Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 27 - Increase in Physical Capabilities

“Let’s see how strong my physical capabilities are right now.”

Jiang Li tightened his hands into a fist making crackling sounds.

His bones and muscles vibrated slightly and a gust of air like Force Qi was created.

Punching out a fist, a series of air explosions sounded from the fist to the arm then to the whole body. The power was fierce yet soft at the same time. It seemed like a light punch but its force was strong as a thunderstorm.

“God…my strength…”

Jiang Li stared at his hands in shock. He felt that as he breathed, he created strong air currents in his lungs. His arm was smooth and white without any flaws. With slight tension, his whole arm immediately grew thick bulging veins that formed a metal net. It gave people a feeling of an iron giant.

He had a feeling that cement and steel walls would be as soft as tofu and he could penetrate it with a single poke.

He tried contemplating and immediately in the depth of his brain, a clear scene of the brain of the universe appeared. Now, he could almost see every star as it blinked and the various worlds and continents inside. The contemplation image went from macroscopic view to microscopic view.

When he was in his dreams, the opaque stone displayed the image of the brain of the universe. It was very profound with trillions of stars and planets. As each one of them blinked, there were many different changes. The brain of the universe blinked and operated non stop. If Jiang Li increased the speed, he would feel dizzy and have a bloody nose which signified damage to the brain cells.

But now, as he contemplated the pathways of those blinking stars, he would only feel a little dizzy and not bleed his nose when he increased the contemplation speed. This was the effect of increasing the strength of the brain cells.

In fact, he felt as if his thoughts were sparkling as he contemplated the blinking of the stars.


He moved a thought and his body sped out and landed softly on the balcony. Below were tens of meters squared of abandoned worksites which dazzled people with acrophobia.

But he didn’t care at all as he didn’t have acrophobia.

His body felt like it could be controlled precisely with every thought so he could do whatever he wanted.

Peng Peng Peng Peng……

He started practicing [Military Exploding Fist Thrust] in the abandoned building. This was the simplest yet most effective way of testing his physical capabilities. As his feet moved, his fist made explosive sounds in the air.

The explosion sounds were controlled by his heart. They would sound loud or low if he wanted them to be. This was a proficient control of power, lifting the heavy like it was light.

Before, he had to use his full power to make a huge exploding sound. Now, with a light punch, there were series of explosions.

1 explosion……17…….25………36 explosions…….

He struck consecutively and only when he hit the 36th explosion, he felt a little puffed. Thus, he stopped.

Before injecting the Super Protein, he could hit out 18 explosions max. But now, he could hit 36 explosions. This was simply a miracle. It looked like that one tube of Super Protein was extremely potent and didn’t waste his 100,000 star coins.

“That was very strong! I wonder how powerful my punches are now. 1 tonne?” Jiang Li needed to find an opportunity to test it out. His confidence was greatly boosted and felt like he could fight with anyone.

He knew that his life force definitely reached 1!


He picked up a random cobblestone and used [Dragon Claw Subjugation] to squeeze it slightly. The cobblestone was shattered and with a few pinches it cracked into shards.

Form seal!

He started weaving [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. With this, his hand speed was almost twice as fast. In a short moment, his fingers flickered 20 to 30 times. It made people’s eyes blurry but at the same time it also created a howling air gust.

“My brain cells have strengthened and I can contemplate the brain of the universe. My hypnosis techniques should be stronger, I’ll check it out. I’ll see if I can hypnotise the outlaws in Xu Hua City.” Jiang Li went down stairs quietly.

In an alley, Jiang Li was surround by three huge men was tattoos.

“Little punk, you better transfer all your money to us or else we can only cut your organs and sell them for money.” One bald headed man flicked the tip of the blade in his hand.

“You people cut people’s organs and sell them?” Jiang Li’s face changed.

Sure enough, him running around in the streets had aroused the attention of these outlaws. Immediately, he was blockaded off in the alley by the outlaws.

“Your right, a few days ago, we cut a few outsiders and made some decent money hehehe…..” One of the men laughed cruelly.

“Lay down!” Jiang Li’s hand suddenly waved, “Do you feel very dizzy? Each of you are drunk, you need a good night’s sleep….”

His hand moved like snowflakes dropping from the sky and immediately, these three tattooed men couldn’t keep their balance as if they were drunk.

Jiang Li looked at the outlaw that was obvious the leader of the three and focused his spirit, “Get up!”

The outlaw struggled for a bit and stood up like a zombie. His eyes were blank as if he was an idiot.

Jiang Li’s voice was full of allurement and waved his hands time to time to increase his influence, “You have harmed so many people, do you feel your sins? If you donate your blood money, you can still remedy for your sins….”

“Donate my money….” The tattooed man said dazily, his body was struggling, “No, what sin do I have in robbing people. I only want money. I’ll kill whoever wants my money!”

His subconsciousness was resisting fiercely.

“Hmm?” Jiang Li was surprised at his ability to resist. His desire for money had exceeded everything and he was willing to commit crimes and kill people. It was very hard to control these types of people through hypnosis if the hypnotist ordered the person to do something they felt strongly against. This would result in heavy resistance from their subconsciousness and result in a failure in hypnosis.

“I’m your boss, give me your money otherwise you will all die a tragic death…..” Jiang Li’s tone changed into a very cruel tone. This was also a hypnotist’s trick. Change according to the circumstance in order to break the target’s subconscious defense.

“No…. boss, you can’t do this….. It took me so long just to save this much money….” The tattooed man was still drowsy and begged as if he was very fearful of his boss.

“Stop wasting my time, cut his organs down!” Jiang Li said sinisterly once again.

“No, no, boss, I’ll give you the money, I’ll give you the money….” The tattooed man shook in fear and took out a chip.

“Hurry up and transfer, the account is this….” Jiang Li read out an anonymous account to prevent from being investigated. People could withdraw money from anonymous accounts as long as they had the password.

Under the effect of hypnosis, the man transferred all his money.

“10,000 star coins transferred!”

Jiang Li was surprised to see that the man actually had 10,000 star coins on his card. But afterwards, he knew that the man was a small group leader and was in charge of the group’s money.

After the transaction, his eyes shot out glaring beams once again, “Forget what happened, you must remember, you came to this alley and suddenly slept. And then, you lost all your money to an online hacker….”

“Yes…. I slept and all the money disappeared mysteriously. It was stolen by a hacker….” The man repeated Jiang Li’s words again and again.

“sleep, sleep…..” Jiang Li’s voice became soft once again and the man fell down.

He fled the scene rapidly.

In accordance with hypnosis, the man completely forget everything after he woke up.

Hu hu……

In another alley without people, Jiang Li gasped for breath heavily. Sweat globules dripped from his forehead as if he just fought a life or death battle. When he was certain it was safe, he entered Deep Sleep to recover.

30 minutes later, he had regained his strength.

“Hypnotising people has a great consumption on spirit and brain power. This is actually a spiritual battle.” Jiang Li recounted the moment he hypnotised the tattooed man for his money. He knew that it was damaging to other people’s spirit and at the same time an overload on himself.

Luckily, his physical capabilities and brain cells had all strengthened and increased.

This type of hypnosis not only did not damage his nervous system but also was instead a practice for his spirit.

“Never mind, I should go back. Although I can earn money through hypnosis here, it was way too dangerous. What if I encountered a squadron of outlaws together. My body of flesh would end up in the same way as that of Illusory Fox’s.” He decided to leave.

Three hours later, Jiang Li got off the floating train. The city in front of his eyes was clean, and people cared about order. Police patrolled inside the train station eyeing and looking out for anyone that could be a suspect. When he left the station, he had to swipe his card and verify his identity.

He felt a sense of security.

At the same time, he was glad he didn’t bring the forbidden medication to Xing Hua City, otherwise, he would be exposed by the series of checks and be sent to jail.

“When my power is stronger, I will go there for training again.” Jiang Li was satisfied looking at the 20,000 star coins on his card.

Before, he hypnotised some more gangsters and outlaws making them transfer their money to his account. His harvest was rewarding as he received 18,000 star coins.

He actually wanted to pull a big one.

In Xu Hua City, there were many outlaws who were extremely wealthy. Some of them had assets in the millions and tens of millions. But those who could survive in those conditions were extremely strong themselves and couldn’t be hypnotized. On top of that, there were large sums of bodyguards beside them. The defense was too strong and Jiang Li wouldn’t even be able to go in contact with them.

However, these people had bloodied hands and Jiang Li didn’t have any moral burdens when taking their money.

It was night time when Jiang Li arrived at his home.

His sister also came home from school but his brother Jiang Tao trained at the school till very late each night. Sometimes, he didn’t even come back home. Therefore, Jiang Li and his sister waited at home for their parents to come home and cook.

“Little sister, I’ve earned some money received, here’s some pocket money for you.” Jiang Li gave Jiang Xuan 3000 star coins.

“Big brother, where did you get all this money from?” Jiang Xuan almost jumped, “Did you make a fortune recently?”

“I’ve been curing people with hypnosis recently and earned some money.” Jiang Li said, “How’s your cultivation been going?”

“I bought a lot of supplements to train my body. End of semester test is imminent; my life force must reach 0.8 so that I’m at the top of the class.” Jiang Xuan said confidently, “Right, big brother, I heard this end of semester test is the most important one of your school. I heard that the school will devote heavy attention and resources according to the grades of this test. If big brother can acquire a spot in the enrichment class this test, then you’re truly strong.”

“Don’t worry, I will definitely get it.” Jiang Li smiled.

He was confident that he could go against anyone in the school.

“Come, what martial arts have you learned, big brother will give you a few pointers.” Jiang Li clapped his hands, “If you can get good grades this end of semester test, big brother will reward you with another 5000 star coins.”

“Okay, yay!” Jiang Xuan clapped her hands.

[ED Note: Damn MC is so nice just teaching his sister and classmates all day while his little bro is cultivating 24/7. The carefree MC plot armor life:/]

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