Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 26 - Injection

This was the second time Jiang Li was being hypnotized.

The first time was Illusory Fox and that nearly killed him.

If it wasn’t for the opaque stone, it would have definitely ended in a tragedy that time. Luckily, he gained fortune from calamity and was able to use Illusory Fox’s spirit energy to unlock the secrets of the opaque stone and learn the [Spiritual Emperor Seal].

This time, he was being hypnotized again.

He wasn’t the ignorant kid on that day. When he was being hypnotized his instinctive will alerted him. His thoughts ran rapidly while his brain cells strengthened and the blood in his body boiled. As his head buzzed, his eyes shot out spirit aura.

“Hypnotise me?”

Jiang Li woke up with his eyes widely awake.

“His spiritual prowess is so strong.”

The middle aged manager didn’t successfully hypnotise Jiang Li and his eyes shot out an intrigued look, “Looks like brother you have learnt hypnosis as well? Very few people could stop my hypnosis.”

This person was definitely an Elementary Hypnotist and his life force could very possibly be 0.9.

“So he was testing me.” Although Jiang Li was unhappy, he was in their territory. There would definitely be no good of throwing a tantrum.

He knew that if he couldn’t stop the person’s hypnosis, he would spill all his secrets.

“What intentions do you harbor for testing me?” Jiang Li’s tone was very cold.

“Don’t misunderstand me.” The middle aged manager laughed, “Brother, your spiritual prowess is very strong, I was wondering if you have the intention of earning money. We, the Safety Corporation are hiring hypnotists.”

“Hiring hypnotists?”

Jiang Li came to the black market first to buy the Super Protein to increase his strength, and second to see if he had any chance of earning money.

“How much money a month? How do I work?” He asked for the salary immediately.

“That will depend on how strong you really are.” The middle aged manager replied, “My surname is Gao, first name is Ren. Sir how may I refer to you?”

“Jiang Fire.” Of course Jiang Li couldn’t use his real name.

But Li meant fire.

So he used this for his name.

“If you don’t mind sir, could you please demonstrate your abilities?” Gao Ren clicked his fingers and Jiang Li’s attention was immediately captured by the click. Gao Ren was using hypnosis again.

Any movement, sentence, sound could be used as hypnosis. If Jiang Li wasn’t an expert at hypnosis himself, he would have been hypnotized again.

“I don’t have much ability, so there’s no need to demonstrate.” Jiang Li waved his hands as a sign of refusal.

However, when he waved his hand, his hand waved softly like flower petals falling from the sky creating after images. This instantly captured Gao Ren’s eyes.


That pretty waiter fell down on the floor softly and went to sleep immediately.

Meanwhile, Gao Ren also felt his eyes become fuzzy. His face suddenly changed as he yelled at the top of his lungs, “STOP!”

With this yell, some crystal shelves were sent shaking.

“Jiang Li stop!”

Jiang Li was also very cunning, when he said he wasn’t demonstrating his hypnosis techniques, he was actually lying. As he spoke, he focused his spirit with his hand seals creating a very strong influence on Gao Ren.

A hypnotist had to use every opportunity to catch the target off guard.

Otherwise, if you tell the person you are going to hypnotise them, then they would reject it from the bottom of their heart and therefore make it very difficult for hypnosis to succeed.

Jiang Li was studying a hypnosis technique online. He read ten lines with one glance and saw countless educational videos. The most classic of them all was one in which a hypnotist tried to hypnotise someone that was ready and couldn’t succeed no matter what.

At last, that hypnotist said he was tired and drank a cup of water.

The person believed it to be true and watched the hypnotist pour the water.

In the end, the action of pouring water caused the person to be hypnotized when he looked at the thin stream of water clashing against the cup.

The first thing to do was to deceive the target into making them relaxed. It was also the most important technique of a hypnotist.

“You’re good!”

Gao Ren looked at the female waitress on the floor. She was still sleeping even after his roar. In fact, his roar incorporated the sound of the [Lion Roar] and could awake people’s consciousnesses.

“You praise me too much.” Jiang Li showed a smile on his face, “I wonder if my hypnosis techniques are decent?”

“Your state is already at the level of an Elementary Hypnotist.” Gao Ren appeared as if he discovered a new continent, “Brother, I think you can sign a contract with our Safety Corporation and become a contract hypnotist.”

“I will contact you if I’m interested.” Jiang Li didn’t want to waste too much time with Gao Ren right now as he wanted to rush back and inject the Super Protein to increase his strength.

“Okay then, brother, this is my card. Come straight to me if you need anything in the future.” Gao Ren passed up a piece of card.

Jiang Li accepted it and turned to leave.

After he left, Gao Ren took out a silver needle and poked it deep into the brain of the waitress. After stimulation with acupuncture, the waitress finally woke up.

“Manager Gao, this person’s hypnosis is so strong.” The waitress was still scared after regaining consciousness.

“It is strong indeed, even I almost fell to his hypnosis. Our corporation needs people like him. Hopefully he will contact me in the future.” Gao Ren said.

“Then do we need to investigate this person?” The waitress asked.

“That won’t be necessary. Our rule is that we can’t ask no matter who the customer is.” Gao Ren shook his head, “If we break this rule, we would lose too many major customers. It won’t end well if the higher authority investigates on this matter.”

“Yes!” The waitress was startled.

“I think this person will come find me…” Gao Ren said, “He seems to be in desperate need of money.”

After leaving the Safety building, Jiang Li felt as if many eyes were staring at him. It was like a sheep surrounded by wolves. He knew that some gangsters waited outside the entrance of Safety Building to see who came out so that they may rob them.

There were blogs like this online.

Somebody bought forbidden medicine in the black market and was immediately robbed as soon as he left the building.

However, Jiang Li was well prepared. His body swooshed as he rushed into a small alley. There were men surrounding him but he dropped them without breaking a sweat. He kept running to shake off the people following him. It finally died down when he went inside a desolate building.

He researched his escape route online already.

There were many old buildings without anyone inside in Xu Hua City. There were left behind from hundreds of years ago making it perfect for hiding.

He was going to inject it here.

Because Super Protein was a forbidden drug, taking it back would be breaking the law. He would be sent behind bars if it was discovered. Of course, those illicit drug dealers had their own ways to bring it to other cities but Jiang Li didn’t have it so he wouldn’t even be able to board the train.

Train leaving from Xu Hua City to Xing Hua City was strictly searched.

One train takes you to a completely different world.

Therefore, his only way was to inject in Xu Hua City.

“Better check if this is real. I would lose so much if this was fake. I saw online that Safety Corporation was very big. It is unnecessary for them to use fake drugs to deceive people, plus, their street reputation is very good.” However, Jiang Li was still concerned and took the jade green serum out for examination. He squeezed out a bit carefully and used his computer to take a photo. The online microscope would then give an initial investigation.

With the current technology, only a small computer chip was needed to replace many things. The images taken by the computers could be uploaded online for scientific analysis. There were those websites that could do scientific analysis for a small price. Though, they couldn’t be used for scientific research.

In a short while, the webpage displayed the analysis results. The authenticity investigation deemed the Super Protein to be real.

“Hopefully I can absorb it perfectly.” Staying pensive for a while, Jiang Li fully understood the uses of Super Protein. When he was completely calm, he started the injection.

Hua La!

He poked the needle down!

Watching the tube of liquid being slowly pushed into his body, Jiang Li almost immediately felt like he jumped into a volcano. His heart beat increased by ten folds! Dong Dong Dong, it was like a beating drum as his blood vessels inflated. His body was almost twice as thick. Reality was blurry to him as he felt that there was heat ready to explode out of his body.

He simply wanted to rip apart anything in front of him.

“Calm, stay calm….” Instantly, he knew how potent this serum was. No wonder normal people couldn’t use it. He tried his best to stay calm, keep his inner peace and slow down the flow of blood. However, it was useless. His body moved without control.

The power of the Super Protein was to frantic!

He couldn’t calm down no matter what, and it was tens of times stronger than any adrenalin!

Jiang Li felt like his heart was going to explode after the blood pressure expansion caused by the injection. His veins also felt like they were going to explode. Suddenly, something in his head did explode and he felt his head buzz.

He entered into Deep Sleep immediately.

Without a doubt, every cell seemed to rejoice after a full meal as if they were alive.

The injection of a tube of Super Protein gave Jiang Li a life changing transformation.

First, his figure gradually became perfect. His body felt like an air bag. With each inflation and deflation, large amounts of air were spewed out. He seemed like a hydraulic pump of a super race car.

People would think he was like superman.

According to legends, martial arts grandmasters from the country era 200 years ago could blow back the waves in the ocean when the practiced breathing. Jiang Li always thought it was just a myth but seeing his current status now, he actually felt that it was possible.

Just like this, the potent power of the Super Protein serum completely dissolved within his cells and at the same time, improved and upgraded his life potential.

His cells then squirmed changing Jiang Li’s physical capabilities.

The cells in his body ate away at the Super Protein voraciously. With each rejoicing, the cells grew stronger, especially the brain cells. It operated frantically giving the appearance of a golden bead manifesting between his eyebrows.

A few hours later, he woke up and exhaled. He felt fully energized and the damage done to him previously by Fetal Respiration was completely repaired.

This was instinct because when Jiang Li looked inside his body with his spirit, he discovered that all his organs were strong on both the outside and inside unlike before.

Before, he knew he was strong but that outwardly strong but inwardly weak feeling could not be dispelled from the depth of his spirit. This was an indication of the damage his life potential received meaning that he didn’t have long to live.

Now, he finally started to recover.

However, Jiang Li didn’t dare to try Fetal Respiration now. This wasn’t something that the current him could use.

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