Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 25 – neidan absorption

Chapter – 25 neidan absorption

In the deep dark abyss of Teng snake, giant trees were blocking out the sun, increasing the danger.

While keeping Qin Ronger’s neck in his clutches, Long Yu was standing behind the corpse of Teng snake King, in a straight line path leading to Qin Tianque hidden in the forest. The huge body of Teng snake king was blocking the line of sight of Qin Tianque, so he could not observe Long Yu.

This irritated Qin Tianque.

He was a master of Wudao seventh layer and a kid of Wudao fifth layer was actually playing around with him, which made him feel very uncomfortable and annoyed.

“Trying to hinder my line of sight, in order to seize an opportunity to run?”

When Qin Tianque discovered that Long Yu was hiding behind the body of Teng snake king, he snorted and decided that regardless of what method Long Yu used, he won’t be able to escape his superior hunting and killing skills.

He was a hunter, while Long Yu was just a prey!

Of course, this was only what Qin Tianque thought.

Suddenly, Qin Ronger shouted in a pained voice, causing a tightening feeling in Qin Tianque’s heart, it was not good, he must act quickly!


Qin Tianque’s choroid figure moved quickly and in just two or three jumps, he jumped above the corpse of Teng snake king, and occupied a commanding position, and his field of vision suddenly opened up, making him able to see Long Yu and his sister.

“Release my little sister at once! If anything happens to her then you will die without a doubt!”

Qin Tianque saw that not far away from him, Long Yu had just now pinched Qin Ronger’s neck with slightly harder force, making her to shout in a loud and pained voice.

But when Qin Tianque jumped upon Teng snake king’s body, suddenly, Long Yu slightly curled up the corners of his mouth.

“Swallowed the bait.”

Long Yu exerted the strength in his one hand and had already prepared a giant boulder weighing 10,000 Jin underfoot and threw it towards the giant corpse of Teng snake king.

Qin Tianque’s complexion changed but could not react when the boulder pounded on the broken abdomen of Teng snake king. With its terrifying weight, the giant boulder suddenly pounded on the internal organs and blood of the broken abdomen of Teng snake king, and all of the filthy things inside the abdomen of Teng snake king crushed and splashed out.

Qin Tianque was originally standing on the corpse of Teng snake King, closest to the impact point of giant boulder, and was immediately drenched by the filthy internal organs splashed from the broken abdomen of Teng snake king. A burst of stink started to exude from his whole body.

“It went well, time to go!”

Long Yu directly threw down Qin Ronger and turned around in one direction and ran away at the fastest possible speed.

“Waste, I will kill you!”

Qin Tianque never thought that Long Yu would come up with such a move, and both his eyes suddenly reddened, filled with a color of pure hatred. Since the time he had stepped into the world of Wudao, he had been considered as the genius of Yu Guan City’s Qin clan, but he had never been so embarrassed!

At the moment, he was drenched with the blood and internal organs of a demon beast!

However, when he actually saw Long Yu discarding Qin Ronger and directly escaping with the neidan of Teng snake king, an intense burst of killing intent suddenly spread throughout his body.

“You must die!”

Qin Tianque pledged in his heart and immediately made an effort to whip his own body. After removing some of the heavy filth from his body, he jumped sideways to the Qin Ronger’s side.

“Ronger, I will take you with me, we will chase together.”

Qin Tianque said that because he would never commit the same mistake again.

Qin Ronger nodded silently but could not help but frowned due to the intense foul and stink coming from the body of Qin Tianque, because it was just too smelly and stinking a lot.

Qin Tianque noticed the disgusted look in his little sister’s eyes and his hatred for Long Yu became even deeper than before. That waste, he even dared to make a fool of him in front of his little sister!

He held Qin Ronger and rushed horizontally by once again casting and displaying the speed of his agility type martial skill, practiced to the peak level, and pursued in the same direction in which Long Yu had fled.

But, due to the delay that happened just now, the distance between the two sides had already widened considerably.

Even with the speed of Qin Tianque, he was chasing along with injured Qin Ronger, so catching up with Long Yu was not something that could be achieved easily in a short time.

Long Yu would certainly not escape.

These siblings not only tried to snatch the Teng snake king’s neidan from him, they even planned to silence him, so how could he not punish the other side, at least, he would take that Qin Tianque’s battle weapon as compensation!

Soon, Long Yu ran back for a distance of several miles. Qin Tianque holding Qin Ronger finally caught up with him once again and arrived not far behind him.

But this time, Long Yu had also finally arrived at his own planned destination.

“Brother, please come and quickly help us!”

“Brother, help us, we are tangled in the vines!”

Several successive voices came one after another. Long Yu looked up and saw that he had really returned to that place where three outer disciples were entangled in vines and crying for help.

“Someone’s coming to help you.”

Long Yu slightly curled up the corner of his mouth, said something randomly at will, then bypassed them and immediately vanished in the dark thicket.

They looked at each other with clear disappointment on their faces and a clear look of dismay in their eyes. Someone was coming to help them?

In a while, they were going to understand the meaning of Long Yu’s words.

Soon, they saw Qin Tianque also coming from the same direction while holding Qin Ronger and felt as if their savior had arrived and all of them shouted loudly in delighted manner: “Brother Qin, Sister Qin, please help us quickly!”

For the disciples of same sect, if someone was in danger then other people would naturally help.

In particular, when the three outer disciples entangled in vines saw a famous inner disciple like Qin Tianque coming in their direction then a burst of hope suddenly bloomed in their hearts.

Considering the strength of an inner disciple, cutting off these vines should be children’s play right?

“Have you seen a man in black clothes passing from here?”

Qin Tianque ran over to them and asked in a fierce tone while his whole body was exuding foul smell.

Listening to his voice, the three outer disciples were surprised for a moment, but immediately, something happened which totally shocked them!

They saw that the vines wrapped around their bodies, as if felt a new source of food, and loosened their bodies at a lightning speed, and immediately advanced towards Qin Tianque!

The three youths did not react and even Qin Tianque was startled and was totally caught off guard.

His whole body was covered in Teng snake king’s visceral body fluids and immediately attracted the vines towards Qin Tianque’s body.

Qin Tianque quickly understood what was going on. Just when he approached the three youths entangled in the vines, not just the vines on their bodies, even the vines hidden in the surroundings smelled the visceral fluids of Teng snake king on his body and instantly surrounded him.

“Take care of my little sister!”

Qin Tianque hastily pushed Qin Ronger towards the three youths then immediately condensed Xuan qi on his whole body.

“Xuan wind destroyer!”

Bluish-green Xuan qi congealed to become wind-blades and instantly cut off several vines, but the speed of other vines was very fast, and in a short time, they instantly wrapped his body and four limbs.

The sharp thorns on the surface of these vines had apparently regarded Qin Tianque as a Teng snake demon beast and must slurp its flesh and blood!

“Let me go!”

Qin Tianque roared loudly, and at this time, the strength present in his entire body suddenly broke out!

The most fundamental difference between martial cultivators and demon beasts was that martial cultivators were able to use battle weapons while demon beasts couldn’t. At this point, Qin Tianque finally took out his battle weapon, rewarded to him by Zhentian Sect after becoming an inner disciple.

There was a jade nature seal on the battle weapon gripped tightly in the hands of Qin Tianque. The Xuan qi suddenly urged inside his body and emitted a series of sharp wind-blades from the seal, and these wind-blades were stronger than the Xuan wind destroyer martial skill of Qin Tianque!

Each of these wind-blades was like the scythe of death and easily cut off the sharp thorn vines. Its might was enormous and perhaps if Long Yu was facing these wind-blades and tried to dodge continuously, he won’t be able to dodge all of them and would be cut to shreds.

However, the quantity of vines was really too much.

Even the giant sized Teng snake king was unable to escape after being tied down by one clump of vines and was later completely wrapped in them, let alone a mere human like Qin Tianque.

Although Qin Tianque was cutting the vines faster than Teng snake king, but his body was still gradually being constantly entangled by the sharp thorn vines, and soon got totally twined by the vines, and then, the sharp thorns present on the surface of vines pierced his skin!

As the blood flowed out of his body, the vines reacted as if they felt something like disgust from it and quickly retracted the sharp thorns, but the stench of a Teng snake was still exuding from Qin Tianque’s body and was still a favorite of these vines so they didn’t let go of him.

The two sides fell into a protracted fight and the three youths standing nearby had dumbfounded looks in their eyes as they were watching this, but the good news was that they had been saved as the boy in black clothes said a moment ago.

“You three, hurry up and chase after that boy in black clothes, he has the neidan of Teng snake king!”

Qin Ronger’s thigh had been pierced by a thorny branch earlier so she was leaning against a tree to support her. She simply didn’t have the time to care about Qin Tianque and suddenly shouted and ordered the three outer disciples to chase after Long Yu!

“Teng snake king’s neidan?”

The three men had just now emerged from the shackles of the vines, and at this time, when they heard about the neidan of Teng snake king, they were immediately startled.

Although, even if they snatched the neidan, it was certain that they would have to hand it over to Qin Tianque, but if they could use this opportunity to become friends with Qin Tianque and Qin Ronger, then it might be very beneficial for their future development.

Thinking of this, they suddenly looked at each other, and all three of them immediately pursued in the same direction in which Long Yu had disappeared a moment ago.


Long Yu was hiding in the thicket in the opposite direction, and seeing this, the corners of his mouth slightly curled up.

He knew that sooner or later, these three would become lackeys of Qin Tianque, but it did not matter, because those three were chasing in the wrong direction.

Long Yu had already crushed Teng snake king’s neidan and started to absorb the Lingqi contained inside it.

The neidan of an ordinary Teng snake demon beast was equivalent to an ordinary immortality pill used by the martial cultivators, but Teng snake king’s neidan was equivalent to the top grade immortality pills!

Long Yu absorb the Lingqi and suddenly felt an intrepid warm welling inside his body and circulating through all of the meridians within his body.

Under the effects of Nine hidden Dragon Mark which simply went against the heaven’s will, he felt a quenching feeling throughout the meridians inside his body, the Xuan qi was rapidly surging and increasing inside his body, while his strength was also gradually increasing, and from initial 16,000 Jin, it slowly raised to 18,000 Jin.

The strength of 18,000 Jin was the limit for Wudao fifth layer, and if one wanted to raise the strength even further, the only option was to have a breakthrough!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The speed of Long Yu’s heartbeats increased and became faster and faster, while the Xuan qi circulation also became more and more vigorous inside his meridians. He immediately realized that he was on the verge of having a breakthrough to the Wudao sixth layer.

He was becoming more and more formidable than ever before.

He quickly and completely absorbed Teng snake king’s neidan leaving only a pile of useless debris.

From his body came several sounds of breaking bones which was also the indication of forthcoming breakthrough. At last, Wudao sixth layer was not far away from his reach.

But these sounds suddenly attracted the attention of Qin Ronger.

At this time, less than half an hour had already passed from the time Qin Tianque was entangled in vines. Finally, depending on the strength of his battle weapon, Xuan wind seal, he chopped off all of the sharp thorn vines and freed himself.

However, this dogfight with the sharp thorn vines turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because during the struggle to break free from the vines, the stinky filth on his body was completely absorbed by the vines.

“Elder brother, I heard some sounds from that direction!”

Qin Ronger pointed towards the nearby dark thicket. Since her leg was injured, she was afraid to go and check it out, but now that Qin Tianque had defeated all the vines, she immediately urged him to go and inspect the source of these sounds she heard a while ago.

And in the direction she was pointing, Long Yu was hiding behind the thicket and secretly absorbing the Teng snake king’s neidan.

“Could it be that this boy was hiding in the thicket and secretly absorbing neidan?”

Qin Tianque felt the dense concentration of Lingqi from the thicket, indicating that a martial cultivator was about to have a breakthrough and a cold look suddenly appeared in his eyes.

His sister was going to use Teng snake king’s neidan to enhance her cultivation level, how could he tolerate when someone else used it under his nose?

“Even if you managed to have a breakthrough, I will still kill you!”

Qin Tianque firmly set a resolve in his heart and gradually walked towards the dark thicket where Long Yu was hiding!

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