Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 12 - Boneless Dragon Snake

This was the best chance to apprehend the fugitive!

Jiang Li only had one target in mind. The fugitive was crippled right now and lost his sight. His strength had been reduced significantly. This was the best chance. If other people caught the fugitive, they could only receive 5000 star coins of reward. If Jiang Li caught the fugitive himself, there would be much greater reward afterwards!

The merit for finding the fugitive and apprehending the fugitive personally was completely different.

He took a step and accelerated outside at full speed following closely by that person’s steps.

That person didn’t go by the elevator but went into the stairs of the safety exit.

He rushed towards the roof.

Jiang Li stuck close by. He was amazed on the inside. This person had lost sight in both his eyes and could still recognise the way. It seemed like his spiritual prowess had reached the state where he could use his heart to see the world.

The whole building was over 70 storeys tall but both of them were flying fast and reached the deserted top in a short while. It was the abandoned roof and there were buildings around them.

Suddenly, the handsome youth stopped and waited for Jiang Li who had arrived subsequently. His eyes were bleeding but his face was calm “Didn’t think I would flip my boat in a dark passage and fall into your hidden tricks. Unfortunately, you’re too greedy. Did you think that capturing me would give you major merits? The avaricious usually end up losing their lives.”

“Not good.”

Jiang Li suddenly realised that he was a bit too greedy. He felt alone without assistance when faced against the fugitive.

The eyes were the windows to the soul. Both of his eyes were blind and he could no longer hypnotize. However, the fugitive had great physical capabilities, his life force definitely exceeded one or even greater.


The fugitive pushed on towards him. There was a blur in front of Jiang Li’s eyes as he barely saw his movements. The fugitive’s footsteps were like a butterfly traversing amidst the flowers, dancing as it went through. The unpredictability that was brought with it was a lethal threat.

“[Twisting Bone Attack]!”

Jiang Li had no choice but to use his strongest martial art. His body twisted as he tried to avoid the attack.

“Too slow!”

The fugitive’s fists had already arrived in front of him. In this situation, he couldn’t do anything except hold his hands in defense.


He was sent flying outwards and smashed heavily onto a trash canister. The trash canister shattered into pieces and he was covered in filth.

“Your physical capabilities aren’t bad; it’s almost at 0.9 right?” The fugitive’s voice reached his ear as the fugitive jumped. A distance of a little more than ten meters only required 0.5 seconds. He arrived beside Jiang Li and stepped down aiming for his head.

It was like a huge elephant stomping.


A deep foot mark was engraved onto the floor, and Jiang Li rolled to the side to dodge the stomp. Otherwise if the stomp had landed, his head would have been smashed like a watermelon.

The situation was precaious. “He’s too strong, my practical experience is inadequate, and my physical capabilities are far inferior!”

Jiang Li relied on the spiritual prowess of his Fetal Respiration to discern the danger and react instinctively to avoid the lethal blow.

Now he finally knew what it meant to be ignorant. A high school student who hadn’t even experienced a bloodied real life battle wanted to stop a fugitive from escaping?

If he could avoid this danger and survive, it would be of great significance to his spirit. He would grow as if he had thoroughly remolded himself.

Only real life cruel brawls could train people.

“Eh?” The fugitive was dumbfounded for a second when he saw Jiang Li dodge his [Crushing Mountain Stomp]. He was delivering successive lethal blows yet Jiang Li could dodge them. This was absolutely a miracle.

His life force had reached 1.1. Killing anyone below 1 was as easy as eating and drinking even though he was heavily injured! Relying on his strong spiritual prowess, he could completely control his blood vessels, muscles, internal secretions and even nerves to excite himself and control the injuries.


When two successive blows didn’t kill Jiang LI, the fugitive ripped off his shirt showing his naked upper torso. He became more violet and struck rapidly like lightning.

Hua hua hua!

His shadow like figure approached as his hand blade cut through the air making shrieking sounds of explosion.

In Jiang Li’s eyes, he almost couldn’t see the actual path of attack. It was just a fury of after images.

The fugitive was this strong!

“Am I going to die?” Jiang Li’s sixth sense told himself that he was going to die without question. However, he wasn’t satisfied. With the pressure of a life or death situation, Jiang Li fought for his life.

Crack crack… The muscles ripped as bone-cracking sounds transmitted from inside his body. His body started waving and writhing like a dragon-snake as he avoided the fugitive’s hand blade.

“[Boneless Dragon Snake Dance]!”

There were five moves to [Boneless Jujitsu] altogether. [Twisting Bone Attack], [Projecting Bone Attack], [Shattering Bone Collapsing The Clouds], [Boulder Breaking Bone Shatter], [Boneless Dragon Snake Dance]. The physical requirements for the last move were just crazy. But when the person was able to use it, the body moved in a manner similar to a dragon-snake and was able to dodge all attacks.

According to legends, some martial artists who were able to perfect [Boneless Dragon Snake Dance] couldn’t be shot even by guns.

Originally, Jiang Li wasn’t able to use [Boneless Dragon Snake Dance] but in serious situations, every effort for survival counts. His desire to live activated his innate potential.

His spirit and body all reached their absolute limit.

Wush, Wush…. His body waved incessantly in absurd angles. His movements were swift and even managed to avoid three strikes from the opponent’s hand blade.

When the hand blade sweeped, air ripples that could lacerate any body parts were formed. It was as sharp as scissors.

Jiang Li consecutively dodged attacks and the fugitive was surprised too. He didn’t think that an insignificant person had such a strong battle power. However, he could tell that many parts of Jiang Li’s muscles were torn due to using [Boneless Dragon Snake Dance] and he couldn’t last much longer.

Perhaps any moment, Jiang Li would fall.

The fugitive breathed deeply and was about to release an even stronger lethal blow.

At this moment, Jiang Li felt the opponent’s killing intent.

He dodged so many attacks that his muscles were tearing apart and could barely life a finger. He had no choice but to close his eyes and wait for death.

“I can’t die, I need to move!” He wanted to run again.

Bang bang bang………

Just at this moment, a gun sounded from the door and bullets rained towards the fugitive in the nick of time. Immediately, the fugitive fell into a perilous situation.

These bullets were all light particles. They weren’t the physical bullets from two hundred years ago.

The current department abandoned the physical bullet weaponry a long time ago. Taking its place was the laser pulse weaponry.

A whirring sound came from the air. It was aircrafts with many laser dots aimed at the fugitive.

The police department mobilized their resources and began their lock down from the sky making it impossible for the fugitive to escape.

“Damm it, why is it that fast!” The fugitive hopped and couldn’t bother himself with killing Jiang Li anymore. His movements were more agile than that of a cat, dodging the bullets fired at him. However, the aircrafts in the air became more and more dense. Hundreds to thousands of laser rays shot down and penetrated his body.


He seemed to be anaesthetized and couldn’t move as he fell to the ground.

Subsequently, many of the aircrafts landed and police appeared. Jiang Li knew those lasers were a new type of weapon called Laser Anesthetic Gun .

Those who were hit would be anesthetized. Normal people would fall unconscious with one shot. This fugitive dropped after so many shots. His physical capabilities were extraordinarily strong.

Many police approached the fugitive warily while the police on the outside held guns and aimed. If there was the slightest movement, they would deliver the killing blow.

Moreover, Jiang Li also saw a commander with mobility mechanical armour appear. The armour was extremely expensive. It was impenetrable and granted people super human strength as well as the ability to fly. The ‘Iron Man’ in the movies two hundred years ago was basically this. But now, humans had made it reality.

However, the mobility armor was made from a type of alloy that was very inconvenient to wear. People said that humans had already invented ‘Biological Armor’. It was a very small organic chip that could transform in an instant. The wearer’s body would appear with intricate pieces of scales just like a dragon. They would have the ability to fly as well as the ability to go under the earth. They were capable of anything.

This was humanity’s secret weapon.

When Jiang Li acquired the Great Dream Heart Sutra stone, he once saw those elites wearing biological armour appear aboard the human battleships.

Even the cost of the alloy armor was exorbitant. A set cost between one million to a few million star coins. Normal people could never afford it. On top of that, it was forbidden to buy or sell mechanized armors. Even the wealthy couldn’t own it as only the government agencies and the army were allowed to possess them.

“There’s a wounded person here, send him to the hospital immediately!”

The policeman approached Jiang Li and discovered his muscles were torn and his body was bathed in blood. They need to start medical procedures immediately. The middle aged policeman appeared at this time, “This is a student who assisted us with the case and provided important information for the fugitive’s arrest. He must be treated with complete medical attention. The bills will be paid by the government.”


Not long afterwards, a few nurses and a doctor came up. They placed Jiang Li on the trolley bed and escorted him to the hospital. Jiang Li could actually move, in fact, it was only some outside wounds.

He wasn’t afraid of the opaque stoned being disclosed as other people couldn’t do anything even if they took it. To them, it was just a normal stone.

Seeing that Jiang Li was carried away, a policeman approached, “Sir, we have confirmation. This person’s DNA was tested to be a member of the Sovereign State Recovery Organization. His alias is ‘Illusory Fox’

“Sir, we found a flying vehicle amidst the rubble on the roof. This person attempted to escape with the flying vehicle but was stopped. Only then did we have the opportunity to arrive on time. Otherwise, he would have boarded the vehicle and escaped. Then, it would have been extremely difficult to capture him again.” Another police officer reported.

“Sir, this was the scene captured by the satellite,” Another policeman came and delivered a video. It was released and formed the scene of Jiang Li’s battle with the fugitive just then.

‘Oh?” This really was a high school student. He’s a good seed.” Clunk clunk…. The person wearing the mecha walked over. The armor unequipped itself forming an iron case that was carried in his hands.

This person had a robust figure and eyes like knives. It could be seen that he was a soldier just with one glance. More than a hundred kilograms of armour was carried by his hand with ease. He had strong physical capabilities. “Colonel Song.” The middle aged policeman greeted, “He is a good seed but his practical experience is a little off. But being able to survive in Illusory Fox’s hands for a while means that he has a great future ahead of him. By the way, this time we captured a member of the Sovereign State Recovery Organization (SSRO). There will be great rewards coming from our superiors.”

“That damned SSRO.” Colonel Song had an angry complexion, “They wreak havoc everywhere. We humans have united 200 years ago. The countries have become the past. This group of people still want to revive the country era. Do they want humans to go back into the era of war between countries once again?”

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