hesitate to eradicate any obstruction which could be a hindrance in the promotion of her strength.

Feng Longsong suddenly realized that just because he wanted to marry Feng Yao with Long Yu, it had put him in danger. Feng Yao was a genius at Wudao and Long Yu was a waste. If Feng Yao did not care about Long Yu, then this marriage would never bring good results for both of them.


Li Yu groaned loudly.

She didn’t like Long Yu and as she was about to say something to him, Feng Longsong scolded her: “Li Yu, you go out.”

Li Yu looked straight at Feng Longsong. She knew that her husband was really angry.

“I tell you Long Yu, you are a lucky kid. You ran into such a dangerous situation and unexpectedly someone saved you. You better listen to me, you are just a waste, don’t dream of eating swan meat from head to toe all day long. You are not fit to join our Feng clan and you will never be.’’

Li Yu said with a look of disdain in her eyes then she turned around and left the hall.

All day thinking of eating swan meat?

Long Yu was stunned, she was such a bitch!

Of course, whether Li Yu was right or wrong, she was still the wife of the clan head and so Long Yu did not bother to say anything to her.

Now only two persons were left inside the hall.

Feng Longsong sat down first and called Long Yu: “Little Yu, don’ t worry, come and sit down and tell me about the incident in detail.”

“Yes foster father.”

Long Yu came over and sat next to him .A little bit of discretion was present in his heart but he quickly decided how to explain things to his foster father.

Feng Longsong was a good friend of his father and he had brought him up since his childhood and he had always been very generous to him. If Feng Longsong had not been there for him, then it would have been difficult for a waste like Long Yu to live peacefully.

But now, it was clear that the biological daughter of Feng Longsong had instructed the servants to kill him and he believed in the theory of return hatred for hatred and consistently adhered to this faith!

However Feng Yao was biological daughter of Feng Longsong and Long Yu had an intense feeling of debt of gratitude towards him, at the same time he had waves of hatred in his heart for Feng Yao. He found himself in a precarious situation. Overwhelmed with mixed emotions he was really confused and did not know how to do deal with it.

“Gratitude comes first, hatred should be the second and revenge comes in the end.”

Long Yu quickly made his final decision. There was a clear hatred in his heart, but he set his mind to throw this hatred out because this time, the debt of gratitude was greater than the duty to revenge.

If Long Yu really wanted to take revenge, he would have to kill Feng Yao and it would definitely hurt Feng Longsong, and it would make Long Yu to suffer from guilt feeling. Now he had entered into the world of Wudao and didn’t want to harbor feelings of guilt or hatred in his heart which could prove to be a hindrance in practicing martial arts.

Of course, to have both gratitude and revenge, he must have a robust cultivation, otherwise both would prove to be nothing more than just empty talks.

Long Yu thought it clearly and began to explain: “This morning, two servants came to me, saying that clan head wants to buy some debris .I was actually in doubt, but they followed me to the outside of the town and when we reached on the bank of the river they suddenly tried to kill me…….as I said that at that critical juncture an unexpected person suddenly appeared from nowhere, and saved me, in reality, the person was simply nonexistent .I was able to come back alive because this incident was actually a blessing in disguise for me, as in the nick of time, I finally entered into the world of Wudao!”

He entered into the world of Wudao!

These words came to Feng Longsong like the sound of thunder from the top of the sky and an excited look immediately emerged on his face.

“Little Yu, now you can practice?”

Feng Longsong was extremely excited and stood up!

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