Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 18 - Sleep Test


Jiang Xuan’s eyes started to blur and her body swayed side to side as she watched his hand signs.

Jiang Li weaved signs incessantly and started to increase his speed. His sister started to shake her head trying desperately to stay awake. However, it was like she was drunk and couldn’t focus her spirit, though she still didn’t fall asleep.

“Sleep, sleep, sister, have a good sleep and you will feel refreshed. You will enter Deep Sleep.” Jiang Li had a light smile on his face, his voice sounding gentle to maximize his spiritual influence in order to break his sister’s spiritual defense. He really wanted his sister to have a good sleep deep down inside his heart.

Half an hour later, Jiang Xuan finally fell onto the bed and slept soundly.

“I finally successfully hypnotized her!”

Jiang Li gasped for breath as sweat covered his body. His eyes felt starry as his stamina was severely deprecated. It was very easy to hypnotise flower faced overlord but he almost couldn’t continue when he tried to hypnotise his sister. Half an hour of push and pull made his spirit feel very wasted.

However, he still couldn’t relax yet at this moment.

He gently patted his sister’s head using the [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. With a doubt, Jiang Xuan’s breathing stabilized and her complexion was getting calmer by the moment. Jiang Li smiled and allowed her sister to know through spiritual patting. His sister was also smiling sweetly in her sleep.

When his sister went to sleep, Jiang Li himself also entered Deep Sleep to recover his stamina.

He recovered after a full hour.

Jiang Xuan was still asleep so he took out the sleep detector immediately,

“Life signs stable, brain activity calm, sleep quality, rating 98, excellent quality!”

The detector displayed a set of data and gave the final rating.

Modern technology could test the quality of sleep. Normal sleep was usually 60 and which counted just as a pass, good was 70, great was 80 and excellent was 90.

100 points was Deep Sleep, and it was the full rating.

Jiang Li’s current sleep quality exceeded full rating and was off the charts. This was the case even when he didn’t use the opaque stone because he could enter into Deep Sleep at any time. Compared to those who had to practice zen breathing and be directed for a long time before entering Deep Sleep, his spiritual mastery was greater by a lot.

If there had to be a test, his sleep quality should be close to 200.

Of course, it was something that his sleep detector couldn’t detect. It couldn’t be detected unless he had a more advanced equipment, however, that was very expensive. His current detector was prevalent for the public like the thermometers before, and countless people had it. It wasn’t a very high tech piece of equipment.

“Little sister’s usually sleep quality is 70, good. Now she jumped straight into 98 excellent quality sleep. It can be seen that my hypnosis has been useful.” He researched online and found out he still wasn’t an Elementary Hypnotist as he couldn’t hypnotise people into Deep Sleep. Therefore, he still had to work hard to master the techniques of hypnosis.

Elementary Hypnotist could hypnotise people straight into 100 quality Deep Sleep. That was guaranteed over 1000 star coins of remuneration.

“Still, I must work hard. I must hypnotise people into Deep Sleep, otherwise, Apprentice Hypnotist is worthless.” Jiang Li shook his head, “Unfortunately, when I cast [Spiritual Emperor Seal], I can’t contemplate the brain of the universe. Otherwise, my brain cell activity would be ten times greater and the power of this hand sign would also be many times stronger.”

In the process of hypnotizing his sister just then, he seemed to have discovered a deeper level secret to the [Spiritual Emperor Seal].

The sky was pitch black.

Jiang Xuan waked up from her sleep feeling extremely comfortable throughout her body, “Big brother, I fell asleep so heavily this time.” She rubbed her eyes and jumped of the bed.

“Look at your sleep data.”

Jiang Li showed the detector to her.


Jiang Xuan jumped, “My sleep quality was actually 98, excellent quality! I was only 70 before. Big brother, did you really do this?”

“What else do you think it would be?”

“We’re rich, we’re rich, you can become an Elementary Hypnotist and we’ll be rich.” Jiang Xuan counted her fingers, “Elementary Hypnotists are significant people, and are human shaped note printers.”

“There was too much difference between 98 and 100. I’m only an legitimate Elementary Hypnotist if I hypnotise you into Deep Sleep.” Jiang Li browsed his computer searching for all sorts of hypnosis records.

“Oh yea, big brother, where did you learn this set of hand signs from?”

“I was browsing blogs online and saw someone post this set of hypnosis techniques and contemplation image so I studied it immediately. Unfortunately, the post was deleted very quickly and I wasn’t able to save it.” Jiang Li had already thought of an excuse and decided to use this for other occasions too. The internet was developed and had all sorts of wonders. The excuse of an occasional finding could be used to dispel all doubts.

If things like people’s bank account details being spilled online due to hackers attacking banks could happen, then why couldn’t it be possible to learn something from online?

Jiang Li told his sister to go study after talking to her for a while and then he proceeded to calm down and study hypnosis techniques.

Subsequently, he trained [Spiritual Emperor Seal] arduously every day in order to study hypnosis.

And he used his little sister as the experimental subject.

This was killing two birds with one stone because his sister could receive very good sleep therapy while he could familiarize with his hypnosis techniques.

As his cultivation was become more experienced, the hypnotic effect of [Spiritual Emperor Seal]’s hand signs were getting better and better. Every night, his sister Jiang Xuan received his hypnosis. With the help of the detector, it was found that sleep quality gradually increased from 98 to 99.

This small bit of difference represented an increased quality of sleep.

This was very scary data.

If there were incense in the family, Jiang Xuan could very well go into Deep Sleep everyday.

In the park, Jiang Li was with the group of homeless cats. After feeding the cats, he started cultivating again. He trained in [Spiritual Emperor Seal] and then proceeded to hypnotizing big black, flower faced overlord and big meng…

[Exploding Military Fist Thrust]!

After practicing, he tested his physical capabilities. Although he was obsessed with learning hypnosis techniques these few days, brawling techniques couldn’t be left behind.

There before he began to use the simple [Exploding Military Fist Thrust] to test out his physical capabilities. This was a simple set of boxing martial arts but it had extremely strong offensive power.

It was pure fist thrusts.

Step in fist thrust

Step out fist thrust.

Side step fist thrust.

Consecutive fist thrust.

Anyone could thrust their fists. It was as simple as holding a fist and thrusting outwards. It was the most simple yet basic move in boxing. However, the key word in [Exploding Military Fist Thrust] was exploding.

Hitting out air explosions in the moment of a thrust.

In consecutive fist thrust, the more air explosions you could hit out, the stronger one proved oneself to be. Even strong people with a life force of 1 could only hit out twenty or so consecutive air explosions.

Jiang Li wanted to see how many air explosions he could hit out.

Peng Peng Peng Peng……

He thrusted his fists consecutive like a hand blade. One fist one thrust. His body moved in and out as he pleased. One explosion! 2…….8…….10……..18 explosions!

On the 18th air explosions, he was breathing heavily and exhausted.

‘I’m so tired. Didn’t think I could hit out 18 air explosions in one go. Looks like my life force has been increasingly steadily recently. But without the support of nutritional supplements, it was useless no matter how hard I trained.” Jiang Li looked at the balance on his card, it was less than 1000 star coins. That wasn’t even enough for one tube of Green God Nutrition Serum.

Earning money seemed necessary.

Jiang Li rested for a bit and went into deep thought.

Go for another mission at the police department?

It was pointless. Last time he was lucky and met Illusory Fox. He couldn’t guarantee he had the same luck every single time. Usually, missions from the police department gave very little in reward. Instead, it wasted time on cultivation.

Looking at his account repeatedly, he wished that there could be a few extra zeros behind his balance.

Suddenly, another card went into his eyes.

It was manager Lightning Dong’s chip.

Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind: “Right! I’ll go find that manager of the Xue Corporation. With my current hypnosis abilities, I can definitely find a good job. I may not be an Elementary Hypnotist but I’m a very strong Apprentice Hypnotist.”

At that time, he saved Xue Bear once and that manager said that he was welcomed to work at the Xue Corporation at any time.

Although those might just be hospitable words, with Jiang Li’s current ability, he had worth no matter where he went. Even if he didn’t save Xue Bear, he still believed that he would be favoured by the major corporations.

Beep Beep Beep….

The card vibrated and light rays projected the holographic image of a person.

Jiang Li dialed the number on the card.

The card itself was a communicational device and could go straight to the manager of the Xue Corporations.

The person who appeared in the rays was the manager. When he saw Jiang Li’s face a smile appeared on his face immediately, “Jiang Li, hello. Thank you for rescuing Miss Xue Bear last time, what do you need me for? I’m Lightning Dong.”

“Manager Lightning, hello, how is Miss Xue Bear? Has she recovered?” Jiang Li asked calmly, first greeting, then proceed into the topic.

“Sigh…..” Lightning Dong shook his head: “She was forcibly hypnotized by Illusory Fox and sustained spiritual damage. She is still recovering now and haven’t been able to express her gratitude towards you. Please forgive her.”

“Oh?” Jiang Li learnt large amounts of hypnosis knowledge and knew that Miss Xue Bear must have sustained spiritual damage. This was considered a spiritual disease and was hard to me remedied. Although modern technology was greatly advanced, there wasn’t much it could do for spiritual diseases. Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind. He didn’t mention finding a job and said suddenly, “Manager Lightning, maybe I could be of help.”

As soon as he finished, there was a subtle look of contempt of Lightning Dong’s face. He thought Jiang Li was bluffing and attempting to tufthunt by trying to get close to Miss Xue Bear. It was foul play but he remained courteous, “Jiang Li, we have asked many specialists but they were able to treat her, some of them even included Elementary Hypnotists. Your good will is heart felt but with regards to treating Miss Xue Bear, I believe there won’t be much you can do.”

At that instance, Jiang Li felt that this tone was stiff but he didn’t mention it, “I have stared with Illusory Fox and he tried to forcibly hypnotise me. He was unsuccessful. I have researched hypnosis to a large extent and have also learnt it. I believe it will be of help to Miss Xue Bear.”

“Okay……” Lightning Dong suddenly shook and remembered. On the day of the incident, he rushed to the police department immediately and used all his connections to get to know about the situation. Only then did he realise that the situation was very bad. In the end, Illusory Fox lost sight in both of his eyes. It was cerebral nerve damage and it was highly liked that it was related to Jiang Li.

He was brought to immediate attention with these words, “Jiang Li if you can help cure Miss Xue Bear’s condition, our Xue Corporation will thank you greatly. However, in order to cure this condition, we have inquired countless psychologists and hypnotists but still, it was of no use. If you really had a way, we will satisfy anything that you ask of us.”

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