Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 5 – Wudao second layer

Wudao second layer

Long Yu was sitting cross-legged inside the room. He had closed his eyes and was trying to control his breath.

He had just consumed the Ling Xuan Pellet and it was helping him in slowly absorbing the divine Lingqi. It melted down inside his body and started refining his body enhancing his cultivation.

This pellet was actually a kind of immortality pill and was refined from various medicinal ingredients which when consumed could refine the body of the practitioner and could also maximize the effects of medicinal herbs and other raw materials.

For example, although, Ling Xuan Pellet was a low-grade medicine, but once consumed and assimilated, it could provide results equivalent to the six months of rigorous cultivation for a warrior!

It was clear that if a warrior had enough money, then he could purchase a variety of immortality pills which could help his cultivation to grow quickly than others, but there was flaw in this. After a warrior had consumed an immortality pill, his body would produce antibodies for the same immortality pill, and if he would try to consume the same pill later then the effects would be greatly reduced.

‘’Cultivation talent and immortality pill absorption capacity differs from warrior to warrior. I do not know what my absorption capacity is.”

Long Yu was thinking while the Ling Xuan Pellet had started to circulate the Xuan qi in his meridians.

An extremely rich Lingqi began to emanate from the Ling Xuan Pellet in his body and started getting absorbing by his meridians while the Xuan qi was also rapidly circulating in the meridians of his body .He could clearly feel that the Lingqi released from the immortality pills was being converted into his own Xuan qi.

He originally had a very less amount of Xuan qi in his body but it had started to expand gradually.

His strength of 1000 Jin had also started to increase gradually.

1100 Jin……

1200 Jin……

Soon, the Ling Xuan Pellet had completely melted in his body and had changed into divine Lingqi, however he had been unable to completely absorb the generated divine Lingqi.

“So, I can only absorb 30% Lingqi from the immortality pills.”

Long Yu was soon disappointed as 30% absorption capacity of immortality pills was at the same level as Feng Yao.

In fact, the absorption capacity of 30% of Lingqi generated from the immortality pills was considered very good for the warriors in the Tianyu Continent, and with an absorption capacity of 30%, if one entered into the seven large Sects of the Tang State, he would be counted among the top disciples, because the average absorption capacity for the warriors was generally in the range of 10% to 20%.

However, in the previous life, Long Yu was the King of Killers, and had always been quite strict with himself. Since now he had entered into world of Wudao then he wouldn’t stop until he would reach the pinnacle of the martial arts.

“A mere 30% absorption capacity of Lingqi from the immortality pills is not enough!”

Long Yu tightly clenched his fists, but suddenly, at this very moment, he felt that Azure Dragon Mark on his chest was heating up.


Long Yu scowled and wrinkled his eyebrows. Could it be that this Azure Dragon mark had some other mysterious abilities as well?

While he was still thinking, a mysterious power emerged out of the mark and began to circulate in his meridians.

Long Yu made a shocking discovery that the Lingqi, generated from the Ling Xuan Pellet, which he couldn’t absorb and should have been wasted, had actually been absorbed by his body under the effect of this mysterious power.

“This is so against the heaven’s will!”

Long Yu’s heart thumped heavily and he had an incredible feeling throughout his body.

With the help of the mysterious power generated by the Azure Dragon Mark, Long Yu’ body had been able to fully absorb the Lingqi present in the Ling Xuan Pellet and his cultivation had also broken through to the Wudao second layer.

After reaching the second layer of Wudao, he had also gained the massive strength of 2000 Jin.

After breaking through to the Wudao second layer, the Lingqi generated from the Ling Xuan Pellet, which couldn’t be consumed by the body of Long Yu, had actually been stored up in his Dantian.

Although Azure Dragon mark had made it possible for him to absorb 100% Lingqi from the Ling Xuan Pellet but he couldn’t assimilate this surplus Lingqi as he had just experienced a breakthrough into the Wudao second layer, so his cultivate state had not yet consolidated, so it would be better to absorb the surplus Lingqi, currently stored in his Dantian, after fully consolidating his state in the Wudao second layer.

At the same time, he also found out that when he entered into the Wudao second layer, the Azure Dragon Mark on his chest had changed a bit and he didn’t know what this change signified.

“Just what is this Azure Dragon Mark……”

With the help of the mysterious ability of Azure Dragon Mark, now, he could fully absorb and assimilate the immortality pills which would greatly help him in increasing his power giving him an edge over his opponents.

In other words, under the same practice conditions and practice resources, his practice speed would be three times more than a genius like Feng Yao!

It seemed that relying on this Azure Dragon Mark, he would be able to quickly catch up with other peers reducing the gap between him and others, and soon, he might be able to surpass them.

Azure Dragon Mark had become his biggest secret, and he had not even told Feng Longsong about it, because the abilities of this mysterious mark were extremely shocking for anyone.

For the next few days, Long Yu concentrated on consolidating his cultivation in his room. Except Fen Longsong, nobody in the Feng clan knew that now he could practice.

On that day, Feng Longsong went to investigate the assassination attempt on his foster son. He wanted to know the identity of the two servants who had been assigned to assassinate Long Yu. After searching for a while, he found their dead bodies in the river and was greatly startled.

Out of the two dead servants, one was actually at the second layer of Wudao.

In other words, Long Yu had just entered into the world of Wudao, and he was able to kill a servant of Wudao second layer? This was truly incredible.

Feng Longsong would not disclose this matter to anyone because he knew that there were many in the Feng clan who despised Long Yu and if they came to know that now he could practice then they would definitely try to eliminate him before he would grow stronger and might turn into a possible threat to them.

After three days.

Long Yu had fully consolidated his cultivation at the Wudao second layer and now he could display the strength of 2000 Jin. He was satisfied with his progress and left his small courtyard.

Next, he wanted to visit the Feng clan’s Martial Court to pick twelve feats of martial arts practice.

Although, in the previous life, he was extremely skilled in assassinations and killing techniques which had also made him famous as the King of Killers, but in the Tianyu Continent, those techniques alone couldn’t guarantee his safety. In this world, there were various types of martial arts techniques used by the martial artists, and what was most troublesome that they could use the incredible might of Xuan qi in those techniques, making them even harder to deal with. Long Yu still didn’t know how to actually use the Xuan qi in martial arts and he needed to learn all these things.

Feng Clan, Martial Court….

When Long Yu arrived at the entrance of Martial Court, many juniors of the Feng Clan began to look at him with curious looks in their eyes.

Why would a waste like him who couldn’t practice come to the Martial Court?

The Feng Clan was one of the four major clans in the Yu Guan city, so it was natural that it had hundreds of descendants, with many branch families. That’s why there were a lot of people present there.

Feng Clan juniors would generally visit the Martial Court to choose martial art techniques for practicing.

When Long Yu was about to enter into the entrance of the Martial Court, suddenly a haughty voice came from the front: “Oh it’s you, ha ha, everyone, look who has come, isn’t it that waste boy who can’t practice?”

When people heard these words, the surroundings immediately resounded with a loud chorus sound of laughter.

Long Yu raised his head to take a look and saw that it was Feng Luo, the young master of the Feng Clan, who had come to take his money three days ago, and there was a also condescending look in his eyes!

“Feng Luo, what do you want?”

Long Yu said lightly.

“Waste, you even dare to come to the Marital Court. Don’t tell me you have come to choose a martial arts technique for practicing?”

Feng Luo tried to act high and mighty and looked at Long Yu with contempt: “Everyone knows that Xuan qi is necessary to practice martial arts techniques, so how can you even think about practicing when your body cannot produce Xuan qi?”

“What if I insist to go inside?”

Long Yu said in cold voice…..

Feng Luo had repeatedly bullied him again and again and had also snatched his money many times. Now, he was trying to prevent him from entering the Martial Court! If Long Yu stayed silent now then that would really be an insult to his previous status of the King of Killers.

“Do you think you can go inside?”

Feng Luo was looking at Long Yu with a look of disdain in his eyes: “If you sincerely want to go inside and have a look at the incredible martial arts techniques present in the Feng Clan’s Martial Court, then first you will have to demonstrate your sincerity. All you need to do is take three punches and ten slaps on the face from me, and then you get on your knees and go inside while crawling. I am a very generous person right?”

Three punches, ten slaps on the face then crawl inside?

Many juniors of Feng Clan present in the surroundings were watching this scene with great interest, although Feng Luo was only at the third layer of Wudao, but in comparison to a waste like Long Yu, he was still strong enough.

A waste like Long Yu, who even dared to come to Feng clan martial Court, really deserved to be humiliated.

They’d like to see what would happen to him in the end.

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