Dragon Talisman

Chapter 3 The Might of Wolves and Bears

Chapter 3 The Might of Wolves and Bears

Chapter 3: The Strength of the Bear and Wolf

A ferocious wolf howls from the dense forest.

A giant grey wolf falls into a trap and is hoisted up in a net.

Gu-Chensha plunged a dagger into the throat of this giant wolf, blood spurting wildly and falling on the blue Sacrificial Skyseal Edict.

He cuts his own finger again, and the blood drops low.

A grey wolf shadow emerged on the surface of the Sacrificial and inhaled the blue light.

And deep within the talisman edict, strong power was poured directly into his body.

The sacrifice must be made with the blood of living creatures and one's own blood, this was recorded in many ancient history books so that the gods would be able to determine to whom the power of sacrifice belonged.


Clothes instantly burst.


Gu-Chensha growled like a giant wolf, his muscles coming to life like a python, swelling, twisting, rigid and powerful.

His entire body grew several times larger out of thin air, and his body, which had been somewhat thin, was tall and hidden.

This wolf's strength was greater than that of a chicken.

An adult giant wolf may not be able to be fought by an idle strong man.

This is the Southern Mountain, the place where the royal disciples hunt.

The royal family has set aside hundreds of miles of land as hunting grounds, including countless fierce animals, and Gu-Chensha rarely come here for fear of being killed and ending up dead.

But after getting the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict, a sacrifice must be made to increase his power, and he can't practice witchcraft in the palace.

In ancient times, fierce beasts roamed the land, devouring humans all day long. The Ancient Son of Heaven led the people to hunt down the beasts and offer sacrifices to the heavens for the blessing of the people, finally strengthening the human race.

The Ancient Son of Heaven led the people to kill the beasts and sacrifice them to the heavens to bless the people.

He was well read and knew that treasures and artifacts are only inhabited by those with virtue, and if virtue is not enough, the treasures will instead bring disaster. For example, if the emperor's virtue is sufficient, then naturally the four seas will rise, but if it is perverse and the world is in chaos, then he will become the king of a fallen country.

He doesn't know what kind of luck he has to get the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict, but he's not so arrogant as to be able to master such an artifact.

This talisman is ordered by the heavens to command the four corners of the earth, and finally the Heavenly Dao will operate and enthrone the gods, how can this be a child's play?

Black blood water was forced out of his pores, his flesh and blood seemed to have been re-calcined into fine steel by the iron slag that had been winnowed, the excess flesh in his body as well as the usual accumulated toxins were all discharged out of his body.

It took a full half-hour before he recovered, his mixed body lean and fierce, slightly squeezing his fists, his whole body tendons and bones exploding, stepping out, the ground sinking slightly.

Out palm sweep.


The bowl-thick small tree was actually broken.

His martial arts skills are already at Mortal Realm 2, Enter Higher Level.

He can be called "Warrior".

The so-called "Skilled", "Martial Scholar", is higher than the commoners.

If he achieves Warrior level, according to the emperor's rules, the prince can be named the General of the First Rank.

This is the emperor's rule, if a prince has accomplished martial achievements, he can also be conferred the title, if a prince is able to achieve the 4th level "Peaking the Transformation". If a prince is able to achieve the fourth level of "Peaking the Transformation", then he can be crowned as the Regional Prince if he achieves great merits.

First Glance. It's nothing special, just a "Martial". It's just a "Martial". The second "Enter Higher Level"... can be called Warrior. It's called the Warrior. The triple "Enlightenment Ascension” that can be called Master, and the quadruple "Peaking the Transformation". That's Grandmaster.

"It actually has the effect of felling the hair and cleansing the marrow.” He looked at the hands with delight and said: "There is precious the Washing Marrow Pill in the palace to improve the constitution, but how can I be rewarded? Now it seems like the power of the sacrifice is many times better than the Washing Marrow Pill.”

After taking the Washing Marrow Pill, I had abdominal pains like cramps, diarrhea for three days, extremely weak, then needed to take ginseng, velvet and other tonic medicine for three months, and then my body gradually became stronger.

But think about it, it's the power of God, but it's a relief.

The Washing Marrow Pill is precious, but how can it be compared to the power of God?

"Now that I am strong enough, I will be able to hunt bears, bears are the best sacrifices of old, and the ancient and illustrious tribe 'with bears' is recorded in the history books, and with bears sacrifice to the Heavens, there is a great harvest.” Gu-Chensha is well versed in history books, recalls ancient tribal sacrifices, and decides to go bear hunting.

In the past, his martial arts skills were mediocre, and coming to hunt alone was inevitable, but now that Enter Higher Level, he's bold.

The power of one wolf in his body is really not trivial, he moves swiftly, adding three points, and some of the body techniques that he couldn't perform in the past are also operating freely.


After shuttling for half an hour, his strength hadn't failed, and if it had been before, he would have been out of breath.

A big roar came from ahead, he immediately hid in the bushes.

Inside the forest, there were actually two beasts fighting, a bear and a tiger.

"What luck, I've actually encountered this kind of thing?” He was delighted, recently really good fortune, everything is going well, now he is much stronger, but to deal with the tyrannical bears but also dangerous, if the tiger and bears fight each other injured, he went to take advantage of it, would not it be great?.

Sure enough, between the bear and the tiger wrestling, bruised and exhausted, the tiger barely managed to get up and step away, while the bear was panting heavily and unable to move.

"Good chance!” Gu-Chensha lunged out and took aim at the tyrannical bear, dagger slashing at the throat.


The tyrannical bear had the strength from nowhere to protrude the bear's paw, like a martial arts master, and slap him on the shoulder, knocking him over.

Gu-Chensha's eyes glazed over and he almost fainted, good thing he had just felled his hair and cleansed his physique, "Carp." Rolling over and leaping up, dagger stabbed out, "Hundred Paces”

The dagger strikes like an arrow.


The dagger plunged into Tempest's eye.

The bear falls to the ground.

Gu-Chensha immediately begins to remove "the Sacrificial Skyseal Edict". And sacrifice the bear's soul.

The sacrifice is to be slaughtered on the spot so that the soul can be sacrificed to the heavens through a talismanic edict, and thus receive a gift from the heavens. If time passes and the soul is gone, then it is meaningless.


At the moment of sacrificing off this violent bear, Gu-Chensha's entire body was torn apart, his flesh and blood was turned over with great force, and it was as if his entire body had been put into a meat grinder, and I don't know how long it took him to calm down.

When he woke up it was already dark, and he was busy checking his body, but fortunately all the wounds had disappeared, and his skin was delicate and shiny like porcelain.

It felt as if the snake had swallowed the entire cow and would not need to eat again all winter.

By intuition, he knew he couldn't sacrifice anymore, or his body would have to explode.

It was imperative that he had to go back to practice his martial arts, digest his strength and improve his martial arts realm before he could come again.

Sacrifice is a forced infusion of power, Gu-Chensha's body's capacity to contain it has reached its limit, so it cannot be infused again.

"I now have the power of the chicken, wolf, and bear in my body, and purely physically, I am already as pure as a prince who has taken great tonic pills for many years, and even my veins and bones and blood are much purer, no matter how precious the medicine is, there is also medicinal poison remaining in my body, and the power of the heavens will not have any impurities. As long as you go back and practice your martial arts diligently, you will soon be able to break through the realm.” Gu-Chensha thought to herself.

With a strong body, practicing martial arts that water will come true.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He leaps and punches in succession, hitting the trees, which have exploded and splintered wood.

Has the agility of a wolf and the composure of a bear.

The whole man is like a savage beast, rampaging.

"The bear and wolf are vigorous, truly not trivial!”

Gu-Chensha looked at his hands, knowing that he had leapfrogged ten years of other people's hard work in just one day.

It's dark, the palace gates have long been keyed off, there's no going back, and it's not right to stay in the mountains, not to mention the other beasts, the snakes, insects, rats and ants can't stand it.

He is now much stronger, but he can't do anything about the poisonous insects in the forest.

As for the prince's hunting, it is not a sin to stay out at night.

The emperor encouraged the prince to learn martial arts and hunt, and every year he would be evaluated and the prince who excelled would be rewarded.

He went out all night without going into the city, so he rested at an inn outside the city, took a bath, changed his clothes, looked into a bronze mirror, and found that his temperament had indeed changed considerably, his eyes sparkling, his forehead glistening, his shoulders broad and thick, and he was deep and steady.

This is not a good thing, the palace is full of human beings, and how can you not see the change in temperament?

Good thing he's been pretending to be crazy for years, but he has some skills, rehearsed a bit, and can also pretend to be nasty and stupid.

Busy all day, but he was comfortable, energetic, not at all tired, lying in bed, his eyes sparkling.

"I remember from many ritual books that going to the Ancient Son of Heaven sacrifice to the Heavens is not just about gaining power, for example, there was a the Ancient Son of Heaven who fought the demons and beheaded 9,000 great demon sacrifices, and the heavens actually Descend a divine sword.” Gu-Chensha pondered and said: "It seems to be looking for various sacrifices from among the history books.”

The power of the heavens to make everything, the entire world, the Sun Moon stars, the earth, mountains and rivers, were all made by this incredibly great divine power, so what's impossible?

Ceremonial sacrifice is also a subject in the Prince's study. The only thing that matters to the state is sacrifice and Ron. Gu-Chensha has also studied the various rituals and rituals of ancient times.

Sacrifice is the first means of gaining power, but if you master the proper rituals, you will be able to do anything you want.

There are records in the history books of people sacrificing to demons and gods to obtain gold and silver. There were even sacrifices to demons to obtain beautiful women.

There are a thousand strange and all sorts of things.

Those are not even up to the point where the lustful rituals are still so magical, let alone sacrifice to the Heavens.

Rituals often do not have a good outcome, by the devil, the history of the use of witchcraft sex ritual success almost no, all end up miserable.

Evil rituals do not have those disadvantages, upright, kill the beast sacrifice to the Heavens to the peace of the people, emulate the Ancient Son of Heaven morality, is the righteousness of man.

And the lustful rituals are all done with some cruelty like a child boy or girl.

Secondly, they use three animals and six animals.

But Gu-Chensha found all of these undesirable. The three animals have been domesticated by humans for many years and have done much work, so why would they be sacrificed? For example, if oxen work hard, plow the fields, and die to be eaten for their flesh, and if you have to sacrifice them and trade their souls, what's the difference between them and evil spirits?

As for the fierce beast, which is evil in nature and devours mankind, it is different.

"What is an order of benevolence, righteousness, justice, and propriety? To repay virtue with virtue, to repay grievance with grievance, to reward good with good, to punish evil with grievance, the law is strict.” Gu-Chensha pondered the rituals of sacrifice with considerable insight, and seemed to have a lively mind, and such enlightenment was of great benefit to the martial arts.

A three months passed.

Gu-Chensha practiced kung fu in the mountains.

"Black Tiger Heartbreak!”

Punching like the wind, he hits the most common moves.

Repeatedly practicing, his mind is so clear that he can gradually turn the decay into magic.

Black Tiger Heartbreak is the simplest move, but also contains many variations, the focus is on the word "Dao". The emphasis is on the word "dig".

There's "Dao Emptiness". "Dao Truth". "Dao Horizontal". "Dao Vertical". "Dao Top". "Dao Down". "Dao Yin". "Dao Yang"...

Playing this move with lightness and weight, with emptiness and falseness, with the flow of yin and yang, is the realm of Enlightenment Ascension, which can also be called the Martial Arts Master.

Gu-Chensha turned out to be nothing more than the First Glance, got the Bear Wolf vigorously, on Enter Higher Level and became Warrior.

Right now, after three months of hard training, I'm finally familiar with the power.

He made continuous leaps and bounds, stepping into the mortal realm triple "Enlightenment Ascension". He has become a Martial Arts Master.

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