Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 19 - Curing Xue Bear

“I know this and I am confident. After all, I’m the only person that wasn’t hypnotized by Illusory Fox.” Jiang Li tried to secure his chance first.

He understood negotiation tactics.

After all, he only saved Xue Bear once and the Xue Corporation gave him 10000 star coins in gratitude. They didn’t owe each other favours.

“Come to the top of the building, I’ll send someone to pick you up.” Lightning Dong said immediately, “Report me your position.”

“Okay!” Jiang Li quickly sent out his position.

Half an hour later, at the top of the building, he saw a flying vehicle that came from the distance and parked on top of the building. It was much larger than typical buses and was a brand that only the wealthy could afford.

“Is it Jiang Li?” A study youth in black with shades jumped down from the vehicle.

“I am Xue Feng, here to pick you up.” Xue Feng had a very wild temperament. It could be easily seen that his life force as extremely strong. He was only 27 to 28 years old. He reached out his hand.

Crack crack…..

Immediately, his hands felt like they were crushed by strong pincers.

“Testing me?” Jiang Li smiled and didn’t move his arm. He unwrapped his fist and secretly used a hand technique of the [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. His fingers moved and deep down inside the joints of his hand, there seemed to be the sound of lightning. It was like the ancient martial arts [Palm Lightning].

There were many connections between the hand techniques of [Spiritual Emperor Seal] and martial arts. It was powerful and if it could be incorporated into martial arts, it would harbor unimaginable power. However, Jiang Li has only scratched the surface and couldn’t apply it in battle.


Xue Feng’s arm felt sore and released immediately. His reaction was extremely fast, for otherwise his whole arm would be pulverized.

“Very strong!” Xue Feng’s face changed, “Is this really a high school student?” He was 27 and Jiang Li was 17. He had ten years more of hard work in cultivation than Jiang Li. On top of that, 27 was when the physical ability was at its climax. If Jiang Li was also 27 years old, how strong would he be then?

“This person’s life force should be about the same with Zhang Yue, probably belonged to the higher class in the society.” Jiang Li quickly determined Xue Feng’s ability.

“He is very strong.” Xue Feng’s face was cold, “Jiang Li, get on.”

After walking onto the flying vehicle, the door was shut. Shooo! The vehicle ascended and drew out a white line. The facades below gradually faded away. In no time, it left the urban areas and reached the suburban areas. This was where all the wealthy people’s mansions were.

Some wealthy people even owned a whole mountain. There were blue mountains and green waters, a truly prosperous sight everywhere.

Before, a yardstick for wealthy people was owning their private mansion. But now, the real wealthy people possessed their own mountain and built their mansion on top of it. There were park slots for flying vehicles and cars. Some of them even hard artificial waterfalls.

[ED Note: Fuark… Am I the only one in awe of the future?? This future looks sick]

Every plutocrat who owned their own mountain would have assets of over 100 million in worth. They wouldn’t live in the clamorous city.

Each mountain was tens of kilometers long. Some peaks were completely artificial, even the trees, water, fountain were all artificial.

In the country era 200 years ago, humans started filling the ocean to build houses much less now. Nowadays, humans had stepped out of their home planet. Technology was sophisticated and therefore building these artificial sceneries was a piece of cake.

Humans were the great spirit of nature, turning the rivers and controlling the seas.

It was night time but every mountain was bright with lights. The brightness wasn’t any less than that of the city and large amounts of energy were being consumed.

Before, it was real estates building houses. Now, it was land estates building mountains and selling them to plutocrats who set up their own decorations. The reason that plutocrats loved buying mountains was because when the character for human and mountain combines, it created the character for immortal.

The flying vehicle arrived at the top of a mountain. Jiang Li could see that whole mountains had been decorated and there were platforms and pavilions everywhere. Flowers bloomed exuberantly and a large science fictional building was erected at the top of the mountain. At there, people could stand above the mountains. There were also fountains and water flows in all places. The flowers were aromatic and the birds chirped joyfully. There were also management personnel.

For this mountain, there were at least a few thousand managing personnel. That was equipment to a large company.

“This is where the plutocrats live.”

Jiang Li said in exclamation as the flying vehicle descended. It parked on the giant parking platform and immediately, there were people coming to greet them.

It was manager Lightning Dong. It seemed that his position in Xue Corporation was quite high.

“Jiang Li, are you really confident that you can cure Miss Xue Bear?” He didn’t waste his time saying useless things and went straight to the topic as soon as they met.

“What’s Miss Xue Bear’s condition? Does she show signs of panasthenia, insomnia, incessant nightmares and spiritual fatigue? Even sleeping pills are ineffective?” Jiang Li asked.

He had read many hypnosis books and was extremely familiar with all the relevant knowledge. He knew what the symptoms of the damage caused by forceful hypnosis were like.

“Yes, you’re right.” Lightning Dong said immediately, “Miss Xue Bear’s symptoms are exactly so, especially insomnia everyday. Even with the use of sleeping pills, she still wakes up from nightmares. She is very emaciated.”

Panasthenia, insomnia and incessant nightmares; these were all spiritual illnesses and was very hard to cure. Modern medicine was very effective in curing physical illnesses but was extremely lacking on the curing of spiritual and psychological diseases.

“In that case, I simply need to let Miss Xue Bear have good sleep quality everyday so that her own immune system may improve…..” Jiang Li thought in his mind.

Looking at his confidence, Lightning Dong was dubious, “Then I’ll take you to see Miss Xue Bear.”

“Please lead the way.”

In no time, they arrived at the mansion on the top of the mountain. Floating lifts brought them to the top floor.

This was a very spacious room. The four walls were made from special glass. People could see what was outside clearly but people from outside couldn’t see a thing in the inside.

This view made all the other mountains seem insignificant.

The layouts in the room were very warm. There were cartoon figures in some places and the room had a slight aromatic smell. When Jiang Li came in and smelled the aroma, his spirit immediately shook.

There was a study table in the room which had a wooden incensory on it. Inside, a golden stick of incense was burning. This incense was highly expensive.

“Golden Snake Incense”

This type of incense cost thousands of star coins for just one gram.

It was made from the bladder of a monster called Golden Snake which came from a unique planet that humans had conquered. It was only seen in the elite district and its function was to settle the spirit and supplement the brain. It could even assist people to settle down in spiritual training and render them a chance to break through into Deep Sleep.

A young girl laid on the bed. She had deep eye sockets with an emaciated face. Periodically, she grabbed her quilt with her hands showing uneasiness.

This was Xue Bear. It was almost like she was another person from the prosperous looking girl on the other day.

“Big sister, don’t be afraid, I’m here.” Inside the room, there was a young girl aged 17 to 18. Jiang Li couldn’t see clearly as she had her back to him but her figure could be said to be perfect.

“No…. I’m scared, don’t come over, don’t come over.” Xue Bear was covered in sweat and had just woken from her nightmare. Her breathing was weak and her spirit was abnormal.

“Why did you people come in?” The young girl heard a sound and suddenly turned around, “Don’t you know my sister needs rest?”

“Liana Xue? It was Liana Xue? One of the four goddesses of the school.”

The four goddesses of school were too famous.

Lara Luo, Yelanie Lu, Liana Xue, and Sarah Yun.

Each of them were beautiful like a goddess and their families were all plutocrats with assets worth hundreds of millions. On top of that, their grades were very good. Whomever was able to successfully court them could work 100 years less.

“Miss Liana Xue, this is Jiang Li. He saved Miss Xue Bear from Illusory Fox when he participated in a mission from the police department.” Lightning Dong explained: “This time, he is here to see Bear’s condition. He said he has a way of curing her.”

“Jiang Li? You can cure her?’ Liana Xue stood up and examined him coldly, “I heard about your little brother Jiang Tao. He’s a genius, but apparently you are just so so. You were lucky when you saved my sister. Don’t even think about trying to find an opportunity to get close to my sister. I’ll make it simple, how much money do you want?”

“Miss Liana Xue, I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” Jiang Li was very calm. He understood what Liana Xue meant, she was saying that he is leeching onto their family.

“You don’t understand?” Liana Xue sneered, “You little brother is courting Yelanie Lu just to get some resources. I know the situation in your family. You two brothers are not much different. You seize an opportunity and try so desperately to climb. However, fate coincidentally brought you to save my sister. I will still give you money but don’t think about any other ideas. My sister is already pitiable enough, you still want to utilize this opportunity to get close to her?”

Jiang Li wasn’t angry after hearing Liana Xue’s blunt tone, “You think that I’m using this opportunity to climb?”

“If that’s not the case then what is?” Liana Xue raised her head, “We don’t know how many hypnotists, psychologists and medications our family has used for my sister’s condition and none of them worked. You can cure her? Who do you think you are? You life force grades in the school seem to be 0.7.”

“You’re right to doubt me.” Jiang Li smiled, “How about this, let’s make a bet. If I can’t cure Miss Xue Bear you can do whatever you want with me. If I can cure her, you must agree to a condition of mine.”

“Do whatever I want with you? Liana Xue scanned her eyes, “This is a legality society, could I possibly kill you?”

“Is this the 0.7 life force of mine?”

Jiang Li simply flicked one finger and reached out with his hands and quickly grabbed. It was like flower petals descending from the sky blurring people’s eyes with the after images it created. Just looking at the hand gave people a sense of dizziness.

“Hm?” Liana Xue was finally moved. Just then, her spirit actually fumbled for a moment. She only recovered after secretly biting her tongue, “This is a hypnotic techniques?”


Jiang Li was also surprised. The hand technique he used just then was a hypnotic hand technique from [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. His fingers wobbled consecutively creating a scene of flower petals falling from the sky. It was magical and even Liana Xue lost herself for a bit.

It could be seen how strong Liana Xue’s spiritual prowess was.

It was quite possible that her spiritual status was the same as his, Deep Sleep stage two.

After all, Liana Xue’s life force was top ten in the school. It reached 1 and was way above his.

Although he didn’t hypnotise Liana Xue just then, he revealed to her his abilities.

“Okay, if you can cure my sister, I can give you a large sum of money.” Liana Xue looked at her sister with love, “My sister is very pitiful, if you harm her, I won’t let it go easily even if it means breaking the law.”

“Why would I harm her?” Jiang Li said, “I have used this hypnotic hand technique on my own sister as an experiment. It is very safe and now my sister’s spirit is getting better and better. Furthermore, you guys will be looking from the side when I cure Miss Xue Bear. What could possibly go wrong?”

“Okay then, begin.” Liana Xue rushed , “Hopefully your treatment can make a difference.”

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