Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 15 - The Arcanum of Hand Signs

He wiped the blood from his nose as he thought about how he should cultivate and earn money. Now, he couldn’t enter Fetal Respiration nor contemplation.

The only thing he could practice was the positions of the [Spiritual Emperor Sign] passed down to him in his dream.

These sets of positions were very complicated and were definitely a high ranked martial arts. However, without contemplation, it was just a normal exercise.

Contemplation was training of the spirit. Martial arts without spirit were like empty and useless shells that were only good for show.

However, at least they were positions from the [Great Dream Heart Sutra]. There would be some benefits at least.

He cultivated for a while and felt this [Spiritual Emperor Sign] had a lot of stances. Its secrets lay hidden and even without contemplation, it was still many ranks higher than [Boneless Jujitsu].

The movements and signs were sometimes majestic like lightning striking down, and sometimes they sounded like rain hitting the roof as the fingers flicked multiple times. Sometimes, the fingers formed a flower and spread across the sky. Sometimes, the hand rose like a golden lotus floating to the surface.

In a short while, he was tired and once again entered Deep Sleep.

This time, the dream didn’t appear again.

It seemed that Illusory Fox’s spiritual energy was only enough for one opening of the [Great Dream Heart Sutra]’s secrets.

An hour later, Jiang Li was fully awake and felt full in spirit. He no longer experienced dizziness and headaches.

He took a shower and changed the bed. He felt refreshed and began to practise his moves at once more. It was the [Boneless Dragon Snake Dance] from the [Boneless Jujitsu]. It could be seen that his body was flexible like it was boneless but at the same time it was filled with tensile strength. His head and legs shook with unpredictable movements like a dragon crossing the skies.

It gave people a sense of a body’s absolute limit.

His fight with the fugitive, Illusory Fox, gave him many inspirations. Between life and death, his instincts were activated and he received many benefits and experiences that he was gradually assimilating now.

On top of that, he drank more than 10 tubes of Green God Nutrition Serum which alleviated his hunger and replenished his life potential. As long as he continued using it, the damaged done to him by entering Fetal Respiration would all be slowly repaired.

“Hm? My physical capabilities have increased this much?”

He found that he could do many of the [Boneless Jujitsu] moves with ease, especially the last move [Boneless Dragon Snake Dance]. It didn’t feel the least bit rusty.

His physical capabilities, bone strength and tenacity, cell vitality, respiration organ abilities had all improved by a substantial amount. He could do all five moves of the [Boneless Jujitsu] to perfection.

His body improved a lot overall.

Now, he believed that he wouldn’t lose to his younger brother Jiang Tao.

Of course, his practical battle experiences may be a little lacking.

“Big brother, you didn’t go to class again today?”

There was a knocking sound and Jiang Li opened the door, it was his sister Jiang Xuan.

“I went to class. I just came back.” Jiang Li said hurriedly, “Sister come over here.”

“Brother, what’s the matter?” Jiang Xuan was baffled but still walked into the room, “You bought something from online? What is this? Green God Nutrition Serum? 1000 star coins a tube?” she discovered the receipt on the table and yelped in shock.

“Shhhhshhh….” Jiang Li said hurriedly, “Keep your voice down, I went and found a job without telling mum and dad. It was helping the police department search for someone. My luck was good and I found the fugitive’s tracks and therefore I got some rewards. Come, take out your student card.”

“Okay.” Jiang Xuan took out her student chip which was swiped by Jiang Li. Ding Dong, a 1000 star coins were transacted.

“1000 star coins! This is so much money….” Jiang Xuan was flabbergasted, “ I… I’ve never had so much money. I could buy so much stuff.” Her monthly pocket money was only 8 star coins.

“Don’t let mum and dad know. If you have something you want, just buy it,” Jiang Li whispered, “but you must buy things that are beneficial to your cultivation, don’t waste it.”

“Thanks big brother, you’re so nice to me!” Jiang Xuan jumped up and hugged Jiang Li.


She kissed him on the cheeks, “I will also become an influential person in the school like brother Jiang Tao.”

Jiang Li smiled and nodded, it didn’t matter that he spoiled his sister. Originally, he wanted to give his sister some of his left over money even if he was tight on money.

At night, the family gathered together and ate supper.

Mum, dad, Jiang Tao, Jiang Li, and Jiang Xuan watched TV together and talked about what happened during in the day in a harmonious atmosphere. Jiang Li enjoyed this atmosphere and wanted it to stay like this forever.

“Little brother, how is your stasis going?” Jiang Li asked his brother on the dinner table.

“It’s very difficult.” Jiang Tao sucked his tongue, “I’m currently starting to learn the ancient yoga signs of Buddhism. It requires you to use your spirit to wield your body and move in accordance with the laws of the universe while conquering your excess thoughts. I’m also cultivating true words, incantations, prayers, and worshipping….” As he put down his bowl, Jiang Li made a movement in which his hands held each other like a fist over his head.

Immediately, Jiang Li felt that his brother was like a massive immovable mountain. It rendered people a peculiar manner on their spirit.

He grasped something after secretly using [Spiritual Emperor Sign].

Jiang Li still couldn’t understand the various hand signs of the [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. He could only mimic the moves. He felt that in order to cultivate this set of hand signs, he had to first contemplate the brain of the universe.

Unfortunately, each time he did so, he would have a nose full of blood.

“Eat up, eat up.” Jiang Zhendong knocked on the bowl and chopsticks...

After dinner, Jiang Li came to the park again to feed cats. He could see that Big Black was strong in physique. However, he did not feel happy but rather sorry for it. Big Black’s current condition was due to the hypnotism of the stone. That was overdrawing its life potential which meant that its lifespan would be greatly reduced. It was unknown how many more months it could live.

He wanted to earn money but right now it was impossible for Big Black to also have a Green God Nutrition Serum.

Big Black didn’t feel the danger and was very happy as he played around everywhere. He became the king of the cats and even the Striped King was subservient to it.

After Jiang Li finished feeding the cats, he began his cultivation. Naturally, it was the newly learned [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. He weaved signs continuously and moved his body in stances. After he finished a set of signs, he was already sweating heavily. It was a huge consumption on energy.

He went to rest once again. After 1 hour of Deep Sleep, he opened his computer and searched for information.

“SSRO…..” He opened the computer and searched for it. Immediately, a lot of information came up.

“Illusory Fox’ almost killed him and this memory was still fresh. That person’s power also deeply shocked his spirit. Especially Illusory Fox’s hypnosis techniques, it felt unstoppable. Imagine being stared by him once and you would be hypnotized. What did this mean? It was possible to make you give your bank account password, or even do transactions.

According to people, Illusory Fox used this to hypnotise many wealthy people making them do transactions for him and afterwards, it was impossible to investigate who did it. It was because the person hypnotized didn’t even remember that event.

Miss Blade said that if he wanted his spiritual cultivation to progress one step higher, he had to learn hypnosis. Before, he felt that hypnosis was nothing but a trick to fool people. But after his contact with Illusory Fox, he felt that this hypnosis technique had unimaginable uses.

When foxes hypnotized humans and made illusions in the ancient times, the people hypnotized thought that they met beautiful ladies. However, they were actually hypnotized.

And the story of “Huang Liang Yi Meng’ was also caused by ancient hypnotists.

At the same time, Jiang Li also searched online the organization that Illusory Fox was in for what is actually was.

The so called SSRO was a group of people nostalgic for their countries and wanted to recover the honour of their countries.

When humanity united and entered the galactic era, it was unstoppable. The era of the countries was abolished like the slave and feudalistic era. Recovery of that was like pushing back history.

Humans were now strong and made many settlements on planets. However, if they encountered a strong civilization in the universe, they would be defeated easily without a doubt. Soon, they would be massacred to extinction.

In the year 2050, a alien spaceship fell onto the earth. If it didn’t suddenly crash land, the humans of earth would have been completely conquered as slaves.

Up until now, the technology acquired from the spaceship was still under research as it wasn’t fully researched. All people in the governing body capitalized on unity and did not allow acts of mutiny.

“Even though it was the SSRO, there were many types. Illusory Fox had Caucasian lineage. However, the Xing Hua City we live in now belonged to China 200 years ago.

Looking at the information displayed on the screen, Jiang Li’s eyebrows frowned.

200 years ago, the earth had America, China, Russia and many powerful countries in Europe. After the world war, the governing heads joined together and formed the new Earth government. The countries disappeared.

The Xing Hua city Jiang Li was at belonged to China and he was a pure blooded Chinese.

Asians also had SSRO groups hidden undercover and they were really strong.

However, he was disinterested in these organizations and did not want to encounter them. Jiang Li knew that he was an insignificant figure and needed a harmonious societal environment to become stronger step by step. This way, he could acquire higher status and let his family live happily.

Peasant’s do not care about the king’s problems.

He wasn’t in the position to worry about those things.

“Hypnotist, hypnosis…..” Jiang Li thought of Illusory Fox’s hypnosis techniques and felt that he should study some knowledge regarding hypnosis. Hypnotist was a rather lucrative career in the modern day.

“How do I learn hypnosis…” He searched online.

“Hypnosis is a form of spiritual control. Hypnotists must have a strong spirit and then follow through with language, actions to release his influence creating a strong connotation which make the target’s mind subject to your influence. Ultimately, you control their subconsciousness…..”

“Hypnotist certificates are divided into Apprentice Hypnotist, Elementary Hypnotist, Secondary Hypnotist, Tertiary Hypnotist, Super Hypnotist and then Spiritual Master.”

“Apprentice Hypnotists don’t have a high salary. Normal students can learn hypnotic techniques. A regular hypnotist was different. They had to undergo many strenuous exams before obtaining their certificate. Elementary Hypnotist could cure many diseases and allow people to sleep peacefully and even make them go into Deep Sleep! Of course, Elementary Hypnotists’ personal spiritual cultivation had to be at the second stage of Deep Sleep. The monthly salary of an Elementary Hypnotists was usually 10000 to 100000 star coins….”

The information online displayed one by one.

Jiang Li browsed, “What? Elementary Hypnotists’ monthly salary is this high? I’m currently at the second stage of Deep Sleep, does that mean I can become an Elementary Hypnotist?”

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