Dragon Talisman

Chapter 17 Titan Spirit Bloodline

Chapter 17 Titan Spirit Bloodline

Chapter 17: The Giant Spirit God Bloodline

That summons eunuch put away the hundred yuan bill after a deep look at him a few eyes this only then spoke and said: "Nineteenth Master, next year the emperor will carry out the third personal conquest of the barbarians, although this hunt is a test of martial arts, in fact, because the Marquis of Jushi captured a number of barbarian masters, escorted to the capital, the emperor imprisoned these barbarians in the southern mountains, this time let the princes over, in fact, let you guys Killing barbarians is not just hunting.”

"Thank you, Eunuch.”

Gu-Chensha knew that this was the effect that the hundred dollar bill money had had, and this information was quite important.

"Then we'll take our leave, and we'd better arrive on time so as not to upset the emperor.” This eunuch turned around and left the small courtyard.

"Master, what do we do?” Little Yizi Way and said: "Going hunting or not? In the past, you've faked illness in this situation, but this time......”

"This time go.” Gu-Chensha thought to herself and said: "The news about my martial arts training has already spread, and if I pretend to be sick again, people will catch on to me and join me, besides I've just received the decree, I can't carry the charge of defying the decree.”

"Also, sooner or later, my lord will have to face the complicated court situation, so it's impossible to just drag it out.” Little Yizi was also quite looking forward to it.

"I'm on my way to the Southern Mountain hunting ground, you can practice your martial arts diligently at home, and contact that Long Yuyun more if you need anything.” As he spoke, Gu-Chensha took out a sheepskin coat, wrapped it tightly around him, and went out in the snow.

He was so accomplished in martial arts that he didn't need the coat, but at least he had to make a show of it.

He hurried through the snowstorm to the Southern Mountain, and when he left the capital, the snow became heavier and heavier, the whirlwind blew, and the sky and earth were so white that he could hardly see his way.

The good news is that he was so powerful that he walked as fast as he could.

Gu-Chensha has made a small success of the Sun Moon Refining, and in ancient times, there were giants who followed the sun, and it was from within the Sun Moon Refining that the divine power was learned.

He could chase even the Sun, running so fast that his body was naturally magical.

He seems to be one with the wind and snow, and does not exert any effort on his body, using the power of the wind and snow to flash forward.

Stepping through the snow to find the plum, gradually out of the mood, Gu-Chensha clear whistle, body soared three feet, as the Giant Spirit tall and mighty up, speeding up, like a snow spirit floating in the snowstorm, about half an hour to reach the foot of the southern mountain.

It would have taken two hours for a fast horse to get from the capital to the South Mountain, let alone the snowy weather.

Stopping at the foot of the South Mountain, Gu-Chensha's breath was even, without the slightest loss of physical strength, he silently transported his spirit to check his body's organs, muscles and bones, acupuncture points and meridians, and found that it was still sprouting with vitality, and could not help but secretly exclaim and said: "I've completely digested the vigorous efforts of the wolf, bear, and python and turned them into my own.”

The snowstorm had ceased a little, but the ground was already several feet deep in snow, and one would fall into it with difficulty if one stepped on it a little.

At this moment, however, there were already many soldiers and ceremonial horses at the foot of the southern mountain, while the official road was cleared of snow and the dragon flags were waving hotly.

Layers of obstacles had been set up on the official road, while giant tents had been erected, and many more royals and noble carriages had trudged up the official road.

The Son of Heaven traveled, followed by a hundred officials, rituals stretched for ten miles, this is not a row, but basic etiquette and majesty, not so, not enough to shock the world, not enough to feed the Son of Heaven’s spirit.

All majesty is raised out of manners.

Someone on the road puts up a barrier, seeing Gu-Chensha approaching, and immediately shouted. "Who is it?”

"It's me.” Gu-Chensha took out the Prince's identity tag, something that is checked in and out of the palace every day, and when he comes of age and he opens his house and builds teeth, this identity tag will have to be turned in, and he will have to report and get permission to enter the palace from now on.

"So it's The Nineteenth Prince, go in. The Emperor hasn't arrived yet, we are the first to be in charge of defending with the forbidden army, but some of the princes have already arrived and are resting in the camp at the foot of the mountain, the Nineteenth Prince go over there and party.” The checking soldier was kind enough to lead the way at once.

In the center of this camp is a large, heavily guarded tent, but there are many princes and nobles walking back and forth, interacting with each other, using this opportunity of the Son of Heaven hunt to increase their contacts.

There were even princes befriending ministers to consolidate their position for support.

In all dynasties, the emperor forbade the prince and ministers to form parties in order for the prince to be powerful and to form a party against the emperor, resulting in a loss of power, but in the Skyseal dynasty, the emperor encouraged the prince to get close to the ministers, making it easier to run errands and not to make a crown prince, allowing the prince to work for the country.

Gu-Chensha is well versed in history and knows the downside of this, that it will create large and small parties in the Imperial court, and the Skyseal Emperor did so by having absolute control over the Imperial court and absolute confidence in his own power.

The Great Skyseal Emperor's cultivation is unfathomable, and when he was still a prince, he crusaded for his country and destroyed many clans, and there were even evil demons who compelled the people and scourged the world.

Without absolute power, it is impossible to seize the great throne from a bastard son.

"Haha, isn't this the meat-eating Lao Nineteenth?” The sound came with thunderous vibrations that made one's ears hurt, and the cultivation of the person who made the sound was no longer trivial.

"Lao Tenth.”

Gu-Chensha looked up and saw that the Prince who spoke was a full head taller than himself, wearing bronze-colored armor, with a belt like a fierce snake twisted around it, and a mountain of fierceness coming in, and his appearance was even more wolf-guilty and thunderous.

This is the Tenth Prince, Gu-Zhensha.

A few years ago, Gu-Chensha was hit in the head by this the Tenth Prince, and would recover long after, due to the provocation of Luo Baiyue. These days the Tenth Prince is even putting out the word that he's going to be scrapped, and when you meet at this point, you know there's going to be a lot of trouble.

"Little Nineteenth, I hear you seem to have perked up lately and are practicing martial arts diligently?” The Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha strode over with great strides, the flames blazing, the people around him scattered, he walked and plundered, he had the momentum to seize people's hearts and minds, ordinary experts were trembling at his gaze.

There were a few princes and a group of royal clansmen watching the fun with smiles on their faces.

Gu-Chensha body stood and didn't retreat, the opponent's momentum oppression had no effect on him at all, if it was before he would have been so horrified that he would have retreated, even standing unsteadily and sitting on his ass on the ground would not be surprising. But now that his power was already very large and his qi raising was profound, he didn't move a muscle.

"Seems like a bit of an achievement.” The Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha looked gloomy, and he was a bit shocked that Gu-Chensha didn't move under the pressure of his Qi just now.

The other onlooking princes and nobles also exchanged glances with each other.

"Let me try to see how well, you've cultivated.”

The Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha's large hand lunges forward, the wave of air steep, the long arm striking Breaking Heavens air, screeching and screeching, the air around it squeezing inward between the five fingers, creating a cage, another person unable to escape.

This move comes out with a vague taste of blood and howling ghosts.

"The Great Five Ghost Catch!”

A knowledgeable expert has already called out.

Five Fingers for the Five Ghosts, transporting grappling, driving air currents, splitting muscles and bones between strikes not to mention, even able to tear the human body.

Rumor has it that this masterstroke, is the Ghost King sect of the masterstroke, sacrifice the Five Ghost Magic art in the folklore spread for thousands of years, belongs to obscene rituals, but the successive dynasties repeatedly prohibited, to the Skyseal this dynasty finally broke the Five Ghost Sect, the Imperial court to the ancient handed down "the Five Ghost Sutras" are taken away and sent to filling the royal library.

Although the Five Ghost Sutras is an evil cultivation, there is merit in its content. The Tenth Prince cultivation is rooted in "the Beheading Thunder Strength", which is virile and extremely masculine, but then when combines "the Five Ghost Sutras, yin and yang together, good and evil act as one, making his chances of impacting the Dao Realm even easier.

Gu-Chensha's eyes shine brightly for a moment, as the Sun Moon shines brightly, and he practices the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique, the Sun Moon Glow's "the Sun Moon Refining.” With the Sun Moon dangling all over his body, he was undaunted in the face of this move and took a step forward, his arms visibly thickening a few times, his skin faintly bronzed.


Both arms clash together, and both Gu-Chensha and the Tenth Prince recoil, heavy footprints appearing on the ground as they spar air waves blowing the snow around them, mesmerizing the eye.


The eyes of the people around them almost fell out.

"What's going on here? The Tenth Prince, Martial Dao's wizardry, his experience in many battles, the Beheading Thunder Strength, and the Emperor's praise of him for his work in destroying demons. It's only a matter of time before you step into the Dao Realm, and you can't even take The Nineteenth Prince's straw man?”

"The Giant Spirit God technique? Moving Mountain style?”

Luo Baiyue is also present, her face went pale and her mind was racing and she said: "The Tenth Prince's strike was no small feat, but it was blocked... Gu-Chensha performed the 'Moving Mountain Style' of the Giant Spirit God feat. The Giant Spirit bloodline? Even in the Xian Dynasty royal family this is a rare thing with a slim chance in hundreds of years. It's a miracle.”

The Xian Dynasty royal family, rumored to be the bloodline of the ancient the Giant Spirit God, but the bloodline has been so thin and rare in circulation that every time it appears, it's during the Xian Dynasty's great rise.

This is still secondary to the fact that, once the Giant Spirit bloodline is stimulated, it is possible to communicate with the Giant Spirit God through sacrifice!

If this news gets out, that group of the Xian Dynasty legacies and folk who believe in the Giant Spirit God will think that Gu-Chensha is the Emperor of the Xian Dynasty.

Now the Xian Kingdom is extinct, but the belief in the Giant Spirit God is still alive.

The Giant Spirit God is the Ancient Enthroned True God, and the Great Skyseal Emperor cannot abrogate his godhood, only allow it to exist. If it were to be forcibly abrogated, it would meditatively provoke a divine backlash, causing renewed chaos in the world and damaging the country's fortunes.

"Lao Tenth is strong in martial arts, especially fury, and his combat experience is not something I can compare to.” Gu-Chensha calmed the power in his body, in his opponent's the Great Five Ghost Catch strength, which contained a fivefold tear, the slightest mistake would result in a serious injury, if he hadn't first practiced with Long Yuyun for three days, and comprehended the Second Change the Sun Moon Transformation Xuan Gong's skin, I'm afraid he will be defeated.

The Son of Heaven God Sealing technique is certainly a supreme wonderful method, but it's a pity that he hasn't practiced it for a year yet, and what he has comprehended is not even one ten thousandth of it.

This wrestling, he immediately summed up the gains and losses, secretly calculating that if the Tenth Prince in a life and death struggle, may not be able to win, and the other party will definitely have hidden methods.

As expected, all princes are not good people, even if they get an unprecedented encounter, they should not be taken lightly.

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