Dragon Martial Emperor

Chapter 8 – into the canyon

Chapter-8 into the canyon

All of a sudden, Tan Yue’s proud face darkened.

Long Yu turned to leave and did not even look at her. It was clear that she had lost face and considering her spoiled nature, how could she bear such an insult?

“Bring him back, I want to give a slap on his face!”

Tan Yue said in a cold voice to the followers who, at the moment, were standing behind her. They had followed her straight from the Tan Clan to accompany her all the way to the Zhentian Sect.

“Young Miss, he has already entered the Zhentian canyon, I am afraid now it will be difficult to lay our hands on him.”

An older warrior said with a look of embarrassment on his face.

If only they had caught him outside the Zhentian canyon then no one would have bothered, but now that he had already entered the Zhentian canyon, if they tried to put their hands on him, then it would undoubtedly violate the rules of Zhentian Sect.

Even the most influential Tan clan of Yu Guan city wouldn’t dare to offend the Zhentian Sect, one of the seven large sects of Tang State. The common people could not imagine the rich resources and heritage held by the Zhentian Sect, compared to which, the resources of the Tan clan were close to being called trivial.

“Hmph, you all are just a bunch of losers.”

Tan Yue grunted and walked towards the Zhentian canyon: “From today onwards, I am going to be an outer disciple of the Zhentian Sect. As for that insolent boy who acts blindly, you all wait here, and when he comes out of the canyon, break both his hands and legs.”

“Yes, Miss!”

Those followers agreed and watched the figure of Tan Yue disappearing into the entrance of Zhentian canyon and felt a chill in their hearts.

They knew very well about this Xiaojie’s hot temperament.

This black-clothed boy offended our clan’s young miss, now, whether he would become the Zhentian Sect’s disciple or not, but his fate was going to be very miserable!


Long Yu stepped into the Zhentian canyon, and completely concentrated his mind on climbing up this canyon.

Regarding Tan Yue, the so-called princess disease, he did not bother to think about her.

Long Yu looked up and saw that this Zhentian canyon was a long and narrow valley, and there were steep cliffs on its both sides, and there was a long strip of steps present in the middle, leading to the entrance of the Zhentian Sect located at the top.

There were a total of 300 stone steps in this long strip of steps. It was said that if someone tried to climb it up, he would have to face heavy pressure descending from the heaven, and it would prevent him from stepping up further. It was quite impossible to climb these three hundred stone steps for someone without enough strength, perception and comprehension.

Only those who could successfully climb up these three hundred stone steps would be able to join the Zhentian Sect and would become the outer disciples.

“First, I will try it out and see how it turns out for me.”

Long Yu thought to himself, and stepped out to step up these three hundred stone steps.

As he embarked on the first step, he suddenly felt a heavy pressure descending from the heaven. If his cultivation was not strong enough, perhaps, he would have immediately met a cruel death.

Now, Long Yu was at the Wudao third layer with strength of 4000 Jin so he could resist this pressure and wouldn’t have any issues temporarily.

As Long Yu started stepping out on the stone steps, he faced more and more pressure, and with climbing up every step on the stone steps, the heavy pressure descending from the heaven increased incredibly. With each breath, Long Yu slowly climbed up one step at a time and finally reached the 100th step.

Here, Long Yu felt an incredibly heavy pressure!

Burst of heavy pressure continued to surge one after another from both sides and Long Yu felt as if he was walking under a waterfall, and now it had become extremely difficult for him to climb even a single step.

He gritted his teeth and put an effort to withstand the extremely heavy pressure that had enveloped his whole body, but, his back was still straight and his whole body was covered with beads of sweat, but, it seemed as if both his legs would simply bend down.

“Here, the pressure is too large, to the extent that it’s almost unbearable for me to withstand it. I think it’s impossible to climb all the 300 steps even with the strength of Wudao third layer!”

He looked up and saw that he had yet to cover two-third of the distance!

Sure enough, it was said that the entrance examinations held by the seven large Sects of the Tang State were quite tough and the entrance requirements were quite strict. If someone wanted to join one of these large Sects, their age needed to be not more than 18 years and they must also be at least at the Wudao fourth layer.

But, Long Yu was not willing to give up, because he had come here with great difficulty and if he wouldn’t give his best now, then after going back, how would he show his face to his foster father?

“Zhentian Sect’s assessment exam seems impossible to clear for most of the examinees. But, I don’t think that Zhentian Sect just wants to accept disciples with high cultivation level, they certainly also want talented individuals, in that case, there must be other ways……”

Long Yu clenched his teeth and started thinking, and at this moment, he discovered that there were blade-like sharp giant stones present on the cliffs on both sides of the Zhentian canyon and they seemed to be arranged in a special combination.

The special arrangement of these sharp edged giant stones seemed to have Lingqi and it revealed a burst of mysterious breath that moved Long Yu’s heart.

Initially, he was facing a heavy pressure on his body, making him unable to withstand the weight on his body, but suddenly, he entered into quite a marvelous state, and in his eyes, those sharp giant stones and the surrounding world seemed to melt and blend in, as if expressing some idea to him.

The reason was that Long Yu had observed the giant stones on the both sides and had begun to comprehend something!

At that time, that arrogant girl, Tan Yue, also entered the Zhentian canyon and saw Long Yu’s figure at the 100th stone step and a disdainful smile appeared on her face.

“I thought that he would be much skilled, but he is only a waste at Wudao third layer.”

Tan Yue lifted her head in a haughty manner and started climbing up the stone steps. Clad in red dress, she looked graceful and very exquisite.

Earlier, her brother Tan Jian, an inner disciple of the Zhentian Sect, had told her that one must have the strength of Wudao fourth layer to successfully climb up all the 300 stone steps of the Zhentian canyon and someone with the strength of Wudao third layer could only climb 100 stone steps.

She stopped at the 100th stone step where Long Yu was still standing and guessed that his cultivation was only at the Wudao third layer.

But, she was the treasured granddaughter of Tan Clan’s head so she was naturally at the fourth layer of Wudao, and it was going to be quite easy for her to climb up all the 300 stone steps and pass the assessment examination.

Wudao third layer was called a bottleneck and if practitioners could not break through this bottleneck, then no matter how long they would practice, they wouldn’t be able to reach the Wudao fourth layer, just like the young master of Feng Clan, Feng Luo.

But if he broke through the bottleneck, then he would be able to fully utilize the mysterious qi present inside his body which would not only increase his interior strength but his attacking or defensive capabilities would enhance as well, granting him a terrifying strength of 8000 Jin.

Tan Yue was at fourth layer of Wudao with strength of 8000 Jin, so withstanding the heavy pressure was quite easy for her and she quickly arrived at the 100th step next to Long Yu and glanced at him contemptuously.

“Waste, just a master at Wudao third layer and dares to disgrace me, you are quite insolent aren’t you?”

Tan Yue sneered with a look of disdain in her eyes: “You have just made this lady to lose her face, and since this lady doesn’t want to hit you and dirty her own hands, wait until you go out of the canyon, then my followers will naturally make you understand the importance of hierarchy!”

She finished the sentence and thought that it would scare Long Yu and she would get to see a panicked look in his eyes, but, she was totally disappointed.

At that time, Long Yu was in one kind of profound mysterious mood, with his eyes closed and comprehending. He simply did not hear the words of Tan Yue and was unaware that she was standing next to him.

Just like at the entrance of the canyon, she had been ignored yet again by Long Yu!

“Well, now you have done it.”

Tan Yue scowled and looked bitterly at Long Yu, whose eyes were closed at the moment, then continued to climb the steps.

In this Zhentian Canyon, she did not dare to hit Long Yu, but she was convinced that being only at Wudao third layer, he would not be able to join the Zhentian Sect, so once he would come out of the canyon, he would surely meet death.

The first time Long Yu ignored her, she had decided to cripple him.

But, now, he had dared to ignore her the second time, so she decided to kill him!

Long Yu knew nothing about all this as he was still immersed in that profound mysterious mood.

Not long after, having two times the strength of Long Yu, Tan Yue had easily climbed all the way to the top and had finally set foot on the 300th step. In accordance with the rules, she would now be regarded as the outer disciple of the Zhentian sect.

Two Zhentian Sect’s outer disciples came to welcome the new disciples and had been ordered to make arrangements for the new disciples of the Zhentian Sect.

“Junior sister apprentice Tan Yue, congratulations on becoming an outer disciple.’’

A thin man with small eyes said in an extremely flattering manner: “My name is Wu Qing. Brother Tan Jian has made me responsible for arranging things for Sister Tan Yue. On your brother’s command, I have been waiting here for a long time for your arrival.”

“Wu Qing.”

Tan Yue looked at the thin-looking Wu Qing and nodded with satisfaction because the look of flattery on his face had obviously made her enjoy making her feel like she was truly a superior princess.

“I am called Han Jian, it’s a pleasure to meet Sister Tan Yue.”

The other disciple looked upright and there was a firm and resolute look present on his square shaped face, but when he looked at Tan Yue, his eyes glowed with a red-hot touch in them.

Tan Yue possessed a good status, and was very beautiful, and with just a sight of her, Han Jian had become very much attracted towards her. If he could just get her favor, then won’t he gain some status in the eyes of Brother Tan Jian?

“Good, what are your cultivation levels?”

Tan Yue nodded and arrogantly asked in a commanding voice.

“I’m at Wudao fourth layer and Brother Han Jian is at fifth layer.”

Wu Qing immediately answered in a flattering tone.

“Fourth layer and fifth layer, good.”

Tan Yue nodded but suddenly, a fierce look appeared in her eyes: “You two wait here for a moment and accompany me. There is a waste standing at the 100th stone step of the canyon and I would like to see how he gives up on the assessment and goes back.”

“Oh? Someone has actually dared to offend Sister Tan Yue, well, when he comes up, I will surely teach him a lesson and let him know whom he shouldn’t offend and what can be its consequences!”

At present, Wu Qing’s eyes shone brightly as he had just find another way to flatter Tan Yue. He didn’t expect that someone would bring him a good opportunity to get close to her heart!

“You overestimate him because he is just a waste at the Wudao third layer so how can he possibly come up?”

Tan Yue said with a disdain look in her eyes.

“He is just at Wudao third layer? I’ll accompany Sister Tan in watching a good show.”

Nearby Han Jian said with a faint smile: “I heard that the heavy pressure of the Zhentian canyon has killed many overconfident people who could not comprehend the immensity of its pressure. Those who tried to climb up the stone steps without enough strength ultimately met their cruel ends.”

When Tan Yue heard this, her face immediately shone brightly.

If this was the case, then she should rather verbally stimulate that waste kid and make him rush up, and then, she would get a chance to look how he would get crushed under the heavy pressure. Wouldn’t that be very entertaining?

The three soon came close to 300th step and looked down to see the black-clothed Long Yu still parked at the 100th stone step of the canyon.

“So he really he is a Wudao third layer waste.”

Wu Qing said contemptuously, though, he himself was only one layer above the third layer but this one layer difference was still very large!

At this moment, Long Yu, who was delved deep into the profound mysterious mood, finally opened his eyes and felt as if he had gained the enlightenment.

“So this is called the feeling of getting one with the world!”

And now that he had woken up from the comprehension of the mysterious mood, he again started to climb up the steps!

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