Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 17 - Spiritual Emperor Seal


Jiang Li held one hand into a fist and another like lightning. He appeared ferocious as if the thunder god was raging. When he made this hand seal, he didn’t contemplate but felt himself become a bolt of lightning piercing the skies and reaching out into space.


His hand seals changed as the two fingers combined like the gleaming edge of the blade. It was as if he transformed into a furious wind. His breathing was unpredictable like the wind blowing over the earth.

“Ti!” His hand seals changed once again and his fingers expanded outwards, like rain hitting the big leaves nourishing all things. He himself turned into a pouring rain splitting himself into billions and dropping like rain drops.

“Hong!” His hands were like a mountain, rising up high yet the manner of his hand signs changed itself once again and turned into a high reaching immovable mountain……..

These was the many transformations of the [Spiritual Emperor Seal]; the ligaments and the brain constantly interchanging, using the spirit to control the body and emanating different mannerisms.

He listened to Miss Blade’s class and received private lessons from her while studying hypnosis techniques and hypnosis theory closely. After he went home, he then thought about it carefully and searched online for specific hand signs such as Buddhist hand signs, Taoist’s five thunder seals, praying for rain seal, Christian prayers and all sorts of religious customs.

Although his studying capabilities weren’t as good as during Fetal Respiration, the second stage of Deep Sleep was still very strong. It made him think fast and gave him strong memory.

He didn’t dare use Fetal Respiration and didn’t try contemplating the brain of the universe. After coming back from Miss Blade , he drank the last tube of Green God Nutrition Serum and felt his brain cells being replenished. Only then did his headache ease. However, he only had 1000 star coins left and all the other supplements had been used up.

Good thing was, if he could become an Elementary Hypnotist, he could earn money really fast. Disregarding other things, just being able to assist people into Deep Sleep could earn him more than 1000 star coins each time.

The monthly salary of an Elementary Hypnotist hired by large companies was usually between 10000 to 100,000 star coins. This was a huge amount of money, otherwise, how could Miss Blade be that rich?

Unfortunately, those who could reach the second stage of Deep Sleep were few in quantity. Those who could become an Elementary Hypnotist were even more rare.

Every Elementary Hypnotist was an important person.

The market supply and demand was large as well because too much people want to enter Deep Sleep.

As long he could pass the test for this occupation, there was no need to fret for a source of money.

The more hand signs Jiang Li knew about, the more he realised that [Spiritual Emperor Seal] was probably an unparalleled art. Now, he didn’t contemplate the brain of the universe but practiced hard every day and felt that every hand seal represented something. However, the [Great Dream Heart Sutra] stone didn’t activate so he couldn’t learn the subsequent content.

Good thing was, as he trained, his agility had increased significantly. He even made huge improvements in both the [Boneless Jujitsu] and the [Dragon Claw Subjugation].

At the current stage, [Spiritual Emperor Seal] could not yet be used in battles and was purely for show. However, it was good for improving the body’s agility but Jiang Li could feel that as long as he had sufficient nutrition while incorporating the contemplation of the brain of the universe, the magical abilities of this set of hand seals would be fully excavated.

On top of that, he used this set of hand seals as body language and hand signs for hypnosis. He experimented with it repeatedly.

The experimental subject weren’t humans but cats.

The homeless cats in the park.

When he was training, the litter of kittens were rolling around and playing on the sides. Flower faced overlord sat on a stone beside the pond as he looked at one of the big golden fish swimming around. He was up for a try.

Every time Jiang Li saw this scene, he felt it was hilarious.

Flower faced overlord was watching the fishes in the pond for more than a few days and spent a large amount of time each day on sitting on the stone trying to catch fish. However, he didn’t dare to.

Jiang Li felt that if it went down, it would probably have been eaten by the fishes as a few golden fishes were larger than the flower faced overlord.


A fat gold fish jumped up and splashed a face full of water onto the flower faced overlord.

Puupuu….. the flower faced overlord spat out water in fury as he shook in anger. Even his fur spiked up but that fat gold fish was still swimming idly and blowing bubbles like it was mocking the flower faced overlord for its inability.

The flower faced overlord faced the fat gold fish and hated it to its bones but still could not do anything. Finally, it gave up and returned to the shore with its head sagged down. It laid down lazily bathing in the sun to dry its body.

“Flower faced overlord!”

Jiang Li called out.

Pada pada….. the flower faced overlord jumped a meter high feeling happy as he thought that Jiang Li was going to feed him.

Jiang Li’s spirit was immeasurably concentrated and could feel flower faced overlord’s life rhythm; the breathing, heart pulses and even brain waves. He clearly felt that flower faced overlord was disappointed because it didn’t see food.

“He looked at my hand?’ He felt these emotions and calculated some adjustments. It was as if he grasped the trick to hypnosis slightly.

His hand started to shake in accordance to flower faced overlord’s life rhythm. It became increasingly faster making many more gentle positions as if flower petals falling from the sky.

This was a position from [Spiritual Emperor Seal] which looked like flower petals falling from the sky.

Jiang Li cultivated for a long time and felt that if this stance was fast enough making people’s eyes blurry and head dizzy, then it should be useful for hypnosis. Furthermore, hypnosis didn’t use a set stance. It could be as simple as waving your hands, making a cup of water, breathing, singing, or swaying watches. As long as you could control their life rhythm and create a resonance.

Of course, as soon as this hand stance was made, flower faced overlord opened its eyes wide and suddenly wobbled around as if it were drunk.


The flower faced overlord fell to the ground and went to sleep heavily.

Jiang Li went up and patted the hair on its body. Then, he adjusted his spirit and caressed it peacefully. This was the starting hand stance for [Spiritual Emperor Seal].

The starting hard stance of the person in the dream was with one hand erect and the other one touching the skies. It rendered people a feeling of extreme tranquility and harbored sagacity in the moment. It extinguished the inner demon, destroyed abomination and maintained justice in the human realm.

When Jiang Li was patting, he passed on the tranquility in his heart to the sleeping flower faced overlord.

The other person’s spirit could be felt upon physical contact.

For example, if a person patted gently, the gentleness in his heart could be felt. But If the person patted hardly, the brutality in his heart could be felt.

As expected, flower faced overlord’s breathing calmed down as if Jiang Li actually quelled its inner demons and fears. It slept very soundly and peacefully. Jiang Li could tell in one glance that it had entered into Deep Sleep.

Humans had researched the physical traits of Deep Sleep very thoroughly. There were even specialised detection equipment.

The physical traits of those in Deep Sleep were unique. This could be seen from breathing, heart rate, pulse.

“I actually succeeded! I hypnotized a cat into Deep Sleep. This is the secret of the [Spiritual Emperor Seal]!” It was his first time succeeding and he felt excited on the inside. Hypnotising a cat into Deep Sleep, this was the ability of an Elementary Hypnotist and that represented money rolling towards him.

Not only those students who were keen on improving this physical capabilities but also many wealthy people desired for a good sleep everyday to stay in good spirits. Therefore, many wealthy people wanted to hire Elementary Hypnotists.

However, the ability to hypnotise a cat didn’t mean the ability to hypnotise a person. Cats were lethargic animals and had a spirit many times more pure than humans.

He was in deep thought for half an hour. He was exploring the secrets of the [Spiritual Emperor Seal].

After he gathered some experience, he wanted to conduct another experiment.

“Flower faced overlord, wake up….” He patted the flower faced overlord and it rose up looking full spirited. It stared at Jiang Li with its eyes in surprise.

He quickly weaved signs again with his hands. The speed exceeded the limit of his normal training speed as his hands formed into many beautiful stances. As expected, flower face overlord’s eyes starting becoming obscured and suddenly fell into snoring.

“Both attempts were successful?”

Jiang Li stared at his hands in shock. He was finally certain of himself, “This seems to be the ability of Elementary Hypnotists? A monthly salary of 10,000 star coins is waving its hands to me, ha.”

“I’ll go back and do an experiment to see if I can also hypnotise people into Deep Sleep.”

Cats had a simple mind but humans had a sophisticated mind. Hypnotising cats were much easier than hypnotizing people.

He placed the sound asleep flower faced overlord into its warm home and left some food behind for it before returning home.

He opened the computer once again learning the knowledge of hand signs. He had learnt a lot recently and felt that the [Spiritual Emperor Seal] stances he was practicing seemed to be full of transformations. Even hand stance was a profound hypnotizing move.

Now, he had discovered that falling flower petal move could make a cat sleep while the gentle patting the space move could make a cat calm down and enter Deep Sleep.

As for whether or not the results were the same for humans was still to be determined.

He studied for another few hours and read more than twenty electronic books in order to fully understand the knowledge of all sorts of hand signs.

He read all of the knowledge in ancient sutras such as [Controlling Pathway], [Lotus Heart Pathway], [Tai Cang Fen Zi Ci Di], [Tai Cang Bei Zai Ci Di], [Great Solar Sutra]…….

When Jiang Li read books, it was one scan a page but he would remember the whole page. Following with a slight analysis, he would produce the knowledge points. He read with an incredible speed.

There were hundreds of thousands of ebooks on the computer and he finished reading all of them mastering the essence immediately.

Before, when he read a book, it took him very long and he had to try hard to memorise. That study efficiency belonged to the stone ages.

Without noticing, a whole day passed like this.

The ancient hand sign opus, the modern opus and the psychology opus were abundant like the ocean. People couldn’t fully learn it even in a lifetime. Jiang Li only scratched the surface even after such long time of hard work.

“Big brother, you’re back? Did you not go to class today?” The sky was dark and sister Jiang Xuan came back first.

“Ye, I was doing important things at home.” Jiang Li signaled for his sister to come, “I was studying hypnosis recently, can you be me experimental subject?”

“Haha! Big brother don’t play jokes, how can you hypnotise me, you can try.” Jiang Xuan laughed.

“Okay then, you watch me.” Jiang Li took out a clock and swayed it side to side, “Focus your spirit and watch the clock move. Do you feel very sleepy? Do you want to sleep? Look at your surroundings, sapphire mountains and emerald waters, the cool wind blows….” As Jiang Li concentrated his spirit, he swayed the clock controlling his sister’s life rhythm.

“hahaha….” Jiang Xuan looked for a while as if watching a monkey dance. She then started laughing, “This is hypnosis? You’re hilarious big brother. I wasn’t affected a single bit.”

“It’s because you’re not cooperating. Hypnosis requires cooperation, you need to imagine with me together.” Jiang Li shook his head. Just at this moment, Jiang Xuan’s alert was lowered and he suddenly weaved signs. His hands were gentle sometimes and were strong and fast other times. His fingers danced in an elegant manner as if flower petals were falling from the sky. Instantly, Jiang Xuan was dumbstruck and looked dizzy in her eyes.

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