Dragon Talisman

Chapter 18 Imperial Duke Chen

Chapter 18 Imperial Duke Chen

Chapter 18: the Duke of Chen

This time out he wanted to fight against the Tenth Prince, he is doing this after careful consideration.

One is that after the Emperor let Luo Baiyue get close to him, he became a target, even if he bides his time, some people won't let him go, such as today, the Tenth Prince oppression can't be avoided, if he continues to pretend, I'm afraid he'll really be ruined.

Secondly, he's coming of age, a crucial time for knighting, but if he can show force, he can get a nice knighthood.

He can put the reason for his increase in strength on the Giant Spirit God bloodline, which has a chance to be explained and makes him valuable.

Of course, after he shows strength, he can no longer disguise it, and will surely attract even stronger intrigue and retaliation, but this is no way to do it, only to see what he can do.

In short, if you don't show strength, you're dead, and if you do there's still a chance of survival. Why not give it a shot?


The Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha's sore arms never dreamed that the trash who normally acts like a madman would have such strength to pick up his own the Great Five Ghost Catch.

"I have killed hundreds of people throughout the sands, how could I fail to take down this trash, where is my face?” He had anger in his heart, a muffled thunder rolled throughout his body, the Beheading Thunder Strength was hyped up.

"Huh?” Gu-Chensha saw this momentum and was sternly waiting for it.

The other party is experienced in actual combat, and from just now, I could see that the Great Five Ghost Catch urged by the Great Five Ghost Catch actually has the flavor of a ghostly cry, if not for the fact that I have been practicing the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique for many days, I'm afraid that my heart and soul would be taken away and I would be left to be hanged by the other party.

The two faced off, life and death struggle on the verge of happening.

Just then, a voice suddenly came from the distance, it was the eunuch chanting and said: "The Emperor has arrived!”


The people all fell down in worship, unable to care about the spectacle.

Gu-Chensha, Gu-Zhensha also kneeled down in succession and prostrated themselves in the snow, no one wanted to be sued for great disrespect at this point.

A distant Luong came over, hundreds of guards on horses and across wearing swords, and forty-nine men pushing a bright yellow carriage slowly forward.

The carriage was lifted out of the air by these strong men, gliding over the ground as smoothly as flying.

The Imperial court’s "Yellow Scarf Turbans", which are modeled after the Ancient Imperial court’s "Yellow Scarf Rexes". They are modeled after the gods of the Ancient Son of Heaven's side.

Rumor has it that the Ancient Son of Heaven was surrounded by giants of infinite power and power, who were armed with yellow scarves, and in the ancient history books, they were the "Yellow Turbans".

After the Great Skyseal Emperor ascended to the throne, he unified the four seas and conquered all the nations, and began to study the Ancient Son of Heaven. "...

This is not extravagance, but the raising of anger by manners.

Next to the Yellow Turban Rex, there were even more palace maidens shuttling about, carrying golden lamps and incense burners, as well as thirty-six. In addition, there were even seventy-two eunuchs raising flags.

The Great Yong Dynasty Lord of the Great Skyseal Emperor was seated on the yellow carriage in the center.

"Long live the Great Skyseal Emperor.”

All the royal soldiers all hail from the mountains.

"All rise.” The Great Skyseal Emperor stepped out of the car and entered the large tent that had been erected beforehand, first the princes entered in droves, followed by the princes and ministers, and the lower ranking officials stood outside.

The tent was heated, but instead of burning charcoal, there was a fiery red bead hanging from it...

The "fire pearl” is carved and polished from ten thousand years of warm jade, with strong yang energy, and in constant contact with the human body, it can expel cold and dampness, strengthen the muscles and bones, strengthen the soul, and condense the will.

It is very rare, and only the royal family can use it.

Gu-Chensha stood behind many princes, only feeling the warm air currents assaulting him, constantly massaging his body, the coldness in his bones dissipated.

Some of the princes' eyes darted to and fro on him, surprised, heavy, murderous, or contemplative.

Luo Baiyue, on the other hand, stood on the other side, as if discovering something new, his eyes full of deep meaning.

"Wait a minute, though, be careful of people bothering me.” Gu-Chensha, however, was thinking.

At that moment, the Great Skyseal Emperor spoke and said: "I'm sure you all understand from today's hunt that next spring, the Imperial court is going to make a conquest against the barbarians, and this time it's going to be a plowing of the court.”

"The emperor is far-sighted, the Imperial court is now strong in troops, and the power of the country is even stronger than ever, so it is a great opportunity for warfare.” Lou Chongxiao first.

"This time is different from the past.” The Great Skyseal Emperor waved his hand and said: "In the past, it was many generals leading troops and attacking on all sides, but this time I am asking many princes to each lead their own troops and lay siege to the barbarians to see which prince is the best, what do you all think?”

"I am at the Emperor's command.” Many of the ministers bowed.

"Very well.” The Great Skyseal Emperor looked around, very satisfied, and his eyes suddenly fell on Gu-Zhensha and said: "Xiao X, you just urged the Beheading Thunder Strength? The blood and qi have not yet calmed down, the killing intent on your body is strong, what is this for? Who has messed with you?”

"Imperial Father.”

The Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha got on his knees and said: “This Imperial son is sparring with Nineteenth brother, I never thought that Nineteenth brother's martial arts has progressed to Grandmaster level, even my sons are unable to defeat him. Nineteenth brother is practicing the Giant Spirit God of the Xian Dynasty, and he seems to have inspired the Giant Spirit bloodline. The Xian Dynasty royal family will flourish as soon as someone is able to activate the Giant Spirit bloodline, and I don't know if that's true or not.”


As soon as Gu-Chensha heard it, he knew that the Tenth Prince was apparently rude and competitive, but actually had a deep heart, and this recital immediately pushed himself into the limelight.

What about the fact that in time, you will become the head of many princes. What about the Giant Spirit God bloodline appearing, the Xian Dynasty flourishing. These are all putrid words.

"Imperial Father.” He even went out of line to kneel down as well and said: "Just now it was Brother Tenth who suddenly attacked, I saw the ferocity of the attack and could not resist but to defend myself, and this son never has the heart to fight with his brother.”

"What are you panicking about?” The Great Skyseal Emperor did not appear to be angry and said: "You practice the Giant Spirit God Kung Fu at my behest. There are no weak sons of my Gu-Taixian. Also, people say that you are of the Xian Dynasty bloodline and that the Xian Dynasty remnants will contact you, these are all delusions, I believe that you still know right from wrong.”

"Imperial Father is wise.” Gu-Chensha breathed a sigh of relief and said, "This Imperial son knows that right now the four seas are rising, the people are living in peace, people's hearts and minds are at peace, this is the foundation of the world's uprooting, all thanks to Imperial Father, even if there are the Xian Dynasty remnants cannot turn over a big wave, those remnants of contacting the son I'm sure I'll be captured as one and handed over to the Imperial court, and I'll ask Imperial Father for an errand to suppress the Xian Dynasty's remnants, but I've been so grateful to Imperial Father for so many years that I haven't made an inch of difference, and I'm really restless. “

Hearing this recital of Gu-Chensha, the princes and dukes around him were amazed.

"This son is treacherous and really bides his time, immediately demonstrating his usefulness to the Imperial court. Indeed, the Xian Dynasty remnants have always been a great danger to the Imperial court’s heart, and now that this son has inspired the Giant Spirit strength, I'm afraid that it will cause many remnants to connect, and by uncovering those remnants, it will be easy for this son to take advantage of the opportunity to plot an imperial coup.”

Lou Chongxiao suddenly realizes he's underestimated Gu-Chensha.

"Very good!” The Great Skyseal Emperor praised and said: "I'm not willing to kill any more of them, even though they don't obey me now. The Imperial Master Wen Hong, for example, is a rare talent that will save me a lot of work. Little Nineteenth, listen to me, and the Imperial court as well. I can accommodate anyone, the world can accommodate anyone, as long as it's for the good of the country, you all go ahead and do it. “

"Imperial Father is truly the Son of Heaven.” Gu-Chensha repeatedly kowtowed and said: "On the Ancient Son of Heaven, operating the Heavenly Dao, the one closest to the heavens, my recent hard reading of ancient books, already experienced, if the Imperial Master Wen Hong really came in contact with me, my son will persuade him to join the Great Yong for the Imperial Court.”

"You see, Little Nineteenth isn't stupid, is he.” The Great Skyseal Emperor said to Luo Baiyue and said: "Send me my will, The Nineteenth Prince is successful in reading and martial arts, and has reached the age of majority, I grant the title of the Duke of Chen to him, to reward a residence, to grant fifty armored soldiers, and to bestow three hundred thousand taels, he is specifically charged to handle the matter of pacifying and investigating the remaining sins of the Xian Dynasty.”

"This Imperial son kowtows to the Imperial Father!” Gu-Chensha's heart rejoices, knowing the bet was right.

He runs the Son of Heaven God Sealing technique, simulating the Giant Spirit God bloodline, which has great value in the Imperial Father’s eyes.

"Gao Ling, here.”

The six palaces the Chief Eunuch kneel without a word.

"The Internal Affairs has been withholding Nineteenth's monthly stipend over the years, I actually know more or less about this... how bold it is that slaves go to bully the masters, Little Nineteenth is my freaking son after all, no matter how unpopular he is, it is still my job to deal with him, since when did that become other people's job?” The Great Skyseal Emperor's tone was already somewhat harsh.

"The Emperor is saying truly and that this is all my fault.” The Chief Eunuch Gao Ling said: "Those eunuchs who are withholding The Nineteenth Prince's stipend, I will dispose of them tomorrow, and I will definitely arrange all sorts of things properly for the Nineteenth Prince Residence Residence's stipends.”

Many princes and ministers looked at each other at once at this conversation.

It used to be a sign that the Nineteenth Prince wasn't favored at all, but today it seems to be suddenly appreciated.

Key Gu-Chensha got the job to appease the Xian Dynasty remnants, which is tantamount to gaining the right to establish power and later recruit staff to do great things.

Many princes are also secretly wary of the fact that it looks like they'll have another competitor in the future.

"Imperial Father, this son has something to say.”

The Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha took two steps forward on his knees.

"Say.” the Great Skyseal Emperor seems to be in a good mood today, and pleasant.

"This Imperial son has just had a fight with the Nineteenth Brother that hasn't been decided yet, so we'll simply have another fight between the Imperials.” The Tenth Prince Gu-Zhensha looked cold and seemingly murderous, "Imperial Father hunts today, and so Nineteenth Brother and I will spar to help.”

He knows that the Great Skyseal Emperor is still martial, and likes princes to compete with each other most.

"There's no need for a martial contest, I'm crowning Nineteenth today, you are still not convinced in your hearts, Little Ten, you are the most cultivated among the many princes except for a few older princes, and have also led soldiers and generals into battle and killed some barbarian generals.” The Great Skyseal Emperor stood up, "the Marquis of Jushi has captured many barbarian experts, and brought them all here today, they are being kept in captivity inside the mountain, today is the test of your actual combat ability, you can't kill in a contest between princes and princes, but killing these barbarian experts, you can do as much as you want, got it? To experience, to see blood. To exercise benevolence is only against people, those barbarians, believing in beasts and demons, and eating living people, we have to get rid of the evil!”

"This Imperial son obeys orders.”

All princes kneel.

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