Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 14 - Brain of The Universe

Seeing 10,000 star coins disappear from his account, his heart yelped in pain, “God, I spent 10,000 star coins in just a moment. But in order to replenish the lost life energy, I can only spend money. “ He was in a state of unbearable hunger every day.

This type of hunger was torture.

However, if he wasn’t hungry, that would be worse as it would mean his life potential was being consumed by his cells.

“Rock, you make me hate you and love you at the same time.” Jiang Li patted the rock but wouldn’t dare to go into Fetal Respiration again.

The delivery for online shopping was extremely fast, he only bought it an hour ago and it was already delivered to the door.

There were tubes of green liquids. It was viscous like algae. When he opened it and smelled, there was a calming aromatic sensation. It wasn’t fake.

In the modern human society, fake medicine was basically non - existent. As soon as people were caught producing fake drugs, some would be sentenced to death and others would be exiled to other planets. The latter was worse than death.

There were planets especially for exiled prisoners. It was called Luo Sha. During the day, the temperature was in the high 70s while at night it dropped to minus 30 degrees. The environment was odious and plants had low water content. Prisoners who were exiled there were tortured more by living than death. They lived in perpetual hell everyday.

These types of nutritional serums contained all sorts of nutritions processed by biotechnology. It was absorbed very rapidly. However, people couldn’t consume too much as it would result in obesity.

However, Jiang Li didn’t not have these types of problems.

He was just absolutely starving and could barely resist himself from eating the glass tube as well.

“I’m about to die from starving, I better eat it!” Jiang Li gulped down one tube and almost immediately felt a warm stream surge from his stomach. The effects were distinctive. The nutritional serum spread to his entire body as his starvation eased.

A 1000 star coin serum was not normal at all.

However, the starvation had not been completely vanquished so he drank another tube. He finished all ten tubes and only then did the starvation ease.

“This is so comfortable, I’m not hungry anymore, damn this feels good…..” Jiang Li drank voraciously. His body assimilated 10,000 star coins worth of nutritional serums and now he felt warm throughout his entire body. He was about to fall asleep.

However, he knew what he had to do and entered into [Crystal Contemplation] immediately. He entered the second stage of Deep Sleep as his spirit glowed like a crystal.

He did not dare to put the opaque stone in his mouth and could only rely on his own spiritual prowess to adjust his status.

In Deep Sleep, the opaque stone emanated a weak white light. With a sudden flit of rustling, he entered the dream state once again.

It seemed that something in the opaque stone was activated by Illusory Fox’s spiritual energy…….

“Dreamed for many millenniums, what year is it now?”

Jiang Li fell asleep and entered Fetal Respiration. In his subconsciousness, a voice sounded out again. This was the second time he heard the voice. The first time was when he received the heritage of the opaque stone.

However, there was a new scene in the dream this time.

A voice sounded out .

“All encompassing universe, the cosmos is sacred. It was all a dream, a great dream of realization. Returning to truth is cultivation……”

In the dream, a person appeared.

This person stood in the dream with a calm face saying the words one by one as if he was a teacher teaching a student.

“Fortunate person, you have finally opened the training for the [Great Dream Heart Sutra]. Consequently, I will teach you the cultivation method for this supreme power!”

This person was a middle aged man wearing ancient clothes. He wasn’t the white clothed dried body in the sewerage but another person in the dream. He didn’t say much and went straight into cultivation.

He sat cross legged in a stable manner with one palm vertical placed in front of him. He had a smile on his face with a peaceful complexion. The other hand dropped, naturally caressing the space.

Jiang Li felt that after this person made this pose, he was fearless of everything and peaceful at heart. He was immune to all terror and evil intent could not rise from his heart. Immediately, he teemed with wisdom.

Subsequently, his hand signs changed like a lotus displaying itself vividly. Sometimes, his hands folded into a fist, sometimes, his fingers joined to form a sword, sometimes his fingers formed a ring, sometimes, his hands touched the bottom…… there were countless transformations.

“Above my head is your version of the brain of the universe. Contemplation accompanied by actions….. This is the basics for [Great Dream Heart Sutra]! [Spiritual Emperor Seal]! Contemplate the brain of the universe and your spiritual energy will increase.”

Above, the middle aged man’s head, the vast space of the cosmos appeared.

This galaxies and constellations was highly dense. There seemed to be trillions of planets joined together to form one nebula.

The shape of this nebula was in fact a brain!

The trillions of stars and planets formed a galaxy. The galaxy wasn’t like the milky way galaxy but a brain shaped galaxy. The pathways between stars were similar to the ravines of the brain. Each planet twinkled as if the brain cells was operating non stop.

This was the image for contemplation.

This galaxy was many times bigger than the Milky Way galaxy!

“How come I have never seen this big galaxy before? There doesn’t seem to be a galaxy in the universe shaped like a brain but each of the planets seem so real…”

Jiang Li asked in his dreams and learned. Humanity’s astronomical knowledge was abundant but had never before encountered a brain shaped galaxy. The Milky Way galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy, the Sagittarius galaxy….. there didn’t seem to be a galaxy in the shape of the human brain.

But the middle aged man who was teaching him cultivation did not speed up. He just showed him again and again, “The brain is the soul, the soul is thought, thought is spirit,. Contemplate the brain of the universe. Your brain is the brain of the universe!”

The middle aged man spun on non stop.

As his hand signs changed, Jiang Li saw that this was the surrounding space around the Brain Galactic sector. It was indeed dark. If the brain of the universe suddenly stopped blinking, then darkness and dread would befall.

He seemed to have realised something.

His brain melded in with the brain of the universe. The countless stars were his brain cells operating non stop. If it stopped, his entire soul would disappear and plunge into the darkness of death for eternity.

Suddenly, the dream disappeared.

Jiang Li woke up sweating from his dream.

The scene in his dream was deeply ingrained in the depth of his brain and was inerasable. Every pose and that image for contemplation was remembered as if it were carved into his heart.

The brain of the universe galaxy, that was ten times bigger than the Milky Way galaxy with stars shimmering, was especially deeply etched inside his brain. Every time he reminisced, he felt very dizzy.

“This is the basics for [Great Dream Heart Sutra]? Contemplation of the brain of the universe?”

He woke from his bed and found that he was covered in sweat and smelled horrible. However, his body was extremely lively, as he breathed, he felt that every cell in his body was rejoicing.

He knew his life force definitely reached 0.9.

He reminisced and that dream felt extremely clear. It was also like reality and Jiang Li couldn’t help but weave all those hand signs.

He could do it with ease. Contemplating that brain formed by trillions of stars and planets, he moved his ligaments and joined his fingers, hands and spirit. Immediately, he felt his spirit was extremely concentrated.

It was as if all the cells in his brain started glimmering and operating at high speeds.

If his brain was compared to another ordinary brain, then before, it operated at a million times a second, now it operated tens of millions of times per second. His thought processes were ten times faster.

His hand signs were speedy and cooperated with his contemplation.

Suddenly, before a set of [Spiritual Emperor Seal] could be weaved, he felt dizziness in his head and something warm rushed out of his nose.

He stopped weaving signs immediately.

He wiped and found out that it was blood.

His thoughts were blinking too fast and contemplation made his brain receive damage which in turn affected his body.

This was very normal, a person who used his brain to full capacity and was stressed could turn all his hair white in one night. Some scientists who tried to solve problems drowned in deep thought and ended up using their brains too much which resulted in death.

Now, Jiang Li was in cultivation and used his brain too much.

[Spiritual Emperor Seal]. Regardless of the hand signs or the contemplation of the brain of the universe, it wasn’t something he could cultivate at his current stage.

“I’m so hungry, why am I hungry again?” He wiped clean his nose and felt his stomach grumble, “I didn’t enter Fetal Respiration though, how can I be so hungry”

When he was cultivating just then, he was using [Crystal Contemplation and entered into Deep Sleep. He didn’t dare to use Fetal Respiration, but how could he be hungry so quickly?

“Was it because I contemplated the brain of the universe, and cultivated the [Spiritual Emperor Seal]? Causing myself too much stress?” He still had 5000 star coins but he didn’t dare spend it carelessly so he bought another 3000 star coins worth of Green God Nutrition Serum.

After an hour, the delivery came and he drank another tube as he felt his hunger ease.

“I know.” Jiang Li thought.

He understood that it was because this opaque stone required strong spiritual power to activate.

His own spiritual power was insufficient to activate it but when he fought Illusory Fox, the opponent’s hypnosis technique attacked him but instead opened the [Great Dream Heart Sutra].

However, Illusory Fox’s power was also insufficient resulting in a backlash that blinded him.

“This [Spiritual Emperor Seal] accompanying the contemplation of the brain of the universe is indeed strong. However, it has too much of a toll on my brain and body. My nutrition can’t keep up, god! I have supreme power but I can’t cultivate it!” Jiang Li groaned, “I need money! I need more money!”

Those martial arts that could cooperate with contemplation were martial arts of a B rank and above.

The most classic B rank martial art was the [Gods and Demons fist]. Each move was used in cooperation with contemplation. The user imagined himself as a demon or god and entered a trance of self hypnosis. Each strike had boundless power like the gods.

However, this type of cultivation could easily cause mental disorders.

Therefore, it belonged to the forbidden martial arts category and schools were forbidden to teach it. Only those who entered the third stage of Deep Sleep could practice it.

High ranked martial arts all required cooperation with contemplation. That was the so called unison between spirit and body.

“I’m so unlucky. I can’t use the Fetal Respiration state provided by the opaque stone. I risked my life and using Illusory Fox, I was finally able to open the basics for the [Great Dream Heart Sutra]. Yet, I am still unable to cultivate it. My luck is so bad.” Jiang Li suddenly realised that without the support of enough nutrition, the opaque stone was absolutely useless.

He tested again by contemplating the brain of the universe and of course three minutes later, another stream of blood came from his nose as a strong sense of hunger struck upon him.

This situation was only relieved after he drank another tube of Green God Nutrition Serum.

Holding the last tube of nutritional serum and looking at the remaining 2000 star coins, Jiang Li tried to weep but failed to shed a tear.

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