Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 13 - For Humanity

In the hospital, Jiang Li fully recovered with an hour of treatment.

Minor injuries such as muscles laceration and bone damage could be easily cured by the high tech medical techniques such as tissue and bone regeneration.

Of course, these techniques had high costs. More than 1000 star coins were required each time. Normal civilians all chose other methods of treatment. Those ones took longer and required 10 days to half a month before recovering.

Since the fees were subsidized by the government this time, of course Jiang Li chose the method that was the fastest and had no after effects.

In fact, his injury could easily be recovered with Fetal Respiration in a few days. However, his family would be worried for him if he came back with a body full of wounds. Also now, he knew that Fetal Respiration required large amounts of nutrition for support. He was expending his life potential each time he went into Fetal Respiration.

Before earning enough money, he would never use Fetal Respiration again.

Fetal Respiration was more intense than any other intense physical activity.

After he was told off by Miss Blade, he went online and did some research. He discovered that Fetal Respiration was the activity of every single cell in the body. The energy toll was more than ten times or maybe even 100 times than that of sprinting and boxing. If it wasn’t provided large amounts of nutrition, it would simply draw on his life potential.

“I earned 5000 star coins this time. I can buy the Green God Nutrition Serum. Hopefully my cells won’t be hungry anymore and the absorbed life potential can be supplemented back.”

Jiang Li felt the opaque stone on his chest. He felt this was a life taking stone. If Miss Blade didn’t warn him, he would’ve died a year and a half later.

Pulses of hunger rose again.

It was useless to eat food. Even if he ate till his stomach exploded, he would still be hungry because normal nutrition was like rock to people who used Fetal Respiration.

No wonder there was the phrase “Not eating food of the mortal world’. It was because for people in a high state of cultivation, food people normal people eat was useless and disgusting like mud.

A fit of footsteps sounded out, and a middle aged policeman and another few cops appeared in the patient room, “Jiang Li, how are you injuries?”

“It was only external injuries, tissue laceration and bone fracture. There were no damages to the nerves so it was easily recoverable.” Jiang Li checked his body and didn’t find any major problems. He stood up straight and firm showing his military form. Every high school student had to receive one year of military training. He knew what he had to do, “By the way sir, was that person the fugitive? It wouldn’t be good if we captured the wrong person.”

“Congratulations Jiang Li, your luck was very good and so was your ability. You found the fugitive. This person is a member of the terrorist organization SSRO. He is called Illusory Fox and has a strong spiritual prowess. He knew how to hypnotize and had a life force of 1.1. You stopped him in time and prevented him from escaping with his aircraft. You have accomplished a major feat and we have decided to reward you with 5000 star coins. Your partner Moona Lin will also receive 1000 star coins of reward.” The middle aged police officer said, “Take out you student chip.”


Jiang Li took out his student chip and a policeman in the financial sector took out a handheld laptop and swiped the chip. Ding dong! A sound came from the student chip, “5000 star coins successfully transacted.”

The student chip was also Jiang Li’s bank account and had his identity, fingerprint, appearance, DNA, family members, study results and all record files…..

Humanity had long been using this one for all card. It was very convenient and a chip stayed with the person for life.

“Also, your merits have been recorded in the files. This time, you may receive a one star merit. You are now a one star citizen.” The middle aged police officer said.

“One star citizen!” Jiang Li’s body shook and surprise showed on his face. Merits were a rating given by the government for those who had contributed to the human society. With merits, people had a great advantage when seeking employment, joining the army, and starting a business. Major companies also gave special consideration to people who had merits.

This was the government’s way of rewarding citizens for doing good things. It was set for the contribution of humanity.

Merits were very hard to acquire because a citizen had to first stack merit points in his file. Only when he had enough merit points could he upgrade to the star civilian status.

There were many things people could do to acquire merit points such as volunteering, blood donations, charity donations, technological research, helping police capture fugitives, heroic deeds……

Jiang Li’s brother had very high merit points for helping with police investigations but he wasn’t a one star civilian.

Even in school, people with star civilian statuses had the advantage. When school named excellent students and gave scholarships, they would also prioritize these types of people.

On the contrary, if students had a bad record, then no matter how strong they were, they wouldn’t be liked by the school. Even Astral University wouldn’t take them in. They would instead be surveillanced by the police department for being strong. If incidents were to occur, those with a bad record were prioritized and investigated.

More importantly, one star civilians had the right to purchase cars.

No matter how wealthy normal civilians were, they were not allowed to purchase neither cars nor flying vehicles because vehicles would cause pollution. Without any contributions to humanity, of course people weren’t allowed to pollute the environment.

It was a symbol of status now that Jiang Li had the right to buy cars, though he was unable to afford one.

Jiang Li looked at his profile after taking back his student chip. Certainly, he found that there was a star shining brightly next to his societal merit tab. It symbolized contribution, fervor, youth, honor and justice.

“Everything for humanity!” Jiang Li stood straight saluted. High school students were preparatory soldiers after military cadet training.

“Jiang Li, everything for humanity, and we will strive together!” The middle aged police officer also saluted.

Everything for humanity was the catch phrase people used since they were young. It was a noble ideal and a target shared by the military, police and students.

“Also, Jiang Li, thank you for helping Miss Xue Bear.” A person without a police uniform walked in and came in front of Jiang Li, “I am the manager of the Xue Corporation, representing the Xue family to see you and express our gratitude. Miss Xue was originally planning to thank you personally, however, her spirit was withered after hypnosis and needed treatment. Nonetheless, I represent Miss Xue Bear to give you the Xue family’s token of appreciation, 10,000 star coins. I hope you accept it as a sign of our gratitude.”

As he spoke, a person passed up a card.

On it wrote: Manager, Lightning Dong

10,000 star coins!

The Xue Family was really generous. The police’s reward was only 5000 star coins and that was a very pricey reward already. Yet, the Xue family just gave out 10,000 star coins. For normal people, this was a huge amount of wealth. However, for the Xue family, it was nothing. The space lizard bag Miss Xue Bear bought was worth 100,000 star coins.

Jiang Li was hesitating. He looked at the card they gave and thought it would be better to take it. 10,000 star coins was a large sum. He would feel regret if he rejected it but he still asked caringly, “How is Miss Xue Bear doing? There weren’t any major issues right?

“Miss Xue Bear was hypnotized by that damned Illusory Fox and sustained major damage to her cerebral nerves. She was sent to the hospital for treatment now, sigh……” Manager Lightning Dong sighed, “We really owe our thanks to you this time, 10,000 star coins isn’t something major. After Miss Xue Bear comes out of the hospital, there will be more. If you face hardships in the future, you may come to Xue Corporation. This is our VIP guest card and has my contact details! Hopefully you may consider working at our corporation first after graduation.”

He pointed at the card.

This card was a small electronic chip. It could contact the owner of the card through the chip. With the status of Lightning Dong, he would only hand this out to valuable people.

The middle aged police officer looked on at the scene. He knew about Jiang Li’s ability through the video and he said in a serious tone, “Jiang Li, hopefully you can enter Astral University. If you can’t, the door to our police department is open for you!”

“Yes! Everything for humanity!”

Jiang Li saluted again, “Sir, I will be heading home first. I have one request. I don’t wish this to be disclosed to the media.”

“You can rest assured about this matter. The matter concerning the fugitive is confidential.” The middle aged police officer nodded and watched him as he left the room, “This student will have a successful future.”

“I was lucky this time. I can’t believe I actually got 15,000 star coins.” Jiang Li looked at the manager’s business card as he walked out of the hospital. Inside of it was a 10,000 star coins without an account. It could be transferred at any time. He pressed the button and transferred it to his own account and put it away the card. People belonging to these major corporations could be useful in the future.

Soon, he arrived home and no one knew about this.

15,000 star coins were on his card and he needed to consider what he supplements he should buy.

In his room, he opened his student chip card. He pressed something and a screen appeared. There were many pages on it and he browsed through them. He was shopping online.

The student chip card could also be used like a computer. The drawback was that its processing speed was slow, far inferior to some high priced computers and intelligent computers. But it would suffice for online shopping and transactions.

Some expensive smart computers could even model real life scenes such as streets, zombies, and space monsters. It was highly realistic. People could train and kill inside the virtual reality which would greatly improve their physical capabilities and spirit at the same time.

Furthermore, massive online virtual reality games could be played too.

Some online games had extremely high requirements for computers as it had to model many scenarios. Virtual laser projection technology had insanely high requirements on the computer.

Owning a smart computer had long been Jiang Li’s dream. Smart computers could connect people’s brainwaves and let them enter into virtual reality online games, allowing them to feel the infinite reaching yet different worlds. It was the uppermost spiritual sensation.

However, it was unaffordable.

“Let’s see what things I could buy online. The pressing matter at hand is to increase my body strength first….” Jiang Li was searching and realised that many supplements were highly expensive. The cheapest one was Sha Luo meat.

However, the nutrition of these types of things couldn’t replenish the life energy expended by Fetal Respiration.

“I think I’ll go for the Green God Nutrition Serum. Only the rich can afford these things.”

He searched and finally found an item suitable for himself. It was the Green God Nutrition Serum given to him by Miss Blade.

Green God company was humanity’s pharmaceutical tycoon. It specialised in producing all sorts of nutritional serums, and supplements but their prices were exorbitant. Green God nutritional serum was 1000 star coins a tube.

A family like Jiang Li’s barely touched on the notion of being wealthy. These types of families typically had 10,000 star coins worth of finance. The daily expenditure for the family was only a few star coins. Star coins were very stable and ten star coins could buy many synthetic foods.

If the family had savings of 100,000 star coins or more, they belonged to the middle class. These types of people had moderate expenditure in Xing Hua City, however, they could not afford the Green God Nutrition Serum for everyday consumption.

People who had savings in the millions were the wealthy people. But even so, spending a few thousand a day was also a huge burden.

Only, the millionaires with savings over 10 million star coins could use the nutritional serums to their pleasure.

“Okay, a thousand it is then……” Jiang Li pressed buy.

He bought ten tubes spending 10,000 star coins.

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