Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 16 - Learning Hypnotism

The day after Jiang Li arrived at Miss Blade’s office.

“Miss, I want to learn hypnotism, but communal learning programs are too expensive. Where do I go if I want to learn it myself? Could you teach me some hypnotism tricks for free?” Jiang Li blurted out his words all at once.

Miss Blade gave him a glance. “You couldn’t be thinking of becoming an Elementary Hypnotist to earn money?”

“That’s right miss.”

Jiang Li wanted to learn Hypnotism, but having researched online he found out that typical lessons had a starting fee of more than 3000 star coins. It was extremely expensive. Even downloading videos that taught Hypnotism was costly.

In the modern society, copyright protection was bullet proof. Products of stolen ideas have become near extinct. Trying to find stolen videos online was practically impossible.

It was especially so for martial arts and spiritual training education. Each video required a fee to be obtainable.

Usually martial arts videos were quite cheap, but it is hard to gain anything useful from them. Hypnotism however was a different matter. The fees were extremely high. Yet just learning hypnotism online was not sufficient, for there also needed to be practical experimentation, with a teacher on the side to give one-on-one coaching.

“Indeed you can learn hypnotism, for you’re at the second stage of Deep Sleep in spiritual cultivation. You’d be stronger than most Apprentice Hypnotists, and possibly even have the right to become Elementary Hypnotists. But possibilities remain possibilities; hypnotism is not that easy to learn. Innate talent is imperative.” Miss Blade continued, “Do you even know what Hypnotism is? Tell me your thoughts.”

“Hmm, basically it is to make the other party sleep, then tell them to do what you want.” Jiang Li responded, “Hypnotism can cause great damage to one’s brain, but it can also heal psychological wounds.”

“This is a very basic understanding.”

“Sit down.” Miss Blade commanded.

“Yes miss!” Jiang Li crossed his legs and sat down.

“To be honest, just then you have been hypnotized by me,” Miss Blade said.

“How is that possible?” Jiang Li felt that he was completely in control. “I haven’t been hypnotized?”

“I told you to sit down and so you sat. Subconsciously you have obeyed my commands, is that not hypnotism? In the three realms of the spirit, the body and actuality, my heart cannot control your body; but it can control your heart.” Miss Blade droned, “You have to understand the basis of hypnotism. I’ll teach you the most basic hypnotism right now.”

Whilst speaking she took out a watch and opened it. The minute-hand made tick tock sounds, and accompanied by her swaying, the office suddenly fell silent.

“Slow your breathing, and follow the rhythm of my clock. Relax your body, and imagine yourself on the surface of a giant rock, with the full moon casting long shadows in the woods. The wind blows gently, and at the base of the rock a stream slowly trickles, everything is tranquil…”

Jiang Li followed Miss Blade’s instructions and tried to picture the scene whilst breathing in the rhythm of the clock. Sure enough after a while he felt dizzy, as if he was about to sleep.

“No! If I were hypnotized, wouldn’t my secrets be exposed?” Jiang Li clenched his teeth to bring himself out of that state. He could not risk getting hypnotized, for he might blurt out things about the [Dream Heart Sutra].

“You’ve resisted my hypnotism.” Miss Blade saw that Jiang Li had become clear-headed again. “But, do you now understand how hypnotism works?”

“A little bit,” Jiang Li thought for a moment, “It seems to be the utilization of language, limb movement to relax the opposition to make them sleep. However, if I did not follow your instructions, such as mirroring the rhythm of the clock, or imagining the scene with rocks and trees, wouldn’t the hypnotism fail?”

“If it was an Apprentice Hypnotist, of course it wouldn’t work. Apprentice Hypnotists can only make people follow their rhythm of life.” Miss Blade sneered, “However it’s a different matter with Elementary Hypnotists. Even the worse Elementary Hypnotist can alter someone’s rhythm without help. This is the difference between the two; one needs assistance whilst the other doesn’t.”

“Miss, are you a hypnotist?” Jiang Li asked.

“Of course, I’m an Elementary Hypnotist. Otherwise how could I afford all this furniture?” Miss Blade gestured at the Aromatic Scale Wood around them. “I charge star coins in the thousands every time I hypnotize someone. Why would I rely on the marginal salary of the school?”

Elementary Hypnotists can make a person enter Deep Sleep.

Zhang Yue had hired such hypnotists, and paid quite a hefty amount for each session. In the long-term, as he slowly grasped the rhythm of Deep Sleep, he gained the ability to enter it without assistance.

In the contemporary society Hypnotists were warmly welcomed.

Hypnotists, not apprentice Hypnotists.

“What is the rhythm of life?’

Jiang Li asked a crucial question.

“Good question!” Miss Blade raised her eyebrows, and it was as if killing intent emanated from her. “The rhythm of life is a very… mysterious thing. It requires a very perceptive mind to master. The rhythm of life includes breathing, the heartbeat, the pulse, and even neuronal fields of the brain. It can be said that it is the frequency of the magnetic field generated by life. If it were an Apprentice Hypnotist that has not yet entered Deep Sleep, such words are meaningless, but you’re different, as you can enter the second stage of Deep Sleep at will, indicating you can calm yourself down.”

Jiang Li sort of understood what Miss Blade said.

“You still do not understand the rhythm of life. Here’s a simple example. Before battles army generals would give a speech, using passionate language to sweep the soldier’s into frenzy, a bloodlust that turns them into fearless warriors. This is a type of hypnotism. Hypnotism is using a perceptive heart to grasp the rhythm of life of the opposition, and using language and limb movement, to create a similar frequency which sedates the opposition’s mind into your control.”

“Things like this need to be demonstrated by teachers. Online videos are useless, because everyone’s rhythm of life is different, like fingerprints. Every hypnotist needs keen perception to control the rhythm, such in the instance I hypnotize you.”

Miss Blade suddenly started to sway with the clock, and at this very moment the rhythm of the lock beat the same as Jiang Li’s heart, pulse and breathing.

Jiang Li thought that the clock had an indescribable allure to it.

He quickly tried to refocus himself and change his breathing pattern

But the rhythm of the clock slowed down as well, and at the same time a hypnotic tune came out of Miss Blade’s mouth, a lullaby. After hearing the notes, Jiang Li felt drowsy and could not concentrate.

“[Crystal Contemplation]!”

He immediately entered the state of [Crystal Contemplation], and his heart followed in suit to become pure like a crystal. Outside influences could no longer reach him.

“Huh? [Crystal Contemplation]?”

Miss Blade sneered again, and suddenly uttered a word. “Hou!”

Jiang Li felt his eardrums shake and his whole body turn hot, immediately pulling him out of the state of pure thought. The syllable was like a concussion instrument right above his head, making him feel like an animal frightened by lightning, not in control of his own body.

Afterwards, almost subconsciously, he looked towards the source of the sound, to see Miss Blade raise her hands and suddenly drop them, forming a seal like a flower. Together with the hand movements a surreal sheen glazed over Miss Blade.

His eyes were immediately captivated by the sight, and his breathing, heartbeat, pulse and mind aligned with the movement of the hands. His visions started to blur, and a voice whispered into his mind. “You’re tired, sleep. Take a nap, and there shall be no more burden.”

“True….True…” Jiang Li responded unbeknownst to himself, “One should sleep if he feels tired. I should sleep…” But deep down his subconscious was screaming at him. Do not sleep! You cannot sleep!

But, it was futile.

Even [Crystal Contemplation] was ineffective.

His spirit was about to slumber, drifting into a bottomless abyss.

Suddenly, a flash of thought jolted his brain. As if grabbing onto a life-saving ledge, the contemplation of the brain of the universe emerged in his mind, and his brain cells immediately became hyperactive after visualizing the pattern.

He opened his eyes, his vision full of vitality and vigor.

But afterwards blood trickled from his nose and he got a headache.

“You could resist my [Secret Sect Hand] hypnotism?” Miss Blade stopped the hypnotism and showed surprise, “You blood nose indicates brain cell damage. What did you contemplate that made your cell activity exceed its limit?”

“It’s nothing to worry about.” Jiang Li’s interest was in fact roused, “Miss, what hypnotism hand technique did you use?”

“Simple hypnotic techniques would not work on you. I used the true words of the Secret Sect to shock your mind into immobility, and then used [Soul Seal] on you.” Miss Blade still could not hide her amazement at Jiang Li’s accomplishment, “I can enter the third stage of Deep Sleep, hypnotizing you should be within my ability. How could you remain conscious?”

“Everyone has their little secrets.” Jiang Li lowered his head.

“Ye and I can’t be stuffed asking.” Miss Blade waved her hand, “You secret is at the expense of your body, please don’t use it brashly.”

“Miss, please teach me the secrets of that hand sign!” Jiang Li hurriedly blurted out in an attempt to strike the iron whilst it’s hot. Though he had learnt many things, the only thing he could train was the [Spiritual Emperor Sign], and it was without contemplation.

“The hand sign is very intriguing. In Buddhism the hand symbolized the heart. I’m sure you've heard about the phrase “the ten fingers connect the heart”. Whilst forming a hand sign the heart and fingers become aligned, representing communication between the heart and physical world. It’s just like the Three Realm Theory. You must firmly grasp this concept.” Miss Blade was earnestly trying to educate Jiang Li, “However, the hand sign is just like B rank martial techniques; every move must be paired with contemplation. At your current cultivation level, hand signs do not have much practical use, unless you enter the third stage of Deep Sleep.”

“Yes miss.”

Jiang Li nodded his head, however he was still thinking about the [Spiritual Emperor Seal].

Afterwards, Miss Blade carefully explained the different ways to perform hand signs, the theories behind it, and how to combine it with hypnotism. At last she made a comment, “To be honest, hypnotism is using one’s own heart to crush others, but this power is used via mediums such as such as limb movement. Within limb movement, hand signs are the unequivocal best, and that’s why hand signs are the best way to hypnotise people. Clocks are an example of mediocre ways.”

“Heed this, the most important thing about hypnotism is first grasping the rhythm of life of the person. This must be done with your own innate talent and perception. Secondly, you must release your spiritual powers via limb movement and sound, creating a captivating atmosphere. Third, choose the right moment to crush the person’s spiritual barriers. After mastering these three key steps, you should become a qualified hypnotist.”

Jiang Li nodded his head slowly. “Ahhh it’s so hard to grasp the three steps though. There are few that have truly master them.”

“Of course. Entering the third stage of Deep Sleep is already hard, but becoming a hypnotist is even harder. Though being able to enter the second stage of Deep Sleep means that your spiritual power isn’t bad, you do not know how to utilize it. Spiritual powers cannot be used like pure brute force. But hey, even brute force needs to be utilized via mediums such as martial arts.”

Miss blade’s explanation was simple.

Even if a person was physically extremely capable, his power can only be utilized via martial techniques. Without them he’d be just like a brainless ox.

Similarly, if a person has a strong spirit, he needs to learn to to project them outwards.

The projection of physical power is easy, however the projection of spiritual power os on a whole new level of difficulty.

“Jiang Li, there's one more key point! This is the most important aspect, and that is you must learn to smile,” Miss Blade counselled. “Smiling is the most basic extension of spiritual power. A person that shows a heartfelt smile on his face can easily sway other’s emotion, and make them smile as well. Smiling can make people trust you. Imagine if you had a cold poker face, people’s first impression of you would be of dislike. Thus, your chance of a successful hypnotism is also lowered.”

Releasing spiritual power starts with smiling.

Having heard this, Jiang Li had a revelation. He finally understood what it meant by limb movement, and how spirit power is projected,

This, was the most easy and basic notion.

“Also Miss, last question,” Jiang Li asked, “Does the soul exist?”

“You’ve asked a wrong question.” Miss Blade responded. “The soul is your mind, your spirit, how could it not exist? Does the soul exist after people die is what you should have asked. The spirit is metaphysical; to manifest upon the physical realm it requires the the body, the bridge between the realms. If the bridge falls, the soul once more returns to the Void.”

“Understood.” Jiang Li gained a deeper insight of the spirit.

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