Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 7 – Maiden in red

Chapter-7 Maiden in red


After a loud noise, the two figures quickly separated.

Feng Longsong firmly stood in front of Long Yu, and didn’t retreat even half a step, steady as a rock!

But, the elder Feng Tianxiang withdrew several steps after the collision and his complexion immediately paled and started to gasp. It was obvious that he had lost to Feng Longsong in terms of strength.

“Feng Longsong, you are the head of Feng Clan then how can you tolerate when an outsider actually dares to enter the Martial Court?”

Feng Tianxiang stared at Feng Longsong and said in a stern voice.

“Well, that’s what you think, but in my eyes, Long Yu is a member of Feng Clan.”

Feng Longsong indifferently said: “So that being the case, I will give my final judgment being the head of the clan. For no reason, Feng Luo initiated a fight in front of the Martial Court and even attacked first on Long Yu, so now that his leg is wasted, it will be considered as his punishment for starting violence in front of Martial Court! Hence, Long Yu is not guilty.”

“You are going too far!”

Feng Tianxiang was so furious that it seemed as if his eyes were emitting fire.

“Don’t pretend, you know very well who is right and who is wrong.”

As stern countenance flashed in the eyes of Feng Longsong: “Since you cannot differentiate right from wrong, let me enlighten you. As the Head of the Feng Clan, I ask of you, Feng Tianxiang, the elder who is on guard duty today at the Martial Court. How did you tolerate when the children of our Feng Clan were resorting to violence in front the Martial Court, which is strictly prohibited by the rules of the clan. Following the Feng Clan’s code of conduct, as an elder, you have tried to overlook the violation of the rule, so I deprive you of your elder’s status, and from now on, you do not need to guard the Martial Court anymore.”


Feng Tianxiang looked at Feng Longsong with a killing intent flashing in his eyes: “Feng Longsong, how can you deprive me of my elder’s status?”

“Using the authority of the head of Feng Clan, I can.”

Feng Longsong said in a dignified manner suiting his status as the head of the clan.

At this moment, Feng Tianxiang’s complexion completely turned ashen.

This time, it was over for him!

Not only was he deprived of his elder’s status, Feng Luo was also crippled right in front of him and he couldn’t stop it, later when Feng Yun and the father of the two brothers came to know about this incident, he would face severe consequences……

When Feng Tianxiang thought of this, his vision blurred with hatred and anger as he stared at Long Yu.

He thought that this ill fate had befallen him just because of this waste. If only this waste didn’t exist then he would not be facing this tragic situation!

But, not once did he realize that he himself was the reason that his ill fate had befallen him.

“Little Yu, are you alright?”

Feng Longsong turned towards Long Yu and asked in a soft tone with a smile on his face.

“I am alright, many thanks to foster father for looking out for me.”

Long Yu shook his head.

“Such being the case, why don’t you hurry up and pick some martial art technique from the Martial Court.”

Feng Longsong said while smiling.

“No need for that, foster father, I want to go out and wander the world and have my own adventures.”

Long Yu shook his head, since he had already decided to leave the Feng Clan, then he wouldn’t touch the martial arts techniques of Feng Clan.

“Wander the world?”

Feng Longsong couldn’t help but gawked for a moment, but he immediately smiled in a gratified manner and whispered in his ears: “Good, good, now that you are capable enough to have beaten Feng Luo in just one move, I think you can protect yourself in the outside world. Your father has an old friend in Zhentian Sect, so why don’t you go there and have a look?”

“Zhentian Sect, good.”

Long Yu nodded.

His father had an old friend in Zhentian Sect, who could that be?

At present, he certainly did not know, so first he would need to go to Zhentian Sect to find out.

Since he had already decided to go, certainly, the sooner the better, and both Feng Longsong and Long Yu immediately left the Martial Court to help Long Yu prepare for the journey.

Long Yu followed Feng Longsong and left the Martial Court, and the news about what happened outside the Martial Court soon spread throughout the Feng Clan. The rumor spread like forest fire that Long Yu, who was supposed to be a waste, could practice now and was no longer a waste.

He was not a waste, and not just that, he actually wasted a leg of Feng Luo, so he was quite ruthless as well!

Then the news spread that Long Yu would soon leave to join Hanbing Sect, one of seven large Sects of Tang State.

“That waste is going to join one of the seven large Sects? That’s just wishful thinking!”

“Just because he defeated Feng Luo, that idiot thinks he is talented enough to dream about joining one of the large Sects, how ridiculous.”

“No one can say for sure, the daughter of the Clan head is a disciple of the Hanbing Sect, maybe that waste Long Yu joins the Hanbing Sect based on his relationship with her? Ha ha!”

A group of Feng Clan members were talking about, but they did not know that they had actually obtained false news.

Long Yu was going to the Zhentian Sect instead of Hanbing Sect. The Hanbing Sect was located towards the north of the Yu Guan city and Zhentian Sect was located in the southern direction of Yu Guan city. Both these Sects were located in the opposite directions and were separated by several thousand miles from each other!

This was the plan of Long Yu all along because he knew that now that he had crippled Feng Luo, some people wouldn’t give up and come after him for sure.

For the next two days, Feng Luo’s father and Feng Longsong’s brother, Feng Longtian brought up the matter about his son and caused havoc several times.

Once Long Yu would leave the Yu Guan City, the opposite party would most likely pursue him!

Now that the false news had spread, even if the other side wanted to pursue him, it would be impossible for them to find the trail of Long Yu.

Three days later at night, a horse had been arranged for Long Yu. Feng Longsong had also prepared some money for Long Yu’s journey and gave it to him and secretly saw him off on the southern side of Yu Guan City.

Zhentian Sect was thousands of miles away from the Yu Guan City and even if he was riding a horse, it would take him several days to reach there.

“Foster father must have put a lot of effort in obtaining a Ling Xuan Pellet and I still haven’t finished assimilating all of the Lingqi generated from it. Its complete absorption should be my top priority.”

When he was leaving, he looked back and gazed upon the Yu Guan city that was currently bathed in moonlight. This was the city where lived the one and only person who was concerned about him, Feng Longsong.

“Rest assured foster father, I will grow stronger as soon as possible. In the Feng Clan competition three months later, I will come back to become your helping hand!”

Long Yu firmly resolved in his heart and accelerated in the direction of his goal, Zhentian Sect.

After Long Yu suddenly vanished, in the Yu Guan City, the movements could be seen among the members of Feng Clan in the Yu Guan City.

Many martial artists secretly rushed towards the north, in order to kill Long Yu on the way, but they never found any trace of him, of course, they soon realized that they had been fooled!

“Little Yu, now Feng Clan will no longer be peaceful. If you can enter into the Zhentian Sect, then I would want you to stay there. It would be much better for your safety to stay away from the Feng Clan.”

Standing at the top of the Feng Clan’s mansion, Feng Longsong continued to look into the distance for a long time then finally sighed.

The current Feng Clan is in a precarious situation. Perhaps, at the Feng Clan’s competition three months later, the new Clan head will be decided!


For the next three days, Long Yu enjoyed riding a horse and rushed in the direction of Zhentian Sect.

During these three days, he had started to slowly absorb the surplus Lingqi accumulated in his Dantian, and by the time he would arrive at the Zhentian Sect, he would already have broken through to the Wudao third layer.

Wudao third layer granted the strength of 4000 Jin, and after activating the Azure Dragon Mark, he could gain an additional strength of 1000 Jin and could become stronger than any other martial artist of Wudao third layer.

After he stepped into the third layer of Wudao, he noticed that the Azure Dragon Mark changed once again, but Long Yu still couldn’t figure out what this change actually represented and gave up.

Early in the morning, Long Yu finally saw endless towering mountain range from afar.

He knew that Zhentian Sect was located somewhere on these mountain ranges!

“Zhentian Sect, one of the seven large Sects of Tang State, just like Feng Yao’s Hanbing Sect. I wonder how it would be to join such a large Sect.”

Long Yu rode forward and looking at the mountain ranges, he remembered the records he had read at the Feng Clan: “Wudao ninth layer is not the final layer, and above Wudao ninth layer, there is another stronger martial realm. But martial artists of this realm can only be found in large Sects like Zhentian Sect …… I must hurry up and gain great strength!”

In less than half an hour, Long Yu stopped not far away from the mountain range, and in front of him, there was a canyon. It was called Zhentian canyon and was the only way through which one could enter the Zhentian Sect.

Many martial cultivators had come to join the Zhentian Sect, and as long as one could pass though the Zhentian canyon, they would pass the assessment, but if they couldn’t cross the Zhentian canyon then they won’t be accepted.

Near the entrance of Zhentian canyon, a group of hundreds of martial cultivators, who had come from the nearby regions, were discussing the countermeasures for dealing with this test.

All of these martial cultivators wanted to join the Zhentian Sect, and according to the rules, only young cultivators with their ages not over 18 years old could participate in the assessment.

Long Yu was exactly eighteen years old and he didn’t have an option to wait for one more year.

“Hey you over there, the one riding the horse, quickly come over here and attend to the Xiaojie!” (Mystique- She is referring to herself as Xiaojie which means young lady or young miss; it’s a princess like way of referring to herself as Xiaojie)

Suddenly an incomparably arrogant female voice passed over and Long Yu slightly frowned.

He tilted his head to look in the direction of that female voice and saw an arrogant looking girl wearing a red dress and was proudly walking towards him while being escorted by a group of servants.

“I am talking to you, what do you look so puzzled?”

When the arrogant young girl looked at the frowning face of Long Yu, an impatient color flashed in her eyes and said: “Since you are riding a horse then you should know how to take care of a horse right? Xiaojie wants to enter the Zhentian canyon, so during this time, you will take care of Xiaojie’s horse. She is called white snow. But if something happened to her then you would be held responsible for that and face consequences!”

The maiden spoke while pointing her finger to a pure-white horse that she just referred to as “white snow”.

After saying, she gave a condescending look to Long Yu, as if letting him to take care of her horse was a big honor for him.

Seeing this scene, many people surrounded and suddenly began to murmur.

“It is Tan Yue, so she had also come to join the Zhentian Sect. It seems that today, at least one person will certainly climb the Zhentian canyon.’’

“Tan Yue, who is she? She seems like an unruly girl to me, what is her background?”

“Hush, if she heard you then you will suffer a miserable fate! She belongs to one of four respected clans of Yu Guan city, Tan Clan, and it is said that head of the Tan Clan is at the ninth layer of Wudao and in the entire Yu Guan City, no one is his match!”

“Not only that, long ago, her elder brother had joined the Zhentian Sect and is ranked among the top three inner disciples!”

Listening to the discussions of the crowd, the pretty girl proudly puffed her chest, and a complacent look emerged in her eyes, as if she was this world’s most noble peacock princess.

However, in the eyes of Long Yu, this young girl was nothing more than a fool.

This arrogant girl actually thought that she would just catch a man on horseback at the entrance of Zhentian canyon and he would politely agree to become her servant. Did she actually think that she could just dictate anyone and make them to take care of her horse?

From his previous life’s experience, Long Yu knew the exact word to describe the condition of such a girl, and that was “princess disease!”

Long Yu did not pay attention to that arrogant Tan Yue and turned around to go straight towards the Zhentian canyon.

He didn’t want to waste time and wanted to join the Zhentian Sect as soon as possible to get stronger. He directly rushed into the Zhentian canyon, why would he waste his time outside? And as far as the matter of taking care of Tan Yue’s silly looking white horse was concerned, it was naturally impossible.

Looking at this action of Long Yu, everyone was stunned.

This black-clothed kid actually dared to defy the words of Tan Yue? He was really asking for death!

Sure enough, when she saw that Long Yu ignored her and turned to leave, the arrogant look on her face immediately changed to a cold one.

She never thought that in these regions, there would be a young guy who could actually dare to ignore her!

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