Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 4 – Feng clan’s young master

Feng clan’s young master

Long Yu could practice? It was definitely big and good news for Feng Longsong.

It had become a heart-knot for Feng Longsong when Long Yu was unable to practice. In this world filled with martial artists, one who couldn’t practice was actually considered a waste!

“Now, I can practice, and I have also entered the first layer of Wudao.”

Long Yu laughed and nodded.

“Yes, yes! It really is a blessing in disguise. You are really lucky!”

There was a joyful color on the firm and resolute face of Feng Longsong. He put out his hand and grabbed Long Yu’s wrist to check whether the Xuan qi was circulating in his meridians and he found out that it was actually circulating in his previously blocked meridians. He found out that the blockage in his meridians was gone and he had really entered the first layer of Wudao.

Feng Longsong was very glad in his heart that nothing happened to Long Yu otherwise he would regret this for a lifetime.

“Foster father, I had to kill those two servants to protect my life……”

Long Yu was a little embarrassed, because the two servants belonged to Feng Longsong and Feng clan.

“No harm, they wanted to kill you, so they were courting death.”

Feng Longsong smiled and waved his hand: “You just entered into the world of Wudao and defeated two servants. It’s apparent that your fighting talent is very good. Later, you must practice diligently and work hard, and then only you can grasp the future in your own hands!”

Grasp the future in one’s own hands!

Long Yu nodded seriously because he certainly understood that it was the truth.

In the world of martial arts, even if one had high potential and latent talent, but it might not come out in the end. This road was extremely hard, and one needed to have a stubborn nature, firm and resolute character, and absolute determination to rise through the challenges to arrive at the pinnacle.

“Well, don’t think about it too much.”

Feng Longsong saw Long Yu’s dignified look, and with a gentle smile on his face, he patted his shoulder and said: “I had prepared a Ling Xuan Pellet for Feng Yao, but she went back in a hurry and I couldn’t get a chance to give it to her. Since, now that you have stepped into the world of Wudao, I will give this to you.”

Then he pulled out a fine small porcelain bottle from his clothes and gave it to Long Yu.

“Ling Xuan Pellet!”

Long Yu was surprised as it was actually a medicinal pill!

Medicinal pills helped significantly in the growth of a martial artist. In some large clans, since childhood, they would consume various medicinal pills and that would help in their cultivation growing faster and greater than an average warrior.

“Ling Xuan Pellet is a low grade medicinal pill, and although it is the lowest ranked medicine, but, it would be very useful for you.”

Feng Longsong said with a smile: “Go and absorb it right now and start practicing, don’t dawdle.”


Long Yu did not shirk, after all, he was really in the need of a medicinal pill.

As Feng Longsong said earlier, although this Ling Xuan Pellet was a low ranked medicinal pill, but even for Feng Longsong, getting this pill wouldn’t have been so easy.

The inherent value of Ling Xuan Pellet was so much that it could meet the cost of living of an ordinary family of three for at least ten years

He took the small porcelain bottle containing the Ling Xuan Pellet then left for the small courtyard where he lived.

Feng Longsong stood at the hall entrance looking at the gradually disappearing back profile of Long Yu and nodded with a quite pleased look in his eyes.

“General, now your son has finally stepped into the world of Wudao. Even I never thought that there would come such a day……”

A trace of tears flashed in the eyes of Fen Longsong!

In the past, the General had galloped great distances to rush into the area of enemies to kill them, but he never returned. Now, if Long Yu could have high achievements in the field of martial arts then Feng Longsong would be satisfied for his whole life.


Long Yu was pacing towards his small courtyard. When he had reached halfway, he sensed that a person had suddenly emerged from the side

“Waste boy, do you remember what day is it today?”

An arrogant youth, clad in brocade dress, suddenly came in front of Long Yu and blocked his way. He was also accompanied by the two Feng clan servants and not just that haughty boy, even the two Feng servants were giving contempt looks to Long Yu.

Feng Luo!

Long Yu lightly smiled: “So it is the young master Feng Luo, how can I possibly forget about what day it is today?”

Formerly when Long Yu couldn’t practice, young master Feng Luo relied on his young master’s status to always beat him up and grab his monthly expenses given by the Palace hall.

“Oh, don’t try to feign ignorance.”

Feng Luo looked disdainfully and groaned: “Little guy, hand over the monthly expenses, anyway you cannot practice because you are a waste. What will you do with so much money, it will all go to waste, so you might as well just give it to me so I can raise my strength!”

In front of Long Yu, a waste, the arrogance of this young master had fully boosted up, after all, he was at the third layer of Wudao.

Although the Wudao third layer was nothing for others, but for a waste like Long Yu, it was extremely powerful!

“The money I take from you, you definitely don’t use it for practicing right? I bet you will use it for seeking pleasure!”

Long Yu contemptuously smiled: “Really? But I think that giving my monthly expenses to you would actually be a waste of resources.”

“Waste, are you really in a mood of getting beaten?”

Feng Luo never thought that today’s Long Yu would not be docile like always.

He certainly did not know that now Long Yu had stepped into the world of Wudao and there was not much gap left between their strengths. Since Long Yu had been humiliated by him many times so now that he had gained strength, he would naturally not suffer in silence!

“Do you think you can fight me, a master of Wudao third stage……”

Long Yu thought, although his strength was lower than that of Feng Luo, but he had a vast experience in killing from his past life, and by activating the Azure Dragon mark and gaining Wudao second layer’s strength of 1000 Jin, he might be able to utilize his killing skills properly and wouldn’t necessarily lose to Feng Luo.

However, at that moment, a loud shout arrived from far away.

“Stop! Feng Luo, what are you doing?”

Feng Longsong’s figure appeared in the distance!

“Feng Longsong?”

The complexion on Feng Luo’s face suddenly changed and he clenched his teeth then said: “We leave, as for you waste boy, you are in luck today.”

Then, with the two servants, he walked away.

I was in luck?

Long Yu watched the leaving figure of Feng Luo, and with a faint smile, he thought to himself, as who exactly was in luck today!

Feng Longsong saw the retreating figure of Feng Luo, but he didn’t come, he just smiled towards Long Yu and then turned around and went back.

Long Yu gave a side glance at the leaving figure of Feng Longsong, then turned around and left.

“Feng Luo has a big brother named Feng Yun, and long ago, he joined one of the seven large Sects of Tang State, the famous Zhentian Sect, and now, he is already a core disciple……”

In his own small courtyard, Long Yu thought to himself: “As he has been able to become a core disciple then his cultivation would have already surpassed that of the foster father, but the most important thing is that he is still young, and in the future, I am afraid, he might replace foster father and become the head of the clan.”

Feng Luo was so arrogant and would blatantly challenge and abuse Long Yu, but even after knowing all that, Feng Longsong never interfered because of his strong big brother, Feng Yun.

Every year at the annual competition of the Feng clan, Feng Yao would always lose to Feng Yun, which clearly showed how strong he really was.

“If I can quickly raise my cultivation then I may be able to help foster father.”

Long Yu had firmly determined in his heart to return the favor for the mountain of favors he had received from Feng Longsong. How could Long Yu not do anything to help his foster father when the position of the head of the clan would be snatched by someone else?

Tightly holding the small porcelain bottle in his hand, he continued to walk, but this time, his steps were more firm and resolute than before!

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