Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 26 – battle with Qin Tianque

Chapter – 26 battle with Qin Tianque

When Qin Tianque came near the thicket, just then, Long Yu finally succeeded in having a breakthrough and stepped into the Wudao sixth layer!

Suddenly, the strength in his entire body increased tremendously. Now, he possessed a terrifying strength of 32,000 Jin, and together with the strength gained by the Demon tyrant form, his total strength increased to almost 35,000 Jin, making him much stronger than a normal martial cultivator of Wudao sixth layer.

And if he activated the ‘Nine hidden Dragon Mark’, then he could further enhance his strength by an extra 10,000 Jin, and when put together, his total strength would be 45,000 Jin.

“The gap of strength between me and Qin Tianque has narrowed down a lot, but still, it will not be so easy to deal with him…..”

Long Yu thought calmly and his eyes flashed, but, just at the moment, he suddenly heard the buzz of conversations from outside the thicket.

“Brother Qin, Brother Qin, are you alright?”

The voice actually belonged to one of the three outer disciples of Zhentian Sect!

The three outer disciples had actually run in the wrong direction to chase Long Yu, of course, they came back without any success. But, at this juncture, they were not willing to give up, instead they wanted to seize the opportunity to impress Qin Tianque, so they ran back.

“I’m certainly okay.”

Qin Tianque’s voice fell into the ears of Long Yu from a distance of almost twenty feet away, making him realize the probable position of the opposite party.

“Sister Qin, what actually happened? Who took Teng snake king’s neidan from you?”

Seeing the cold and gloomy appearance of Qin Tianque, another outer disciple asked Qin Ronger.

Qin Ronger lightly snorted and said: “We do not know who he is because it was too dark in the woods, moreover, he hides too well so we didn’t clearly see his appearance. We just know that he is an outer disciple at the Wudao fifth layer.”

“Brother Qin couldn’t clearly see his appearance either?”

The remaining outer disciple said in a surprised tone.

Qin Tianque only snorted, but didn’t say anything. He had yet to see the appearance of Long Yu and this brought a feeling of humiliation in his heart.

In his previous life, Long Yu was famous as the king of killers, so how could he so easily expose himself to anybody? Moreover in place like the abyss of Teng snake, where it was so convenient to hide oneself!

“It’s now important to know who he is. I only know that he snatched the neidan of Teng snake king from me.”

Qin Ronger indifferently said.

As soon as the trio heard her words, one of them immediately said: “He actually dared to snatch the neidan of Teng snake king from Sister Qin? It seems that he impatient to die! Sister Qin’s leg injury is also his fault? How could this person be so cruel to a disciple of the same Sect, such a brutal man should not be let off so easily!”

“You are right, wait a minute, my brother is going to deal with him, you keep a watch all around, do not let him escape once again, understood?”

Qin Ronger said in a commanding tone like a young princess.


All three replied in unison.

While hiding in the bushes, Long Yu sneered in his heart and thought that this woman was really a vile creature with vicious and ruthless thoughts!

All the three outer disciples solemnly pledged to encircle Long Yu to kill him, but they didn’t actually know that Qin Ronger itself was the real greedy evil person!

However even if they knew, it would probably not change their standpoint, because Qin Tianque was an inner disciples at the Wudao seventh layer, and standing on his side would be obviously be more favorable to them, irrespective of who was right or wrong.

Qin Tianque approached the thicket, but of course, even if facing a Wudao fifth layer boy, he wouldn’t possibly be arrogant enough to personally go into the thicket to find Long Yu.

The next moment, the first to enter the thicket was not Qin Tianque but his successive wind-blades.

Xuan wind destroyer!

Qin Tianque as a master of Wudao seventh layer was able to release Xuan qi out of his body and he naturally hadn’t forgotten his own superiority, so he used Xuan qi based martial skill, and threw sharp wind-blades that raided on the thicket one after another!

Facing these sharp wind-blades, it was now impossible for Long Yu to hide inside anymore, so his figure appeared out of the thicket.

Long Yu jumped out of the thicket and swept a heavy kick on a giant tree, and immediately, while hugging the great tree using his both hands, he immediately directed the falling giant tree towards Qin Tianque.

Using the strength of more than 30,000 Jin, uprooting such a giant tree was quite difficult for Long Yu, although if it really pounded on Qin Tianque, then even if he was at Wudao seventh layer, it was not difficult to imagine that he would be severely injured.


Qin Tianque sneered and instantly displayed an agility type martial skill practiced to the peak level and easily dodged when the giant tree was falling upon him.


With a loud sound of bang, the giant tree trunk heavily pounded on the ground!

Long Yu’s figure suddenly appeared behind Qin Tianque.

Long Yu had immediately used flickering wind step, and in a blink of an eye, he crossed a distance of 30 feet.

At that time, in a flash, Long Yu came behind Qin Tianque and immediately activated ‘Nine hidden Dragons Mark’, condensing strength of 45,000 Jin in his leg and gave a hard kick towards Qin Tianque’s waist.

If nothing else, this kick could at least injure Qin Tianque.


But, a translucent blue barrier instantly appeared on one side of Qin Tianque’s body and actually blocked the strength present in Long Yu’s kick.

“What is this?”

Long Yu frowned because he could say for sure that his kick had not been detected by Qin Tianque beforehand then how did he condense this blue barrier to block his kick?

Defense type martial skill?

“This is an agility type martial skill of our Qin clan, Blue wind agility skill, and when comprehended to the peak level, it grants power to the cultivator to automatically condense a barrier screen of blue wind.’’

Qin Ronger sneered on one side: “Relying on your strength, give up on the idea of crushing the blue wind barrier, injuring my brother should be really out of question.”

As her voice fell, Qin Tianque shouted and threw a heavy fist sideways towards Long Yu.

“Xuan qi inner strength shield!’’

Long Yu covered his left shoulder with Xuan qi at a lightning speed, followed by Qin Tianque’s heavy punch pounding on his shoulder, making his whole body to fly upside down.

Long Yu fell on the ground, and felt intense pain in his shoulder, but he clenched his teeth and didn’t utter a single sound from his mouth.

Fortunately, just a moment ago he used the twinkling step and got a deeper insight of this agility type martial skill. After a lapse of two weeks, it seemed as if he had almost reached the peak of agility type martial skill. (Mystique- One twinkling step can send Long Yu’s body 30 feet across)

When Qin Tianque saw Long Yu lying on ground, painfully clenching his teeth, he stood proudly, and a strong look of disdain appeared in his eyes.

“Boy, even if you have stepped into Wudao sixth layer, but you still aren’t my opponent. I am at Wudao seventh layer, so there is a difference of heaven and earth between us!”

Qin Tianque step by step moved towards Long Yu, preparing to give the final blow.

“This despicable person took away the neidan of Teng snake king from my sister and also injured my sister’s leg, and now, he secretly absorbed the neidan and reached the Wudao sixth layer.’’

Qin Tianque indifferently said: “Tell me, what I should do with him?”

Qin Ronger didn’t say anything, but the other three disciples immediately exclaimed in a loud voice: “This person is despicable and cruel, without any sense of shame. How could Zhentian Sect possibly allow such type of despicable person to exist in the Sect? Brother Qin, it’s better to kill him and clean the waste from our sect!”

“Clean the waste, well said.”

It seemed like Qin Ronger’s eyes were spraying fire.

Neidan of Teng snake king used by this boy was practically going to be wasted. If he had not used it, then Qin Ronger would have consumed it to step into Wudao sixth layer, and half a month later, she might have participated in the competition at Royal Ancient Ginseng forest.

“All of this is this person’s fault, brother you must kill him and clean up a waste like him from Zhentian Sect.”

Saying that, Qin Roger gritted her teeth and didn’t even think that not long ago, it was Long Yu who actually saved her life from the Teng snake king.

“It is natural.”

At that time, Qin Tianque stood there, bulging out his chest like a god of death in a dark and gloomy forest, and he moved forward and came close to Long Yu: “Relying on your strength of flickering wind step at the Da Cheng level, you can also use twinkling step for short time, but let’s see how you will run this time?”

“If you must kill me, then why waste time on idle talk, hurry up and begin.”

Still lying on the ground, Long Yu said in an indifferent tone as if he was ready for anything or everything!

“Such being the case, I’ll give you what you want.”

Qin Tianque laughed and having the stance of the final victor, he lifted his one leg and severely stamped towards Long Yu!

Great strength of 64,000 Jin was condensed in his foot, and when he lifted his foot, it produced howling sound in the surrounding air, and it was absolutely sure that if his leg would step on Long Yu, it would instantly turn him into meat paste.

But right now, injured by the fist attack from Qin Tianque, Long Yu didn’t have an opportunity to dodge this attack.

In the face of this cruel scene, the three outer disciples didn’t say anything and just stood there watching silently.

In their eyes, as long as their interest was getting served, they didn’t care what would happen to Long Yu!

Even Qin Ronger’s eyes showed a touch of anticipation, as this boy had taken the neidan of Teng snake king from her and secretly absorbed it, now was the time for him to finally pay the price.


Qin Tianque shouted loudly and stepped down on Long Yu.


With the loud bang, the dust flew upwards, however before the foot landed on Long Yu, his figure actually turned into an afterimage and dissipated in the wind!


At the moment, Qin Tianque could not react, and for a while, he remained frozen on the spot. How could this boy turn into an afterimage?

Not only Qin Tianque, but Qin Ronger and other three were startled as well. How did the boy vanish all of a sudden?

They looked all around but did not see the figure of Long Yu anywhere, which totally confused them.

However, at this time, Qin Tianque suddenly felt a whistling wind coming from over his head, his heart trembled instantly, and he quickly raised his head to look, but could only see a pair of shoes growing bigger and bigger, as they were dropping down towards his head.

“Damn you!”

Long Yu was actually falling from the sky!

Bang, one foot of Long Yu hit on the head of unprepared Qin Tianque, and the strength condensed in this kick was absolutely exceeding the strength limit of Long Yu!


Qin Tianque didn’t get a chance to react in time and Long Yu severely stepped on his head. Qin Tianque’s body fell on the ground while his neck was directly broken under the heavy impact of tremendous strength possessed by Long Yu. He died on the spot without getting any chance to fight back, it was an instant death!

It turned out just at the crucial moment, Long Yu suddenly felt that he had broken through to the peak level of flickering wind step and a martial cultivator at the peak level of flicker wind step could produce an afterimage of himself and could also take three consecutive twinkling steps to cross a distance of 100 feet in a blink of an eye.

When Qin Tianque stepped his leg towards Long Yu, he instantly displayed the peak level of flickering wind step and left behind an afterimage of himself, and used three consecutive twinkling steps to reach 100 feet into the sky, right above the head of Qin Tianque.

Falling from a height of 100 feet in the sky, coupled with his entire strength condensed in his leg, he actually kicked Qin Tianque!

Just now the screen of that blue wind did not appear, might be because it showed only when Qin Tianque was using his agility type martial skill, but while facing Long Yu’s kick, Qin Tianque simply did not have enough time to activate his agility skill.

However, when Qin Tianque’s lifeless body fell on the ground, Long Yu also fell down, because although he kicked Qin Tianque, but the strength of counter-shock was too big and his leg broke off once again!

Of course, when compared to losing his life, a broken leg was nothing.

Qin Tianque’s haughty figure fell on the ground, while his mouth was open and his eyes were openly staring with disbelief indicating that he never expected that he would be trampled to death by Long Yu.

Qin Tianque was an inner disciple of Zhentian Sect and was also at Wudao seventh layer, but was killed by receiving one kick from a boy who just entered into the Wudao sixth layer?


Qin Ronger was completely shocked because her elder brother was considered an outstanding genius from childhood to adulthood, then how could he actually die like this?

Long Yu choked back his leg pain, stood up reluctantly, and swept his eyes towards Qin Ronger but did not pay attention to her. He lowered his head and took the battle weapon from Qin Tianque’s corpse.

Xuan wind seal, finally obtained!

“Sister Qin, this boy is extremely cruel, he actually killed your elder brother, and we must kill him and get justice for your brother’s murder.”

At this moment, there was a sudden change in reactions of the three outer disciples and one could clearly see the color of greed in their eyes!

If they combined their strengths with Qin Ronger to kill the wounded Long Yu, then they would be able to capture the battle weapon, Xuan wind seal. One must know that only inner disciples could have battle weapons, but for the outer disciples, it was just like a precious treasure!

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