Dragon Talisman

Chapter 16 Sun-Moon Change

Chapter 16 Sun-Moon Change

Chapter 16: the Sun Moon Transformation

Returning from the mountains, the snow is still falling, the rivers and mountains are all white and flawless, even the six imperial palaces are on holiday at this time of the year, and the officials are roasting around the fire, Gu-Chensha returned from the mountains without any hindrance, so he meditated on martial arts in his small room, while sending Little Yizi out to liaise with Long Yuyun's people.

Little Yizi obeyed the order and went out. He sat alone in this small room, listening to the sound of snow and his own breathing, feeling the heavens and earth suddenly quieten down, entering the realm of mystery once again.

Breath pushes, feeling inside the body, a silky Qi swirling and flowing through the hundred points around the body.

He used the internal breathing method of the Sun Moon Refining to boil the body, observing the meridians, and found that in many places of the meridians, there was a lot of powerful medicine that had not dissolved.

"It turns out that the power gained from my sacrifice and the Longjin Pill medicinal power I took actually had so much left in the meridians, and if it wasn't for the miraculous cultivation method of the Sun Moon Refining, I'm afraid that these powers would have dissipated.” Gu-Chensha took a long breath and then flowed the meridians in his body, gathering all those medicinal powers in his dantian abdomen.

Gradually, his abdomen was somewhat slightly blessed, as if fat was growing.

I don't know how long it took, but he fiercely opened his eyes and felt that his abdomen was as hard as iron, and when he lifted his clothes, he saw that dense scales were growing on it.

"The Sun Moon Dragon Scales!” Gu-Chensha was overjoyed and said: "The Sun Moon Refining is truly wonderful, cultivated to a brilliant level, it can change excess energy into the Sun Moon Dragon Scales, and then even if you are in a Jedi, you will be able to decompose and supply your body's needs with this the Sun Moon Dragon Scales.”

Bears eat and drink heavily in the fall, turning their body's nutrients into fat, and then hibernate, going without food or drink all winter with the energy provided by the fat.

And the Sun Moon Refining is storing the excess life energy in the body and turning it into the Sun Moon Dragon Scales, which are unknown how much more advanced than fat, each of which can sustain life for a month.

Right now Gu-Chensha has dozens of the Sun Moon Dragon Scales in his abdomen, which means he can go several years without eating or drinking and still be able to talk and laugh and be unrestrained.

And these the Sun Moon scales are highly defensive, able to withstand sword and axe strikes, and even internal energy damage, if densely covered, comparable to the bronze skins in the Dao Realm the Third Transformation, Bronze Skin and Iron Bones.

Of course, if you densely spread the Sun Moon dragon scales all over your body, it doesn't look human, which wasn't much in the Archaic Age, when many of the Son of Heaven had the dragon heads and human body, even three heads and six arms, but not now.

So the most Gu-Chensha could do is train his abdomen, and a few other important points that aren't visible, into the Sun Moon dragon scales with the extra nutrition.

He is now at the limit of his martial arts, even if he takes more pills and sacrifices more fierce beasts, they will still accumulate in his meridians and instead of hindering, they will end up causing illness, instead of misfortune, it would be best to store the excess power into the Sun Moon Dragon Scales, so that he can avoid cannibalism and excessive intake of impurities.

After turning the excess medicinal nutrients from his meridians into the Sun Moon Dragon Scales, he only felt relaxed. The power had advanced another layer.

"Unfortunately, my flesh is sufficient, my spirit is still far from it. It seems like I really need to go to the battlefield and wander around in life and death to comprehend.” Gu-Chensha knew his weakness, which was that there were too few actual battles, especially life and death ones.

He heard footsteps and pushed open the door to see Little Yizi just entering.

Little Yizi walked with erratic footsteps, as if he was dancing on lotus leaves, light and beautiful, like smoke and willow, obviously having learned a mastery of the second level of the martial Realm.

"Master, I've been in touch with the Long Yuyun you mentioned in the past two days, she prepared a set of manor for the master early by the canal outside the city, and also trained a batch of experts for the master's use, she herself sat in it and proceeded to gather information. In addition, she also taught a set of martial arts, Shao Yin Cold Ice Kung Fu, and said it was the most suitable for me to learn.”

"You rehearse and try?”

"Master, wait for me to give you something first. Long Yuyun said that what you wanted was in it.” Little Yizi brings out the bundle.

Gu-Chensha grabbed it and opened it, and there was the bright yellow imperial decree, the Son of Heaven’s Qi flowing through it, invisible to outsiders, but to him who cultivated "the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique” To him, who cultivates "the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique"...

It was enacted by the Great Skyseal Emperor and that was even more effective.

"Wonderful.” Gu-Chensha grabbed the decree and walked into the inner room, "Little Yizi, you watch the outside, no one is allowed in.”

"I know!”

Inside the house.

Gu-Chensha took out "the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict", and burned it, dripping it with his own blood, and offered it to the heavens with the Son of Heaven’s breath.


The room was filled with clear light shining brightly, and this time the light and shadow that appeared in his mind was even more intense, and countless mystical ideas and martial principles followed.

Vast power will be implemented in the heart.

"The Sun Moon Glow Second Change, the Sun Moon Transformation. The Sun Moon Transformation, not out of it, the turning of yin and yang, not out of its reasoning... “

The Second Change is the Sun Moon Transformation.

The Sun Moon Glow has ten stances that Gu-Chensha is familiar with, "the Sun Moon Refining", the first style is the refining of the spirit, the Second Change the Sun Moon Transformation is the body's way to align with the Sun Moon, the path of qi, blood, acupuncture points, meridians and channels along with the Sun Moon's meridians, thus making one's soul and spirit like the Sun Moon's glory. Derive millions of martial arts, simulating infinite changes.

The Sun Moon Transformation, nothing else.

This style, in particular, is able to hide cultivation, change multiple stages, and simulate the world's martial arts for your own use.

The soul is the Moon, the spirit is the Sun.

The soul is one, the Sun Moon is the brightness, and the universal illumination is all-powerful.

Its own brilliance is as great as the Sun Moon brilliance, how great is that?

How can there be anything without the Sun Moon? How can you have ten thousand martial arts without the Sun Moon Transformation?

"Yes!” After a long time, Gu-Chensha opened his eyes, and a look of ecstasy appeared on his face and said: "the Sun Moon Transformation this style of martial arts but conceals the breath, hidden deep, as long as it is practiced, it is difficult for anyone to detect one's own breath, in addition to this, it has the function of raising, hiding, concealing, nurturing, transforming, and transforming Qi. I use this change to simulate the Giant Spirit Stamina, and the power is even greater, and no one can see it.”

He charged up on "the Sun Moon Transformation". This style, and indeed the breath on his body is flickering and obscure.

"God help me, God help me!” Gu-Chensha laughed and said: "I am now in a martial art, already Grandmaster Ultimate, but cannot perform it, or else I would be caught in a drawback, but now, with the divine power of the Sun Moon Transformation, simulating the Giant Spirit bloodline, I can be just as powerful, so that I can declare externally that I am The first person in a hundred years to inspire the Giant Spirit bloodline is worth a lot to the Imperial court.”

Presently, he closed his eyes and meditated, the Sun Moon Transformation this style of desperation was operating in his body, according to the Giant Spirit stamina cultivation method, and suddenly, the underworld strength was derived from his limbs and hundreds of bones.

"The Giant Spirit bloodline, initially coalesced, limbs and limbs of infinite strength, pushing the internal organs, exhaling like thunder, strength like a giant wave......” This is from the Giant Spirit God Kung Fu scriptures.

Now Gu-Chensha is simulating the Sun Moon Transformation, which is so seamless that it's hard to tell if it's real or not.

The Giant Spirit God Kung Fu is an ancient martial art, once the Giant Spirit bloodline is stimulated, it is infinitely more powerful than any other martial art, but "the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique". The grade of the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique, however, far surpasses the Giant Spirit God Kung Fu, simulating the Giant Spirit God bloodline, not only can no one distinguish the real from the fake, the power is even more powerful than the original the Giant Spirit bloodline.

"Congratulations to the Master for increasing his cultivation even further.” Seeing Gu-Chensha emerge from the room, Little Yizi became shocked and said: “ Master, you've only entered this moment and you've practiced some kind of divine skill, I feel like you seem to be as angry as an abyss, you can't see the depth at all.”

"There is a great realization, though.” Gu-Chensha asked. "By the way, did Long Yuyun find out anything about Luo Baiyue? Although this woman is close to me by the emperor's order, but in her bones she despises me and even harms me, I have to guard against her schemes before I can cultivate the Dao Realm, it's best to know myself and my enemy.”

"Here's the information for the record, my lord.” Little Yizi brought out something like a ledger, and after flipping through it, it was a dense record of the recent activities of the major the Imperial Clan mansions in the capital, such as which family had visited which house, and who they were hosting a banquet for in the mansion.

"The Dragon Sword Island hundred-legged insect is dead but not dead, but actually has such a huge power in the capital?” Gu-Chensha was shocked to see Luo Baiyue's message, just one "the Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha invited Luo Baiyue to the residence for a small gathering, Luo Baiyue refused because he was closed for training.”

"Luo Baiyue would avoid suspicion, and Imperial Father let her get close to me, immediately distancing herself superficially from the Tenth Prince.”. Gu-Chensha has a clear view of those hook-ups.

"So what now?” Little Yizi's eyes swiveled and said: “ Master's martial arts progress I'm sure it can't be hidden from the ears of those princes in the capital, in the past when Master didn't have the strength, they wouldn't deliberately target him, but now that Master's cultivation is so profound, I'm afraid he will.......”

"I was prepared for this, all those princes and dukes are not good people, they must have known long ago that if I trained hard in martial arts, conspiracies would follow, that's why I would try to leave the capital and go to the border to fight demon barbarians to the death, if I was given enough time, I would be able to grow up.” Gu-Chensha suddenly threw a punch without a breath of wind, but the air seemed to be cut open like butter, then thudded and closed up like a dam cutting off the flow of water.

Little Yizi almost vomited blood when he saw the punch, sadly.

"The power of my fist is so amazing?” Gu-Chensha himself is surprised, this is using the Sun Moon Transformation’s power to punch, ordinary boxing techniques can be transformed into magic, that profound martial arts is not good enough.

"Well, someone's coming.” He also wants to instruct Little Yizi on the Little Yizi boxing technique, and his ears move a little, and there's a tiny sound coming from far away.

Gobble Gobble...... Soon a few eunuchs stepped on the snow to the courtyard entrance, and the lead eunuch tugged on his voice and shouted and said: "There is a decree, The Nineteenth Prince receives the decree.”

"This Imperial son receives the order.”

Gu-Chensha is slightly alarmed and falls to his knees in the snow in the courtyard, while Little Yizi kneels beside the corridor.

That eunuch stood to the south and said: "Oracle and said: this afternoon hunting by snow, all princes hurry to the South Mountain hunting ground meeting, I want to test and teach your martial skills.” The eunuch read from the Great Skyseal Emperor's oracle.

"This Imperial son takes the order.” Gu-Chensha took this fold and stood up and said: "I'll prepare this, Little Yizi, and get money for the Eunuch's wine.”

"Well.” Little Yizi took out a paper bill and handed it over.

The eunuch was going to excuse himself, but when he found out that it was a hundred-yuan bill, he was surprised and delighted, and immediately clutched it tightly in his hand.

The hundred yuan bill could buy several strong cows, and was equivalent to a year's salary for these eunuchs, so the eunuchs naturally rejoiced.

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