Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 6 – Feng Clan will not welcome

Chapter 6 Feng Clan will not welcome

With a look of disdain in his eyes Feng Luo was standing in front of Long Yu at the Martial Court.

“Three punches, ten slaps on the face then crawl inside?”

Long Yu asked in a calm demeanor.

Even the servants of the Feng Clan were allowed to enter the Martial Court without any problem, but at present, Long Yu, the adopted son of the Fen clan’s head wanted to enter the Martial Court, then he would have to kowtow to others? This was simply ridiculous.

Long Yu was being bullied because the influence of Feng Longsong as Feng clan’s head had watered away. He was soon going to be substituted from his position as the clan head.

“Well, young master Feng Luo is generous, if not so, then a waste like him should be kicked out of the Feng clan.”

Feng Luo’s eyes squinted disdainfully as he was looking at Long Yu.

“Is that so?”

Long Yu sneered. He was not anxious to get involved and shifted his vision towards the side of the entrance of the Martial Court.

The Martial Court used to have guards near its entrance and today’s guard was an elder from a collateral branch of the Feng Clan, named Feng Tianxiang.

Long Yu looked at Feng Tianxiang. He looked like an old senile man, his beard and hair were all white, but his cultivation could not be underestimated. The cultivation of Feng Luo could not be compared to his cultivation.

When he discovered that Long Yu was looking at him, he slightly opened his eyes, waved his hand and languidly said: “Just as the young master Feng Luo said, unless you take three punches and ten slaps on the face from him then get on your knees and crawl, you will not be allowed to enter the Martial Court.’’

As the juniors of the Feng Clan heard these words, they laughed loudly with a look of ridicule on their faces.

“This Long Yu is really a waste, and doesn’t he know that elder Tianxiang is also a person of our Feng Clan. He actually tried to ask him for help!”

“Ridiculous, this waste should be ousted from the Feng Clan. His living here is simply a waste of food for the Feng Clan.”

“It is said that this waste was expelled from an influential aristocratic clan of Imperial City, and now, he shamelessly came to freeload in our Feng Clan.”

Long Yu was listening to these junior’s taunts but there was a faint smile on his face and this was a smile of indifference.

It seemed like this Feng Clan would never accept him!

In the entire Feng Clan, it was only Feng Longsong who had always been generous to him. Earlier, when he couldn’t practice and stayed at home all the time, then he would be humiliated by these people who would call him a waste. But now that he wanted to enter the Martial Court to choose a martial arts technique then he had actually encountered so many obstacles.

“If Feng Clan doesn’t want to accept me then I don’t need to tolerate anymore!”

Long Yu was tenacious and a person of tough character, so naturally he wouldn’t suffer anymore humiliation.

Now he had entered into the world of Wudao and if he stayed with the Feng Clan then that would cause problems for Feng Longsong. Right now he was weak, so he decided that it was better to leave Feng Clan and go out to have experiences in life, and after getting stronger, he would come back to help his foster father.

But before leaving, he would definitely teach this arrogant bully, Feng Luo, a lesson he would never forget in his life.

“Feng Luo!”

Long Yu stepped forward and his eyes revealed indifference when he looked at Feng Luo: “You keep on saying that I am a waste, but if one day, this waste steps on you and puts you under his foot, then what would that make you?”


These words were like a thunderclap and shocked everyone who was present there.

How could this waste even dare to say such a thing? A waste, who could not practice, actually dared to say that he would bring a Wudao third layer master, Feng Luo, under his foot!

A warrior at Wudao third layer possessed the strength of 4000 Jin. Even a punch with such strength could turn Long Yu into meat paste!

In the Martial Court, everyone was staring at Long Yu. They thought that this waste had turned crazy. He actually dared to say such provocative words to the young master Feng Luo. Young master Feng Luo came in the direct line of descendants of the Feng Clan and was the younger brother of Feng Yun, so even if he killed Long Yu, nothing would happen to him.

Everyone thought that this waste was courting death. Perhaps he was insulted to such an extent that he had gone crazy?

“What did you say?”

The triumphant look on his face instantly changed to a cold one.

When it came to strength, he ­­­­­­­­­indeed didn’t hold a good position in the Feng Clan. Feng Yao had the same age as him, but she had already entered the Wudao seventh layer and had also become a disciple of Hanbing Sect. But he had never been able to break through from the bottleneck of Wudao third layer into the Wudao fourth layer, so he was not ­­­­qualified to join any major Sects.

He would always brood in his heart, but now this waste Long Yu actually said that he would step on him and put him underfoot? This was simply outrageous!

“Waste, you are courting death! I will waste your leg and let you know the consequences of thoughtlessly saying those words to me!”

Feng Luo looked extremely furious. He dashed forward and condensed the strength of Wudao third layer in his hands.

Wudao third layer granted the strength of 4000 Jin. Three days ago, Long Yu would not have necessarily been his match.

But three days ago, he had consumed Ling Xuan Pellet and had also stepped into the second layer of Wudao and had gained the strength of 2000 Jin. After the activation of Azure Dragon Mark, he would also get an additional strength of 1000 Jin.

With the strength of 3000 Jin coupled with the accumulated experience of killing from his past life, Long Yu would have no difficulty to deal with Feng Luo.

Feng Luo had been unable to breakthrough from the bottleneck of Wudao third layer and he certainly could not comprehend any profound martial arts so his battle efficiency was considered quite weak.


With a fierce look in his eyes, Feng Luo condensed the strength of 4000 Jin in his right fist, and released a dark aura, as if coming straight from the netherworld itself. His appearance resembled that of an Asura while he brandished his fist towards the chest of Long Yu.

“Asura hand, it is one of the martial arts technique of Martial Court. This Feng Luo has already comprehended it to the Xiao Cheng level!”

“This waste is doomed! Earlier, he had not been able to practice but after this fight, he will lose a leg and become crippled!”

“Asura hand, if practiced to the Da Cheng level then just the aura released by the practitioner can scare the people, but what a pity that even after practicing for so many years, Feng Luo has only comprehended it to Xiao Cheng level.”

“Feng Luo doesn’t need Asura hand to deal with a waste like Long Yu. In fact, he doesn’t need a martial arts technique against a waste.”

Juniors of the Feng Clan were talking among themselves while pointing towards the two.

No one thought that Long Yu would be able to escape from such an attack.

In fact, Long Yu did not want to escape. He communicated with the Azure Dragon Mark through his thoughts and activated it. Immediately a mysterious strength flooded in his limbs and bones.

Strength of 3000 Jin!

Except the strength, Long Yu was better than Feng Luo when it came to fighting skill and battle experience.

While facing Feng Luo’s punch, Long Yu quickly came into action, and tilted his body sideways to dodge the punch, and instantly swept his leg towards the front.


With a force 3000 Jin, Long Yu’s leg heavily kicked on the knee of Feng Luo. He could not bear the intense pain from the force present in the kick and fell down with a “bang” on the ground while screaming loudly.


Long Yu lifted his foot and stepped on the back of Feng Luo, lying on the ground, with a faint smile on his face: “This guy is really so weak, I thought he would be stronger.”

A pin drop silence spread in the Martial Court.

Just one move and Long Yu had brought down Feng Luo underfoot!

Everyone was dumbstruck as they could not believe their own eyes. What just happened? A waste who could not practice had used one move to push down the young master on the ground and had put him underfoot.

“This, this, how is this possible?”

“Isn’t he a waste? But that kick just now seemed to contain strength of 2000 or maybe 3000 Jin!”

“It’s impossible, I must have dazzled.”

Many people rubbed their eyes, but when they opened their eyes, they saw the same scene once again. They were now totally speechless because Long Yu’s foot was still on the back of young master Feng Luo.

In their minds, for a moment, the provocative words of Long Yu resounded – “If one day, a waste like me steps on you and puts you under his foot, then what would that make you?”

What would that make him?

Of course, worse than a waste!

On the ground, with Long Yu’s foot on his back, Feng Luo felt as if the whole sky had fallen down upon him. He had actually been defeated by a waste and that too in one move!

“How is this possible, you are obviously just a waste……”

Feng Luo clenched his teeth and his eyes had become blood shot.

“Yes, I am a waste, but you are worse than a waste.”

Long Yu said lightly: “I think you said that you will waste my leg? If that’s the case then I should do the same to you right!”


Feng Tianxiang, who was sitting near the entrance Martial Court, finally reacted!

He was quick similar to the gust of wind and there was a stern countenance flashing in his eyes: ‘’Violence is not allowed near the Martial Court and those who resort to violence here will court death.’’

Long Yu stood calmly and sneered: “Are you blind or what?”

When Feng Luo had arrogantly said to break his leg and attacked him, then this Feng Tianxiang did not bother about it. But, now that Long Yu wanted to retaliate then he finally decided to come out and preach the principle of non-violence in the Martial Court. It was simply ridiculous!

Although Feng Tianxiang was fast, but after all, there was still a long distance between him and Long Yu.

His speed was fast but was inferior to Long Yu’s quick action!

Long Yu raised his foot and heavily stepped down.


Everyone heard a clear sound of breaking bone and looks on their faces immediately change.

“A waste like you actually dared to cripple young master!”

A furious look flashed in the eyes of Feng Tianxiang and his stature fiercely sped in the direction of Long Yu!

Today, he was on the guard duty of Martial Court, but Feng Luo’s leg was wasted right in front of him which was simply a great insult, moreover this had put him in a very bad situation.

He knew very well that Feng Luo was the younger brother of Feng Yun who was going to be the future head of the Feng Clan!

“Waste, since you have courted your own death, you cannot complain about anything. Even if you have somehow entered into the world of Wudao, but I will cripple you, just to let you know that a waste will always be a waste!”

Feng Tianxiang was extremely angry. He instantly used the technique Asura hand which was actually at the Da Cheng level.

If this was to hit Long Yu, then rather than just getting crippled, he would instantly die!

“What’s going on here?”

Just when Feng Tianxiang was about to approach Long Yu, a deep voice resounded, and only after an instant, a tall figure arrived right in front of Long Yu.

Feng clan’s head, Feng Longsong had finally arrived at the scene.


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